I hope to soon own a used Geo Metro in good condition, with a mere 90 horsepower, but I might be too tempted to drink a beer and drive buzzed, so I don’t plan on having a car until I buy a house for Justine Aragona and I, in marriage, close to my parents in Charlton, MA!

Imperially impractical tangents of the Misses Dear, and her Gentle “Gent” up in the air, so who would care to caress a baby bear — a Cub — as in the Scouts catching, in streams, the Trouts the fishes with splashes in the ambient water, a little chilly, with none other than me being so dreamily Silly, giving you a “Wet Willy” upon the escalades of Mount Vesuvius and Cadillac — their “Escalade” rolling on rims with the passengers emulating Kim Kardashian, being so thin, it comes from the precious calcium within, for strong bones, unbreakable, the Navy Seal is “Make-Able” with remarks from Captain Kangaroo, after the ghost (of Grammy) says, “Boo!”

My Dad boo’s my choice to keep most of my profits offshore, and that I made him rewrite the contract between him and I, that I’m giving my Dad 49% of my Bitcoins but only when I choose to sell them, and my Dad is also very wealthy, so he’s leaving me some money when he passes on which is hopefully not soon, like I bought him a paperback off of Amazon entitled, “Eat To Live” about the benefits of vegetables and doesn’t recommend high protein diets!

This Catholic School teacher who raped my mouth, anus, dick, nipples, etc. with a hardcore drug just once was FIRED from Saint John’s and he now teaches at Saint Peter-Marian!

[ image gone ]

He’s wearing a pink shirt and he was into speed, he felt the need, to “Tweak” every day of the week!

I hated how everyone called me “FAGGOT! FAGGOT! FAGGOT!” and then screamed at me “KILL YOURSELF!” and “KILL YOURSELF IF YOU’RE INNOCENT!”

I can’t believe he still teaches, this evil sexual GAY deviant who raped me and a friend in 2001/2002!

I want to buy a 1967 Ferrari 250 GTO that one sold for about $37,000,000 or $38,000,000 at an auction, like I have Spider-Man #365 and Infinity Gauntlet #1,2,4 in great condition, but I haven’t sold them in an “online auction” I plan to sell them when my Mom will put them on eBay I don’t have any “piercings” or tattoos but Justine got a special piercing to remember me in my honor in an intimate place, I remember her telling me on the phone speaking quietly and calling me again a couple times until I said, “Justine you cheated on me and I have to quit drinking alcohol before we are together again, I want to marry you Justine Aragona” and me here now, I want to talk to my former Facebook friend: Elon Musk, my telephone friend, my “Best Friend” for a day in 2005, about how my Mom Deborah Marquis would occasionally use Musk perfume and my first bottle of cologne to wear spritzing it on before a Saint John’s DANCE class of 2000: Stetson cologne, I preferred Clinique “happy.” its citrus scent. I was happy to be with Joe Partlow when I lived at 288 Main St. in Oxford across the street from the bar Days End where I would walk to, and this is like what I was writing earlier talking about “Rev. Jim Chase” and I walking to Happy Garden I would drink at after work and then at the bar across the street that once my Dad sold his plastics company ECM Plastics, Inc. I still worked there doing Data-Entry so I type so fast and thank you for reading what I have to say on then I had started my www.alwayschillen.com and I registered www.jeffreymarquis.com after starting my www.wrxtbi.com after my TBI and car accident in 2004 after I voted for John Kerry in Leicester, MA and I was drunk when I voted and fell down in the mud in front of a police officer who let me drive away after a man helped me to my 2004 Subaru WRX you can see what happened on my www.wrxtbi.com, and I once owned www.wrxtbL.com because I don’t want to be “SET-UP” !!!

They just said “250” on Fox News and I emailed Daniel M. Besse with my money asking him if I have 250 Bitcoins! They just rose 1.11% like Shannon Nuttall was my friend oh here, on here, on Facebook I have a lot of my money in their company, like maybe Rev. Jim Chase thought I was offering too much when I told him I’d buy him a Tesla because he’s pro-life or at least, he was before he passed and I don’t think God is in Heaven- I think God is busy expanding His universe at the speed of light, and I don’t want Facebook to switch what I’m writing, like they changed what I wrote on Peter L Sargent’s profile about Moses- I have 2 Bibles in my apartment at “Averte” and a book I bought on Amazon entitled: “Poetry For Dummies” that I also had “The Psalms For Dummies” but I’m sure that God is “Illuminated” and glowing a bright hue of blue and white, with His white beard, old, not dying even when the stars run out of fuel, that I once lived in Charlton, MA near Kyle T. who would drink beer in his house I would sell Cub Scouts gifts but I didn’t knock on his door after once he didn’t answer his door that he wasn’t a friendly neighbor like J.W. is my previous neighbor who I would see in The Charlton Federated Church when I would go to Church believing in Jesus Christ with Rev. Jim Chase preaching, but he died recently of cancer and I’m sad that we won’t go out to lunch anymore in either Charlton or Oxford he picked me up at my real “Home” where my parents live and then in Oxford when we would go to a nearby restaurant he drove us down the street once that one other time we walked all the way down the street on a nice day in warm weather with food like Master Wok in the Auburn Mall where Justine my last girlfriend of 2010 to 2013 always liked the teriyaki from her favorite place to go: THE MALL!
I bought her so many Bubble Rings at Claire’s in the mall and she was so happy to eat Master Wok that I saw her get heavy on with a little plump-ness I told her Mom I didn’t like her with any extra weight and she started eating healthier with less “Master Wok” rice and meals, that always came with rice, and I once paid $20 for a plate full of just the teriyaki and they told Mall Security who rolled up on me with a Segway scooter and asked me who my parents were, so once they knew I had plenty of money in my Bank of America — a few years before I had a Bank in France, filled with “crypto-currencies” profits from when I used my wisdom after renting “Advanced Cryptography” from The Charlton Public Library in 2001/2002!

Dan Besse from CT graduate call me at your convenience and you have our whole Bitcoin, etc. market buying a new laptop that you keep in your home or bank, I want my trust fund again to use all of the back payments I haven’t used lately talk to my Dad! Call me if you want to know what stock I’ve already invested $80,000 that you added and the Stockmarket is up today, I invested in Tesla in 2013 or 2014 for what I think is $200 a share with the money of many powerful wealthy people got in on it, that originated with US the bass fishermen and Boy Scouts and SAINT JOHN’S HIGH SCHOOL

$8,000 to and I added $100 to to make it $88,100 or $108 or something millions when one of the specified things, I mean it Dan, we planned out our cutting caveats for this investment with all of my own money in my ATM at Bank of America, and if I’m doing anything wrong by writing as I don’t make threats https://alwayschillen.files.wordpress.com/2019/05/feed-me-your-jessica-and-carina-1.pdf

When I invested my money into Bitcoin, etc. in 2013 or 2014 I predicted the peak cost of Bitcoin Cash and Cardano that I told Dan was good and to use his judgment to sell them then or HODL that I had a painting/poster of HODL crypto-currencies I have a lot of cash in, that I told Dan to sell my Bitcoin Cash when it reached $596 like my cellphone and Cardano to sell at $2.03 like Dan’s CT area code, but I told him: If you think they’ll sell higher than those prices HODL! God Bless Dan M. Besse and Dan Pellegrini, both Dad’s that Dan saved the world when he had his kids after marrying Jessica- they both live in a house and drive nice cars with their offspring, and I’ve never used steroids, I just diet here and do decline sit-up’s on my decline bench but speaking of “bench” I put up 235 lbs. in 2005 at the WSU gym when I lived at a nice apartment and worked at my Dad’s company ECM Plastics, Inc. I did work on the website design and mixed sample bottles in the Color Lab before my TBI, that after I did mostly Data-Entry to improve my writing, that I typed so fast I became a great online author, using my prose and poetry MY WRITING to choose which “crypto-currencies” “Tokens” would be best to have invested in, like Stellar because in Dr. Brandi Scruggs, Ph.D. at WSU’s “Psychology I” she got me in on a phonecall on my phone with a PIN I had to enter to get into the chat and I talked for about an hour, sporadically, about my Traumatic Brain Injury, previous mushroom use, I mostly wanted to talk about my 1 LSD trip in 2003, never getting high on opiates or any explicit drugs, no steroids, but I used IGF-1 LR3 that causess hypertrophy and hyperplasia I RECOVERED BECAUSE IT CROSSES THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER IN 2005!

Did I buy Bitcoins when they were $18 each in 2013 or 2014 with Dan Besse my “Cuz” and I have a sealed box of Trojan MAGNUMS I haven’t had sex PornHub Swiss Navy lubricant

Come hither absolutely NOW, demands the County Monarch of Marquis March 20th in the days of old, crawling like a slither with all of the stitches in my left hip in the singing of my soul which is never sinning and instead always winning at this life “in a million ways” to make your eyes strain while straight with the Maker’s Mark whiskey at the white whip whipping off the cusp of freedom and redeemed cooky flavored water lemon and lime as I’m left with exactly $20 in my bank of ‘Merica with fitted merchandise coming straight at you and my boo with many boo-hoo’s coming from my Justine Aragona when her hip hurt her, because she couldn’t walk too far, couldn’t use the treadmill or elliptical, maybe slipping on the matte surface then taking a tumble, but her being a non-drinker hook like and sinker in the stinker with a slippery “bass fish” she called it, only because I told her to, the proud angler on Baker Pond at my home with Mom and Dad, never calling it quits with their tight-relationship of supreme Marriage in a Spencer, MA holy church,  for the fornication and immaculate creation of Brother Justin and I, my Justine Aragona grabbed his butt as I prodded her to, all proud, she shook his hand, wishing for a wonderful way of having us both in my bed, to take us higher with maybe DP deep penetration by us both, her butt, but with no segregation and maybe a suggestion: REUNITE ME WITH THE ROTELLA SISTERS! Known and loved by simply me the man at the keys, playing tunes to your eyesight while sitting ‘atta’ screen, thinking of ‘Allah” with gentle satisfaction of Tantric doings and loving every millisecond “million billion trillion” the time of the Bitcoin craze started pre-IPO for me, don’t you see ??? My love for my own writing and prose and poetry, along with my TBI, keep pegging at those keys-  causing me such a high with Christ the Almighty maybe needing “Abilify” that I don’t take and never needed but maybe a few times feeling such lows during the 5 times I’ve been enslaved without headphones and all alone, surrounded by the crazies, feeling buzzes from the too-many Medz prescribed by the Unsatisfactory Doctors, Sheldon you B-enjamin I told you many years ago about “Marching With Red-Bottoms On” that everyone hated how I called him on the phone, too, shortly before I was locked up with the Cooky “Cutters” leaving scars on their wrists, while I would make Fists, stay away from me, don’t look back, for you will SEE with both eyes wide open that I’m too good to go back to the backyard barbecue here at “Averte” when I didn’t attend the “Pool Party” today as I sleep in slender spending Slumber, slumming with crack-pipes like Peter here was a Coke Head and messed up to this very day the 23rd of September.

