Commemorative Coin Collection $0.02

Lenny Kravitz has awful habits but hush-hush you must, for he is “AFRICAN… AMERICAN…” AND WE MUST TREAT HIM “SPECIAL” like the fucking SPED group of kids in school — like passing on DNA to children that are heavily DAMAGED and WORSENED with “steroids” at the beach with beer, or like Ally drinking- a dumb mother lush, oh “hush-hush” Ally her cellulite “Tush” with a push like when you brush take care of your Wisdom Teeth, holding all the glory of munching the munchies at Dunkin’s with a shot of espresso, aimed at your heart… and go beating away on a drum with Ellie Goulding tapping on a drum in this remix — —  YouTube of course, and you should floss your healthy germ-like gum-line when I clench my teeth all night long, the roots being pushed downward, ever since the hospital — yeah I motherfucking CLENCH my teeth hard (!!!) dating back to the Intensive Care Unit when I was in such pain — and  now where was Andy Gleick ??? He was setting shit up in my life and in my room at home, with my PC and online-accounts — that bald bitch — oh and have your Jewels inspected for authenticity… oh you already did that, and jokes are just jokes lol !!!

Like a pretty pink flower growing in the garden, but I’m staying free and there will be no Warden MOTHERFUCKER — I didn’t rape her, cum inside ‘er, you know, all that fiction shit I wrote to entertain Opie and Jim Norton, oh plus Anthony Cumia with his voices and impressions

Mohammed Ali “I am the gravest”…

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