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Gixxer with on the Autobahn at 190 when really I’m ‘’ trudging ONTO brand brain new NEW pastures uh in the hills and the sun is in the 12:00  really it should say ‘’ 4:20 as I’m happy with God’s universe that I want to be with Justine Aragona again, plus what I’ve created for myself in my ex-lover a girl who had a brain injury turning me on with her body that’s alright in all the right places and pristine like she’d only been with one or two sexual partners in her past and one since so she showed me God’s universe with beautiful space it happened silently and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have named their surrogate-baby where Larissa Grivalds is from- but back to Justine she loved me but I had ‘’ ZERO ‘’ left in me when I was in my bed with her as in she liked how big I am I am the size of guys in porno really oh yeah I want to be with Laurie and Griffin if she’s ever single again that’s so hottt I geek out on a Gixxer GSX but not Mitsubie-shie MR like D-rok had but instead the GSX sport bike and I’m fully able to be with a girl like Justine again or JT and CR who I fell in love with, and let’s keep this current-  what the fuck is Kim Jong jungle-gym in NKorea doing with all their missles ???  In God’s universe not yet we’re not free of our atmosphere with Money Moves and Motorsport  put that thing in Sport — I thought Cristen Houlihan didn’t want me to have an orgasm because we both talked about Saint John’s being a religious school and since I was taking her to MY SJ Prom I thought she was teasing me and I wasn’t sure if I should just  giving me something to think about for the future of us starting a loving relationship where I’d be with a girl who’s a little older is in my mind my Traumatic Brain Injury my asking God for forgiveness  For I haven’t taken anyone but my self to God so Jim Chase is closer to God than I am but look at Justine no look at JT and CR    Too CHERISH that feeling of lovers’ mouths that says it right there and I need longer legs because my upper body is huge from the protein-peptides like GHRP-6 and IGF-1 LR3 Love really 3 where the third option is my Trio I had with JT and CR when I want to be with them now as we were the coolest group for 3  weeks of me knowing these girls in the what was the second time I was unable to leave a hospital environment with my own room for 2/3 times and I do not want to go back to a mental hospital again, unless I happen to be inquired up!, so, inquire now Sire your majesty God’s leader of the nation my nation I’m in I want to go to HEAVEN! where I can ummm, hey you how simple is the plan to play a game of who has the biggest cock  like me  when I look at the clock and ONCE AGAIN! it’s suddenly very serious with North Korea so we should launch some missiles at them or something, when, we already know they’re a country with a ( Look be nice to me having a lot of nice people with me in my home ) population a population in NKorea of worse shorter people than white people, of me cumming twice with Justine who’sey firing off shots at the bar,  or hopefully not- as her parents can control her whole life because she’s unable to drive a car and unable to work during the course of which I saw Dan’s eyes messed up once but he’s a good guy who got on me when I drank out of an 18-pack at her house when I slept over and that’s really stupid now when I haven’t had a drink in 3 years when were now again coming at-chue really quick with random Truces Together Audi TT in the 12 car garage that only has six cars in that song I hear through my SiriusXM satellite radio with this peaceful feeling I get from drinking black coffee that’s speeding up my metabolism as I throw out a prayerful reflection at the Charlton Manor with Gloria who has a loud silly voice that Jim Chase and I think happy thoughts when we go there with a woman too who’se been there two times recently with Jim my Minister who is steering me in the right light as in I have some foreign-religions’ thoughts sometimes when I think about what I experienced then and then like too, just now I killed a spider I saw on my ‘’ chillin chillin ’’  saved newspaper I’m saving and I think very highly of Sabina who I was with 24/7 with our own rooms though- wouldn’t that be nice if I got to fuck her like in all ways all of the ways the avenues for something new you might try with the girl who wants to make her man happy as I inseminated Justine when her mom did something nice I was capable of I loved her ` and got Justine on a pill that meant I could uh evacuate my sperm from my balls out the tip of the head, the head my skull my cranium that was left with 4/15 on the Glasgow Coma Scale that shows how limited I am by my TBI that my doctor at UMass cut a small hole in the back of my skull  and put in a thing to relieve the pressure that was damaging my brain more like further and I am going far-ther if I’m a father with a hidden child of mine-  yeah Allyson and Tiffany got my sperm to hold these babies over my head to make me sad and pissed off like I was pissed at someone I know for not leaving a light on for me sleeping over-  so I struggled and