When I subscribed to Road&Track and Car&Driver they always had ads for WeatherTech, a company offering MATS like a Matte Painting I created. . .of an ear, and Lend an Ear to H EAR what I have to say bcoz I want the best for myself, and maybe you too, depending who you are but the Average-Man and the Average-Woman WILL SURELY GO TO HEAVEN !!!!!!!

WeatherTech For your car, I have floorliners for you and your car of Model/Make that you 0wn, with your line of hair-products for your beauty and that booty that I just want to Tap. . . Like the twist-of-my-wrist to unlock a Lady’s ”’keyhole”’ we will allude to with too much Flava, but I want to assure you that ALL IS WELL WITH ME and I’m not worried a bout you. . . I remain resolute and steadfast that I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG and I will ALWAYS *LOVE* LIFE LIKE LOVEU LOVEU LOVEU can I have a little more ??????? =D

But I want some schweety-schweet LOVIN’ LOVE LOVE LOVE, Mannie is on my screen AS WE SPEAK and I want to make-Love to her and her older sister, Danita, who I sent A LOT OF MESSAGES To. . .

I did a martial-arts class after my injury To Help my sense-of-balance, Like my Bank of America balance that is staying afloat as I Try to work at Olympia, the shoe store. . . where I always buy my 0wn. . . You know what I mean ???


I know I did and I only have GREAT-THINGS To say after my NDE (near-death experience. . .) ~ For I experienced Heaven and I know I am going to Love-Heaven ~ Praise the Lord and I must always be HAPPY !!!!!!! =D


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