And don’t tempt my temper!

September 23rd calls for my Miley @

I predicted the peak cost of Bitcoin Cash and Cardano that I told Dan was good and to use his judgment to sell them then or HODL that I had a painting/poster of HODL crypto-currencies I have a lot of cash in, that I told Dan to sell my Bitcoin Cash when it reached $596 like my cellphone and Cardano to sell at $2.03 like Dan’s CT area code, but I told him: If you think they’ll sell higher than those prices HODL! God Bless Dan M. Besse and Dan Pellegrini, both Dad’s that Dan saved the world when he had his kids after marrying Jessica- they both live in a house and drive nice cars with their offspring, and I’ve never used steroids, I just diet here and do decline sit-up’s on my decline bench but speaking of “bench” I put up 235 lbs. in 2005 at the WSU gym when I lived at a nice apartment and worked at my Dad’s company ECM Plastics, Inc. I did work on the website design and mixed sample bottles in the Color Lab before my TBI, that after I did mostly Data-Entry to improve my writing, that I typed so fast I became a great online author, using my prose and poetry MY WRITING to choose which “crypto-currencies” “Tokens” would be best to have invested in, like Stellar because in Dr. Brandi Scruggs, Ph.D. at WSU’s “Psychology I” she got me in on a phonecall on my phone with a PIN I had to enter to get into the chat and I talked for about an hour, sporadically, about my Traumatic Brain Injury, previous mushroom use, I mostly wanted to talk about my 1 LSD trip in 2003, never getting high on opiates or any explicit drugs, no steroids, but I used IGF-1 LR3 that causess hypertrophy and hyperplasia I RECOVERED BECAUSE IT CROSSES THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER IN 2005!

Justine Aragona? I quit drinking in 2016 after we broke up in 2013, sorry and I really, really hope that you haven’t gained a lot of weight!


I predicted the peak cost of Bitcoin Cash and Cardano that I told Dan was good and to use his judgment to sell them then or HODL that I had a painting/poster of HODL crypto-currencies I have a lot of cash in, that I told Dan to sell my Bitcoin Cash when it reached $596 like my cellphone and Cardano to sell at $2.03 like Dan’s CT area code, but I told him: If you think they’ll sell higher than those prices HODL! God Bless Dan M. Besse and Dan Pellegrini, both Dad’s that Dan saved the world when he had his kids after marrying Jessica- they both live in a house and drive nice cars with their offspring, and I’ve never used steroids, I just diet here and do decline sit-up’s on my decline bench but speaking of “bench” I put up 235 lbs. in 2005 at the WSU gym when I lived at a nice apartment and worked at my Dad’s company ECM Plastics, Inc. I did work on the website design and mixed sample bottles in the Color Lab before my TBI, that after I did mostly Data-Entry to improve my writing, that I typed so fast I became a great online author, using my prose and poetry MY WRITING to choose which “crypto-currencies” “Tokens” would be best to have invested in, like Stellar because in Dr. Brandi Scruggs, Ph.D. at WSU’s “Psychology I” she got me in on a phonecall on my phone with a PIN I had to enter to get into the chat and I talked for about an hour, sporadically, about my Traumatic Brain Injury, previous mushroom use, I mostly wanted to talk about my 1 LSD trip in 2003, never getting high on opiates or any explicit drugs, no steroids, but I used IGF-1 LR3 that causess hypertrophy and hyperplasia I RECOVERED BECAUSE IT CROSSES THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER IN 2005!

Investing with my stockbroker Saint John’s grad one year up, hopefully making me money! Bitcoin reached $68,789.63 months ago money

Tongues swishing singing swooning with a sweetie poo pooh-bear and a trigger trying typing for a panic attack oh ackkk yuck-yick-yick and this is the female I am missing, pleading give me my “Justine” right now in coming days to come for her, for anyLonger-she is not a teen no more, when with her, I would score so valuably valiantly with the vim humming from her humming in my stroke them (S-crot them), while soaring free as a bird I wished for our love to be my words, my voice and the words cumming out of my mouth — ooh la la fancy pants minus the pants, and make that minus the underwaez tight up between the buns of the bum, hun… minus the men with POV (point of view) (prisoner of war) yeah “POV” video only showing one figure on the fine f-ing female on-screen to be seen without being mean WHEN I CALL FOR ANTI-VIRUS ANTI-VO ANTI-VIOLENCE ANTI-VIOLINS  to be played tennis balls bouncing, them balls straight-up bouncin’ like “Bro, let’s BOUNCE!”, to be played through the oral Autistic Full-Spectrum SERVE the ball but not in the tennis field of court with dreams of creating a baseball field to eat corn on the Cobb every night — duh — what do you think people who grow corn eat for dinner every night ??? WITH DELICATE DELICIATE DELICIOUS DINING WITH BUTTER AND BUTTS ***ahem***

It’s an awful shame that corn doesn’t digest all in our stomach and inter-testinals like other food!

Aww, Pooh Bare, that white hair around your rear is very unclean, have you seen ???

Po on Teletubbies has no orifices ((( aside from a mouth and eye-ball sockets,  I would not want to watch that on PornHub! )))

#2 pencil Pussy predict a pontificated King Pontius pointed like a ball-point pen as the pencil has been traded for ink, and hoo boy oh boy that has quite a stink — so I quit here to make it onto the next one, the next post and I will rest my typing on the type-board bulletin-board of my own at The Poetic Voice I spoke with my voice to Mrs. Vo with candles lit and our handles on the inter web I’m “alwayschillen” and I floss with much, brushing, onto my Flavor, where Modest Mouse sings, “Float On” that I pulled up on the net and next to a Geo Metro with racing stripes akin to a stringy-thing around the hips of the dippy-doo at the hoop with Kyrie Irving doing all the flirting with the tall thin cheerleaders kickin’ their footsies foo in the air for you!

I try to see a life on the, Ending With my Bit-Chain BitCoin(s), The Titanic dancing on the ballroom floors as the ship goes down, and I went down on some sweet girls, confined to a floor, I needed nothing more than THE BALLROOM DANCING in the empty cafeteria as we had no music playing, so the beautiful younger girls all sung songs while we danced, but what a shame we couldn’t listen to Rhianna or view her stupendous (stupid)  ((( stop drop and roll on E all nizzy lizzy )))

With Izzy

and a can of IZZE (Tiphdizzle) they have here, I’m so thankful ISIS IS GONE !!!

Read this wording for just a brief moment and think of the many foreign lives saved — what do we have in common ?????

WE’RE ALL HUMANS READING MY STUNNING SENTENCES being a #1 Stunner with Philip Stoddard my lawyer from my DUI verdict, when the Judge proved to me he has a big one, as I walked out the door sans driver’s-license for 1 year and a car was upon me parked on the paved city street outside my favorite restaurant I crafted a serious article about the willy-nilly “designer coffees” they served for a year or so, so while it was up I would order the delicious Coca Mocha that made it in print on my published article in The Student Voice at my University in Worcester where my Dad built a business that sold for over 30 million USD, don’t you see?

I was so lucky enough to have a job doing data-entry I enjoyed with my seat at my table in The Company “President’s” Office and attending the morning meeting with the owners and high-up co-workers in the heezy wheezy baby!  nom nom nom a DD-cupcake for the wife jumping out of a huge white cardboard cake with Art-Deco “decorations” all across our USA Nation!

Choppers U-Haul’ing coppers at the intersection all sexual holding a MAGNUM and I’m not talking about the sealed box of Trojan MAGNUMS taking a nap, atop my fridge, in my kitchen, like the spatulas spatting at the tarantulas — an Usambara Tarantula in my room at home whoa meny years ago to and fro and for me at Reptiles and Beyond near my home, I bought a vicious tarantula in the Bermuda Triangle with Katy Perry’s “Prism” disc that was a big hit I bought it for my Mom to listen to with thoughts of the sky above me with many clouds holding iced-water with lemons and limes not that SKYY vodka from so long ago, “AWW YEAH NIGGA THAT’S THE SH-BOOM’S CLUB I DRANK ONE GIN&TONIC THERE WHILE I STAIRED AT THE STAIRS LEADING TO THE ROOF, SO *RAISE IT* — raise da roof — woof woof Ripley my pet stoked- at stroking your thick-coat in a garden with a moat and a Goat, like my “Horny Goat Weed” in capsules and catapulting the nearest kitten-cats catatonic like the gin that I don’t have any gin since 2016, since helping amino-acids divest with Ginger from the store where I’ve asked them, “Buy me more ice cream galore because I love Ben&Jerry’s BJ flavor with “flava flav” doing a dance with a dingo, and the gin go-  straight down your gastric bypass tube sticking out of your gut, BUT I urge all of you to “THE MY MINIMALIST DIET” when I quested to eat only white rice, unflavored protein powder, unflavored and non-buttered corn kernels in the micro WAVE TO THE CAMERA! SURFING THE WAVES WITH WAYNE ON A SEE?DO?

And with “The My Minimalist Diet” the only liquid you can drink is water (in bottles or from the tap-water ) or lemon / lime water at a restaurant, where you could also order a healthy salad with predominantly-inherently instantly interesting things that zing! and with only lettuce and the only salad dressing would be EVOO = lettuce and olive oil, hmm what else?  Well mostly you’d drink water, eat white rice, have plain unflavored protein-powder, eat cooked hamburger alone, unflavored, take a multivitamin and caffeine pills to give our bodies energy, and calcium pills for healthy bones, no apples, no bananas, no berries, but plenty of nuts I have my nuts stored, from a store Hannafords that sells groceries: bread cheese olive-oil, “Why I aughta!” EVOO extra virginity olive oil because I’ve never been with a virgin! Like Justine had some “experience” with working her internal vaginal muscles to sweet squeeze the head of the tip all over her stomach muscles of toothbrush bristle brushing the off-white chompers with all-right choppers in the air as I’m being sir Veil Lance Armstrong with a yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet on each wrist- left and right so tight like those not “in the know” in the now as I appear un-like a clown with nightmares of Stephen King’s “It” with the clown all around and the tarantula spider, oh why was Stephen King a writer? AFTER A TRAUMATIC CAR ACCIDENT WHERE HE KILLED A BLACK FAMILY OF FIVE WITH A D.U.I. !!!!! I’m not so sure about that last bit, but here’s a tip, don’t have scars on your face!  Yeah instead top off a Tiph with the tip of a balls-on-point head, he said to the prick and dangling out of his or her mouth, a solemn tooth-pick, double-pointed and here’s a pointer for her, you your make up is smearing and your stank vagina is making me fearing, or you could just blow me on my couch, put it in your MOUTH, singing a song so long, my length of the lesson of thee, let’s make a family tree!

