Sorry Dad, you and Aunt Donna Donohue and Justine get all of my love and liking you a real, real lot I LOVE YOU DAD!

I just vaccuumed my apartment, and I’m chewing nicorette gum, that don’t forget I saw a police car out front of Market Basket and I made movements to get the cashier’s attention and made sure she was looking, when I put a pack of Juicy Fruit — I grabbed a random small item and I don’t like bananas at all — so I got the girls attention and put it in my pocket plain as day she saw and she got the Manager when I was at the Market Basket in Oxford, MA — me appreciating all of the money you spend feeding me — and the Manager came over, and he said, “What’s in your pocket?” when I said “GET THE COP!” and he looked at me bewildered and knowing me because you gave out my photos to all of the businesses and he said, “No I’m not getting the cop!” and I put the gum on the register slide and paid for it, that I don’t even like Juicy Fruit!

I don’t know a single police officer in town, although why do I want to talk to cops? OF COURSE TO INCRIMINATE THE JERKS WHO CAUSED MY INTENDED SUICIDE IN 2004 that injured me so badly, I hold you at fault for (!!!) BECAUSE YOU WOULDN’T PAY A TINY BIT OF A SHARD OF YOUR PROBABLY ABOUT $50,000,000 that’s 50 million dollars you have in the bank for you and Mom and Aunt Donna Donohue and my brother Justin Marquis, WHO HE, MY OWN BROTHER, HE HAS A PICTURE OF SATAN AND A LINK TO “SATANISM” ON HIS TUMBLR that I don’t want to be set-up and if Justin doesn’t do anything even a little bad to me, I will always hate him but only if he is a part of…

YOUR EVIL PLAN TO DO BAD THINGS TO ME (!!!) so I know I’m being set-up and I hate it here because I want to live in an Apartment Condo in the same building as Aunt Donna Donohue! I LOVE AUNT DONNA MORE THAN ALMOST ANYONE, except you IF you CALL OFF THE PLAN TO FUCK ME OVER because I’m on great terms with Aunt Donna Donohue — remember, you have my Tesla, Amazon, Berkshire-Hathaway, Facebook, etc. etc. Stocks I invested in in 2013 or  2014 that I like Cousin Dan a lot, but I hate most negroes, except Claudel here who I apologized to him profusely — I think trans-sexuals are the Anti-Christ because it’s widely written about with a whole lot of religious material, and the PERRON’S ARE FUCKED WITH A DEAD SON AND A LESBIAN DAUGHTER — I TRIED TO SAVE THEM WITH MY OWN MONEY, that Dan said Dave wasn’t suicidal, and thank God I called the cops because these fucking jerks you-know-who I’m talking about they do a lot of bullshit to me that will have them banned to Hell, but Dad I swear, I want you to go to Heaven, which I don’t believe there’s anyone who goes to only Heaven as I fully believe in “heaven/hell” because I’m working on reading The Qur’an that I’ve decided to proceed with reading THE QUR’AN THE BEST BOOK EVER, worlds more important than the crappy Bible, of JUNK, I don’t follow Jesus Christ who is nothing but a simple “virgin birth” put to death I think that was wrong and I know Rev. Jim Chase is in Europe HIM ALIVE with living with his daughter Val until I’m excused from this shitty “Plan” like there’s already been “Their Plan” when I almost died and I hate the fucks who caused my crash, maybe just maybe… except you that you tried to save me but Mom’s bald shitty I hope dead brother of evil hacking on my many devices, I want him to be tortured always by God with him that scumbag dirtball, burning in Hell for all eternity — DAD YOU’RE GOING TO HEAVEN AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER, but Mom is going to be either in “heaven/hell” or always so sad, so sad about “Their Plan” but Dad I hate the fact you wouldn’t get me any help with a “Detox” for a bit of your 30+ MILLION DOLLARS YOU HAVE OR WAY MORE (!!!) that I’m rich now, too, with my Investing millions of dollars in 2013 or 2014 with Merrill and Pacilio Wealth Management, but maybe I’ll take it to “heaven/hell” and hopefully donating it all to God to let me stay with Allah = ALLAH IS THE GREATEST = “SUPREME VELOCITY” I learned with Justine who didn’t get a virus, disease or illness from me in 2009-2013 and although they put warts on my legs when they snuck in that I remember Mary-Anne and a nurse who I forget her name they snuck in my apartment touched my inner leg = I have photos of the red warts I removed with Dr. Scholls they bought me and it took a couple boxes of the wart-freezer I don’t ever want to have a virus — I emailed China to have it 18+ and they decided on “19” with my emails to laboratories and the Chinese government after I found an article in the newspaper in 2005 (!!!) I brought it to Rev. Jim Chase and I’ve found a great Minister I’ve known since 2005 with SO MANY HOURS ON THE PHONE, hopefully meeting her in the future, found of my listening to “Aerosmith – Angel” and searching “Angel” people on Facebook when I found Angel McAulriff and I didn’t think she was attractive with bad teeth, her in Niagara Falls near Rev. Anne Skinner of “HANNAH HOUSE” I sent her money after leaving a message on her answering machine and telling her I wanted to go to Heaven, this when I was a Christian, that I now say “FUCK CHRISTIANITY!” Jesus was a simple “Parthenogenesis” virgin birth nothing special about that now known to scientists who have women fertilize their own ovaries, that is done sometimes naturally, completely naturally, with their becoming pregnant without a single sperm cell, and I told my “Cuz” Daniel Michael Besse of CT to sell my many thousands of Bitcoins at $69,000 they reached 44 dollars beyond that! GENIUS OF ME! I’m a prodigy having adopted Allah and God in 2013 shortly before Investing with my once owning ADVANCEDchillen.com I want my www.wrxtbi.com back that had this on it:


