Jeffrey Marquis

I mingle to and fro like a cantankerous solution to the ‘’’age-old’’’ prophecy that The Son Of God would return to Earth with an Awakening after a Traumatic Brain Injury that had him on a stomach tube defribulator cataclysmic disaster that I remember so well in the ICU, now twelve years later, and I think I do Spectacular. . . 

((( but awakening a ‘ ‘ ‘ Special ‘ ‘ ‘ way of conducting a symphony orchestra with Selena Gomez singing the high notes . . .  She’s moving her little body to the beat and we have a meet ‘n’ greet in the street. . . and with her Alto Mezzo-soprano hallway like voice echoing notes that are to the tune of her tongue. . .

Like that WRX-Crash that had me recovering in the ICU just like a broken record never letting up. . .

Oh I get sick of this Mix ~ Let’s play The Lord’s Prayer on repeat, repeating repetitions repetitions repetitions repo-TIT-shuns of a beautiful bosom like my own Mother who breast-fed me so I would get all the nutritious and essential vitamins+antibodies+protein that are only found in Natural breast-milk . . . but I will listen to it in my ears of repeating repetitions I’M PRAYING THAT HEAVEN WILL COME TRUE FOR ME !!!!

Justine Aragona has nice breasts I would suck on every time we were alone together, so come along and repeatedly repeat things that make you wonder about me, sometimes. . .


and we will ‘’’ Write beautiful poetry together ‘’’ with a back-and-forth motion. . .

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