Do you like my poetry ???

There are Prose and ex-con’s mowing front lawns, felching with ferrets and Green Berets on campus grounds but not Ground Zero, the policemen and firemen are heroes!

Whilst you knows?

About that see, I know how to be, not getting too much muscle working out as I try to be thin with my strength as a writer and sitting-up still on a decline bench, do it in a cinch! and pinch an inch of pink skin on the outside and “we’re all pink on the inside” where I wear my underwear never dirty, even with the squirting! I’m not one to do much flirty-flirty-flirting for 40 yards deep on the Rake and Run with my Church, the choir bizarre and able to fit in zip-up gowns, not afraid of clowns, but no clouds in the sky as I cry to you, “NO CLOWNING AROUND!”

Bread from the Munster’s Lurch, yes, and cheese from the Church, listed, along with Pam (of Baywatch on my 3rd Movado)  to spray the fryer-pan on the stove with a treasure trove and truce of Bruce, Fenton who made me earn so much money through my stocks in previous years through my cousin Daniel M. Besse who controls my money. I paid him with $120 or $140 to put in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, XRP, Dogecoin, etc. to buy me a house near my home and a 1999 Ferrari F355 F1 with red paint and a tan leather interior… just beautiful, a beautiful car, for $90,000 or so for a nice one with low miles, I watched a recommended video on YouTube because I honestly plan on owning one later in life, when I have the most money and a new Subaru Outback XT “Onyx” edition or “Limited” brand new being a Subaru/Japanese vehicle type of model-looking thinness I don’t take any ephedra or diet pills but caffeine pills and Citrical calcium with many sit-up’s done on my decline bench in my main room upstairs! But who cares ??

21+ only!

I want to be with a girl who has adopted Sobriety from alcohol and opiates and anti-depressants that aren’t Zoloft, because I’d love a happy young girl who’s 21+ or mature but not old, when I’ve been very interested in, as well as benefiting from the many “Anti-Aging Supplements and Foods” with amino-acids making me party like it’s 1999 Ferrari 360 Modena, or that F355 that I caught a YouTube video of comparing the two beautiful cars, as I ask a girl to pull a card from the deck and I guess what it is, dun dun dun, that’s not a card- IT’S OUR CEASE AND DID MY STEP-SISTER, big online, them passionate videos, or I bet some sick Satanic gay faggot pleasured himself to “The Passion” about Jesus Christ who I know he’s not God over Humanity because I’m good smart about “Parthenogenesis” that is kept hush-hush because no one believes in Jesus anymore, or it’s just me with my God and the many visions of My Universe and OUR universe that we all share, and simply like only like just… because I made it to God Himself The Father with my greatest lover ever, UNEQUIVOCALLY, is Justine my love I had a Heavenly experience from 7 hours of tight sex when I reached in front of God Himself The Father at the edge of space, and I made it through Him only because I pointed to the edge of space saying, “Justine take me to God!” and thanks to her Mom’s honesty about how we make love, her V was pumping fluids and leaving a slimy sticky wet-liquid on my bottom sheet of paper in the Newspaper: “Boy makes it beyond God with his Disabled left side of his body!”

18 is when you’re allowed to purchase tobacco, and while I spoke and smoke Bugler tobacco, speaking out of a “Bugle” just to bug you !!!

A bugle, like the musical instrument stuck down my throat with a small camera and I had my great Soliloquies on http://www.stillchillen.com, that was part of a progression from http://www.justchillen.com to http://www.stillchillen.com and now http://www.alwayschillen.com with much content from 2007 online and totally viewable on archive.org

And there was the corn chip carb snack that stank to the vicarious distance accelerating in a TANK rolling down 5th Avenue with brand new oil balsamic bank balance with balloons for you on your birthday Larry Bird day when the soldiers in that serious TANK have M-16’s and canteens with water (spiked with Fentalyn) to sip on while their asses sit on a “banch” a bench in France where my many thousands of dollars sit laying patient for me the patient with patience for the nurses in the I.C.U. with a pornoTube “a tube” poo up my ass because I was so gosh darn injured with Heavy weight before I crashed!

I cried, hours after a room of people all made fun of how fat I’d become, drinking, not doing Coke Zero instead having Sugary “Pour your sugar on me, and get enough of nothing at all as my vim to why the whim of my prude but pretty ex-girl to the next-girl I want to marry her and if she’s gained a couple pounds I’m going to put her on “My The Minimalist Diet” with plenty of pills without Fat Burners like Xena-trim DIN ZING! DING! A pig is a Hog rider poor and portraying a guessed in a municipal movie moving on Mondays, this after the weekend when we when we when we GO…  to earn pay-checks with phat cash moolah sings the cow with the cattle-bell dinging like Chandler Bing on friends with a ring for the doorbell to sound, but only on the weekend, long after Monday nearer to Thursday the Mon-eyyy day with a mute midget in the museum singing Monet painting pictures on a camera with Photography I taking “Graphic” photos of mathematical graphs with X, Y, Slope you dope this the one money maker here with her, with Ember, so slim like a Slim Jim you chomp chew on while you unlock your car you care for with a metal hook thing you slip down the side of the window too wonder, where are my keys?  And what is going on with my “Life-Lock” on Norton 360 and my safe at home where I want my parents to load it with my heart-working hard hooligans’ money I made with “Crypto-Currencies”!

I knew I’d be repaid for every tear I cried at home, the pain of my left hip and left leg I got no painkillers for, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY!

“Revealation”:  IF YOU GET TWO GIRLS PREGNANT AND THEY HAVE BABES, AND YOU CAN’T PAY CHILD SUPPORT BECAUSE OF YOUR OPIATE AND ALCOHOL HABITS, well maybe you still go to heaven/hell if you’re nice and say nighty-night to your princess sugar queen with her diet being great, eating just enough  to fill your belly and sipping water with lemon at a restaurant, where you go to UNO’s and never order their yickey deep dish “Trish the Dish” pizza Trish was skinny and had a nice body, having calmed down and made a good person of herself and Justine’s Mom is a good person too — Linda is great!

The rim of a March of Tini “ Ara “ …or the rim of a Martini sing it Ari! I cleaned up my habits of swishing the swill of swinging with The Swingers’ capricord not a sword or the S word say SHIT! SHIT! SHIT! BABY, SHIT! says from the lips of an old hard-working whore who consoles a Constipated Conspiracy theories of the Trump and the what else can be said: “Karma” every tear I cried, that year in my recovery 2005 it was a hair-brained man who takes Zoloft and Propecia for a professional appearance on The Apprentice I appreciated Trump on that show me the money at my bank in France as Marquis is French and Justin had a “Marquis” AIM name like I was “Jeffrey Marquis” with my real name, PLEASE not this “Jeffry” name they had me win win in the hospital with a win/win distinction as per my discretion and the disclosure of a confession of what I have done wrong, BUT I DID NOT TRY TO KILL MYSELF IN 2004 http://www.wrxtbi.com my accident of dents to my WRX by Subaru the TURBO big and powerful, maybe too big for such a small car, and I had wide rims with grippy rubber, so tie on a rubber, college boys, and girls carry a condom for emerging emotional enduring the waiting periods girls have when some girls have to have an operation, with the Dr.’s caring for me with road flares in their offices, saying to the nurse, “This boy has a “Mammoth Man” crotch! Wow wee! Wow a weenie! KATCH-UP on the grille in the backyard backdoor boys roaring roasting toasting “BBQ Weeniers” with why the whiners, why do they do this to the protected people pumping wrist-watches while wheeling up like Flex Wheeler (look him up) the star-bodybuilder on the cover of “Hardcore Bodybuilding” like my GNC boss was into working out so much at gyms, and speaking of gyms Oh I know Jim Cassidy, Jim Chase, and Jim Moreau but he is not a Slim Jim, an exorbitant eater of the fatty foods like NO WEINERS FOR JIM!

Becoming something with Tender Loving Care on channel 51 I’m giving my Dad 51% of my “Crypto-Currencies” earnings when I choose to sell them later in life, once they’re worth more!

Look up and Look Out being in The Loop with a Loopy Parrot eating Fruit Loops like big O ’s of all colors of a Tropical nature, nature’s Tropical Storms leaving restaurant-goers stomping their feet out the door as the food came cold and they said something about “The stove going out.”

BVD’s I’ve never worn their underwear, the crotch was too tight, ass I as I need some more room down there, down stairs, to DEBASEMENT is a bad thing in, insulting speeches of me being left speechless in this document I’m writing and IT’S ONLY MEDIOCRE!

I need to develop a roll of Kodak and develop my writing into becoming something-MORE than dilly-dally words with Sally and Ally in the Alley without The Nation’s allies because they are lying!

I’d dig kisses on thick lips, not Carina’s thin ones, yeah more like Jess’s au naturels and less like Lisa’s who got too much Botox with Bob the neighborhood-Bowtox “Bo-talks” BOTOX that Demi Moore is so old and Bob does Botox injections in his garage with his Damar Printing 3’x5’ sign out front on his lawn  (he “mode” with a more-er…) FREE BOTOX FOR BEAUTIFUL BABES WITH BODACIOUS BODIES! I creep at her with my stature. I am not a creep. But I would creep on my Facebook-crushes in 2006-2010 remaining online to chat with me the nice chap with lubricated lips but not from the lubricant Swiss Navy, not that but something else I assure you the CHAP-stick doing my lips so lovely with a kiss-kiss-kiss and a Donald Trump Tweet with a twist of lemon and lime, ol’ Trumpy is maybe Grumpy the goose-lingo with all of this sticky-string though a tampon, oh it’s ON, with the off-switch negated by the negroes who assure the classy white family they’re not leaving with their iPhones to E.T. phone home with Mum-ski ’n’ Pops who’s popping corn with “My The Minimalist Diet” I will try to stick out with my Delicious olive-oil alive and coming at you with a peaceful presents on Christmas Day eating ham and cheez with Milano cookies to say please, I beg you, buy me a new Outback XT! It’s impressive zero to sixty!

Real quick, so, race your friends but only on Track Day at the Orpheum for more opiates and Fentanyl, signed with a Quill and an Insulin pin — I don’t do that, so trouble I’m not in!

