This is Mr. John Deedy who forced his penis into my anus in 2001/2002 one night around that time in the holiday season of WIN-ter!

My Saint John’s English/Theater teacher 1996-2000 !!!

I had the homosexual Mr. John Deedy who looks just like this for 2.5 years of English and a semester of Theater at a Catholic High School, and wouldn’t you know it, Saint John’s couldn’t have just found an openly gay Theater teacher who was skinny and weak and shit but- no, they wanted Mr. D, revealing nothing about who he knew at home, but also to teaching us about beautiful language and Shakespeare, reciting his lines about love that don’t make sense in today’s world but that was Senior year for me.

My high school teacher where you had to pay $20,000+ to attend, one that should have the best teachers — here’s one that goes/went all in the wrong erection. errr. “Direction” – Mr. Deedy lived in Boston for the most part except for weekends or something, and commuted in his Saab 9-3 that he gave me the keys to once in-school not for me to drive but to retrieve a book and: nothing was funny and he didn’t smoke. He wore Polo shirts, and in secrecy he said he would wear his cock rings to school, which — NOW DON’T LAUGH — ha! I sat in the front row and I assumed it was something medical like a catheter or a condom for a condition like leaking, lol, this was before he showed me a handful of metal ones at his house where ALEX HEARD HE HAD METH AND HE WAS /SET-ON/ AMPING UP HIS BODY AND MIND !!! Alex begged me to introduce me because he’d heard so many great things about amphetamines in his studies at a higher level than most science and tech.


Mr. Deedy is the guy who intentionally caused Alex K. to go crazy and hate me, even YEARS LATER learning of my Traumatic Brain Injury and getting a job at my Blockbuster nearby my home !!! Alex who ordered Adderall, Ritalin, GHB and Anabolic Steroids — that balding fuck, he’s going bald like Andy’s college-student son is at an incredible rate because of his tears, from all bad Gleick gene’s like my awful relative, David Perron, who he killed himself when he couldn’t get a buzz from his drugs and alcohol!

WAIT WAIT WAIT – “So you’re telling me you were at Mr. Deedy’s mom’s house near your college in Worcester with $500 worth of meth between you all and you didn’t alert the school ???” Nah, I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it !!! I didn’t want my parents to find out I’d done a drug. I knew Alexander would crack and he’d have to get treatment, that Jew… I hate him because he blames me for becoming fully SUBMISSIVE with “gay” powerful drug, and not even a good one, oh it effected me but I hoped he had mushrooms or LSD not this gay shit, this gay party-drug, not even Ecstasy, just speed.

I WAS DRUGGED He was a cool teacher who was sorta young and young acting…

He was a teacher, as I thought, maybe one who just dated older, city-life kinda women, but some knew his motha “motha” mother Mister Deedy’s mother was still alive but she was old and knowing enough to stay away from us visitors. “Motha” he said in a twangy sort of way, in her house near QCC when it all happened to Alex Kozlov (and not quite I…) with my teacher’s Crystal Meth.

He told us that he had an apartment in Boston and then he also had residency in Worcester  that he could claim his own residency for taxes to establish a home near “SAINT” John’s …  where his old “motha” allowed students and former-students to come visit, but keeping secrets, showing SJ pride for a teacher who always graded fair, like imagine if Alex took Shakespeare with John… HE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN AN A+ !!



But honestly the day before my WRX-crash at 64 MPH in a 35 — too fast ?? — do you think “I had all my wits about me to do that ??? — do you think it was the night before when Derek set me up to get pulled-over that night, so I’d have to drive home — Derek, Chris, Brian — all except Steve — they left me alone in Derek’s driveway because I didn’t want to drive home after THESE FUCKS PULLED AT MY HEARTSTRINGS !!!

My accident and the SET-UP of Andy Gleick, Allyson Drucker-Hodgkins, Alex Kozlov, Derek Langlois, Sue Rezuke, Christopher McPartland and others CAUSED MY INJURY !!! with my parents doing the most or maybe not doing anything at all, but all I know is that they let all of my-enemies go into my room at home whenever to steal things I’d saved up for.

Their ripping into me about a three or four years later ’07 ’08 brought everything back

I saw Allyson had a baby that she’s kept a total secret
Her hips, waist, and face, had a metamorphosis and she had a photo of minutes after the birth and of her emotionless-face like she had just run a race, after delivering her first baby, who? I dunno, I know she drank when she was preggers so maybe it came out a stillborn, and if it was orchestrated I would prefer to have NO KIDS !!!

I found God

and I wanted to end it all like I do now with Kim Jong Un and his subs NEWSFLASH he has 100-MEGATON NUKES UNDERWATER, I’ve been in mental-hospitals for over a year now.

… but I didn’t try to kill myself… EVER !!!

no no no, I’m just PRAYING MY HEART OUT Russia, North Korea, China, Iran, etc. will take me to Heaven!

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