I posted the large image below, of dumped-out liquor bottles, at the top of my dot-com website on September 23, 2004, when I was failing my classes, just before November 2, 2004 when I was hospitalized- my brain was severely injured driving home fast because I was lied to about a vital matter…

First, look at this archive of my JustChillen.com website that I owned in 2004, at the time of my Traumatic Brain Injury that put me on a stomach-tube for three weeks, as my brain was so damaged I was fighting to stay alive… And my left-hip was in seven pieces, hurting me so much…


I needed help to cure me of alcoholism, that my smoker/drinker Grandfather passed onto me, and other relatives who introduced me to drinking beer… My intentions were getting the people who knew of my liking alcohol too much, to make me go somewhere I’d stay at to get total help with, at a “nice” Detox facility- I thought I would get on a medication to ensure I wouldn’t drink, but I wanted to have to stay somewhere away from where I was- Everywhere I went in Charlton and Worcester, MA, reminded me of drinking and when I dumped out the bottles, I thought, “Am I going to go to start drinking and driving because I won’t be able to at home ??? “

I quit drinking, over a month before my WRX-crash and Traumatic Brain Injury, that I relapsed due to Andy Gleick, my Uncle on my Mom’s side of the family, who have all alcoholism in their blood-line, and Allyson Drucker-Hodgkins, my college-age girlfriend of almost a year, making fun of me for having just withdrawn from a hard class at WSC –Calculus I — and saying they told the cops about how I would drink at bars or restaurants then getting behind the wheel… They lied to me, saying into the phone that the police were searching my room in Charlton, this while I was driving on Henshaw St. in Leicester, ( …where I crashed because these evil people gave me a panic-attack, that I took a medication for social-anxiety that effected me, making me find relief in Klonopin, a prescription benzodiazepine I got from a Dr. Rothman in Worcester… It was like Valium or Xanax, and I was so nervous with college ) so it was only a matter of time before Andy Gleick and Allyson Drucker-Hodgkins showed up to make me degrade me and watch me be arrested… My parents were waiting at the Leicester Police Station as they both knew of “The Plan” where I’d go to a bar and vote in Leicester, then drive my new WRX…

September 23, 2004– I dumped out all the liquor in my house because it was too tempting to drink, day or night, so I was trying to quit… I made it known by uploading it to the top of my dot-com website — justchillen.com that I haven’t used for years !!!

November 2, 2004– look at my ruined car below… I have a bad head-injury…

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