November 1st, 2004 – night before w/ friends

Andy Gleick, Allyson Drucker-Hodgkins my GF, Alex Kozlov, Sue Rezuke, Dan Besse, etc. etc. and all these dead soon fucks with AN UPCOMING NUCLEAR WAR (!!!) those assholes told my friends I’D SEE THAT NIGHT — IT WAS THIS WHOLE PLAN FOR WHAT I’D DO AND WHERE I WOULD DRINK ALCOHOL OR BUY IT all this shit and the people who caused my crash talked with bartenders and club owners have people at the bar pay for my olde whiskey and to be on the lookout for me that night before I attended my Computer Science class at Worcester State University, then going to a bar to order whiskey aged 18 years ((( 18+ naturally, I like ))) then going to Derek’s house…

I know a large group of people in my life, they wanted me to pull out of Derek L.’s driveway for the cops that were waiting for me to get pulled over

Parents, Relatives, Friends, Saint John’s, Alex and Mr. Deedy

They were jealous I had a beautiful girl with big tits at my side… she was so hot and sexy !!! no one could believe it !!!
Andy, Allyson, Alex, Sue R. and Dan B. and Chris McPartland etc. etc.
They were trying to “get me” at GNC where I was dedicated to doing a good job and learning about bodily fitness — it’s why I got a B+ as my first class at Worcester State University — I know all about the ingredients and effects of different types of supplements+vitamins+drugs… but I’ve never taken a steroid !!!

Back to that night out with Derek, Chris Mac, Steve-O and Wesley, they wouldn’t give me a place to lay down inside until my buzz wore off — I hadn’t driven that night — my WRX was there in Derek’s driveway when the Leicester police officer was turning around seeing if… if… IF MY CAR WASN’T THERE I’D BE OPERATING D.U.I. ON THE ROAD, but it was so lol I knew they were waiting for me to leave SO I DIDN’T- I STAYED WITH STEVEN CULLEN UNTIL THE BUZZ WAS NO MORE, AND THE SUN WAS SHINING !!!

Where was Derek’s mom that night ???

She was either out with friends or waiting at the Police Station to bail me out… I think the latter, and my parents were waiting for a phonecall at home and nervous I’d end up dead driving drunk — but Susan Langlois saved me after staying up all night long with my friend, Steve-O, and not driving, she showed up around 6 or 7 a.m.

YEAH, for fuck’s sake there was a cop-car IN her and Derek’s driveway when we returned from the nightlife around 2 a.m.

Derek did it for a $40k car that was faster that my WRX, not a bad deal, the adults who were involved in this plan to have me arrested bought Derek Wayland Langlois the brand new grey AWD sports-car

Derek and Chris came up with a really shitty reason to leave in their car, with Steve and I waiting from midnight until sunrise because I had a few drinks

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