I hardly remember the past year or so

Nurses gave me some psych-pills to erase my memory of being in the mental-hospital in Tewksbury, seriously, because it’s still working and I can’t remember my final days there, or moving into this apartment that’s too far from home, and I don’t want to be “set up” with crimes I didn’t commit !!!

All of these jerks who involuntarily caused my car accident should just DIE because they had this plan for me to be pulled over after going to a bar !!! well it backfired and ruined my life

I’m on a very high dose of Depakote and also a too high dose of Haldol — fucking crazy pills that bald fuck wants me on because these older fucks who have lawyers want me to go somewhere for straight-up RETARDS !!! There’s so many damaged people in this condominium for disabled people guy


Am I the only one who’s praying for something to shake things up ???

Alas , ballistics

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