I’m the boss here at the helm of this pause where we’re at a pause I think and I saw God’s face I saw a bigger taller man with a mustache and beard in a hue of blue that spoke COSMIC but I didn’t see Holy Jim Chase, see what I’ve been talking about with license plates and surrounding like we are God’s data in the veins of Him, on the highway our heads and our smiles at other drivers where I’m the boss here at the helm and I’m just trying to get there with Justine or a normal girl like her who was comfortable with me and my appetite for sex in various ways we tried all of I mean:  all of  and I loved every bit of God’s universe in her V was a lake I’m gonna swim with my face until the girl feels comfortable too like what is the point of all of this universe is to procreate with new lives Heaven- a lass is jovial with that – in there in 8 East with

Jessica Tocci:

Jessica Tocci I want to be with her and Carina or just her or Justine.jpg

Jessica Tocci 8 East laying down Five Finger Death Punch.jpg

and the other girl I was with for 23 days, they were both pretty normal, you’d love them!

Carina Ricciardi:   Carina Ricciardi vertical.jpg


for three weeks of me being wiser than them as far as general experience with me knowing things from a decade before they were born in a hospital and hoo-wee look at that there, it was a rebirth of all of us J.T. and C.R. with me and Sabina who I was comfortable with in the cafeteria where we would all sit all day together with romantic ideas flying quick at us, yes it was the time of my life but the second time which is really the third, I was in a mental-hospital it was so shitty being without J.T. and C.R. who I miss with all of my casual conversation with them like we were all so important to each other with this real Tribal feeling of us masterminding something and I do mind being without them being not next to them anymore but I promise you it’s like we were our own country together while Loving Them with my big heart pumping blood through my veins like highways and cars keeping space I know very well as I have been there a few times with Justine and I SWEAR I ASCENDED to be buddies like just friends and I was one of his Followers I was one of God’s big fan as I’ve already learned how great God is from Jim Chase of The Charlton Federated Church I go to on some Sundays meaning I try to get there the more the better as I want to receive God’s great love I want to love so much and thinking about a powerful feeling that made me even prouder as a man who’se well-equipped with SIZE majestically with this great diet I’m on I just diet and I’m taking off pounds but also taking a lot of shit from the people who care for me-  they’re pissed that what they planned for me THEY ALMOST KILLED ME yeah but there’s something about that day that seems a little fishy to me, who was on the road racing me?  was it my GNC boss or my relatives ??? ?Both ???

Dan Besse my Saint John’s cousin and not really an official Christian Brother named Brother Pearson who coached me in SJ XC when it was my Freshman year in 1996 and I ran with David Renaud who gave me a ride to school each day to Shrewsbury MA that was about 45 minutes away with him obeying the speed-limit most of the time as we never got a speeding-ticket in the four years we went to Saint John’s High School where I learned about programming with BASIC that I thought if I could write my own programs, and I did with ease at Saint John’s, their Computer Science wasn’t tough enough and we should have learned as much as we could about Java and C++ that I needed a compiler at home and my-parents were planning on my speeding down Henshaw St. after I had been drinking at a bar where I was trashed as my family was breaking me up with Allyson Hodgkins who was my girlfriend at the time of my WRX car crash and Traumatic Brain Injury, like she attacked me by depriving me of romantic love-making this better like I put something like that in my writing and I hope to entertain you in the Universe-  if only I could break outside of Earth’s atmosphere, oh you would love it-  it opened my eyes to what was previously hidden from me with Allyson being a bad girlfriend who wasn’t willing to budge a fucking inch and give oral-sex a try but she was a prude and she was RUDE to have a child with my sperm that was stolen from me by people at the hospital like Dan Besse who wanted Allyson Hodgkins to have a baby to teach me a not-needed lesson and she’s fat and ugly now-  never once giving me a blowjob or simply giving me a hand job it was fucked up where she always wanted to be ‘’ broken ‘’ like in that Evanescence song she loved so much when we were boyfriend/girlfriend in 2004 when I crashed in my fast WRX that could go 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds which is incredibly fast for a car for the $25,000 price tag like it was SO FAST but I didn’t use its power on the roads for the most part Like I never purposely swerved to cause a car-accident for anyone else- or me who doesn’t play with text and get’s fucking to the get-go on the path of my soul being liberated from Earth in my mind it’s like zooming until you have a second orgasm I love having with myself using Swiss Navy lubricant that’s for sex and/or masturbation like the Attorney General describes it as ‘’ a healthy habit ‘’ I love my long strokes with girls using her entire body to potentiate my sexual pleasure with each orifice being an option for me in 2010-2013 when I was with Tini Ara who has me not giving a fuck about Allyson unless she has my children with the sperm that was stolen from me in the hospital at Fairlawn or maybe a nurse 

