Another email AND I WILL GET YOU !!!!!

FERRARI “ENZO” the car named after the company’s founder !!!!!

I saw Mom today and we went out to eat, then we went food-shopping where I broke a $100 bill, then she bought me an Irwin brand CBD with 60 soft gels — it’s a knockoff of the Stanley Brothers hemp — Charolette’s Web

I love my satellite radio and I’m glad Trump was acquitted !!!!!

Then I uploaded a mean image on FB of a Chinese woman missing her teeth and the text


Yes ma’am I’ll have the “HOUSE FRIED RICE”

I was friends with a Chinese student Brandon Hom at Saint John’s whose family came from “Old Money” and they had five outstanding cars like high-priced luxury and FAST

Brandon drove a new Ford Mustang COBRA and a new Corvette convertible, and sometimes he took his mom’s BMW 3-Series — I remember you liked those — and his brother Travis drove a 6.2 Liter Jeep Grand Cherokee LIMITED — and they would smoke marijuana on the way into school every day that they’d buy ounces of, and that was them only, I didn’t get high at Saint John’s, but Tim and Dana — my ride from Charlton and my best-friend — they smoked most days and I would notice a little something special from the windows that were closed so they’d “Hot Box” the white hatchback with me always sitting in back, reading over the History book for Mr. Wood’s tests — watching Eugene Webber presentations having read “A World Lit Only by Fire” over the summer vacation…

Brandon had the lowest SAT-score in our grade, like 6-something and he didn’t care because his home life was really great, but he had to hide getting high from his parents usually









Although I have A BIG HEART FOR YOU !!!!!

This is a continuation of something I was saying before Andy at Google or Facebook clicked off my window

Brandon somehow got into Providence College, and then I dunno, but shortly after my WRXTBI (dot com lol I own) he got into Heroin and he overdosed… He was popular in school, so rich, so many nice cars, not too smart… None of my friends went to the funeral, but Derek told his younger brother that I said “Condolences” or something when I was living at Geneva Street with D. and Brian, who I haven’t chatted with either of them in years, probably because I have a Disability and I’m not as cool… or my parents or Andy and Allyson tell them they’d do more shit to me if I have them as friends I can talk to — I HAVE A LOT TO TALK ABOUT AND NO ONE TO LISTEN !!!!! I’M “CUT OFF” FROM SO MANY PEOPLE, WHO MOM AND DAD TOLD FACEBOOK TO LIMIT MY ACCOUNT !!!!! OR ANDY AND HIS CO-WORKERS AT GOOGLE… OR NATE STEBBINS, AN ECM EMPLOYEE WHO APPLIED TO FACEBOOK AND GOT A JOB !!!!! WITH “THE PLAN” FOR ME !!!!!

Ummm Mom bought me a bottle of CBD that provides me with relief, and I get the cheapest one — not the Stanley Brothers – very expensive but I don’t mind — same thing

And I’ll stop there because I bet that evil prick watching my screen is itching to click off my progress or do something to fuck me over and I hope his heart stopped beating already, or HIS LUNGS — HIS CANCER-RIDDEN, WEAKER LUNGS something with him coughing up blood…

THAT FUCK CAUSED MY TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY WHEN HE WAS SUPPOSEDLY IN MY ROOM, STEALING MY HARD-DRIVES — that’s what my Mom said was happening on the phone, so I was PISSED and driving faster and faster because I was so upset hearing that he was going to take me to court OVER A JOKE online that bastard made me drink and he called my cell-phone FROM MY HOUSE saying he was sending me to prison over my joke that he could only see because he paid the Opie and Anthony “Shock Jocks” from WAAF 107.3… bulletin-board owner, a bass fisherman named Basatak — he gave Andy permission to go on my account and read my joke story and many made-up posts about outrunning police and stealing and cheating on Allyson with prostitutes and COMPLETELY MADE-UP FUNNY JOKES I’D SAY IN A PRIVATE FORUM “The Regulars” for those few guys who liked my “Shock Jock”-type humor, you know, ha ha ha and LOL

Allyson helped him cause my crash — they all thought it was fun and games — they were telling me shit like I’d go to jail over my joke-posts being real — BULLSHIT — Mom and Dad were scared because they had me driving home fast after these worthless fucks told me to kill myself in prison and shit — while I was driving drunk because I JUST COULDN’T TAKE IT — THEY KNEW I HAD JUST WITHDRAWN FROM CALCULUS I AT WORCESTER STATE !!!!