Nothing bought to boost my Testosterone, and no one here does that exercising, so I’m not alone, except when I sit on my 69 Love Seat all warm, I’m alone

Stanozolone is a bad drug I know from all of the Muscular Muscle Deb-elopment but not to “elope” as my parents got married before I was born, I could have sworn on Wayne’s Sword such blessed seminal fluid all along I knew it, “MOM AND DAD YOU HAD SEX TO CREATE ME!” And I was elated (a la elope they didn’t), so swerve your swinging sauce to drip the catsup pussy-woo seminal flu… “Yes Jeff, yes son, Mom and Dad had sex,” according to my Mom who gave me the give’t dove birth… with Dove soap Justine would wash her face, free of zits and with ample bosomus belittle be so little, so short, Justine was bare of a retort! So she would vacation with me at a resort for a time not too long, but not too short! and without hard white coke to snort!

Keep your noses clean, with no white powder to be seen, and blowing out the boogers with a handful of Hershey’s Gushers, being chewed on for a little snack by the Pipe Master Plumber sitting on a clean toilet bench, and with a finger up his knows, he knows, no one knows (he’s doing this) (to take his life…) (ON THE MASS PIKE!)

Keeps.com to keep your hair, and keepers keeping the keepsake in ship-shape on the USS Molasses in Topeka, Kansas, crowning the jeweled Jewish monarch-wife with plenty of hormonal strife, and not to mention, IRATE I.B.S. for keeping the crap off of the tushy, me a wuss??? You must be!

Swisher fish-flush the Goldfish down the drain as I try to refrain from using my dental retainer and braces your self for a deep impact of a deep dental implant like Misses Donna hue I miss you!  When I call you up and you talk about your pup and ask him “what’s up?” and along with your deceased and certified-goodperson Sarita may she lay in Heaven for all keeping the promises of a divine figuring figurine wouldn’t it figure:  From the heart to the trigger, you’ll always be my nigger as we proceed to produce the production of the promo with what? WHO KNOWS? 

Come to me with a phat bottle 750mL of Hennessy being a company “Motorsports” that tunes Dodge Vipers with her tears, I’ll wipe hers here clean and those shimmering spectacles simply spectacular with perfect for a Speech Therapy at Fairlawn, thereafter mowing the lawn, at home, where I was in “The Zone” at my home where I’d use my family’s Bowflex eating Lucky Charms out of a cereal bowl, in my bow to the owls ahead in the avenue leading a dump-trick to rid it of soil the middle-east has the oil, so as not to spoil, the gasoline prices are shimmering like icy pieces of “ices” fresh lingo playing Bingo, the resolute retards here, some of them nice, like the new woman, and get on the treadmill by mu own will (that I set a goal to use the treadmill here for 21+ minutes with my digits hitting the “RUN!” Button in red like Panic! But only at the Disco, for those who are “in the know” now- I want it NOW MOMMY AND DADDY, GIVE THE BABY HIS BITCOIN!

I did it by the decade, so when I turn 40 or 50, I like the spliff to be lit by me, spitting gack, and the back spits back, by the bridge of the bay- we have a nice day, what do you say? Thank You and Please I don’t have a disease, so I rest on my MyPillow (recommended by Trump), and I am below the ceiling with a lingering feeling of having written me so good me write words on typing pecks at the birdseed and have you seen?  My belly is big, this while I’m not a pig!  Too many fish oils they don’t spoil, when I keep them in the fridgrerater that is greater with a cold freezer as I pluck my eyebrows with tweezers, like these old geezers at nursing homes with nurses, now I’m writing verses, like Hulk Hogan and like 

“oh here we go again!” ::: http://www.alwayschillen.com/soliloquy004.htm

Oh lol and La Di Da Di, I like this party — in words of a page to the beeper on the online Facebook “Creeper” Jeff M. inem the white rapper of flamboyant festivities fine to read, if you’re good at “Thinking” about what to do next in my text? Scroll to the bottom of the page if you want to hear the punchline while throwing no hits to bits, drinking the PUNCH with Hawaii 5-0 on patrol in the pistol-packing got-your-backing attacking the negroes in “Da Hood” while drinking so much of, this, coffee, pull into a gas station to piss your urine into the yearn-it-all with Allah glad to see you through and through, so physical, the physics of tight-intercourse a smorgasbord of the senses with contact lenses piquing interest in intercourse on a golden golf course with the Buggy swing the pitch and get a “bogie” in the sand of the land or at sea, if you really want to see what I’m hiding, come to my MARIJUANA GROW FACTORY IN THE BARN!

As a cat plays with yarn, on the rake and run so much fun, in people’s yards with pitchforks I’ll tell you where I’ll rake the leaves if you promise you’re not going anywhere, when I’m not done…

The green light drops and we’re off with sparks from the motor-iron cylinders cycling like Lance and “Stretch Armstrong” we live long lives with 40 wives or make it 69 to make it there in her undies the “Thong” to a sing-song so long for the engine to breath, Netanyahoo’s sleeve, not to be seen by anyone mean… this writing, I just vomited up my spleen, now not to be seen as I scooped up the mess with paper towels, I hear the staff in HOWLS! WITH THAT OWL! On AOL in The Garden of Eden with what you see when I tell you, “I mean it!”

Elf on a Shelf the Sirius X-Mas special with Kim on the world stage — Kardashian, that is… putting me “in a trance” with her big breast implants, and not to forget Vote Lance!

Serious cheater the French he’s gonna beat her, over and under the head, hours before blowing out the candles and going to bed, so bad:  abuse  — the wives’ tailbones are Obtuse with fat asses so Obese it scares away the forest geese! And minestrone’s milestones in the bottom of the bowl of soup, before dinner, this meal is a winner, a milestone of a chef’s achievement, something sweet “bereavement” oh dam for the Beaver making a nest of wooden barrels, but of monkeys dancing with bells on this hell is on, and it’s hot, so drop the pot and bang the pans, this writer has some big plans!

Mixing mixer mingling at the sinful “singles” club for swingers, who’re using protection, and under a gynocologist’s inspection checking clear to intertwine with a lover but probably drinking wine at the mixer and I know how to fix her! … with a fix of the sugar on her candy and cane’s are chains of Cane-sugar all over my body that’s clean all over, with no warts in-between my boxers and boxer-briefs and CK black briefs, good grief! … I don’t have any STD’s thank you doctor please!

A celebration of the arts when a tubby Teletubbie farts with a mystical missed in the air, without a care, but Mamma Bear is pissed — and she X’d it off her list! — AS SHE MAKES A FIST!

Hot mama, use your powder on your tushy, it’s where the whoosh is supposed to be, or maybe not with the Zingo-Single-Lingo playing Bingo, the retards here, but I’ll be in my apartment getting not-bent and without spending a single cent, on my Bank of America Debit Card, as my Milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, with pretty voices and no funny movements like I am so sorry to have mentioned a laxative Lucky Charms with a protein shake Chocolate I dedicate to the Catwoman A.C.E. Ph. D. Painting of a cat on paper and I’ll finish it later, Coming on with the Omicron shoutout’s to my doctor with a Ph. D. my the

Only an ovary is over me, I owe you my Bee with a Honeycomb cereal for your hair, and if you’re completely bald, I don’t care, for I give you no pity to please me and my innermost hatred of a cancer drunk by no means a “Hunk” battered from terror he feels no splendor, spent money on therapists and lingo as we go, so stop right there, because I CARE… about only me… and my Marquis Family!

Curtail your frivolous fronting as the happy hamster with smelly pee soaks the wood chips so pleasantly with a biological need, I miss Hampy and hemp, so I want to help my Grammy!

Passion amass the Tantric past-esses of TBI overtures…

I don’t smoke “Trees” anymore as I would previously, in time, go after mine, to go to the NETA store every 2 weeks, now The Cow of yesteryear, with her… 

Be my Mom who loves me!

Mother Dove of Faith to God Himself The Father — let’s take a minute for Jesus Christ who didn’t have to suffer for me, I never saw Jesus and I chose to suffer without him, because I know he was wrongly put to death, not God, “Parthenogenesis” = virgin birth, I am delighted with, to be alive, without lice — those creepy criminal cringing at having his license taken away me I don’t drive here out-of-state EXPIRED MMJ card, I don’t need, or want — I’ve never had lice and I am clean, and has John Coz been well ???

I care about him and his son, like I care about Daniel M. Besse who wants to make money with me!

DAN’S SON, but maybe I wonder “What’s in it for me?”

Mommy D. I just want you to be, happy with me!

So happy to see you with the Clinique Astringent gentlemen of the Marquis Family, and I conquered the name of “Elegance” with my writing when I remember, you use Estrogen and I applaud that or maybe some other pill, let’s see Brady in Tampa, I want to see “Mannie” with her husband who I would like to meet this man, let me just say:  hats off to Nick D’Amico if they’re still married, and I wanted to think, “Did Danita really think she was really dating, “I’m Mom’s favorite!”

Dad is your favorite, ever since you met him, that’s so special you two were looking for marriage, to take your hubby to bed and wake up in the morning before millionaire Dad when Mother Hen Mother, “Mother, Mother, indeed like no other and let’s not forget to take sex too far, enjoying the looks on the face of one another… I was friends with Elon Musk — I believe I asked for Facebook on the phone to be friends with Elon Musk because my Dad was a millionaire, so I became his friend and called him on the phone when I wanted to tell him how lucky so super lovingly loving the Church Service, and we all taste the Body of Christ, as I have been so blessed to attend a Christian Private school for high school when the Saint’s would pray over us the students I love Elon Musk I want to buy the Minister a Tesla with Cardano I’m going all- in, on, I’m on, I’m On, I’m On, I’m NOT ON THE SPOT many years since my MMJ

if I were really suited UP  with a suit and tie and a BOW tie no less, in a bed in a nice hotel Suite — sweet whoopee woolly wool while I’ve never peed in the pool here, not HEATED at 70 degrees who sits on the throne, Whoopie Goldberg in “Sista Act” I took acting class in HS and I didn’t often get high there as I haven’t acted mean to anyone but Jesus Christ who I thank Him and Rev. Anne Skinner I thank with me having a Suite overlooking Niagara Falls with Sweet Justine (SJ I WENT TO SAINT JOHN’S)

My MMJ card ended and I’m going to buy Mom the whole entire “24” series when my Crypto Profits come in that are going up all-in with Tesla, increasing revenue over many years in time to CLIMB MOUNT VESUVIUS SUE B. family of 244 carats with a side of carrots and sell the Tesla Sedan with more than enough oomph to throw Ripley a bone and she would chew it, years in time since my MMJ card expired, three, years, ago… but look and go to Tampa to be with her for a light lunch at a cafe if she’d like — but the fact that Mannie now a “D’Amico” Mannie in Spanish I at WSU, friends for years, to see her and see her again, with Manny then “Mannie” Rotella on Facebook at WSU — Danita didn’t know why I wanted her involved, but for a short time I was FRIENDS with her, sending her the video of when Ross Kisses Rachel on FRIENDS-ONLY I never went to her room but I saw her one day when I was outside of the dorms, Dan knows, I’ve done nothing wrong with her, and Dan didn’t teach me at Saint John’s but how to later grow that I now take a bunch of Calcium Citrate strong bones like James Bond! Because he would want his kid’s inheritance invested in Etherium


And Cardano that I hope to either own a new o oh  o o o I want a new car with the profits from Etherium and Cardano, but not much growth in Bitcoin that had a small dose ???

