But what’s the count ??

What did I ‘get’?, What did I ‘get’???, I got OUT !!!

Shit was really careening (creeping) and out of control, crapping with the Crappie-fish in freshwater, “bodies” of uh what are they ?? – WATER !!! In the woods leaned up to a tree- that’s where I’ll be with my pee, and watch the shitter squatter, an old man falters =P

Oh hey- pitter patter that’s it- pitcher, he should “bean” the baseball batter !!! The participant right there, his cellphone call the missus- it’s time for hubby to go get at’ter… Swinging his “bat” at her butt, this’ll shutter-up ` that filthy wench, as Mickey Mantle takes the bench, to press upon a big red button, Kim, all for nuthin’…

When I was a child I opted to save my money, not buying Capri Sun’s, and I would drink o’ drips o’ plain faucet-water, but not nowadays… *LIFT-OFF* Going up, too much sulfur *BANG- BACK TO IT WOOSH* ::: Tectonics all electronics, powered AC/DC and peppy, step-step-steppy on the stairs, and I can’t believe junk like this ‘airs’ with too-much smoke up there… Call nine eleven and tell the Dispatcher to USE THE GUM to quit smoking- NOT, “The Patch” with written-on parchment by Jesus, who He crossed (…) the T’s and dotted the “i’s”, with a spludge of ink, that’s what I think...

God > Jesus


My watch is ticking, tic-tic-tic, and talking, but now not walking, it says aloud to the gigantic crowd, “IT’S 4:20” !!!

((( It’s time for me to get out of bed !!! *yawn* )))

My shit so easy, I don’t even have to cook a meal, that’s Averte’s deal, to make all the meals, I had half a burrito with Billy Burr and, yes- I talked about “her”… you know, perhaps my last hospital-fuck, Cassandra T., she was all about me and my big ol’ D.-  gave her a prick- inside her ovaries STUFFED… WITH SOME OF ME… OH MY SOLDIERS, there on a ride, all inside- take siege and… heed the current events- the U.S. “worrier” who repents: gay fags pitching tents !!! GOD BLESS YOU AND I… but fuck that creepy queer guy ` he lost most his hair, and that’s totally fair… see how I DON’T CARE ???

Something something goes right here, Right oh, that’s TITE… “there, there… Care-Bear”

My deceased Uncle Mick — Donna calls him “Mickey” with a cherry on top of a Sunny Day, what do you say, with words, I play, I “put out” — I deliver as a driver (…a Holocaust-Denier) but without alcoholic drinks-drink-drinks ‘-cept for a Tiffany Mynx, slip her a Mickey…

God, why’d you have to take him ???

Liven the dishes that Emily Willis washes with her face, put an Aloe Vera tissue on it, in space… She needs a new Method of Literary Studies at Woo State where I got an A- in Poetry II with you swinging with the swingers — look you’ll never be the same (…) if it happens twice in one duration (…) — only The Blessed remember that feel !!! *** SMASH *** on the route to Grandma’s house, with no wolves but hitting an oncoming Hyundai bulldozer HEAD ON (!!!) oh that’s something only a blonde would ‘get’ if you catch the brunt of my jig — it’s burnt — or burned — the guitar on fire with Jimi Hendrext wailing and WAITING and WAITING (tables) and what with whales in the ocean, but I forgot that Blacks hate swimming !!! The Star-Spangled Banner his ghee-tar sang/song with lofty lowlifes in the crowd of onlookers, looking on, because that’s what people who give you “the look” from their greasy, red eye-sockets, they can suck it while pretending it’s a hotdog made of play-doh coming out the stone-cold chutes-and-ladders I played when I was a kid, with my Mom, my debit, my DEBBIE DO-NOTHING Mommykins of the favorable kind, drinking wine sometimes, for occasions splendid, taking care of the debit and while not knowing the Pin so plain, it’s a mystery to her, how all his hair got-there but where oh where should the child crawl up in bed — how about Michael Jackson instead !?! WHACK!!! What am I doing laughing at the dead, apply some white foundation instead… because off we go to the starlit, starlight maybe tonight — HOLLYWOOD HILLS — oh the thrills upcoming at the venue what? I don’t mind if I do… be doobie do, Megan Foxy I’m going to fuck your (on an) image on a screen but that’s not clean — think about the keys, it would get in-between, the sheets with Charlie Sheen, a sex addict-ive personality unlike Bill Cosby who knows how to un-due a bra while throwing a frisbee… 

Don’t they ???

Go to Africa where they swim WEST — that Kardashian humming in her Hummer Limo, and I got a blowjob in a limo with a non-photographed for my magazine, one time where but in Southbridge — ha !! Sorry, not WEST-boro that housed Grant Marshall and Mike Linde (TBI), the fall, leaves, all windy in the spindle of strings hanging out of blood-belching pussies near and far… YES, this time North and South with Kylie putting her fingers in my Hei-ney- don’t go there, for it makes me vomit, uh shit shit shit Team Sleep puts me there unwinding the thread, simple, not though about that ‘spindle’ — how about a spank and a candle, one you can handle, sucking the 24 karat glow- I know you know where it goes, think of the latex as a thimble, a barrier, and do you like your women hairier -more Test Prop in the needle- ass muscles, I’ll feed ya !!! With a witch giving you a thumble, oh tumble- PRICK that’ll carry-her all the way to the mountain-top, written with a fountain PEN oh so over and over again, legs in the air, more comfortable up there, and for easy-access, pull up and enter your Pin, a-gin… I’ma need a phat stack to feed a girl, with a RACK !!!


I make the breathing (breeding) crack a smile, Oprah smoked it !!

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