I may see wrong, I miss Iran, and Saint John’s… my Class of 2000!

Dreamy drowsing and “Urban Environments” but known as Projecting the Protected with a milli “The Projects” where to inspect the brat-brat-brat the sound of shot glasses in the tilted drinking nothing, me now, Non-drinker and staying away from cigarettes and THC, that when I remember, the days of old, me then but younger with the thirst of a Red Bull being quenched with also being bereft of beer—I still stay totally clear and clean and most importantly, able to steer the wheel in my 4 rubber laden right rigs the wheels being Alloy and lightweight, to the rim of the Rig of a Mackenzie straddled get-at-her dialing digits interest with the push of a pen the keystrokes, forget the unlocking the phone PIN to straddle a wrestler, “Judo Chop” to the teeth with plenty to eat of ALL THE FIXINS!  to edit my patient material, crafting words nonstop, to the top of the Wall Street Journal and a couple other newspapers I signed up for in 2005/2006 that I never, ever read anything past the Front Page of these USA Today, Telegram&Gazette that I wasn’t allowed a refund to only recieve the Sunday issues, paper, this paper, with a pen on a tissue cloth of toiled paper to toss in the Ferns among the country-side with long, long and lengthy “Strides” like that fun gum in minted CoinDesk.com I rely on in this website to see my Bitcoins that may have already been sold at their HIGHEST VALUE I used “Nintendo 64” and “Nintendo64” in my Bitchain, with fingerprints and bodily secretions, its samples to be kept safe, and I’ve never had a “Date” here aside from my favorite Step-Mom videos: mommyblowsbest OH JOY I PLAY WITH MY P-DUE “TOY” like most boys, and without paying a price for girls on-screen, to be seen, that I digress from anything sexual and “BI” no bi-sexuals and speaking of “BI” I have to end this right here because I need to inspect my Google results, that remember, “Google: JMRQ Heavy Industries” right here in Vermont where I have sought to aught to donate to the ASPCA for a number of months and care for doggies, kitties, Mall Rats, and most importantly, I want my parents to give Carissa some money for her the NEWLYWED Carissa who won’t return my emails, but not Snail Mail as Dis Shit is E LECTRON IC along the widespread grid of marriages being executed in Churches with Ministers and the corrupt codes of Christianity, like them saying you can’t have sexual intercourse unless you’re married to your partner, me unsure of what to do, without my sweetie, sweaty “Boo” of 2009-2013 I don’t drink anymore and I was never in a car accident or speeding ticket reception, that A.A. provided a self-taught “Intervention” me once having been stuffed with “Intra-venous” medical preparations as I’ve always paid taxes and donated to charities like the ASPCA and receiving a t-shirt that was lame, but I want to tame… a kitty-cat here at “Averte” where I stay, sitting in my Apartment on my laptop that’s my life and my eagerness to pop the 2 or 3 medical non-Mexican PRESCRIPTION TO ANTI-SEIZURE MEDICINES! I have a “moderate/severe TBI” from 2004 when I know that some JERK he or she or them, a Klan of MY ENEMIES, they Voted in using my own name and identity when they placed my vote in 2004, on the day of “THE SET-UP” I was so injured brain cells swished and squished and I WISH SOMEONE THREW ME A “DRINKING INTERVENTION!” in 2003 or 2004!!!!! https://jeffreymarquis.com/2019/10/15/1517/

