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Inertia steamrolling on the jungle gym with none other than the perfectique Jim on the handle-bars poppin’ a wheelie for the snooty blonde cheerleader in front of [The Reader], a neighbor in the neighborhood, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood,” with Tom Hanks and that cheerleader I mentioned who twists and she twirls like all the girls on the team – don’t drop the “Flyer” (‘mantha r. Oh do tella) kicking her cute shoes and screaming “GO TEAM” I’d tell ya !!!!!

Pounce upon the bounce and here, here Kitty Kat knitting a hat — or a breathe-mask for breakfast— hence Damn oh man… Wuhan got ya down ???


Reader, turn that frown, upside down, now look at the clown — John Wayne Gacy — oh do me right Miss Stacey – Re-know and Renew now look at you – a sad sack of shit, wanna get lit ??? JUST TAKE A “HIT” !!!!! a swing with an edible winged-bat eaten by the tranny stripper “swinger” sex show- with an after-hours orgy to please me, a nanny in her 30’s – makes me think of “Many” to the last drip-drop, your skirt slips down slightly and I hit the “Crack”-pipe of your bum, okie female hun shrill ‘a’ Atilla will ya ???

Nurse, Nurse, it’s Matilda and her appendix burst !!! At the end of a book, my-heart she took, but oh the I.C.U. “Daze” of forlorn yesteryear when I drank beer and wore washed bullet-hole jeans with Cheer right here — Hoo-rah Who, Ray ??? Sunshine in your cloudy judgement of assuming assumptions of girls with bubbly asses taking classes at none other than Mrs. Tini Ara at Harvard missing a tooth, a spooge (down the- a throat) around the castle we have a “moat” with a moan groan-groan-GROWN — Doctor, Doctor, make me more of a man with “Caverject” (ouch a pin-prick on your prick…) I’ve never needed or pleaded for the proud Daddy, mad at-me ??? I hope not — Mini Snickers (goes the audience…) and proof of my steadfast prominence in the USA to take a bite and hike steadfaster pass the football in the oval stadium inseminating her ovaries, a tickle…

I can see I’m going blind stare at the screen, raindrops in-between…

Miss my Queen, queenie with a li’l weenie, you must obey the “Quarantine” with academic classes cancelled for the year all you’ve seen, think of- all the teens, about that age with “Driver’s Ed” and “Bill and Ted” Bill S. Preston-Esquire and Ted “Theodore” Logan

Bill and Ted.jpg

remember that movie about their excellent adventure got the geese the goose loose in the caboose howling- talkin’ cheers ’n’ jeers, and the sequel Bill & Ted’s was with “Death”- His- “Scythe” blade, “The Grim Reaper” on paper




Only a signature, it’s your nature…

Grim Reaper, I hate ya !!!!!

Took my Grammy — welcome to Miami . . .

Will Smith : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwBS6QGsH_4

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