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I save images from bulletin-boards, and I gorge my face with delicious food like it’s an addiction for me to eat designer cuisine at my fine restaurants like Master Wok down Main St. in Oxford from my apartment on the third floor, with the pink shutters, remember ???? I loved getting boneless ribs and house friend rice at the Chinese place where I typically didn’t drive — but they served the HARDEST DRINKS THERE, and that was a turn-off for me — I would just motor home and drink Steel Reserve in my kichen sans marijuana keif–


I have had a good-friend just a friend a female friend about my age for the past year

HERE CONFINED TO A FLOOR WITH COPS CARRYING GUNS IN THE LOBBY !!! yeah I hate this shit that an uncle and my ex-girlfriend and a gay bodybuilder / druggie + a Saint John’s teacher, Mr. Deedy, ((( who had this Crystal Meth that looked like broken glass I only sniffed ))) are responsible for, along with GNC fucks who are mad that I got a couple blowjobs from the bosses daughter and didn’t call her back because I didn’t want to go “slumming” !!! However Ariel has since joined forces with a sword-maker and they’re probably having a lot of sex QUICK ::: what do Ari and I have in common ???? BIG SCARS !!!

Ariel I’m glad you were able to have children because I remember when we we were in my Subaru WRX or Boston Billiards you told me how you had an operation and you probably couldn’t have any children… I asked if you were okay with that and you shrugged back then, but now…` ALAS ,  a BLESSED CHILD “ZANE” — that’s his name right ??? FUCK BURES he sent me a shitty, dull kitchen knife he claims to be an expert on and it was a filthy piece of shit made of shitty wood and I want a replacement I thought it would be done special for me, but it’s poor quality !!!


I once had the pleasure of having had known three anorexic girls who were really REAL with life and love and emotion, sharing it, like the closest I’ve ever been to two princesses, but now I’m in Tewksbury Hospital there’s a heavy girl here who doesn’t do anything that’s impressed me (but she’s nice to Alexandra) and who slit the shit out of her arms with thick knives DEEP CUTS – OBVIOUS SCARS that, now, they’re all obvious but “healed” because she’d gone SLASHER on herself with blades, spilling blood leaking all over — she claims to have once been anorexic and I think she’s lying because I can’t picture her skinny

I like Alexandra though she’s so cute and I hear her screeching and yelling probably 2-3 times a day and she’s silly talking to herself — I don’t believe that shit — it’s just for ATTENTION ::: which I would gladly give her 24/7 if we got together like didn’t happen with Jessica Tocci  on the right with those puffy pussylips I could dance my tongue with her tongue French (Marquis) Kissing and she does something to and cucumber eyemasks

Jessica tocci and 2 friends.jpg

I’ve been here 6-8 months with no access to use a gym or a treadmill and they feed me so that I don’t become fat but have lost all my muscle from 205 lbs. down to 180 lbs. or some shit like really fast, like I’m thin with a 1″-2″ belly worlds away from cut-ness

oh you’re the cutest !!!

jessica tocci love tattoo - Copy.jpg

Skip back a year or two… after these two girls at 8 East mental hospital that was almost empty except for the three of us::: THE THREE LOVERS !!!   and where I spent a month or maybe 3, that I had quick-sex multiple times a day with, with these two girls them both two of them 19 and 20 yrs. with them both with me in the cafeteria like a make-do THREESOME multiple times with their skinny asses and I wanted to marry them because their starving bellies made them look like Hawaiian belly-dancers, They liked a big organ on me and *gulp* they did everything, you gno ??? THEY WERE ***FESTIVALS*** of the best conversation I’ve ever had ever… their starving themselves was over and they ate ALL of the meals to gain pounds and muscle !!! I demanded it !!!

They did it for me to help them with “curves” like the gym I told them -heh- because I was the “Daddy” of our “Trio”

These sweet girls were always on the edge, lavishing over every word to come out of my mouth, it was magical, but Jessica was prettier with her beautiful face and a “Sporty Spice” physique – I swear they were one … as is Ali L., you know, Tiph’s friend ????

This girl, she’s probably like Justine’s age, younger than Tiph ::: they’re best-friends !!!

Ali Lorange.jpg

Oh I loved the 2 girls from 8 East where we would spend every waking hour together, the hospital where I didn’t break-down or experience Hell not ever, so the fucks who fell for my joke can rub their eyes – they cried out of because of that joke on a shock-jock internet forum, for about a month and a half until I was lucid enough to assure my-parents and DEAD-ANGE-CANCER-SMOKER that I “made up” a lot of shit about disgusting, vile, evil, sick , things  I pretended were true ((( called “Creative Nonfiction”,,, ))) a style of writing and I’m an Author — OH the girls from 8 East who we all had giving each other sexual favors, we’d ask Sabina for privacy and she’d go to her room down the hall…

Jessica had to go back to the hospital for a freak-out I learned about maybe one year ago, a picture of a guy in there who she married, albeit without verification, and Carina is a mystery, as she hasn’t updated her (((  edit: she got FB and put up all the photos she told me about when we were face-to-face, speaking to each other ))) the photos she was so thin but not like Carina-thin or psycho-Alexandra-thin which I think is a bad sign for the skinniest girls I’ve ever seen awww =(

I want to do good for the world and I WANT TO END ANOREXIA !!!


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