Does Jesus love sinners ???

I don’t think about Jesus Christ nearly as much as I think of Allah and God’s “illusion” in “combination” with each other– NOT “combustion” — I’m Islamic much of the time, and I think Jesus is for people who didn’t make it to Allah in outer-space, WHERE GOD IS, HE IS ENCOMPASSING THE EDGE OF THE BIG BANG — that I assure you is still adding (empty) SPACE… Cubic-“Lightyears” of nothing, holding no light, traveling outward, EXPANDING !!! all from one point, the pinprick spot where the universe banged itself…

The universe is growing at the speed of light, but it’s ALL DARKNESS at the edge — in the very-end it was all empty blackness without stars, just black space with zero light anywhere, coming at you with Allah zip-zip-zipping you along faster than the speed of light (traveling outward), which there was none of (no light) or else I wouldn’t have made it without the straight-path. ((( The sun arose when the job was done. ))) My spiritual “JOY-stick” was worn, if you get my gist…

The universe is growing at the speed of light. And that sounds good but there’s no “content” being added, at least from what I saw after my second ‘O’– when you do it with Alternate Methods, plucking a daisy growing along the sidewalk, and throwing it in a Dumpster !!! ah-haha

I vouch for God and the pleasure it gave me- I almost didn’t make it out intact, but I didn’t make any promises while I was there, that night- Oh that night… It’s what makes me better than most men, well there are two things one has to do with my middle-name, “Richard” which is symmetrical with “Dick” — call me lucky, call Justin artiste with his paintbrush, and call Justine my-ex lover a real Pooper Trooper…

Don’t forget, I had to make it back to Earth !!! I went in a perfectly STRAIGHT (oh I am so ‘straight’…), straight-line with no curves just like a laser-beam — “A straight path” so I wouldn’t get lost- on the way there and on the way back, I didn’t take any pit-stops or detour that the weak would have stopped for, but I had a purpose to visit The Holy-Land in His presence… Thanks God for the presents TWO OF THEM THAT I COULD ATTAIN, and thanks God for the present like right now this moment, ((( and then- the best I’ve ever felt…))) that lasted six? seven? eight?

Oh gosh, it was a night of sexual-ecstasy that lasted so many hours, till the sun came up…

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