) MOTHER DOVE ( a ship sails John Coz to the pier where he parks his new Volvo outside of the Pier 1, with a wonderful wooden boat of woah bright blue paint, Howard Stern stairs on my Church Bulletin, as I never listen to shock-jocks


ISN’T (1. A DONKEY ??? 2. DELIRIOUS ??? 3. SNIFFING DUSTER ??? 4. Or this meeting getting torn the fuck out of a printer I don’t have here, I haven’t printed anything here or with the staff

Let’s listen to Dad talk about his second-career, bass fishing, and Dad never gambled, you allowed my buying cheap and expensive scratch tickets, when I won $250 on a Pinball Wizard ticket, but not a Traffic Ticket

Toots, with booty buns- for me hun!

Pass, the sugar sweet of who but you,

Who, tantalizing treat a tall tree 3,

Hey, viva la vida especial a la Allah,

God, you are the greatest feat of a

Whoa, the hologram of Him You God

The, dearest Father complete I met

Facebook, Meta- shopping at NETA

Paris, France, my eventual location?

Money in France, I dance in my pants

Like Lance, the loser doper, a dope,

Smoking in 3’s, I haves these, trees,

Say I, can say the word of the Lord,

With TextEdit not Microsoft Word!

This feeling is what I know- commencement comments on Facebook, showing Miley Squatting at a beach at night, there was no light, gentle and coastin’ from coast to coast, eating. Buttered Toast, with a real “toast” to the almighty Wayne the millionaire holding onto his “Cash-Cash” not smoking butts or Hash, generating grey ash, so dust to dust, I’m on the Cusp, drinketh drinkers like Derek Langlois his toast to roast, occasionally sipping wine with his AZN wife, I hope she shows him “strife” =/

Karma complete, I have 2 feet, and 7+ inches below, I stow and I stay while watching nothing “Gay” sensing no attraction Subaru Outback XT with Traction, slipping in the snow, tilted reflection… and in the puddle of RBC blood, with an Insulin interjected injection, the “tilted reflection” needs inspection with Sr. Gadget of a grey TRENCH coat throwing grenades above, and while drinking Gatorade a Dove sails the sky, I’m not high, I like the Zoloft 3 times a day, so I will stay and talk nicely to E. E. Webs galore with Weebs drinking warm beer on this cold outside night of touching Syllables with the Bible staying idle, liable for Jesus’ adoration, a Prophet, says in The Qur’an, “Jesus Is My Homie” t-shirts I’ve ordered galore, more in store, for a can of Campbell’s Soup with chicken and seller-ie (Celery) along plus “Seltzer” of savage Savior Jesus Christ, my Prophet — sorry I don’t think Jesus is God, because I have experience with “GOD” I know him and His Divine Presence at the edge of space, my place, to be with Him and my tight belly drinking Perrier from a glass belonging to Krystal Witterall, on Christmas Eve, the company/business of $36.5M owned by Great Wayne who knows I’m not insane, to say the least with honest thinking about positive honesty that the jerks on the phone that made me hit a telephone pole and not a TREE!

I don’t “Smoke Trees”

I don’t drink

I don’t wear Mink,

I think, I think

I don’t wear pink,

I don’t puke in the sink,

I call this weak, you hum


Now or never so hold on tight, as I very well might, hit the Disco tango meringue camisoles of heels when wifey kneels, and needing an oral injection with injury and that bloody reflection of a man enamored wearing blue on who? I very well might, the mighty MILF meringue dancing while planning to get this tall man’s number, he’s a woman-hunter, and so is this broad, not “Evaporting” But feeling the invitation to musical prose, courtesy of me, and all we see — 3 dot-com’s — with MY A- in Psychology I and Communication I I feel the written prose of the professional WSU professors, causing many messes, what do you mean in Spanish I — my destiny to see Mannie in EN – Y – CEE (NYC) created an account for thee

Polishing wood and handlebars on the door, asking “Tonight I need something more… something different… a blitz this Brady game, his NFL football fame, his wife Giselle, Tom is his first name!

I want something just like this happening soon to me — I want to have sex with a tree! peeking PP in through the growing birch, my bitch, but without birth, of the forest population, fuck plants!

I know WOOD! And Mr. Wood never did it for me, but Mr. John Deedy did enough to make me tough, screaming at him at the top of my lungs to remove his limp P.P. from where but my li’l  BUTT!


You cannot afford to buy your Minister a Tesla Model 3 — but for a bit of the future buy, he Baptized me in 2005 as the stray cat licks up ice cream, for it is summer and a Party at a beach house!

I will buy my Minister a Tesla if I am a BitCoin “Whale” profiting so greatly from a Prophet I received advice, after I thought of a beautiful fall day, going outside here at “Averte” I’m here no fag!

Arrangements: Plan a wedding for Justine Aragona who is perfect, so sweet, I tried kissing her toes on her feet, clean I assured, her toenails I would see and meet on my street at my house in MA!

Clams on females and the band bantering hot notes in symphony, soliloquy, Harmony, Hormonal Release, savage yeast, baking bread? BUN IN THE OVEN?

Look it’s McLovin’ and he’s scrunching his face adjusting his thick glasses, scratching his nose and holding a Whip, driving a whip on the Whipple car with enough power, of previous years, the dusty engine is in tears, as the kitty claw traces the Master’s thin skin, popping abs with a little belly and belly button, not to mention the nipples — it’s an arbatricious audacity of Ember galore, but I swear I won’t light this place up with anything!

Are we the same size?

How tall are you ???

6 feet COVID-19 or you’re 6 feet below, unless you unleash the leash on the beast, the best beast, the best breast on my girlfriend’s chest, they’re perfectly symmetrical, like Amy Reid, shopping at now Duane Reade’s, but then “Ames” in my wonderful and winning American nation of naughty nipple biting I hate that, requiring ease and free of pain, it needs no refrain- I don’t like painkillers- I hate zombies so I hate “Thriller” at Midnight! with a take your pale face and bucket and pail, shopping for term-papers longterm investments to indicate no other knowledge than file-sharing on Bit-Coin, it oinks my loins tremendously where I feel loved when I hear this song by Depeche Mode – “I feel loved” with a hip beat on easy street, on Easter sipping Molly from her dish, drinking 5-HTP pills to maximize the Serotonin in the brain, once more a refrain- while there is no rain, outside, I stepped outside and felt a quick chill — I’m Chillen — visit one of my 3 dot-com’s http://www.alwayschillen.com

Have some sense to receive six pence on a fancy fence with summo dat sweetie schwag cheeba — I’VE NEVER GROWN MARIJUANA!

God and I — “In the end, it’s Him and I, loyal to God Himself The Father who I love with our Tantric sex and Allah delivering me to God Himself The Father of His universe, not on Earth but the far end of space, my place, with Him & I, everlasting God in space, where I pointed and saying, “Justine take me to God!” He is no fraud, giving frogs their lives, he has no wife, but granting the Granite Tiph I take my cake while no longer getting baked, on Baker Pond, my iPod of yesteryear, satellite radio and YouTube are all I hear, my keys oh geez- I have 1 key and I keep it in my wallet!

Welcome to Hollywood Who but hoo boo-boo blue, with a black bundle of Herron, departed duck, feathers a fancy fuck!  And the only way to end this bullshit fatty fat-cakes eating vanilla whole milk?  Dump it down the sink, or take it to the hockey rink, with a drink, too, when I know sour melts and sour milk are not up to snuff, and I’m not enforcing you do anything but give me access to my Bitcoin, now worth $64,898.20

My Bitcoin(s) $64,898.20 a piece

Cialis on the prescription list as I list the way with my blogs of goodness and grateness with my Saying Grace at THINKSGIVING…


As a master of the crypto-currencies in 2013 or 2014, that are being adopted by the whole world, I don’t ever plan on raising a child!

Janet here is nice, so tall and thin with much hair, And she isn’t a Janitor, but Sandy is!

The jacket on the recorded sleeve of my cuff, with or without cuffs, I take the record, in a sleazy way, when I’m clean to be seen, healthy spleen spelling Apple’s and tangled up in chains, a Rottweiler on a leased Dodge the Revolver, remember, I don’t want to be injured or dead or starving, afflicted with Covid of late, Justine in my Future is my Fate, a wife I can be very proud of, and she’s taller now, I think


Put on the show!

Do it for an audiance of Lance along the spectrum of the Sicilian bicycle race, about face, like the lovely lips to leave the hostesses tips, along with the waitress, wait, I changed my mind:  I will have the pricey steak and lobster, lobbing a ball in the lobby, I think of Sandy, I taught her how to take off bodyweight, yes some song with shampoo- this is all for your kind bug a reptile on a rock, a heated rock because lizards love the Desert but not in a Desert Storm orchestrated in India, Hollywood, Hallelujah, Book of Joeb, employed at Staple’s having some syrup on pancakes to “get baked” with the half-backer of the Cleveland Packers, the fudge packers in Cleveland, not caring about their not liking Cleavage, when a girl is 18+ she is legal, with a tan desert tampon and a legal thong, or a Maxi driver driving a Nissan Maxima of yesteryear, a loose shift knob should always be fixed and on fire glowing with a neon-tube of Halogen and Nitric Oxide in a new car, that turbo’s are becoming so much more popular in a Acura Integra or a Honda Civic Si !!!!!

Babe, Selena Gomez says to Mr. Beiber on a lawn chair I stare-  Selena showing skin, her photographs I have not sinned, as I’m with God Himself The Father because I believe in God, and I am with Him, as Taking Back Sunday sings, “I don’t think I’ll ever fall back down!” When I perk up and put my laptop on my coffee table, I feel the vibrant vicariousness of Miami Vice City Cigarettes — I don’t smoke cigarettes the butts, on non-smoker and very-spoken thongs in heels when they dance to the first song, natural contorted counting the contours on her thing, her Bright Pink Thong, we would get along!

