Alx, the one who wasn’t mine

This is Alx N. who I was with for six months ??? A YEAR ???

I have no idea how long I was locked into a mental-hospital in Tewksbury…

Hmm, that’s where that fucking crappy ex-girlfriend of mine Allyson Drucker-Hodgkins — we were together for about a year — and she never once gave me a blowjob or anything kinky… even so far as even she wouldn’t give me hand jobs with moisturizer !!! My penis was too big for poor little her, little her, the child of an adopted mother with a little crummy house and a little Civic with a quiet job as a nurse…

Her parents lived down the street (!!!) from the Tewksbury mental-hospital I was in for an obscene amount of weeks and MONTHS in TEWKSBURY !!! hmmm, I lived in the mental-hospital for a year, or almost a year, and I think that would have made me a “RESIDENT of Tewksbury with some legal shit my parents handled, like mail was sent to me there… I had a lawyer and a counselor and all doctors who didn’t even change any of my medicines !!! I didn’t have any outbursts at home, but I swore at my parents a lot for taking things that I PAID FOR like vitamins and supplements that weren’t “Andro” or illegal — THEY TOOK MY FUCKING CAR AND SHIT !!! why? because I made some Creative Nonfiction JOKES on a shock-jock WAAF Opie&Anthony internet-forum in 2003/2004 that made my uncle cry like a baby over a sick joke that he took his daughter to a doctor and had her hymen checked out NO LIE !!!

I was a good boyfriend to Allyson, but I didn’t want to give her any of my money because my parents did not give me any of their millions of dollars but paying for school, and they pretended to be middle class to me.

My parents never met her parents until I was in the ICU… My parents hated how beautiful she was, with a killer body, and high grades at FSC… They thought she was using me, like the assholes they are… Sorry mom and dad but you fucked up by allowing Andy and Allyson to cause my Traumatic Brain Injury . . . WITH YOUR HELP !!! AND DEREK’S HELP !!!


My parents knew about Treatment Centers that were high-priced and that’s where I wanted to go, maybe with Allyson, and I would have stopped drinking alcohol for sure, if Allyson was my coach and Derek was my friend !!!

I’ve experienced Allah and then my Christian God with Justine, maybe I should be with her, unless Allyson used my stolen-sperm to have a baby with in 2007/2008…

Although judging from the silence and Ally being a fat heavy-drinker, I think the baby died… Yah… HOW COULD YOU ?!?

Alx, sorry I went off-track… do ponytails again and call me at the number I gave Miss Castronovos… Thanks…

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