I need you more, and a stripshow whore I adore

Carefully Crafted Craftsman power tools in this heady space — just all these FOOLS FOOLS FOOLS — like where do teachers teach ???

SCHOOLS SCHOOLS SCHOOLS chanting something about not needing an “education” — like a NASA space-station

With Elon-gee Elongated elephant TUSKS — with or without you, the bro’s and ho’s in school-io just CHILLEN if I don’t mind you minding this pretty little precipice pontificating upon miles traveled on a treadmill

The strides taken to the store in tour, a bragger, A-brah-gio her last name, saw her in passing, the glass “Piece” with an elevated feeling ((( and ‘Glasgow’ ))) with yeast…

#2 choices – oh not the best – and the digit on your pencil all dainty with a sweet-as-a-Daisy growing in a field , “Momma had a baby and the head popped off…”

Moves, I’ve got the Moves — now moving my thumbs over the [ space bar ] not too far the mower goes over the green, green grass lawn, and there is some truth to the fact that green M&M’s make more women horny !!!

That’s why the green M&M is a lady — simply. . .  AHEM — FACT: there’s a chemical in the green shell outside the chocolate that gets GIRLS GONE WILD !!! Did you hear ???

In the 1980’s the FDA did a test on colorants – oh the rants and the ants in my pants with a sunglasses stance with the Mustang vehicle for sport, ok sport?

A sports car !!! Ferrari, oh they’re done “darlingly” in the Italian Work-oh Shop-O now Stop-O while your vision is straight as a laser taser phaser – what “phase” of the LSD “trip” should the Shaman call it ??? He’s the master of Ayahuasca and alternative medicine with potential-cures being destroyed in Brazil, the Amazon but no— AHEM — I was REEFER—ing to da’ dot com shipping my order of Golden Fever Wings from “Pub 99” serving celery with the wings, and a Dip, for Rip, Rest In Peace umm Grammy, Randy, Mike Madden with Steve Madden shoes on, kicking a soccer ball to the crowd — oh hear them roar so loud it’s like you’re listening to Katie Perry’s song “Roar” with a whole whore in a boat, a F’n hovercraft, like the military-powers travel with, where the temperature goes below zero degrees… and oh geez, 

In the Arctic circle- the eskimo’s Slush Puppies- Blue Raspberry was the best, you know ??? Where’s the pilot in command of the night sky? is your screen clean, make your mouth drink water- but to drool, or maybe “no…” you think so ???

You… Just “you” at a nighttime job of giving a fender-bender some Duct Tape and Meguire’s PAINT ??? Baby blue, at store they match the “Hue” for the people painting A DAMAGED CAR FOR YOU !!!

Bringing the “BOSS 302” engineerings to the engineer — a disgrace — a ‘discrace’ one ACE in the whole Holey Moley it’s a hole, a whole hole, an avenue to elsewhere, GIT ME OUTTA HERE !!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for being with me and sharing your thoughts’ attention to what makes my smile happy—with fingers tap-tap-tap AROO, Slush Puppy “Blue” !!!

And stick out your tongue and it’s all “Tongue Splashers”… Dentists spend most of their time looking at where “mastication” takes place — to chew, you, now OH SHOO !!! Got the broom and everything to neaten up this sacred, crude artsy-FACT doodle-doodle what’s up Dude, are the The Dude in the movie ??? And what was the last time I drove by a Blockbuster ??? THEY GOT BUSTED !!!

Crowned Affiliates, stand your ground as I lay asleep on a hammock, mocking the lazy Mexicans who apparently put in some good hard work in factories down South over there-under your hair, it’s a scalp and there should ALWAYS be plenty on the top of my head- the one by my shoulders, hold up, and I’m gonna hold up Texas Hold’em Up 5000 at the Foxwoods casino on Indian territory, marking my place and my space here by peeing on the mighty oak standing skyscrapers tall — I do it all !!!

Give your girl some green M&M’s and don’t get stuck in the “MATRIX” — or my own Matrix on a screaming screen of clean white paper

To “do it” ??? Yeah, I’ll make ‘er !!!

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