Justine Ara Tini Ara, my love !!!

I was her boyfriend and she was my girlfriend for almost three years of picking her up after work and going out to eat then back to my bedroom once the bill arrived

I gave her no trouble as a matter of fact she CHEATED ON ME

It was an honest mistake with a third TBI victim who tried hard but alas

Now I want to resume our loving relationship WITH ME NOT DRINKING I’ve been clean of alcohol for over a year now so I don’t drive drunk and I don’t want to disrupt anything with these this quote-unquote Tidal Drift, Touch Down – Tom Brady and Giselle in bunches of hair on my head as I am amped to that the and now before I say bye


TD she reminds me of Jessica Tocci I remember saying to her and Carina I never dated her

But oh I would love to tell Justine about the mental hospitals a horrible experience
but it was HEAVEN WITH JESSICA AND CARINA and privacy best-seller are you
feeling this ??? Do you understand how little I weigh compared to 230 in 2013 and
205 months ago ripped and large but relax Child of God on my wrists what but a  
LIVESTRONG counterfeit from a sketchy store near me near where there was that
video-tape store on route twenty near me that my Mom got cellphones buzzing in
my Traumatic-Injured BRAIN but getting away from that I stand up tall when I
stand at a store or restaurant like oh no what the fuck there’s no good place to sit
I was with my highschool English teacher who gave me a drug in December or January 2002
!!!!!!! =D ✞ ☺ √ 
Thank you so much Melanie Claire Carina Eliot T.S. five feet over everyone’s gonna be fine though, coming from Taylor Swift live on satellites

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