Viewer Disk Creation

Tis but a scratch, she said, a bitch this time – after us being buoyant and playful in the midst of heavy hormonal release are you kidding me ??? Hey Jeff, I don’t want my fuckin’ kids reading you, it’s like haven’t you started enough websites ???

Although I post no threatening material aside what’s really happening in the lives of American’s with Kim Jong Uno Dos Tres Quattro

Audi Quattro, get it God, Audi Quattro, I would love a powerful Audi with no chaser !!! no police lights fading into the distance, into the darkness ( we’re driving at night, remember?? ) so there’s no cops who’ve gone above the law to prey on people and abuse their power, oh give it all to me Tho, allow me to Clarify — buy Claritin OTC and look for Clara Montane on camera in front of a digital blue-screen lol.

Doing shots without a chaser, and there’s the Ambulance following me around tightly waiting for a crash number 2 when you go poop, or crash number umpteen because I’ve shown my Subaru a lively time, Tho

X-Y completes the chromosomal tip-toe through the valley named Ally and tip-top equals = the shape I was in last year… Alas there are four cardio-machines I’m working my way up to the shape

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