I have an “Addicted To FACEBOOK” t-shirt I bought in 2005!

I was friends with one of the first employees to start Facebook in a house in California and I said, “Is there a bed there?” which was not because I wanted to sleep there (…like I asked Bruce Fenton who ran for Senator of NH if I could sleep on his couch on vacation for me…) Anyways I was curious if there was a bed in the California house with Facebook in 2005/2006 and I talked to a higher-up in 2005/2006, buying $10 x FB “gifts” 3 times, $30 spent on Facebook, but since then in 2013 or 2014 when I sent the Winklevoss twins a wink, with Facebook on the phone and Google, at Dan’s house while his wife was away for a couple days, that Dan and Jessica make a great married couple now that he is married in CT

Hahaha my Dad said, “No way there would be anyone at Facebook (Invested in) who’s sleeping on a couch!

I bought them things for their offices, like I ordered flowers for the receptionist and told her to give them to the Bosses but she either gave them to her friends or took them home, and later I was on the phone with the Bosses at Google, years later, a decade later at Dan’s house in CT

Dancing in Space with Allah =)


One as in two and three, those three, those dreams, yeah- them dreams of mine, of mine my own and not yours truly, but rekindled like a rolling saucer, a caucer and a camera with the photoshoot subject of a class college course of course all the light ‘em up and alive along, at Time two-thirty, in a doctor’s office bearing milky Breasteses but cancer-ridden, cancer riding on a windy winning of course, while wearing a Hoodie (I have never worn a hoodie…) with a kitty-cat pet at home to feed them “Friskies” with my French ancestry—why I kept Euro’s in France in 2013 or 2014—Dad spoke with a translator to remove me but I’m still with enough money—or not no enough money with a John Deere (I invested in, predicting the 2021 high point ) which I thought 2021 would be great for Stocks and common anomalies with my Marquis Family, they’re supporting me, from to and fro but smiling while not frowning, and although I chose to sell my Bitcoin at $64k, each, or $69,044, I’m not sure if I still have them until earlier tonight my Aunt Donna Donohue told me I have money and my Stocks (Tesla, Amazon, John Deere, Berkshire-Hathaway, Apple, Microsoft, etc. etc.)

