Have you ever had sex in public ???

Have you ???

I haven’t, or I had a vivid dream at night… my favorite restaurant’s Men’s room handicapped stall, with the hottest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever been with and who was about the same age as me like 35 years-old, real upper-class professional — we were flirting and I told her how big I am, like a MAGNUM porn star… She looked thin and rich and professional with expensive makeup, I liked…

AND WHEN ALL THE “TANTRIC” NOTES WERE SUNG- AND DONE IN HER ASS, WITH A BIG MAGNUM I HAD THAT FIT ME PERFECTLY, SHE BOUGHT ME A $20 ENTREE TO GO *IN ADDITION TO PAYING FOR MY DINNER* BECAUSE SHE WAS SO GRATEFUL !!!!! I have lots of stories… we continued talking and struck up a nice convo… then we wanted to be together longer and listen to music, so we went out to her car and just chilled making out and stuff — she was so desirable and I couldn’t believe it worked out !!!!! And I was with three girls once… Ladies love my anatomy and then they feel lucky to have been with me, and I’ve only spent money on the girl but once . . .


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