I love God’s universe

Fast! (I’m fasting for Allah today, the acceleration in the, with the universe as a ‘backdrop’…)

Flick and we’re all done here- but only if you snap your fingers to the tune of the beat boxing blacks doing that on the boulevard with Harvard Degrees, in the school-yard you see, make mine a Ph. D to mix things up with my sugar-high of TH-C so yummy in my tummy, Timmy married Whitney, but they’re both “lame” and it makes one laugh- ho ho ho ah hahaha you can have your jollies like Rudolph in the red, and the big S. man breaking into houses and setting off ADT Security, morbidity in rated-R films of Freddy intruding and he gets you in your dreams about clouds and pillows with the big titted and implanted Pamela in a red swimsuit, you know, running down the beach, saving people swimming, and there’s the brunette a few years older with no tits but skinny mini- like Minnie the mouse in a TRAP “IT’S A TARP!!!” on the internet “w” times 3 and away we “be” to alwayschillen, dot com with my Mom, or my where the terrorist has a bomb, ut oh- there’s a potential disaster of which I am the one who’s “faster” call me the “Master” of fishing lure BAIT to take the tally to the Ally with the dead-baby came out wrong *honk-honk* AND IT’S NOT MY FAULT !!! Witch Bitch !!! taking my sperm and applying it between your legs, intern-ALLY reaching out to your eggs (ovaries) and GET OVER ME- oh you certainly have and a half- I am not giving you a dime because now you are not so ‘fine’ — body of a drinker, hook line and sinker, baby Mommy you are a stinker, so get in the shower for more than an hour, swish the soap you crummy dope- you don’t smoke weed ??? Oh INDEED !!! …you used my seed ,

But it came out a “still-born” with your drinking *and stinking* to blame…

I didn’t do shit !!!

Have fun with the Hodgkins lad — you tried to make me a “Dad” !!! (…Allyson H. stole my sperm, sealed)

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