gave me a hand-job when I was in the ICU to get the sperm for my parents to give to the people who directly caused my injury and permanent Disability that has ruined my life and what my-enemies did to me calling me on the phone while I was drunk speeding on Henshaw Street in 2004 when I was left with 4/15 of my ability from the scene of my WRX-crash that almost killed me, These fucks knew I was drunk and they were chasing me in their cars, for most of them as-  Sue was alongside me and Dan Besse was on Henshaw Street with me-  he followed me from Derek’s house near Henshaw St. in Leicester and I haven’t driven down it in a long time, but I just think it is bad that these people I know absolutely tormented me and I want them Out De Way with my Money Moves that I have adopted at me not adapting to this fucked up plan of all my enemies doing shitty things to make me suffer and won’t calm down until I’m united with a beautiful female lover for sex as that’s what I’m looking for with the understanding: my hand is way the fuck too-small as I haven’t stopped giving a fuck about all the things I like- that make me happy when I’m ‘’ playing the night shift ‘’ getting up late in the day when I wake up and already before-you-know-it someone has snuck into my room overnight and stolen a fair portion of my marijuana I pay for with my own money that I need to earn more of until I’m living in my own apartment hopefully at Chandler Gardens again in Worcester- That’s where I want to be with my WRITING that has grown to an overflowing overgrown ORGASM in my pants with my teeny weenie in my pink panties on a Sunday ya gno?? just just busting balls or whoever hoopty-hooi happens to help me in any way possible and it is POSSIBLE:  Justine Aragona who I haven’t heard from in a long time, so maybe she’s over me and won’t come back- or NO- I remember the love we had and she did it all for me unlike lame Allyson who never gave me oral sex —she gave me blue balls on our first date because she denied me an orgasm with her in my brother’s dorm in Boston on our first date and then always when we were in my Car my WRX, she wouldn’t even give me a hand-job yeah I never came in my car since Ariel with Allyson, but Justine was a real match because we did things out of LOVE which that girl Ally didn’t do for me ever not even once she was a bitch but I love Ripley and her we’d sit on her couch stroking the dog and Allyson touching my pee-pee that I never took out around them with a dog there SPERM the important fact is that these evil people in the ICU harvested my sperm with a nurse giving me a hand-job or maybe it was a guy doing it, in which case I would say:  I’m not gay and I don’t like guys’ penises but I appreciate how I haven’t intentionally gotten any girls pregnant like Jackie lacquerer who I would like as a lover after an accident with her-  I thought she was on birth-control or using a diaphragm she had in and I never saw porno or knew about sex because I –  yeah I didn’t know you were supposed to cum on her ass or mouth or face,  like my Dad said:  ‘’ Use a tissue ‘’ and Derek had no tissues by his bed so I thought she had Plan B or was going to see a doctor because she had on a shirt and I didn’t know where to squirt it with my Cumshot because I didn’t want to have children unless it’s with Justine Aragona or a new girlfriend I love enough to inseminate with my natural sperm which was stolen from me and I THINK TIPH HAS MY BABY! why doesn’t anyone listen to me I wonder as Allyson has given birth twice, once to twin-girls! are they mine? or who’s the father??  I think the person who bought a gun to scare the shit out of me with at my house when he pointed it at me is responsible for my Traumatic Brain Injury as he may have been in close proximity to the scene of my WRX crash on Henshaw Street in Leicester in 2004 so 13+ years ago I got my TRAUMATIC Brain Injury oh it damaged my brain horribly!  But my parents make it so that my life isn’t too hard except when I have to go to a mental-hospital I don’t belong in aside from the fact Dr. Sheldon Benjamin doubled my dose of an ANTI-PSYCHOTIC and then he increased it more like a fucking piece of shit who screwed with me horribly!  HE’S THE ONE WHO SENT ME TO A MENTAL-HOSPITAL and:

If my parents are worth $5-10 MILLION then why do I have not enough for one month’s rent anywhere , not even enough for one month’s rent except bad places like the ghetto but hey I want to live at a nice apartment- like Chandler Gardens for me and a girlfriend- yet my parents would never give me enough money for me to be able to go out on my own nearby 66 Lincoln Point Road but they would never let me suffer as

