REST IN PEACE SOPHIE Marquis my Grammy

Hi my grandmother on my Dad’s side of the family had to live in a hospital at the end of her life of 103 years on Earth. She’s been gone for about two years now and I’ve left flowers to her and my followers- my readers from the beginning and I hope to write beautiful sentences on my MacBook Pro like a literary genius of the human genome the people reading this who I like to see appreciate what I can generate from my injured TBI 4/15 abilities my whole brain the whole part over my brain my noggin’ my CORPUS CALLOSUM with Cab Calloway and the car-company Callaway that created Corvettes as an aftermarket company with superchargers and wide tires since the 1990’s but I’m not really interested in fast cars anymore-=- I like that small BMW smart-car for two people that Larry David has been seen in like what am I doing with symbols now ???

`’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. `’-. .-‘`

I’m interested in why Air Force planes were used to make a symbol of  a penis in the sky I SAW ON CNN it was curvy airplane exhaust previously like yesterday but here-  I am today when I’m writing these FanTasTiCaL blurbs to cry out to all single girls who’d like to be my girlfriends and/or I want to be with Carina Ricciardi again now that we’re free being able to reunite with our intimacy being based upon having 14-16 hours to spend together each day for three weeks of us loving our valuable precious time together I loved `’-.  and then I want to have our Trio with Sabina the girl who was 17 so I didn’t talk with her much now but that she’s a little older but Justine had her in age and size Tho I liked Sabina’s skinny-ness-  Tho I’m stifling a laugh as I’m glad they got me on the right medicine’s but I don’t take Amantadine I think would help me and Selank 191AA Methyl 1-testosterone Memantine Bacopa and Focus Factor but don’t “SQUASH” Mr. Benjamin who operated on my skull soon after my Traumatic but SQUASHED and changed Brain Injury

YEAH I’M KEEPING THIS and my life has changed since having had 2 O ‘s with Justine who I loved with all of my heart and my body with favorable uh schematics to have MASS somewhere special she learned from an older woman and her husband

I did something before marriage with her ???


That’s what, the Honeymoon is for what you should wait for a Honeymoon for ,

Yeah right, F ‘n Aye McGuillecutty crawsun at 9:18 `’-. jmrq wrxtbi alwayschillen

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