I have so many Euro’s in a bank in France through Daniel Michael Besse from CT

I’m well-endowed, but not focusing on the Dow, instead my many investments of “Crypto’s” that have all gone up, never spilling my cup, of the fattening beer, that I steer clear of alcohol, never drinking but 2 beers a year being one on Christmas (the last time I tasted a beer, teasing it with my tongue- the ease,” now say YOU DARLING OR SIR, PLEASE NO SOULS CAN STOP READING MY 5 BLOGS! Collecting colorful and hologram “3D” Pogs, Pigs for Pods, Peeing freely no mess to be leaving, and I’m not going anywhere but my appointments so I don’t have a car, but I don’t go travel very far! Ridden to my appointments of bountiful barrels paper towels’ wetness and evaporation in the station, the calling of my sack of pennies, “you’re getting testy! Don’t mess me!”

Stephen Cullen, not “cutting” now instead “culling” in a cul-de-sac the wheel of the car — cars have 5 wheels — the tires and the steering wheel!

How many wheels does a land vehicle have?

There’s 5 of them!

There’s the tires, and THE STEERING WHEEL!

Mayflies in the South

Justine’s kisses going there

Downtown South, fucked her mouth!

Accepting me for what I be- I see what I saw and there’s a lot going on internationally with war I hope not to see, it

hurling, being very “Fit” my shoes where the Air Jordan’s were always red- they were never “blues” of the Jazz Saxophone synonimous with pretzels and chips. . . predating tinkle of an aqueous mess all over the smokable “Bowl” I feast the dingo with Tinkle, and the body of Tiph a legend once in my sight, and who never “topped up my coffee cup for the night!” Tiph you’d have it made if you were with me, with “us” being my parents and Aunt Donna sweet

The Anqour says to the real “Anchor” the tanker with aqua and the sound of running water in the bathe to shed superfluous skin cells 

Caramelize the appetizer breaded baked buns on the beautiful summer beach. . . yeah but with “Global Warming” in deep space my place

Found it with Allah, so yes I succumb to pleasure, but not every day, as I just may, not watching throbbing organs pulsating with joy hands-free I see

I want more all-night long pleasure with my Justine, no longer a 18 year old at a TBI meeting, she was once a teen, and just like all girls are — and guys too — I had no girlfriend all through Saint John’s private Catholic School, dipping Tantric dunks oh what I am: a Hunk and Hung! But at 5:18 in the morning, been up since 5 pee – emm – this is not the end

Gifted Gamper in a Trailer

Little lingerie strewn across the carpet in the bedroom with A/C so fancifully, and the comeforting of a privileged boy’s right of my sights of Bitcoin(s) being beneficial booby-head.  . and while in a shed

Enough has been said about the crimpled mirror, popping zit pimples, with a man and his chips now being named “Pip” with herpes on his lip. . . easily watching Iran news on Google News, don’t be prude

MA is my home away from Here, it’s where I have: no car to steer . . . Them big bad Boxers with Dutch Caramel flosses, meeting Bruce “B. Hom” in the trenches, I avoid the withered, wretched wenches!

Trick or Treat enough to eat, here at the house, without a mouse, I set the traps, baseball bats, all in a cave, Dave was a slave, opiate hum, stuffing Coke up your bum and taking a train

It feels as though it needs no “refrain” . . . for the lips of my Tingo-Tongue, white teeth shining white as per a whitener, and I haven’t gotten “a tan” since I soaked up desert heat in the sand . . . AND, and go out like a candle, I burn no candles or “incense” in my apartment or anywhere here, the fire alarm hasn’t alerted inhabitants in their “inhabitation” of “rooms” . . . Remote control requiring old “AA”-cell batteries, I’d flip the channel to Alcoholics Anonymous in church to quit that bad habit, now having done decline sit-up’s for many nights, I feel so fit . . . with a split lip from where I ate a girl out- her grabbing my head and what can be said? Mark Say-eed (spelled: “Cialis”)

Campers contouring and not disturbing, tranquil at ease, another toasted piece of marshmallow around the campsite, my Sight for me who an I implores me to buy Dad Christmas ornament bulbs . . 

Mildish MILF, sipping leaking milk, and wearing robes of Silk, her kids having SIDS, disrupted and playing Quibs

Babies in the cribs like a pigpile, as in, do they let twins share a bed ??? Side by side, open your white faces wide and wipe your tears aside, jerk, and another jerk, in the bathroom stalls, they have high walls

Song and dance with “pudge” but making a fake bake cake with white frosting from the Meadow of the Dow in the stock-market I want to buy a Tesla and park it. . . outside the Colatina with Joan Osteen “Benny And The Jets” my light shines clear hear, here, here here, and hear, now without a 1 lb. of CBD I take by mouth only, swallowing it, and don’t put semen on my floor in my apartment . . . Robert’s Rules of Writing in my book of my book and to my book, I implore you to quit fucking with me as I hope to achieve a MARQUIS MAGNUM HIGHT… but not this night I take my flight, my airplane, Elon was taking before liftoff, chatting with me so gently stating I come from serious moo-lah-lah oh la la, she says, dipping into the Ranch with a baby-size carrots being all proud “twenty four” gold harness on the saddle, rowing a boat- we paddle, piddle pussy meshed-lace with a twinge on her forehead as we go higher, past Pluto a god named Brutus in the Ancient Greek, like English, I enjoy… I SPEAK AS I “PIQUE” your ears, ladies with no fear I am clean, so I want your rears, tab key pressed on the ways of the days of my enemies messing with my laptop Mac OSX I signed papers for!

Ancient Tomb of King Tutetenkhamen- buried with 40 virgins and there Hi MEN! You reading this do you think I’m more endowed than you ??? You’re definitely wrong and I’ve never worn a thing a thong as this rhyme carries on… when and where we have woeful women lining the Soup Kitchen,  a Harvard troop do you often eat mini-thins those doo-dad’s gas stations used to sell. . . Truckers took them and gas stations sold sex pills and lube, on a Shiny Sunday of Service at The Charlton Federated Church I attended I want to live at home with my Mom and Dad in Charlton, MA or using my Bitcoin(s) to buy a house and marry Justine Aragona 2010-2013 we both have head injuries

Whispy whines come from the Airline Waitresses near-sigh-Lently voicing concern of the passengers over Lent when no one drinks anymore, so they don’t get Bent upon the Calicade Cadillac Corsa Convertible

Sheek and narrow the very small hole, fetching with a mole, covering the body with dimples on the Backs of Venuses lingo- so let’s go play some bingo!


Curious George Kostanza Jones chewing bones covered in the ribs meat, I eat, and I eat a lot aloud and along my white teeth chomping some icicles on this Wintry Mix snow along the coated Lake, and I am not a fake

I usually like one meal a day here, as I have plenty of food in my fridge, smack a midge off your arm, and the midget means no harm, for you Betty who? -but you little man you do what you can with a “Plan” of greeting my parents one-by-one and Aunt Donna a hun, so much that she is!- when we have a lot of fun, on the phone at least, and for Thanksgiving we will all eat a Fancy Feast

Howel at the towel of bow down admitting no foul, any language here is to be clear, read my pages of prose who knows? How many people read me? IN 3-D !!!!!

Read and Re-Do my face in space Elon Musk knows it is the place, this space, this living space, away from home, where Great Wayne rules the throne dabble-dee Fancifully with Miss Krystle I missed her, my favorite waitress at Le Mirage — read my Published article! — The Student Voice, The Charlton Telegram & Gazette —  I have what it takes to become an author, and I’ll owe you. I don’t do drugs ever!

Check out the Trout on this “Bass Fish” Justine fishing for Mackerel on a Salmon Pond near where King Solomon lives in the days of YESTER-CENTURY


Sweet hun, of age, me not getting laid for years now, and not drinking any beer, but staying the Heck away from Queers, twerking the stirring wheel, they feel, and they feel the homogation of the Islamic Nation that you should only do it with women!

Chastised Prince Poppies seeds crawls an ant, onto the lovely painkiller plant harvested by Indians and now Big Pharma the OxyContin, is a loud, it is proud- of the Karate Kid, I took Karate classes two or three times, but only 2x I suppose. . . with my Prose quelleth unseated in the myriad hobby of sipping waters with lemons+limes in hotel lobbies. . . goes the bumble bee. .  . they’re not interested in us. . . but shoe them in the other direction. . . it’s for our protection. . . preventing baby birth, a condom may always come furst in a Hurse, Her’s here here here her eyes they shine glimmering glossy with a gimp Ginger pill to help digestion. . . Men get erections. . . sometimes at work, while eating with a fork, the mood is somber but Sober 2016 my Bride I hope once grabbed my brother’s buns, because I said she should lol and away it went, his butt was spent, spanking ’til pink and hot, I love my ladies’ g-spots, of Gyno protection leading up to Trump’s “Insurrection” I passed a doctor’s inspection, clean, showered, pampered, and with Church pamphlets 70+ in total, so now what’s all the commotion? DO THE LOCO-MOTION!!! And Dance until the roses are stomped into the pavement, the girl in heels didn’t want any “gifts” from where but the “thrifts” salvation of soldiers standing sold to the U.S. Government and silent at ease now but standing up straight, I feel calm. . . I don’t have sweaty palms . . . I read The Psalms

Because I the poet… wait, how does this lingo  go ?????

Benching squats in a square to squeeze the buns in the back of the silk thick road thong(s) is where it belongs!

Right up to your backside, on the water, watch the hummingbird fly!  and ouch my zipper, I shoulda, I should, bit her!

Creme de la Creme, and Sauce- De La Soul I have an American flag on my pole, 2 of them, the neighbors, Ember I savor her flavoyant favor

Flavor – Flave dark in a cave, coming outside for sunlight, but it wasn’t morning yet- correct! …for it was the Dark of Night

No time for a flight, flying in the late P.M. hours and maybe planes should have showers, but I’m playing with my Rubber Ducky… then the condom fell off, it happened to me with Justine my Queen cherry lips with chapstick her tonsils, tonguing me, I would lick her insides, so open wide, this clasp around your neck needs some expensive ivory, it fell off of me, and to-where will it- this itty-bitty bit- will it fit? I have to admit, I don’t hear it, the sound of me fapping off, I am enjoying this great Soliloquy that Speaks So-much of Me !!!!!

Another residence? I have a Bank in France, with pennies clicking in my pants, not peed-off but typing- so do you like my writing ??? I bet you’re curious as to what I will post on my Facebook, only when it returns unblocked from posting . . . GoDaddy does my hosting — thanks WordPress, thanks Go Daddy — hospital experiences I’m hosting, online, and maybe for a long time of reaping Readers of Digest the best when you’re put to The Test of Kitty Kit-Cat bars so crunchy, the kitty-cat thinks Fancy Feast is lunch. Ey.

