Kaitlan Collins is so beautiful and pretty…

I love God more and more- who I chilled with His “Representation” at the edge of space, reminding me of the Statue of Liberty, as He was a projection that stayed still — I forget if he winked at me but that’s the only movement of Him- the hologram — He was sky blue and had a white beard like the colors of a bright cloud lit by the sun, that I could have sworn was the center of His universe…


Someone got into my apartment today and the staff here is AWFUL — they steal from me and do what they can to make my life miserable — it’s all a “SET-UP” by Andy Gleick who’s my uncle and my Mom’s bad, evil side of the family… as well as the girlfriend Allyson (Drucker) Hodgkins, who, like Andy, CAUSED MY BAD-INJURY !!!!!

And I’m in love with Kaitlan Collins the White House correspondent reporting for CNN…

I’m doing good things and I’m halfway through the Qur’an that says “the claim” that Jesus is is the son of God is denied…

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parthenogenesis#Humans — this is how virgin girls give birth in rare occasions like every couple hundred years — I remember reported on one shortly before my WRXTBI (.com) in 2004, with my Subaru WRX crash and Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor — I want to go back to space with Allah taking me directly to God “a straight path” at a million-billion-trillion LPM (lightyears per millisecond…) =D

I’ll pray for improvements in our lives, and afterlives, as the filthy CHINESE disease will kill so many… I’m not scared, and I want to go back to space and be with God… =D

If I could bless several individuals with “Heaven” it would be ME, along with my parents, my brother, Justine Aragona, my Minister Jim Chase, and my Aunt Donna Donohue and best friend Dana Gardner !!!!! — that’s who I’d “save”…

But not many people as a lot of jerks have CAUSED my car-crash and I hope they BURN IN HELL !!!!!!!

I want to “get even” with the fucks who set shit up on Nov. 2nd, 2004 with the cops !!!

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