I want to Float Free IN-SPACE IN OUR UNIVERSE and God was happy I lived

With Justine who showed me the edge of the universe seeing God’s face that was usually happy but I just got a negative feeling from the Man upstairs and he is mad that there were no FATALITIES in my car accident my WRX crash and now for something completely different ((( and gay people are REALLY DIFFERENT ))) I have come full


Jimmy Cassidy is in Heaven ((( I was his SJ buddy and NEU roommate… ))) maybe even with Colonel B. being his classmates and they were my ears perk up and I’m going to deliver you a fucking flamboyant fascade of pink pussywhillows willowing the whispers in your ear as I’ve grown TaLLer with bigger arms thanks to GHRP-6 that is sold online

I tested it on my mice after using and they grew in SIZE with Kate Upton doing the Dougie


Colonel B. was one of very few black students and he really did show talent at SJ . . . =D





Switching switches and buying Apple software for my new MacBook Pro

Embers peak atop a caveman’s campfire

NOTE: as I smile in this infatuation I have with Justine Aragona who has shown me the ultimate pleasure for ME with a beautiful girl who loves me a lot I mean: a Lot ,

I don’t know why my Mom picked up Haloperidol at the pharmacy ”’ I don’t forget ”’ through me making an entrance like en-TRANCE putting my readers ON THEIR BEDS

I said BEDS king size beds that have a luxurious svelte velvet material with this new posh hot-spot disco Lounge


I haven’t had a sip in 8 months now
Saint John’s .‿. x_x .‿.

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