Clamming in the ocean, Clapping upon the bounty (Lexus, Elegance )

Lexus clipper clasps the scissors wrapping paper with a svelt waxed Botox swollen pussy-cat she touches, she fingers with her digits and you can reach her at 1-800-AMY-REID

Lexus is freaking out !!! she’s going a little wacky today !!! her hormonal balances and her brain !!!

Oh, Lexus…

Delicately and with feel that feeling — don’t play numb you need to gnead the dough, the slab of sweet sweet “Daddy’s meat” gonna fry up real nice in the oven the knows yeast to make the top puff-up Daddy, our Sean Combs PUFFING “dabs” like yo mamma’s business with an aura of that celestial sensation as the planets orbit in space — think about what put them in motion, like the motion of the ocean and our bodies but this ain’t Yoga — this is some sweet, personal business

Those exercise/strength training machines which some people owned a Bow-Flex when it was new and which I may inherit, hopefully, but I don’t want to discuss that, for I fear death, I do, don’t let me down, Dear God please my pleasure and it goes like this I’ve thought about my three wishes for Heaven 1. Love 2. Sex 3. Pleasure !!! I think that covers it =D

I have had LSD a handful of times over a decade ago,,, and TWO ORGASMS but once with Justine Ara in a perfect setting `

I fear — that Heaven won’t be as powerful and commanding as that Heavenly experience in a loving way with 2 full blasts SEEING EVERYTHING WITH GOD PROMOTING ME ONE AFTER ANOTHER just continually for,,, I won’t say how long !!! but the only thing is that –I CAN’T SAY “THAT”– but let’s make this one occasion slide, as I finally know the secrets of the universe — oh MUSHROOMS !!!

Wow my senses tingle at the thought of Psylocibin “Boomers” being grown in Massachusetts farms and no longer $60 a bag- that’s a rip, but not real bad, hallucinogenics are a thing of nature and God wanted them on this planet for a reason — I love the visuals like things being skewed

Who was that pitcher who accurately threw baseballs in the MLB with accuracy ??? At the top, yeah- that’s Dock Ellis who chewed some LSD before a time when he was a pitcher at a Major League Baseball game, guess what, he pitched a NO HITTER, tho he was Black and NO HITLER, for Hitler would have smooshed him first, dere ain’t ever been a Nazi Black spared in the video-game “Wolfenstein 3D”

Oh duh this is getting autobiographical, but before I launch into Lexus with Space-X, let me get this last tid bit that’s one of a few special experiences

Let’s talk about what I feel as a great kind like VERY GIVING and WILLING TO EXPERIENCE DISCOMFORT FOR A MALE LOVER — A.S. experimented with one special night ::: LONG STROKES OF PLEASURE like one night I spent with my girlfriend, promoting my Leisure like a Mercedez-Benz AMG-SLR- driven by a slut who purposely left her thong in a man’s jacket-pocket maybe so his wife would find it — Lexus, the girl who this poetic continuation of my “Elegance,” she doesn’t know why she did it, but it’s not like she was on her ponTIPHicated like a Pontiac G6 being driven by Danica Patrick on her period with a bowl of cherries and Sundae Sauce: Strawberry, that’s the flavor she remembers seeing at the supermarket, and she smiles, “Good for Hershey’s,”

Wearing black pants and black underwear — along with a Cheetah bra which kinda just has that look to it, or something on Facebook

“I could auction off my thongs eBay ,” thinks Lexus- who I invite you all to read my “Elegance” short-story found at

What do the words mean?
They’re just random… no
suprises there, where,
here bubbling where else
the bubble bath and those digits

Clamming Clapping — the operator will ask for your Credit Card # — or… “digits” like fingers, one’s all that fits and that goes for other protruding products of most males

I envision this girl “Clamming” with her special clam that she always used Dove soap growing up- she learned about beauty through a star-lit Queen, her mother who knew many men, and her “star-slit Princess, Lexus !!!

…and she too likes the these “boys” drooling succulent saliva, Sativa, “Clapping” her ass like the pop-stars do ,
with her powerful Glutes from doing “squatsss” but that’s not enough, as, she’s gone crazy with crunches, like Ashley Hannan did- her fat-free belly sun-lit, by the sun, ha! Lexus has a sense of humor, u gno? and those in her company tend to lighten up — yes it is as tho she’s an “Easy- Breezy, Beautiful- Cover Girl !!!

She’s sick of taking dirty cabs with towel-heads driving — she never tips most “creeps” because they don’t deserve it,,, Lexus is just “On a ‘different level'” — the whole industry paying people extra in lots of industries, few are worthy and it makes her happy, this Lexus, she thinks, yeah it’s kinda sick, but just yesterday a dirty smoker bum near a Starbucks asked her for change, he said, “Change?”

She thinks of Obama leaving all these problems for Trump to handle, what a pussy first black person with power, PUSSY, allowing NK to develop nukes
Change? Obama didn’t deliver


It has occurred to her all of a sudden: worn light pink lips are no fun, no, she wants them bright again ` So she kisses her lips applying flavored Cotton Candy something, and she’s amused by slaves picking cotton, but not that silly joke about cotton being inside pill bottles of medicines and vitamins ` Tylenol, Stacker, Green Tea pills

Is this a sequel ??? Prequelle ???

Sometimes things just “come out” of my mouth, like VERBAL diarea eww she laughs and she gets plenty of fiber to fill her stomach ` you see, she knows about the Glycemic Index of calories (she counts, each day, every meal, every snack she won’t be caught dead stuffing her face like Cookie Monster, who loved ‘dem cookies as much as Lexus loves big cocks in her tightness… oh la la,,, oh you, naughty you elle…

Lexus doesn’t have any Black friends, “No way, it’s safer not to,” however she’s proud because about a decade ago her clique accepted a negro woman from the Bahamas and IT WAS A DISASTER !!!

She ate with her hands, oh it was AWFUL and all of her clothes she came with were uncouthe counterfeit rip-off’s ` I felt so bad her skin was far, far darker than brown — she had “BLACK” epidermis — looking at her I could only distinguish the whites of her eyes which were a funny-yellow, and her teeth, not especially white — it took its toll and laughably Lexus quit tanning salons for months !!! You should have seen her eating barbecue ribs, and tossing them up out of her mouth ten, twenty minutes later- it looked like a murder had taken place in the toilet, eww gross! who does that ??? not Lexus she sticks to lettuce, carrots, and water with lemons and limes, HOWEVER out in the club at night she’ll drink iced water and vodka — zero carbs, unlike most drinks !!!

It’s sad, as a shit-box Crown Vic painted Taxi Yellow with probably 200,000 miles on the Odometer
pulls up too close for comfort

“Off to the castle,” she calls her apartment, “and away we go…”

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