Sip your Drinks, pffft

Is it or was it (withdrawing) not from a bank, the wife quivers with a spank and a thank -you- to the ephemeral Tom Hanks to do oh-say, “Friendly Day in the Neighborhood” impacting white children ((( the most valuable, be honest ))),

swipe the Blacks and the Browns off the christened table to the floor… show them to the door, and await… there’s more in store, down to the core !!!!!

where I drink coffee now soon choking down a godawful amount of coughing syrup to get the DXM— it’s good for nagging pain, from my hip, and bite my lip — I don’t play with that Codeine shit

Of course-ing through your veins,

In plain sight, I might just Cousin Tussin on the 3rd Plateau, you know, “DXM FAQ”

Suck the spittle, dripping from her roundish nipple…  Sip of a Snapple- Eve crunched the Apple for Steve Job’ses success isn’t little, a hit of the Mary Jane it’ll bop bop bop to the beat beat beat with the President of the United States no longer a “colored” !!!

KIM AND KANYE SPLIT !!! OH THIS IS IT !!! Her blow’d up tits…

Bruce Banner isn’t the greatest planner — no after a little ditty divorce he has to live in a TRAILER !!! and what’s worse his laptop got a virus with Miley Cyrus… and he can’t EMAIL HER !!!

Creative – wow and frazzle with a frizzle fellatio making it, for shizzle… The negro holds a Ph.D-degree in EU-BONICS !!! and now *transform* Electronic ‘Optimus PRIME’ he’s #1 !!!!! — 3 5 7 — like a Magnum .357 I have a big gun at my hip, Trojan MAGNUM’s shouldn’t rip ,

Does one want to “Rock and Roll” ??? Performing with Performance on Peak you Sneak, backhanded bruises- cheeks all swollen, I’d throw the stripper a dollar for a holla if she’d a SWALLA ((( Fact: I’ve never gotten oral sex from a stripper I’d slip her )))

Durex that is bigger than most Connie’s and oh look a family of bunnies ( crossing the road your heart, I’m into the Tantric dying and death, take a breath, it’s not what you think — this rolls back ** it rules ** )

“Hot-Ass” sex all night for like six or seven hours, yes I always bought this one this mine, not drinking wine, my anonymous girlf- flowers like roses I supposes- petunia’s and I’ll swoon ya !!!

Like Lauren did me in the Men’s Room- she’d buy me dinner… Hottest girl I’ve ever been with… and to think…

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