Et tu Brutus?

Tickle my Twink, and I never wear pink! Or you stink !!!!! A feast so fowl the birds are making me howl like the wolves’ .wav’s of at this barking hour, and I took a shower earlier, for more in store, and take one later ya’ silly gator, so see ya later, after this time of 7-4o THREE I AM FREE OF FEES TO BITCOINS HAVE MADE ME SO RICH, AND SO RIGHT, to have invested in cash and checks, my Bank in France is anything but “Bereft” now at 7:44 “Fine44” has more inspired, in spores of pollen, her father maybe sullen, but he knows I am just joking about forgoing Ginger pills for the stomach and Citrucel for the bowels, why my who shoulder shower has the power, now at this hour, Colossus like a tower with much great power in the seat of Rome- written much about of the Ancient days and Knights of Rome, I wish to recline in a chair I’d call a “Throne” of my own, on which I sit, writing interesting characteristics about TBI and English conc. In Writing that’s my dit bit, and I’ve never had a girl say, “I just want the tip!” Except maybe a waitess who’s not humble…

Stomachs rumble, and chocolate protein shakes, they literally take the Cake of about some reason, To Speed along the intertwined interstates with with Drivers Drinking Wine. . . so tisk-task, the taste of Brass on the banister, my parents had me committed, to eating yummy Frosting First, and a line of cars with their lights on, leads the Hearse vehicle containing the remains of a tragic tragedy while smoking a Little Misty cock-o-doodle of poo bear on his birthday and blowing out the candeles on the candid commission, it’s my Mission in the Missionary on the beach with waves crashing, it is so sandy!

Pales and Shovels, seeking a mother, there’s sand in my crack, and look at the rocks, just pebbles in the sand, did our airplane eye-light eye-leaf  the leaves  requiring a raking days after “Fake-Baking” at the salon, on my website I posted It’s ON!

Daniel M. Besse of CT, where are my profits?

Bitcoin for a bite, a bite, the investment of my money, where are my profits, hunny? =D

Salted bread and this instead — Thanksgiving in Vernont with my family, it’s those few who I want to see, and no longer Grammy, as per her decease, she disisted from surviving in the 100’s of age where she reproduced within her body, a fetus was released, a baby boy my Dad who I never knew him young, I’m biting my tongue, I shouldn’t say much about him, but he’s great and greater the greatest Wayne I know, who, how, he, he’s my Daddy!


And to be said, he’s paying for me to live 3 hours away, I say hey! I’d rather have a house of my own, with a LoveSeat near my queen, I am supremely on Earth now, back out of our Galaxy And On-To THE EDGE OF SPACE, I MEAN: WHAT A PLACE, AND THERE’S A SMUDGE NEWSPAPER INK ON YOUR FACE!




Teddy Bear Blue, what have youuuu?

Hoopty- ho (e) with a cursed cursive Bless every syllable- the C-Note is not on the fridge!  IT’S RIGHT ON THE TABLE!

Being able to retriever Wyona’s Beaver, does it deceive her, decided, divided, and dead, so now what??? Hold on a second as we break the record of signed Breaking Bad TNT-series about these Jeeve’s on French Leaves, on Trees. . . for now the terrain needs a four-by-four to drive to the store, and multiply the pink hole on the beautiful Laura knowing sex really well and swallowing the heavy load, eating loaves of bread, I speak too much, I write my days and nights of not swooning a single hot-babe of Honest Abe, I’m honest too, I want a girlfriend like Justine, her 9 years and 9 lives younger, it’s her who piques my sense of intenal stomach hunger, so bring on a protein shake, I have a date I won’t be late for, with time in store, Sears Electronic Clocks of Thought and wander… I wonder “Do I HAVE what it takes for me to elaborate upon what occurs on 5th Ave ????? “

Crimson pointers pointing the anointment shining bringing bright blue to the Hue on Cue, Minus Cards we’re going loco and disposing of the shards — no glass mugs or any glass — I like girls with loose-bottomed jeans while wearing them most days, with pockets carrying Runts — I’m friends with Michelle “Moont” from Great Britain to attain clearing the hurdle of have you heard about her “JumledBrain” group of her writing about TBI, I wish I’d do fine, carrying Jim Carey that hilarious man, he does what he can, and with what he’s got, he’s got the itchin’ for a stitchin’ bearing arms with a big taller man without a gun, so Jim Carey has won, and without a shot fired, from work, no never I had a Leave of Absence when I had to tell them I quit as being too damaged from a horrific injury!

Thinking about Mannie and not giving “Tiph” more, thank you Tiph for dissolving my woes, now without any ho’s on the hose on the Pill each day to keep the babies away! Google: Parthenogenesis

Watch ECCO: The Dolphin play through t’ho I IMPLORE! (YouTube)

Now, dolphin, give me more, and dolphins have blow holes, 1 a piece, not for sucking up to the readers as you all press me and spilt milk spilled, the cat owner is not thrilled, with a doo-doo small shovel, down to the town at where I live now but don’t want to be forever, with a Justine-match for some hi readers do you like me with rhyming words, the whores of wolf’s in winter, the Testy Tesla semen season rolls up in a Benz, and there’s Judge Ito, To: recipient recipe for a senior senator of the USA . . . in our fine country of majesty ally England of his and her majesty of majesto “Pesto” Pastas for pesos .  . . accounting and according to my analysis of cooked-up fried fan favorites to be everything you ever wanted in a BAKED (never stoned) BAKER ON BAKER POND IN CHARLTON, MA — a state sweet to me and this is not “According To YOU” so fuck off- while I get off, with no favors for anyone

Calm kitty cool the liter bottle of ocean water with a whole bunch of salt to make you SWOLE! — I have awoke, and up for the gym, all my confidence confident Connery names Sean — beer is on him…

Melt my popsicle Justine Aragona of her a low, low Glasgow, staring into her Seas she sees with them, seeing into them I saw me eventually not drinking alcohol 2016, and I’m clean!

I’m hot and I know it, to plow it, dragging the snowshovel through the driveway dribble the B-ball for them all- the fans, many males, a sweaty referee to reference the clean spot on the bag — not a fag…

Catcher’s Mitt, girls keep your buns yours slept pink to the touch of nothing a little too rough house for a mouse upon the ball by the wall named Mr. and Missus Kardashian culminating in a sudden surge . . . Serbian Sergio swears by his quick Thinking of classy designers in Hollywood, but I don’t like girls with too-big butts eating peanut-butter Ritz with a waistline what’s-up ??? 34×34 pants so in shape and vitaminned up with multi’s I take them to “Tranquilitiy” nearby where I bet I get my hair done, but I don’t have a son

JUST TOO CLOSE ( to love you bwomp bwomp bwomp ) as we trail onto the tow-truck Trailers of Rickshaws fussing, where’s the city bus?

I hope to talk to my stockbroker cousin Daniel M. Besse of CT my own STOCKBROKER, my advice making us so rich!

But go-go-go-going on my finances are all my “Bizzy Bizmarkie” in business I MEAN BUSINESS, get in touch with my own doing, and arranging my done-task my own Bank in France!

With a hard hitter cracking the amp at the Audi-car-a-torium lease one and put it all on a leash, in the snow, we will go, taking the green creme` a girl’s cream to fade into the human spleen, or split and spit, if you don’t want to gag with your V-jay’s Viccy’s Secret Tag for Hewer whenever, and forever, beating eggs with a waffle or 2  I had no maple syrup on my French Toasts today, staying up all night, tapping to the Mangoes to increase the CBD, a realized relaxed while paying sales tax, scanning UPC labels at a UFC with Wally and the men from work, the UFC I never watched but once or twice, staying up all night and onto Dr. Candido, IT’S YOU!

This soliloquy is not nearly through, so far, it’s going well and I won’t see hell or court, I’m building a Messiah Jesus Christ, he suffers for me, for us, Peter — religious one, a TBI too but who ??? — Peter Saregento pizza pie a pussy cat pristine health, the owner of wealth, I shall see the euro for my health and my Health I class at Worcester State University B+ work with Mrs. Waskevich Health I having worked at GNC in the mall, Solder salt of swiney bits upon the ritz crackers when I spend a fritz…

And someone took $40 out of my wallet, dancing a mallet, a stern Howie shouts, “SCREAM OWWIE!” Finger zapped by the switch, the electronic blanked me must have missed, but sealed with KISS108 Arbie Barbie hugged tight, feeling my WSU Gym and Humatrope “might!” About you, another about ME, I see, having known and loved Elon Musk and poetry of powerful professional professors of know-how to take that Steak and Eat it too, saved some for you, a logical and intrinsical stance on this Lance, I wear his bracelets until the sun sets Westward me hoping for my bets… as the gloves glow bright with distant universes in Space, So Distant!  and with no other circumstance, I want the bodily function of Lance A., of the Woo Statue State Stated UNIVERSITY!

In come along and dance to trance, split milk, with spit in it the harpist harps with harm to her fingertips, to plate the play of the player playing Flute, of misogymy tranquil as a “Trans” throughout a Memorial Day BENDER! and sipping cocoa Kahula with a hoop and sipping through that straw, a rolled up $20 the opiate user how he hopes to have seen that sniffing in throw out the used Insulin “Pin” on nothing more than a whim for a while spending sweetie-cakes she bakes past the bridge, this is all going to GET IN


Oh I told an employee she should definitely go for the stock option, so Fancifully, at Bitcoin where she made $500 early in 2005, all because of my advice, advanced auto in the city, I admit, looking up to Lance Armstrong is kinda shitty, so you see? I should have hired Lance to fit me with a oval track bike to bicycle stereo seasoning in the summer months, most moss on trees is moist, to the Captain’s Chair, I’ll hoist, up to you Bette and B. For a November 12th, 2021 Soliloquy for me to read and write more, along with a Vegas whore, crocheted up next to you, bedroom before meeting A Working Girl at the door Jane Do-err sweet- a cast-iron on fire walking on coals, your feet. . . so stink they may and pay to visit a therapist’s office of a leathery couch, where you dream and slouch, before nodding off, the roofie is just kicking in and I feel so soft, be croft besieged, my size, tickling many Mannie’s winches, the Rotella wealth of a friendly family I talked online maybe on the phone to her Mother Bee, or mother hen… but when?

. . . who what whore have I left out by my old friends, I will never see you again, in Tanteric Table Manners, sign the check’s for Dan, the Man! . . .

