My Silly Ida Idea =)

My Marquis family, imagine this: it’s our beloved Aunt Ida celebrating her 100th birthday in the old age home, she got as dressed up as possible and she’s mobile… ambling into her wheelchair and Dad or Donna pushing her down the hallway to a room for her special 100th birthday “party” where we’ve got some cake— and what do you know… The bakery put 100 candles on top !!!

Justin’s lighting them all with his Zippo !!!

SHE’S GONNA BLOW THEM ALL OUT !!! And the bakery made sure to count out each one !!!





Here it goes, and she leans forward and blows out all the candles …………………………………………… except one !!! And it’s flickering and flickering…. We’re all waiting for the candle to finally emit a puff of smoke from a charred wick…. Hmmm, but maybe it will stay lit and it’s gonna take a little more wind from Ida’s lungs to squelch the fire !!!

And MY 3rd Grade Teacher MOM — the Cute Li’l Joker-Debbie leans forward and slowly blows out the one last candle !!! JUST THEN ,  Ida collapses facing forward and her face falls right into the middle of the cake !!!

*SADNESS FILLS THE ROOM* !!!!!!!!!!!!! But she did, YES, she DID reach 100 YEARS OLD !!!!!!!!!!!! =)

And Justin — who has the munchies from some Charolette’s Web capsules from the Vitamin Shoppe — says aloud, “The edges are still good.”

Donna runs out of the room crying, and I say to Dad, “You employed like 300-350 people at ECM, and you’re my hero…” as we come together with a dire hug for both of us having first lost Uncle Ray with his poor lungs ((( the 2nd-hand smoke didn’t hurt Ida’s lungs, interesting…))) , and Ida made it to 100 years-old !!! Mom walks over to Dad and I, still embracing each other with a manly hug……..

Me, crying, and, Dad, crying, all teared-up in my eyes batting, I say, “Why’d you have to blow out that one last candle, Mom ???

Why’d you have to do it, Debbie ???

Elton John – “Candle in the Wind” . . .

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