*three out of four, sex partners, ain’t bad*

read about my 23 days with the first two: Jessica and Carina:


Jessica Tocci

Carina Ricciardi

she didn’t eat much ,

you could see her ribs,

mmm ribs…

Alxandra N.

cute pigtails !!! How long were we together???
6 months??? a year???

She showed me her tits but that’s all… so she already had a lover, SHE CLAIMED,
We got along great… albeit with no kissing or anything romantic…
I would have liked to be with her, but there was no spark, except when she flashed me…
I didn’t get it on with her- so she’s the one I didn’t hook up with, oh well

Her middle-name: McDonalds

She got picked up by a trooper patrolling the highway, when she walking on the side of I-290 in Shrewsbury late at night in the darkness, hmmm I think she said she had to go from her house, or hotel room, or friend’s house, she was 18+ and had no where to go (???)

And she was in the first Trimester, and I was aloof– I had no idea, I just thought it was a little “bunt” that she had, her weight – But, SHE TOLD ME JUST BEFORE SHE LEFT !!! – it was not my baby !!! GREAT GIRL THO !!! “Wrong Whole Fool” haha

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