A waitress my age: “Hot Ass” my girlfriend, Justine, would call her…

“Hot Ass” worked at Pub99 for a long time, back in 2005, when I got home from the hospital, and who I’d later see many nights out with Justine Ara -my girlfriend of almost three years- she, Justine, my girl who gave her-the waitress, that nickname, “Hot Ass”— my girlfriend thought this female girl, older than Justine: “””hot-ass””” = Britney = her name, had a cute butt- Butt I had to continue loving MY little Justine sweetheart “Tantric” fun, which I did love her with all most all of my heart — and later on, this Britney her name who remembered ME from 2004 before my WRX TBI (dot-com…) before I crashed she worked there, seeing me on occasion, where I’d have a 23oz. mug of Sam Adams for some “deceleration” in my thoughts and movements — I remember her name now when I couldn’t then— and about a year later I saw her waitressing at 88’s (no lie… get it? 88’s 99’s what odds?) in Dudley, and she put me on the spot- saying, “What’s my name???”

Oh shit, my memory is terrible in my injured-brain, it was on the tip of my tongue. . .

I couldn’t remember her name for the life of me, at that time, due to a short-circuit or something with my “funny” brain-injury… oh . . . and even though she ALSO, some time later, had a job at Chili’s in Auburn where I would stop at every day after working for a beer (infrequently, two…) , I forgot to mention — I knew her name, back then, and she didn’t like it how I would drink alcohol- but that has completely ended! — I QUIT DRINKING ALTOGETHER YEARS AGO !!!

Today is Thanksgiving and I didn’t get a “Cider” or a beer at the nice restaurant that I went to earlier with my parents and my brother…

Britney only knew the “Jeff who’d drink” and she thought I was an alcoholic from drinking so frequently, which went through my mind too when I’d drink at night, at home, where I could some because I was just writing at my computer or playing Playstation 3, in front of my 42” screen TV with my Blu-Rays…

(((  I was “Just Chillen”, and writing for http://www.justchillen.com or http://www.stillchillen.com or now also, http://www.alwayschillen.com, no lie- check it- “always” is hosted- )))

Bonus: look up those my old websites on http://www.archive.org !!! if you want to see other “chillen” websites I’ve owned !!! before-and-after my crash…

“Hot Ass” “Britney” apparently knew of my Mother because this Britney, had lived in Spencer when she was in the 3rd-grade and went to school — she had Josh’s mom — he drives a Lotus Elise wow he gave me a fun ride

Remember, Justine my girlfriend, SHE gave this blonde, shoulder-length hair, Britney, the nick-name of “Hot Ass” !!!

I knew that my Justine wanted us to have a 3-some with the three of us, there, there — but this SSSHHHHHHH ::: I had a legit “threesome” with two girls who didn’t mind sharing vaginal fluid together and with my pre-come when they were with me, in 8 East, thought I’d mention that …but don’t report me on here ((( like I was blocked for 30 long days on Facebook… )))

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