<3 Manny & Danita <3

“Rotella” !!!!!!! =D

Dear WSU ,  Thank You for accepting me into your esteemed school, Worcester State University, where I got a B+ in Creative Writing and an *A-* in Poetry II with Dr. Gibbs…

…and a *A+” in Spanish I. . . read on. . .

My Creative-Writing teacher died, though, shortly after our class ended… Bob Walker… RIP

He commented that he liked it when I said “Savor the Flavor” with me on my website, or, then, my old website I had for a full year before my WRX car-accident… So I have recollections of what it was like BEFORE my WRX DEAL !!!!!!! and I thank all of the nice-people who I share memories of PARTIES at my house with my parents gone on vacation or “out for the night,” then, when I had Allyson Drucker my ex-lover of a full year and she was great ~ sorry I let you down babe and thanks a bunch for going down on me ~  MISTA, MISTA ~ SISTA SISTA ~ MANNY AND DANITA “ROTELLA” MAKING AN ENTRANCE ~ I would love to be with both of you in the afterlife, two sisters, SISTA SISTA, Manny, or “Mannie Baby” on Twitter, both in bed with me like… Danita would be my Queen and SamanTha Tha Princess but we would never ALL sleep together, fucking our brains out, taking turns with Manny and Danita switching back-and-forth, with both of them screaming and tearing off my gold-necklaces, breaking the chain of metal but not hurting my neck;  making Manny and Danita the most desire-able sisters EVER !!!!!!!

I have this great memory of Manny on Facebook and I fell in love with her after meeting her IN SPANISH I but now let me make mention of my upcoming buying a house near my “health proxy” Mom and Dad, so anyways at WSU I FUCKING *ACED* I GOT AN *A* IN PSYCHOLOGY I AT WOO STATE !!!!!!!

I would make love to Danita each night, who I would sleep with, but not Manny bcoz she would have her own luxurious room, and, with Danita would be my side-by-side “spooning,” and her younger sister sista-sista would romance me and be my afternoon ~ busy during the day ~ SECRETARY to take care of my business-dealings and making me food I would do this  whole “low-carb” thing to get in the best shape, staying thin, lifting the heavy weights at the gym with the mirror…

and fuck me

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