Al-Qaeda is brought back to life

Attentione: One of Osama Bin Laden’s sons has taken over for Al-Qaeda, I just read in the news today…

I think the biggest reason is, you see… a brand new musical artist Cardi B. came out with a Pro-Terrorist song, “Bodak Yellow” that I listened to on repeat three nights when I found it… It appealed that much to me because I love how they make love over there !!! I love it because it reminds me of three of the most intense (and ENJOYABLE these acts ))) which alcohol WAS NOT involved in any of them…THESE EXPERIENCES, well I HAVE EVER BEEN so lucky !!! I was in space traveling a million billion trillion lightyears per millisecond until God and I were increasing the cirCUMference of this, my Galaxy… I got to the edge with God

So I think that there are certain people who smile at huge tragic events in other countries, and when something comes close to home they feel lucky to be alive and they are glued to the news — I didn’t lose anyone on 9/11 — and with that said, I have no idea how those who’ve experienced losses on that day feel about the Middle-East now. . .

But I think it’s cool that we put our strong military over all the oil, we’re gonna need — unless all these lazy fucking scientists stop switching over to homebrews of C.M. as per that series “Breaking Bad” with Walter White synthesizing pricey chems on the black market !!!


Dear USA government, let’s not allow for Al-Qaeda to arm themselves

Don’t “Bring them to Life EVER !!! ”


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