experienced the Hell of being LOCKED OUT so I’d have to endure that he’s small HE’S PREMATURE he used steroids in the past which doesn’t look good for his dad thing, a decade ago for spring break and he drove drunk after we had three drinks each before he got us home, this being back before I drank, the last time I’ve been with him before he got his wife pregnant like there was this one time and so one time he made me piss my pants he locked the bathroom the last time I saw him he ‘uz drunk in high school with me and a friend who brought Arabian belly-dancing virgins and Jackie who ‘’ who knows what’s happening with authority ? we were being passengers in his car but Jackie didn’t tell me what to do pulling out with her wearing a shirt on she didn’t want to take it off even though I asked her to take off her top in 1998+ around then I forget when zen occurs to me and fuck the dead-soon assholes who steal my pills and my marijuana I take for PTSD and seizures but no / but yes ‘ Sire your lord his Majesty I’m almost as big as Ray J and here’s the best part! :: I HAVE NEVER INJECTED MY PENIS WITH ANYTHING that’s something my doctor’s and I are thankful for as… I didn’t do that because well it s like ouch with blood that’s my nightmare `  I like how Halsey threatens to cut off G-Eazy’s cock if he ever cheats on her in that song they play on SiriusXM satellite-radio with computers in space when I swear I didn’t think about technology while it was happening at any point because it was just nature:  Like in a pond and we’re the fish, or just things pretty with scenic shots from a SLR Rebel camera with Andre Agassi who played tennis in Wimbledon in the 1990’s and I shave my tennis balls when I take a shower and this has gone on since I was in 7th grade because I heard about it on WAAF when I went to Shepherd Hill with Dana Gardner so  I’d like to live close to him again but I’d probably drink again at bars with him Tho, we could smoke marijuana together like we’ve done as I’m PEAKING remember ‘’ peaking ‘’ on a pill?  I’m always peaking with this and when I ascended and came twice with Justine Ara in her ass three times and I had four orgasms that were better than usual- and I came twice once inside of her I can’t remember if I had a condom on but that LISTEN TO THIS >: Is that your wifey??  I THINK I LIKE HER !!! >: and I cum to the left, I cum to the right and I want to go to Heaven when I die, but until then I really want to have two orgasms again my orgasms are getting better as time goes on now that my quest for a tighter spot for my big penis stroke it shake it back up the Booty Bus as I inhale cannabinoids which I like to consume  I’m a consumer who would read Consumer Reports being building reviews of consumer products for sale- particularly electronics and vehicles I like-  I wish I had Justine or more of that pill:   it was a pill I bought off a store online that doesn’t sell prohormones anymore and some dead-soon fuck took my DHEA and Ostarine these dead-soon fucks need to burn in Hell for what they did to me causing my car-accident and I want Justine back as a lover to pick up where we left off-  she knows I want my enemies to kill themselves with the guns they bought to scare me with and they did as my life was put in danger by these at-risk, in-danger, and DEAD SOON FUCKS WHO FUCKED WITH ME and hopefully now they’re suffering through the shit in the world effecting them-   and making me laugh so I’m fucking jubilant when I write these TaLenTed  effing essays like a who’sey professional writer and I got high grades at Woo State I went to in 2006 on from there when I’d go to The Writing Center where I’d write prose on my laptop that was an Apple []V[] acintosh MacBook I’d enjoy the screen that was sharper than my Dell ` you still kickin’ Dell ???  didn’t a lot of people have Dell stock ???  and didn’t owning Dell stock make you feel like you had a big dick?  when it really didn’t and I’m never premature I’m packing a huge crotch that grew with GH2 pills I bought at two stores near me that sell bodybuilding products prohormones with these dead-soon fucks who control my computer, FUCK FAST N FURIOUS !!! *SPLAT* brains are bursting apart and I’m just bursting something sustainable like a successful marriage to think of one day maybe soon:  a girl giving me multiple orgasms again soon that’s what I want cumming twice again I think about that every night with Justine again and I only had two orgasms in a row once and look I get it that some of you think I’m a fag and I’m not  I’ve never had an orgasm with a man or a boy like Alex who I haven’t heard from him as I Twinkle-Toe but this is at the operating table at Fairlawn where I’d use my fork to perform surgery on my food they gave me like pizza and Mellie Za there in the restaurant — we’re in a restaurant — and I had a delicious salad I would eat with Tini after getting out of work in the late afternoon at I’m a man and I’m white plus I’m AMERICAN and I want to stay the same height but I don’t really need it I just want to be high on cannabinoids with a girl who will love me in my bed in Bradford, Vermont !!!

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