J.G.C.:   Mrs Coker McDonalds.jpg


tried to hide being pregnant which was apparently a problem for her as she got picked up by a cop on 290 when she was walking down the breakdown lane because she was crazy and needed medication-  she was my friend for two weeks recently but I hated being there as much as I hate a certain nigger out there- I had marijuana with him and his friends when I went to Northeastern- yeah Osvaldo I know you read me and I want you to consider my writing to be a narrative of my life and what I want to write about in God’s universe with girls to give me sexual pleasure when MY HAND IS TOO SMALL as I need something new, still feeling this hate for blacks except in my Class of 2000 at Saint John’s High School- they all played sports and they sat together at one of the ‘’ Cool Tables ‘’ it was the Black Table and I would never call them niggers even though they know how it is in America these days when being black has little advantages compared to the government respecting white people the most- just look at cops arresting blacks mostly in cities in our country and I would have preferred if Saint John’s was an all white school because Mark Said had brown skin and an afro that Quest Love has on Jimmy Fallon- he’s the drummer who bangs on the stretched-surfaces of drums like who’s gonna have orgasms with designer females like Jessica Tocci and Carina Ricciardi hopefully I hope to be with them again in the Universe ok sport? Tell me more =D with my many talents of writing and being so tall and thin with big muscles everywhere and this special little piece of me, a special BIG piece of me with long strokes for Cardi B who needs her teeth fixed and I was seriously experiencing God and His universe which I don’t know if I’ll ever do that again –  butt I want to – you know cum two whole times separately in a special thing Justine showed me and she learned it from her Mother who can vouch for me that I never did anything bad to Justine and it’s too bad she cheated on me- but I was having problems with her parents who wanted me to give up alcohol and which I have done for over a year now when God and I are happy helping each other Like he tells me what to write after my abilities were so retarded actually 4/15 of my abilities were functional and I wish a cop stopped me earlier that day in 2004 when I had my injury that broke my hip and now I have a funny way of walking that girls don’t like to see, yeah no one wants to see a disabled person with my one eye that doesn’t fuckjng function properly with my LIMP and eyes that look funny, that I hate it and it makes me so sad that I’m not with Justine anymore and I’m coming up short with me knowing no girls who like me and I haven’t had much contact with beautiful girls my age so I’m not sure when I’ve cum twice in a row with Justine who knew me before I quit drinking alcohol and Blockbuster went out of business where I would rent movies from until AK worked there who I don’t like and who I’ve never laid a finger on:  yeah I didn’t touch him it was all Mr. Deedy who had sex with him and that he agreed to and Mr. Deedy provided AK with a drug he was: he was head-over-heels for Mr. Deedy and his meth I didn’t want to do again but I want an ADHD prescription for Ritalin or Dexedrine maybe Adderal too since it would improve my fatigue greatly) since Mr. Deedy took advantage of me and my druggie-friend with a hot sister (but they were jewish)  one night in 2001/2002  mmm it was winter and I drove a Sentra SE with the Performance Package but it was not a Spec-V with bigger rims and more power, yeah I had a Cold-Air Intake from a Sentra performance site: b15sentra.net I wanted to lower my car but what I should have done is this::: gotten 17” lightweight rims for it, but I had a subwoofer made by Infinity that I got on a discount from family friends who live in Charlton with me- it had a 10” woofer and it was self-amped that I got the Sentra to have not-too-loud so it didn’t bug my neighbors yeah correct- I didn’t turn it up and it wasn’t like audible to others on the road WITH ME yeah I want to be the God of Earth with my mental-abilities and the knowing I’m going to be HAPPY  seeing it like I’m going to be SOBER and not drinking alcohol as I don’t know what it would do to my attitude

Driving I want to be able to drive a car on the roads and highways while I haven’t had a drink in over a year but that dead nigger Osvaldo with a dead Fatima his mother like my Mom is Deborah Marquis and she is my health-proxy and I want to fuck-over my-enemies haha =X =P as I hear “fuck a nigga”

Geeking out like frazzle and wow away wow we go don’t fuck with me though but the, I want to drop you so hard as the Archangel hits the ground with broken fucked-up Yves SAINT Lauren paying bills for big expensive items




Alight alright the alarms, the alarms are chirping like ladies on their periods, and a hushed voice points to a spot on a woman’s leg, I witnessed last night — hot sticky sweet, sings Def Leppard ((( but that’s not all ))) one of my roommates — a real retard — he jerks his dick sometimes in plain sight, and how long have I been in a mental-hospital several miles away from Allyson’s house where she was the whole time we dated on the line of Wilmington / Tewksbury ???

Over an our away from my HOME WITH MY PARENTS in Charlton, MA

I can fuck you up !!! LOOK HOW BIG I AM !!!!!!!

THANKS GH2… for decades to come, all this muscle !!!!!!!

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