Allyson hated me for crashing so much she got my sperm from a doctor at UMass who aided her and she has hidden from me, then getting married to Jesse Hodgkins for over a decade now, and I believe she first had a stillborn with my-sperm, as per her partying when she turned 21 near the date of my TBI

Sophia and Isabella have ears that stick out widely which is a sign of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, and this is a FACT

So and so what you said the most ,
and the most moistness among the amount in your mouth
Thigh high fulcrum femurs (KristenMur) femininity A x B in math decisions

Gesture. Sigh. Relief. Look. Nonchalant.
“You’re better than this,,, now ham it up a lil’ but fresh faced.
Buff out the buns, and what the hell, buff out the bums too…

You know what, I heard FFDP handy a la radio 107.3 and I tot of Jessica T.
Ode to 8 East, pairing with a paring knife “just chillen” @ 94.5, hear it ??
Kanye purchased a Coach purse, bag, sack, cloth container and contents

I thought “DP” was “Direct penetration” when I was young and couples
Choices for getting off, or efforts, like the O.J. Simpson’s Trial he got off all over

I’m way up now and Allyson gave her kids Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, the twins or the #1,
((( I think the first didn’t make it past birth because I saw a photo of her face in
— the delivery room but she looked war-torn frowning with no infant,,, oh well
Dare I say it but my-sperm was stolen (purchased from Sheldon B. maybe), with her first-born… or #2 and #3)))
either way her first-born got SIDS or sup’m sup’m and I bet she cries when Adele sings
So I think the first was a still-born when she was trying to set me up to take me to court… (but don’t you dare…)
along with Andy my uncle and Dan my cousin and others all had to wait to see me
in the ICU, so they came up with a plan to teach me once and for all, but I’ve seen
things with LSD and repeat orgasms in the dark with a hot li’l girl I love

— saving it for the end

But they all planned against me with the police getting involved and GPS being a ding-ding-ding,
a HIGH-RISK attached to my car and my license plate with radar.

And my Traumatic Brain Injury in my WRX sports-car happened on November 2, 2004 in Leicester after I voted in that town. I had to go to court and I got a DUI. I can work. I’m on Disability now. And I’m in a mental-hospital.

A nurse or a doctor made me have an orgasm on an operating table in the ICU at UMass in Worcester and Allyson has been hiding this from me for over a decade

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