And so I write with my fingertips who I am the one who licks his lips and with a shattered hip http://www.wrxtbi.com that I haven’t driven for years, mainly because that my dose of Haloperidol a shot of Haloperidol in my alternating glutes, or hip, I seek the wisdom of Ph. D.’s for “REHABILITATION XTC” my ANTI-SEIZURE MEDICINES keeping the tremors away from me and no longer given Estrogen that made me fatter in previous years, all because of a “revenge of my enemies who caused my awful injuries in 2004, so I don’t deal with them, this when I’ve ordered a $315 Mont Blanc pen—they won’t let me have!—I had my BoA reset to $0.01 recently and I need to get my Stocks and Bitcoins and Etherium, Cardano—I predicted the high worth of to 10-cents—I told Dan to sell it at his area-code and that’s what it was or he’s HODLing—Bitcoin Cash—I predicted, too, the high worth of $597 because my phone number is (596) and I’ve talked to so many people on Bitcoin Conferences since 2005

To widow a crypto-currencies trader, I leave no wife, no wife yet, me, bereft, of pain and pleasure-chemicals in my Traumatic Brain Injury, that’s me with a stubbed sunny SNOW here soon, the mama loon, and to pick up the spoon and ladel. Type a candel on a Camry LE. Or “LX” to lucksure-ious fit to, pumping sky-high gasoline prices—and me without a car, me without a care, breathing in the Polo Blue in the air, an Off-Lilter weight Lifter feeling the crux of the pump on a sea-side Carnival with a Fitness Bar of smoothies and shakes when shaking hands and saying, “Dad my dearest, next to Mum who needs some genuine “Care” from me- when you all see what the who done what around my Apartment here at “Averte” they give my pills quite being frankly, an obvious attempt to have me “sketcher/painter” on a stretcher that the 5 times I’ve been to mental-hospitals, I’ve jotted notes about my stay (38.4MB .doc) of once getting in word to Microsoft—while investing many thousands into it and Apple—I’ve had the higher-up’s at Microsoft twice, commanding programmers what to do, paid to, command my commands and comments to the tapping of key-pecks and “bereft” means “lacking, or without”

Colleges calling, while I’m whale-tailing it but tan and tained with Our Nation to tease of one, of thee, of yours truly, baby sweet-a-doo all sweating summer days of staying up late and eating a whole planted planet plane plate of what it ain’t—white rice—bitch you don’t even know what’s in the nicey-nice plans of my place where I stay albeit here, 3.5 hours away from my car and my Marquis Family, so very valuable to me—and Aunt Donna Donohue, you are by all means, “my sweetie boo” — sweaty from Curves… do you still go there and drink protein shakes with what but strawberries and a cheery smiley on top of the Mick’s?

I read “Advanced Cryptography” and it was such difficult math, I knew it was fully secure, and this was a few years with my taking a SJ Economics class, that I was in an Honors class the first 100 pages…

of Economics a Saint John’s book that I knew perfectly how the Stock market and Wall Street work, but I don’t know much about world-trade financially that I’m on a budget now of $500 each month from the Government because I’m “Disabled” and “Handicapped” meals served here and pills given TBI no pain meds, no MMJ, I haven’t drank any alcohol for a long time of about 3 years!

A dizzy day of minimal deletes of Tweets, Twitter and Google did that for me!

I’ve donated enough money for over a long time, to the ASPCA and I got an “Animal Champion” t-shirt and because things are looking to improve my life here, where I’ll be until I buy an awesome house near my Mom and Dad!

And so the To and the Fro

I be trusty with mah Afro

mixed Messenger’ing convo

And something tasty to eat

all crum-bubulous tinkered

so turn on your right bllnker

Thicket aroused by the sound

trickster tantalized mysterious

albeit so, I know, realizing this

I’ve been toe-tied to the Court

So here’s where we are Sport!