Until then I hadn’t had a drink in a month and a half, and everyone knew of the Alcoholic “Gleick” eww gross “Alcoholic ‘genes'” like Grandpa was always drunk and fell down his whole life . . . now I haven’t had more than several drinks in the past 3 to 4 YEARS !!!!!

They all caused my accident = IT WAS ANDY WHO’S TO BLAME, AND ALLYSON ((( who stole my sperm . . . and so did Andy when I was in the ICU and a nurse got it out of me, no lie, I hate my doctor for allowing it, but no one has done anything with it !!!!! unless one of Allyson’s THREE children are mine — oh wait, I forgot, I think the first one that was with my own sperm got a partial-birth abortion or Allyson drank so much liquor it died or something… Tragic? I’m not a father !!!!!

FUCK ALLYSON — she never once gave me a blowjob — she hated how something came out when we had sex, and she was a TIMID “””CHILD-OF-DIVORCE””” you should have seen how she acted around her father the one or two times I saw him !!!!! Allyson was strange in bed, but I was just happy with the fact that I was allowed to sleep with a girl overnight — she’s married now  and she has my voice on tape and shit from when I was instructed to read lines off a piece of paper that my Mom — ANDY’S SISTER — grrrr — wrote offensive text on for me to read into a tape recorder — AND SOMEONE STOLE 2 OF MY TAPE RECORDERS !!!!! I BET IT WAS THAT FUCK ANDY WHO STOLE MY PROPERTY !!!!!

He bought a house down a street over, like the asshole he is… and I only stopped there once to say nice house… then one time my Marquis-family (((THE BEST))) ((( LOVE GREAT-WAYNE ))) … went to his house for Thanksgiving or something… I hate that asshole for spying on me and making me sound unappealing to the Minister, Jim Chase, who now knows that I WAS JUST JOKING AROUND ONLINE BECAUSE I THOUGHT OPIE AND ANTHONY THE “SHOCK JOCKS” WERE HILARIOUS AND I WAS USING HUMOR WITH WILD, MADE-UP STORIES !!!!!

I hate the people who made it look like I was a criminal because I liked Howard Stern and “Shock Jocks” !!!!!

Allyson was playing a joke on me, and my parents were too, that she found out she was pregnant… so we looked at Chandler Gardens — where I lived at with WSU next-door — but she had no money — she was financially poor but beautiful — her Mom was an orphan, and I was supposed to visit her rich Nana in Florida that I had those plane tickets to — Allyson was hopeful to recieve money to buy her a car that wasn’t on its last legs — and then she got an even worse one — my parents never gave her money, but they let her sleep over and I took her out to eat…

I’ll stop writing now — I’m so upset at the motherfuckers who CAUSED ME TO DRINK, THEN DRIVE TOO FAST ON WET LEAVES !!!!!

Between you and me, I want to die and be with God ((( and Allah – I know it from Justine Aragona who was my close-girlfriend for two and a half years ))) , from Southbridge nearby home in Charlton !!!!!

THE PEOPLE HERE DON’T LIKE HOW I’VE BEEN WRITING THIS — they make the lights flicker and I’m not “hallucinating” — this whole Averte ‘hospital/medicine/apartment’ is all a set-up and I don’t talk to anyone but the staff who winks at me or acts shitty or stupid ON PURPOSE

I want to live in Worcester and marry Tiffany “Tiph” Desrosiers who had a child that I think is mine as you remember my sperm was stolen from me !!!!!


Dan Besse is older than me and I don’t know what he was thinking to make his asshole “available” on a sleep over — that short, steroid, Spring Break fuck locked me out of his bathroom on purpose, so I had to piss in my jeans and all over his floor — that was the worst pain, the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been, in the middle of the night, when I yelled for help as loud as I could…

Regards, Mom and Dad,

— Your closest ,

Jeffrey Marquis 

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