I’m gonna show you

Please as I acquit the decree with a shitty “college” degree cut into tiny little pieces to make a collage of a silly fucking rainbow, fucking faggots, pine-tree pining for the girl in bed, whoa what has been said ??? It’s coming from my salted season of Spring — March 20th — kick-in-the-pants while NON-VIOLENT that’s the only way I roll when I trip and the sky flies UP with clouds THUMP ((( Trump ))) they hit the ground, making said a sound all around Almond Joy and Mounds — like breasts atop a chest — breastbone cut the chicken- with the King, sitting on the ground, Indian Style with your legs crossed, but “Indian” so there’s a barrel of moonshine but- it’s not mine, on the grind, are you out of your mind? Or inside where the pills reside in this mental-fucking-hospital, I must leave it behind, with a girl who’s MINE, ALL MINE… IT’S GOLD shouting out 24K with Bruno on Mars in space, girls put the vibrator in “Your ‘special place’” being introduced to my face, a fishy smell — a fishy face with a kiss on the lips-  Laurie is pissed — and Laura in the handicap stall, revealing it ALL — anal sex remind me, and her behind, it was ALL MINE ((( as I’ve already said and plead in another state — of mind in her ‘behind’ — string a G – fallen to her ankles, she’s not after my bank-rolls- very thankful for my size, no surprise, ladies love it… and you should see Derek “Digler” after that Marky Mark movie came out with D-Rok’s clout, wait- what is this about ????? 

Innocent ramblings of a lamb’s skin in a wrapper you rip with your lips and give the waitresses your tips — she let me put the tip in — just the tip — and that was it, there was no climax as we watch LATE-NIGHT SKIN-A-MAX ((( Cinemax I’d stay up for SNL and peruse the pay-channels with HBO’s Real Sex 12 ))) goth leopard fur that’s chilly with the weather- so grab a Violet sweater at UNO’s with Tini who didn’t drink — too young, kiss her tongue, she’s not twenty-one !!!

Save for a week of anxiety they’re onto me- where I put it okay with her Mommy and breast IMPLANTS- Linda or Lindsay – where were you ??? I don’t believe I got it on tape, no video, just her voice saying “Mambo” like MOM-BO, I wanted although… through and through my tallywhacker is for you ` my quote-unquote “boo” — she introduced me to that dreamy dream of dancing with much PRANCING like the Reindeer guiding Satan’s sleigh, oh nay, don’t speak of the devil or evil, and I don’t “have to” take the pill — I do like the Ativan, the Benzo, Cat Daddy yeah Daddy wanna Dougie with the kitty of kissing goodbye to who ???? Oh boo hoo, I wanted you, I wanted Tiph, with a CBD *** Cannabidiol *** spliff catch the riff of the gag I’mo gag ya on the rag blood red dripping from Dracula’s lips pouting out like Beyonce’s hips, watch out for my Quips, Did I do that ????? As I slip on slippers and sliding to the left, sliding to the right, I could do this all night — you girls are “late” -no worry- RU-486 on the plate, The Abortion Pill – or so ???? – maybe the Morning-after dose coming close, and closer, and oh look, baby WE MADE IT, WE DANCE, WITHOUT OUR PANTS — yeah crumpled up on the floor bedside- You must be *this tall* to go on the ride, playing, praying, and we reside but where ??? Maybe in a White House next to the Clinic-go on a picnic — sandwiches for us the crust is no fuss, Tiphdizzle tell me a riddle… clasp of a bra, I fiddle, baby with a rattle, I return from battle… and I pick my pants up off the floor, now’s the time to go to the store— get some vanilla Muscle Milk – it goes down like silk — a silhouette and a cigarette YEAH DO NOT BUY THOSE JUST QUIT I MEAN ***CUT IT OUT*** switch to Hemp said Shawn Kemp, who? Dribbling drool the ball in the NBA – “Nigga’s ‘Bout Africa” !!!!!

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