Human Growth Hormone 2

GROWTH ??? “GROWTH” human GROWTH hormone 2 that I have discovered and IT’S GONNA MAKE ME GREATER THAN ALL COULD IMAGINE !!!!!!!
I have seen ALL OF THE *BENEFITS* Of Human Growth Hormone. . . and I cannot wait until more of these ”’oral”’ HGH ”’secretagogues”’ that will  change the world and our whole ”’Genome”’ becoming more ”’in-shape”’ and TALLER + MUSCULAR + THINNER !!!!!!!
I don’t drink any alcohol bcoz that would make this crazy new chemical useless, a waste of money. . . Hmmm ”’a waste of”’ COLD HARD CASH $$$ BENJAMINS FLOWING LIKE ”’Cish-Cash”’ check it out


So I don’t drink AT ALL now where I’m trying to get in good shape and GROW Healthier and Happier with *BETTER*-MENTAL-FUNCTION, That’s helping me, Tremendously. . .

Do you want to ***GET HIGH*** From Human Growth Hormone ???????

I have all of these great body-chemicals rushing through me ~ not like Andro ~ I don’t take any “andro” but I did when my body was overflowin’ with hormones like Testosterone ~ I wouldn’t ever take like until I’m about 40-50 years OLd. . .

What is Love ???????? =D


Check my other Blog if you want to see photos of her

Growth Hormone 2 costs $5 a day, when, real ”’cycles”’ of Human Growth Hormone cost $50 a week WITH NEEDLES !!!!!!!

GH2 ~ you’ll be hearing about this soon, big in Hollywood, all of the stars will use it, like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, all of these successful people will stand out in society with perfect skin and bodies ~ GH2 ~ it has its own ”’scientific”’ entry on there

. . .but now getting back to Big SCARY NEEDLES, I would never, nor have I ever injected anywhere ”’private”’ on my body in an area where females care about

. . .and it makes my big manly ROD bigger and fuller, that’s what matters the most BCOZ I NEED A LOVER, LIKE, DANITA ROTELLA !!!!!!! =D

I am happy with what I’m doing. . . and hopefully soon I will have some great friends and a girlfriend. . .

Like *Niko* my local friend !!!!!!! =D

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