cumme® it’s summer

Someone installed AOL Desktop on my Mac and they’re doing shit to me right now all the time it’s like whenever I want to type on my new $3000 MacBook Pro some fuck screws with it

FUCK THE PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING THIS SHIT TO ME LIKE PRINCESS IN ENGLAND rest-in-peace I hate my Mom’s side of the family and I hope they do shit to themselves that’s all I’m gonna say and WHAT HAPPENED TO ALLYSON ???

Apparently she never loved me if she wouldn’t give me a oral-sex or a hand job ever not even once, and never once did she yeah- she didn’t love me, but she had a baby with my sperm in 2006 or 7 to get revenge on me for wait Of What ??? every little thing you are doing to me I HATE , everything you think about to think about me suffering in my crash and hopefully never again and Jim Chase is the reason I am alive =D

I saw a lot of bright red when I closed my eyes and my head was bleeding

With my hip paralyzing me and paralyzing my brain that my-enemies damaged

All of these assholes were thinking I’d get into a police chase

I listen to Jim Chase my Minister I eat lunch with *‿*

I was like oh wow the Minister came to save me

He knew people wanted me pulled over and that I was drunk


The whole left side of my body doesn’t function as well as my right side except for my right eyeball connected to the suddenly fucked-up brain kicked my eyeball to not go down (on me)

All of my right side is damaged too as both lobes of my brain were bashed and it’s not my fault

I want to be with Jessica Tocci and Carina Ricciardi all be in love again together our stylish trio for three weeks of love and happiness between us

We were all so intimate it was something they tried on me but I didn’t want to be there

My parents and my doctor’s were responsible for it but it was my-enemies who fucking caused my Near-Death Experience with a bonked ol’ noggin in my skull that resulted from my-enemies fucking with me

I wrote about my stay in my 18 page essay about the trio in the mental hospital

That expanded to sets of 10’s its pages that my enemies deleted and they made me very-sad hoping they’d die like ASAP

I spent so many hours writing that 100+ page essay about my stay with Jessica T. and Carina R. In 8 East

In a big font and

I want as many cannabinoids as I can have

I want to keep my dose

I remember Miss Lyons in Charlton in school

She was class of 2000 like me


How can I make everything better ???

Ask Jessica Deborah Metcalf

She’s in on this secret shit I’ve seen

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