Flicker Flicker Flame – don’t fail me now you keep jumping and jumping but while remaining absolutely resolute steadfast in your intentions, staying in the same place planted in the Earthly soil – with maybe twigs or leaves or wax fueling your yeah yeah yeah – dancing-prancing up ‘n’ down rhythmatically one second to the next brightening up the now-dim room with the amber hues of your FIRE !!!

ON FIRE, YES ON FIRE !!!!!!! Building up your confidence and fiddling like a fiddle, fearing your worst enemy – a puddle of extinguishing H2O that fills the ocean, never retreating and waiting to swallow you whole – mmm hmm water makes you its BITCH, yes, flame you are going down once the common aqueous solution is introduced to your flaming flamboyant equation !!!

Smell the smoke ??????? Your presence is detected by all, no matter how small, your entirety breathes in, and out going upwards the opposite of gravity, moving left and right you little flame, so hot, always strictly the same, way – like no way you’d touch the tippity-tippity-fop of that flame where IT BURNS at the hottest – NO WAY YOU’D DO THAT !!!

So what do you do ???????

You just blow it out .

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