I write with a pin-prick tooth-pick quick quip just quit curious quandaries filling my diaries like diapers for the nanny, butt certainly not a girl from my past whose nickname starts with M. !!!

Tis’ but a Fast & Furious “Fascade” which once meant 0.1% to me, oh, well keep the register ringin’ and a bringin’ home phat stacks of 100% Ben Franklins, but I paid her in four twenties and this girl, she was my age and she asked, “Have you used Durex before?” and she said they run a little “big” like larger than Trojans tho her hole on this made-up ho in a ho-tell, no one– you speak no word of it to anyone because I didn’t buy her her wishes while she finished not quite ummm how to say empty-handed ???

Hit the tax on the trolly and I just may sprinkle a crushed pill of pure Molly like a dolly

Shimmering waves of Molly in the universe at the most “dopest” frequencies bringing to mind none-other than El Paso Povoratti (with rats in the kitchen), be careful with that hot-plate not as hot as a Wooo- Ha to make you hip, hop, quick — now SMACK DAT A$$ like she tells you and pull her hair or something and sniff your fingers, don’t mind if I take a dip, jeans with a rip that she unzips, just like quick, then ka-bow now look around you as they’ve all the cleanest consciousness with her heartbeats pumpin’ and her heartfeets a tappin’

Yo nigga, my niggy niggy nig-nog (“Excuse me”) seen doze (“those”) new Jordans in the mall ??? 

O Sex
Apple’s Macintosh’s OSX

ATTENTION TO ALL PASSENGERS: this ship is touching down slowly like a space shuttle landing horizontally which no-one likes, puh, so boring, a 747 does that but STRAIGHT UP VERT-STYLE like the SpaceX ??? what a “fragile” thing and the dirty fat guy with a stained white shirt says, “FRA-GEE-LEE ” ??? He thinks, it’s in French or something, Just like how Marquis is French ` tho I speak no french nor have I frenched that girl in here she’s 32 and small-small like Justine but with some food-issues I welcome, anyway, about her height yet although she has problems with food sometimes yet mostly most most MOIST kisses cumming from Tini Ara I’d have to duck down to reach her, so what did we do about this ??? DID I GET HER A “BOOSTER SEAT” ???

No, she was the perfect height low– like low, low — on her KNEES and kneading breasts

Yummy delicious and FULL OF PROTEIN — but don’t eat the skin — mmmmm a Turkey with breasts for Thanks Giving prior to kick-off, one that’s been PROPERLY ‘BASTED !!!

O Sex
Apple’s Macintosh’s OSX

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