I have a 3rd dot-com with a lot of content and my latest writing, but it’s being controlled by Nate Stebbins “Awake58hrs” who my Dad was his boss for many years and I have many enemies who they’re in Hell and I don’t care about them, and I didn’t care when Allah blew up the Sun, I was outta there, beyond it, on my bed with Justine Aragona my most-recent lover from 2010 to 2013 and she’s been my greatest lover ever!  But anyways I own a dot-com that’s being hacked and it’s because my enemies are evil they caused my many injuries A BRAIN INJURY that I spent 1 month in the I.C.U. at UMASS and 2.5 months in a Rehab hospital, that I lived a normal life working at my Dad’s ECM Plastics, Inc. in Worcester, MA which he owned a 1/4 of President of his company for many years when it sold for $36.5 million!

I’ve been stuck at a hospital/apartment of my own to live in ever since 2018 or so and I’m being hacked by these jerks who caused my many bad injuries you can read about on my, so they’re at fault and to blame these jerks who almost killed me: Andy Gleick, Allyson (Drucker) Hodgkins, Alex Kozlov, Sue Rezuke, Dan Besse, Mark Yetter, Derek Langlois, and Chris McPartland…

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