2122 Lower Plain at “Averte” where they treat me and good!

Up-shift the gear’s shifter paddle to get at the wondrous fable of the table and my http://www.wrxtbL.com of years ago, some of you know, it’s all for show and it’s all for used, me to peruse- the angled albatross of a Doctor of long ago, but you don’t know the knowing me showered and showing my best side, and faced forward- to never be in a mental-hospital locked up and angry, oh gee, elsewhere I wanted to be, me… and driving my car so far 40 minutes away toeing the pedals in wonderful celebration, to The Sole http://www.thesole.com with my friends, sitting with Peter to no end but me moving far away from my parents, so dear to them, and in 2013 or 2014, having me and deeply invested in John Deere, my dear, so near on the phone, but so far so good, what’s up with the chocolate Hood milk, I would rather drink instead of eating a banana—that’s never—when off to the game I feel an itty bitty bit of care for the people here, the staff, with them so aft to after 7:30pm they give me the Medz, feeling better in my “TBI” head, of wallops of scallops and shallots with what finest secretion the direction- feel no mention, to be butter-cuffed in the slinky dinky small car, on the street- the engine’s oil in the heat, of fitting fine in with a feline full-size older cat, and that Ember is sweet—I’m glad I met her and she gives me a wide myriad amount of TBI pills at low doses, instead of the most-ed and dusted furniture needs a fix-in to the Sole of my showed off shoes, fitting fine and without any wine on a windy day- when I say, “HEY! So what’s the fuss?” Albeit to sit at the back of the bus, on metro-transit, waiving “hello” to the albatross and intelligent, so SUPERINTELLIGENT!

Lover Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona in a green shirt <3

SoCal to the physical strength utmost perplexed a purple shirt and a short mink mini-skirt to resort upon a Plantation of the US nation on which the most highly-evolved (HI) higher heights of just what may be, maybe the bees knees of an incoming atrocity—keeping hush huggably about Iran’s dealing my shrunken arms and legs to the laden seasoning of the old, cold winter to whine about remaining resolution on a graphic piece of art, my paintings arranged, and withered away winter weather, that, whether it be rain or Jacko Frost,ed, Flakes of snow when I know, the tangible circumstance of wearing days-long weathered and lonely Spanish I at WSU the “pantalones” learned in 7th grade with Latin laticious language to have been taught at Shepherd Hill—of Dudley Delinquents in the Boys Room, unkemptly un-groomed and skipping class, the Dudley boys of Y2K graduation, maybe, there they were without a proclamation—getting baked buns at Clam Bakes and eating the having-had $CAKE when I haven’t raked in cash just yet—unless my many thousands of Bitcoins have sold at $69,044 a piece, $$,$$$,$$$ dot oh oh I think I smell a winner—my mistake to think BitTorrent renamed to “BitCoin” that’s my act of Facebook conferences and getting to know Bruce Fenton, who, he ran for Senator of New Hampshire but lost—oh shit, this Bitcoin I saw in his office on a conference video-chat, he had it at that and I stayed on the phone for an hour or more—him fallen asleep, I could hear him snore, then yelling into the whodunnit phone—of French River COMMUNICATIONS—my Mom’s friend at AT&T brings intimidation as I’m being severely hacked by my enemies, I tried to give them pleasantries, when confined to a hospital bed in 2004 www.wrxtbi.com and https://alwayschillen.blogspot.com/2019/08/a-group-of-people-including-my-parents.html

I think, I blink, and what’s up with Walter—halted—living in China or some place else, I remember Bruce Fenton’s shelves, and seen a dollar sign Bitcoin sculpture, I have redeemed myself with American “cultures” of stem-cells swimming and the surgeons singing a hum, signing me off on the x-ray of my shattered hip, me being and without a sip of the spilt milk going down the drain, when it needs no refrain, my Intensive Care Unit “severe” TBI and shattered left hip in 7 pieces, oh Lordy, my Jesus of the cross and a pen—when in 2013 or 2014 I invested millions into Bitcoin, Tesla, Amazon, and so many other fantasy Stocks—hard as nuts ’n’ bolts—that soda of yesteryear- do you remember Jolt? the soda when in SoCal I count my carbs and KISS108 for Mrs. Miha “Arbs” and shopping for sportcoats when Paul—the friendly employee here at “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont—he owns horses and the coding is just-enough remorseful of me being where I can laugh at the jerks who made me crash at 64 mph when I used “Nintendo 64” and “Nintendo64” in my Bitchain investing and wearing neck-ties to Saint John’s in my Class of 2000 — my favorite sportcoat was green, and here’s a favorite photo of Justine Aragona to be seen, her in a green shirt and thinner than she’d grown to be, years after taking this lovely photo of her, my Justine Aragona, her moaning seeking Sponge-Bob Square-Pants when foreigners eat bugs and ants, along with plants of parchment I ordered a $315 Mont Blanc pen online—and they won’t give it to me—but here’s Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona in green, and I love her so much:

Since 2016 when of MY overcoming the genetic alcoholism in my Mom, named Deborah Marquis, yeah her shitty family of drunks, a heroin addict who killed himself—after I tried to help him!—and his lesbian sister who her husband, he has breasts and a sex-change, wearing women’s makeup, etc. but I’m straight and I read one of Chuck Palahniuk’s favorite books

I love my Dad’s “Marquis”-side of the family!
Marquis French “Royalty”!

Care to Carry a Shop32 “Cart”-ridge in The Fridge

Come around to the sound of a PUSH -pop and take a flop when faced with not a push-up bra, you girls reading me, but to be taken down by the sound of a chirping crickety critter when the Ocean water is bitter, to a Betty and a Sally, with one cooking chocolate-chip ones, and Israel is this great nation’s buddy but when around to the sound of that crotchety old man, singing his notes to play a HARP with a pumped up heart circulating RBC’s and beat up Trousers to the rabble ramble of a stammering sung Damsel-  gyno the artist kissing the first fist of this “Damsel” Miss, to put one’s lips on the golden Ring but not touching the emerald gown-  yes, and with the Queenie ‘Crown’…

Me of French Royalty I am Jeffrey Marquis to say it sitting and loud and Crowned Royals of the Rotella’s so nice to me, treating my ought-ly anamorous as I should be Enamored with Bitcoin Cash in thee, the RED, so I dumped it instead, when to be “holding on” Nookie Rookie chessboard taken “Rook” to capture the tiny Pawn as the game goes on and unto the steam-laden (I signed up for the financial “Steam” check it out online), and me not drinking, at all, SOBER 2016 with NO WINE… every single time I see the wine list I go without, drinking whineing with TEETH WHITENING “Carbamide Peroxide 30%”

To be born and toot the horn of a lustful chalice-mate (or matey) with Liposuction and ending the convo when some pricks get on my nerves, with the Haloperidol injection I get every three weeks, my alternating hips to be corrected, and I won’t be dis-ur-spected with mumbo-jumbo “Jamal” the blacks are often very tall-  when compared to the white sand on a luxury beach because I won’t be “beseeched” with a leaky faucet tapping the monotonous drops, and give me 50/50 if you must, but I always demand the “51”-percent of tried ’n’ true ownership of heavy industries, that you should Google: MY “JMRQ HEAVY INDUSTRIES” address and phone number of none other than I when I feel fine, that, once again no wine, yeah no wine, all the time and not even on “special occasions” like the X-MAS “Time ‘o’ Year” when driving in sunken snow, you know, it’s not SAFE: (at home) 108959# in Charlton, MA where is my real “home” does lay and me here sometimes I feel dismay, post-April, a tape recorder, I think they record my actions on camera, came around, the sound of the vocal tenacity when one gets-in only AFTER  me, you see?

Come hung to the britches of Market Basket’s sold selling meaty Brisket of a Kit-Kat bar—I don’t go to bars at all for many years—and not shedding there in The Shed of helping Mom and Dad mow the lawn, the Summer dwindles on when the Fall Season hits, it’s October 29 today, so I say Hey Willy Wonka moved moving movie getting Chilly the warm Chili at that bar I would go to and they’d witness me stammer finding such insulted slumber—sleeping with my briefs on  occasionally not taking off my pants, Winny in the glutes, I say “Kaput” to the weight-lifters such, I would go to the gym very much, but that was the days of yore, 2006-2008 I swore I’d get in great shape, that I did, here’s my midsection- you have a LOOK to take, when I wouldn’t eat $CAKE: