”’Revolutions Per Minute”’

Let’s stab the pedal and let the Turbocharger do its work so that we take those golden RPM’s to the REDLINE. . . Like to 8,500 where the fuel cuts off. . . It’s all fun and games until the motor has reached its peak and the motor can’t make the car go any faster. . . That’s what I miss about my Mom’s old 1991 Toyota Corolla Wagon without a Tachometer so I never really, really knew how many Revolutions were taking place. . . I remember my high-school friend Timmy Hays he thought my ”’Stink-arolla”’ was a funny car. . . Oh, how I miss the days when I drove it with its blue paint-job, and I partied at Tim’s house ~ with his parents gone ~ To the Cape House ~ and there would be alcohol flowing with all of the 18-19 year old’s drinking it. . . Including me, mind you, so don’t think that we didn’t all use good moderation and CONTROL. . . I am the Sole Controller, here, and I want everything to be THE-BEST-FOR-ME !!!!!!! =D

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