…the True God: He gives the best rewards and the best outcome. 18:44



Have you ever heard someone say “”” We’re all Islamic… “”” after maybe something about sexual intercourse…

I’ve heard that here and there, or at my Catholic High School, or on TV or a movie — and it’s true…..

We’re all Islamic when it comes down to it… like many people who I graduated with from Saint John’s !!!!! Derek and Brian told me that most of the married graduates are Islamic now, but still acknowledging Jesus and going to church… like I do — but me, and SJ grads who’ve explored the Kama Sutra, know Allah on a personal basis — however, they won’t say it publicly… I lived with Derek and Brian for over a year in a house and they’d pray to Christ whenever they needed to, but their greatest love was for a girlfriend who allowed them to practice Islam in private — FOR HOURS in silence…

Everything in life and what I experienced in God’s universe tells me to keep reading the Qur’an and worship God, first and foremost, but then along with Allah… !!!!!

I could be wrong though, IF…
Christ swoops in at the moment we’re dying- apologizes for never showing up in life, and the Father too- and takes you to “Heaven” that blows away everything we know about love and happiness and pleasure… with something BETTER that our brains aren’t powerful enough to imagine…

s-l640.jpgRead the Qur’an that flows like a beautiful journal of POETRY with long sentences and not too much foreign Arab junk — it’s not “cryptic” and thusly no fun to read… like the Bible ((( except for the Psalms and Hymns, though…)))


Message me…

visit www.WRXTBI.com

and read this MIRACLE ::: https://jeffreymarquis.com/…/hey-here-it-is-my-first-re-wr…/

Read. Thank you.

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