ZAP !!!

Ex-static comes the static when you do that thing with the woolen sheets ,

Zippity zap – zaparoo it ain’t so fucking cute with the stun-gun on you!

To the beat of a drum, I stare at Alx’s bum, oh what fun with me now numb,

My ex — there’s 2 of them, oh it would be so gay, with their kisses, my 2 missus

She’s gotta be pretty pretty for me to go there, just saying, oh well !!! hush

It’s where the substance is disposed of, or, like  goes that matters… the face-cream variable


Mr. Dono’s significant other gave birth to a boy, recently , his Lass

and I can’t bear the same responsibility ,

Besides… my sperms either became exciting with the propensity of methamphetamine again…

OR, they just lay around all day and don’t move like twitching and shit from seizures my cum

Even with an evil temptress like Janet… Jackson mmm sum ‘o dat dark-meat

Kick off those heels and do your own nails in silky colors to bust the boys

With their “gats” and stolen rims-  now that’s SAVAGE – like a bad  bitch

Oh I know – I get something for this – TIFFANY DESROSIERS “TIPH” be with me !!!

Yes,  a surprise for 9/10 of you private-s, I’m big and I- everything was erotic and EERIE no not eerie but being thrusted to Nirvana <3 Justine !!!

*breathe in*

I am just so happy to be out of the last mental hospital where I spent THREE MONTHS with no TV and awful food where nothing could brought in for me like Gatorade or a CD player, while only able to walk the hallways of the third floor not outside (no!) and get this all you fucks, I want you to burn, with all of the animosity (x2) And as a lonely tear drips from my left eye… I know one man who purchased a gun and brought it to my house to scare me after moving to a house only a mile or two down the road from me. What he told me on the phone made me want to kill myself the morning before my crash and then I called Allyson who she knew I’d be driving drinking and told me the same fucking thing, but we weren’t breaking up! She had three babies to test her prenatal drinking, and I have a pretty big dick that all girls want…


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