Justine Aragona =*




My girlfriend of 2.5 years named: Justine A.  listened to Miley Cyrus’ album ”’Bangerz”’ with me, before going to eat at Uno’s with Steve, who had a nice beard being our usual waiter, and later going back to my house where we’d chat about pleasantries with my parents, maybe eating a little dessert, or, Justine liked corn on the cob but she’d say it like ”’kahn”’ and we’d go up to my cool bedroom and we would make love and she swallowed and I was thankful for it . . .

I want Loving and remaining Time here perhaps unlimited to be in the universe… LIVE COMIN’ATCHA’ FROM THE UNIVERSE HI I’M JEFFREY AND I’M ”’SAFE AND SOUND”’ all I FeeL . . . wastin’ Time, takin’ Time, Talkin’ Real events like Derek getting cancer, with a steady release of HGH with my use of CJC-1295 . . . I grew TaLLer like Brian at the end there of Geneva St. after my bones grew  . . .

”’How did you get as TaLL as me ??? ”’


Derek should go on HGH and Testosterone, going to Boost Fitness . . .

I never thought Derek would get cancer . . .



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