Mystique adored and adorned with a Tantrum from mum’s the word, my a swore soul of cantankerous tilted tables, Children Read Fables of Nancy Maye staying here at the Dancing Trim of Trimmed pantalones called “pants” for Him . . . but with a winding back road, toddler whining, in the back seat, Burger King dining, police offericers’ Serenity upon returning home to a wife, the scene is set, and I know what comes next in my poetry… Peter Popsicle Ran of a Tran-ny in NYC along the balcony, not falling off and into the famous Lower River belonging to the State and Christopher Reeves pulse on the people behind the scenes — I am Neon Deon, Just John Doe, stubbing a phallus, at the park bench, the wicked witch is a wretch with a wrinkled smile and withered to the bone, for this policy of not smoking CBD, ever, makes galore the bulbous “bundles” of my Butler’s Herron and on and on and on until the my writing comes clear, have nothing to fear because I’m not, a , a , a , a , a


Yeah that movie was GAY!

Can’t we all just living in live-in PEACE, banking $100 bills the buns for you hun, lighting up a big ol’ stogie, you don’t even know me!

Classy iron special testicles, I don’t eat many popsicles so cold, and I’ll be 39 years-old in March of the number 20th Ides of Idle Marching Bands and Bang so bury Armed Arbery in below the basement with the word “debasement” with grey descent of a tent, breathing in pollen along all Thereau the Fields of Fantasy of Psychology that mushrooms are legal with an official card to scan, and take my hand, for off we Seltzer of Lemons with Heads galore, but consume, don’t smoke with a TI-83 calculator with the game “Snake” in class, who clogged the shiTTer dress all a mess to the Messiah I can’take you higher, albeit with human beings only for what I see with no babies here or near, not supposedly knowing about my Offspring of yesteryear, and, Allyson, be a dear and let me stay here!

I have at least 1 Bitcoin!

Foreign banks and army-tanks of Tosh.0 eating sueshe who the hope, throw the hoop around your waist with no time to waste!  and I taste soap, ordered online, my body smell is all fine. . . Red of wine and Read of Wine where but in “Wine for Dummies” Santa Miringo, admiring me the poet, I know it, and all will see I’m whimsical in words like a winter’s eve, and up my sleeve, sealing the deal with forearms firing: my right’s bigger than my left, and her boobs aren’t even even, with ghosting glossy glamour ghasting the howl of the owl- their auditory Abilities of picking a test tent, forgoing Rent, a musical I found inter-inimical Ford Transit painted violet, Via Vouis Lah the law in Allah’s Ali Baba tramp-stamp on her lower back as Belarus is under attack, I see on the news, my CNN watching habit has me purring like a cat mixed with a rabbit, my Coke Zero soda habit, filling my belly, and my armpits are never smelly speller taking a nap as the man wearing an S&M king crown, a grown man, or men being in a group — now not attached to a V-Jay’s B-J’s where I worked for 1 day being unable to “do” the job, as Justine I want her to say, “I do!” I did you alright taking you to out to UNO’s your dinner with me, an before intertwining my involvement with Justine was imperative, us with TBI’s alike me and her, her thong, yeah one time I pulled it up, and it was ‘a’ mighty sore to store the data- of my MacBook Pro, replacing this one at Christmas for the latest released, the Geese of Grey Goose are Loose in the Seas of Fantasy, , , Emily Willis does black guys and she loves it, well Dow endowed the dowry of sultry Friday and Saturday Night fried seasons of summer and June I swear I didn’t touch her baby, and let’s back it right up to sippeth from His King Cup at Booger King for the kin kind hearted souls who should start OFFING THEMSELVES!!!

Their razor slashes, don’t start a fire with ought ashes or hashish or glasses ( for reading at Duane Reade’s in the Circuit City Of New York’s finest in blue in the Itty-Bitty Titty C om itt ee bulking boulders of blood and old blooper realz with “Ask Jeve’s” on the Regular gas and an anti-seasick pirate’s prick of the Hills in Beverly International products being produced, and introduced, while needing instruction for the Segregation of Welfare Recipients’ fantasies about New York City, to live a life of luxury with kitty-cat’s kindness of staying so warm, I warn, don’t fuck with Double Dare breasts beneath the bra, I never wore, had no one ever tole me it would be finny Funny the drunen Dummy in a Crash Test rehearsal, hearing a Tesla turn the front wheels, the fumes of the dancer’s pantaloons we have Britney Spears, she smoked cigarettes only a little, the dire dirty Joe Dirt all pretty as Arba I know her now no lon’g’a my Brooks beautiful beauty I won’t mention her bootie boutique store, built at the South-West flight grime of a crime by the Hijackers on a train, dressed ordinary and la-me all the same, to my word’s endless Refrain my finances in a Bank in France, and Dan, I give you a big hug and say, well I enjoyed my stay, on the Hijacked flight, at night, at this website, my Jeffrey Marquis Dot Com with overused grimy grins on the bloodsuckers here, when they poke me in the hip with a note: PRESCRIBED HALOPERIDOL AND XANAX 3X-A – Day and night along with my Cialis of a man’s primal nature, be sure I’ll write a book — my 113 pages they took, and leave it hear, here, a cat with a tail and it’s noon:18 if you know what I mean: I’ve never done a Virginity Card for a lover at the Miss America of Chinese yellow bitches, a summer shandy, and a habit of hand-bobbing your John Doe, outside the front door, eating a Stella Doro of Grammy’s and Aunt Donna’s Churchill the dog, Grammy liked my own and Justin’s, our “Pogs” to Edgar Allen Poe, he has mo’ fo’ sho’ in the serious Carmamelized Camaraderie of Krystal Fancy Sidnee sides with kids, limping SIDS, broken disheveled, I shoulda clicked the buzzer on the Buss,  Cynthia’s zit no bus pass, clapping her ass buns hun I gotta tell ya, the lantern is bantered along Cape Cod Camper’s Happy Vacation, to Israel the Islamic Nation of hush-hush CHATTER CLAP-CLAP-CLAP “THE CLAPPER!” I’ll zap her here, in her rear, ejaculatering seeds her waist, that’s post to no Taste in a Tanning or James E. Booth along the campus camisoles, the camisade of a camisole all molded old money hid under the sea, where my TREASURE ON AN AMERICAN SUB — oi, a SUBMARINE Holding my Investments’ Records, Tom Jones sings, “Bitcoin(s) in a sub in the Atlantic where I made sure to say,  “Dan I want my money far away from me but only for now, chocolate milk my bodybuilding secret, the Calcium is pretty beneficial to the Audience making ten-cents from grey-haired Mike Pence saying nada, on the media, for it is my idea to stay on my way, Feeling Closer To God and not Jesus Christ who’s odd and a trick, at least Allah saved me from living off of Liberal Liberty-asians or “arians” of late, nashbville treats make that pull-out nonsense til it’s red about bushy you’re my her buns, thusly making a scene or two, to who? but to me in her pussy, Selena Gomez and Rosie Perez deep-throating a terrible treat to taste the whole thing ass hear her ass, this wacky way of waving to the in-house camera’s making movies on Loony Toons . . . the show coming to his own on-screen KISS108 FM on the line to the right side, and about nuts and nads on Nate the brotha like no oth’a of of of ooof skyscraper hight’s of Hallo-weed “Ween” and Halloween CBD twisted so tight with a sign singing in red, DON’T STOP FOR ME, YES KEEP READING WHAT I HAVE TO SAY, You should may *be* me reunited with the last lass of my past in a mental-hospital all night long, humping tilted, bended rod on a vaginal splinter, in a dark sphincter, of hers NOT YOURASS! Yoursie’s True I peppers-sprayed the laying layers with Layer’s Chips at the beach, the lowly housefly so Holy, so high, up in the sky and ONTO the universe, my ashes to be dispersed, among the heavens I hear I remeber “Bevin” the not-even an-option opiate Nate in Silicone Tits of Ally in the Valet car-parkers at the ICU in a hospital, I want to revisit sweet Shannon Nuttall a pre-nuptual to you who will adopt a pet Lion when Skeetch-Character of Panama brewing pancaked cake to be baked to a Sizzler Testor Trick, my quad’s are quite weaklings wrinkle lines of fine wines I once or twice or probably 3 times yes 3 times Crunching heads for Casino’s with Joe Pesci pointing an axe and a Willy Billy whether where we go, announcing feelings of Space, not all the graves in the Cemetery near my Grammy’s Plot of pouting Pop-ski doodle, swimming with a green Noodle, Too, for demand to stay here at “Averte” and not having to leave the building of brightness — albeit with so many delinquents with problems, a new laptop MacBook Pro, under the tree at my real home it goes to toe-and-tip, think, with a sip of your drink I’ll be morose morseso until I kiss a moose at the Sole Proprietor table, tonguing Mousse

Clam the Clap in a Comfy Camper with the Police “Caper” investigated as a loose ruse, a man running with stolen gum, and onto the shelf-it-goes I knows, better than to steal a pack of gum, put it in your underwear it’s by the balls, climb climbing Lizard until we reach the ceiling, I’ve got “The Feeling” of bosoms breasts, oiled, on some chick-in-the-magazine fold-out wrapping a cut-up Trout is what I’m about NO BASS TO TROUT !!!!!

Please oh geez, they do it sometimes, as I would recline, but only happening once, a chef fronts… his cast runs!

Oil spilled in the toy-oh-do-let doodie – who ? no on not you of stinky spiked poo- and to be cleaned, soon it will be unseen and stink-ily obscene, what’s with the Mannoer’s of Manifest Morselso of my self less or more so, and a John Deere Doe I do, and to who but buying YOU — a distant bouquet now you, have a nice day!

I advised a Bitcoin employee who answered phones at the company to invest in Crypto-Currency Bitcoin, she had an option to buy some because she worked there or still works there and she said, “Thanks you just made me $500!” so years later, you, you Daniel Michael Besse of CT my “Cuz” cousin who went to Saint John’s private Catholic school that taught us about God and Jesus Christ, who are maybe not the same as far as powers of the Universe, God’s “Universe”, God’s YOU ni verse, God’s “Universe” He is God Himself The Father at the edge of space I’ve been very preachy about God Himself The Father who expands His universe at the speed of light, which Allah is much faster going what I call “a million billion trillion lightyears per millisecond” while generating nothing, like being simply supreme velocity and God expands His universe at the speed of light but the stars were already there and they burn out eventually, where He and his face like King Triton in The Little Mermaid with a white beard and I reached beyond Him when I clutched Justine Aragona tight, with her clutching me until sunrise!

But I only have a little over $200 in my Bank of America and I wrote this for Creative Writing that was the first class and I wrote: http://www.alwayschillen.com/soliloquy001.htm in 2005 when I went to Woo State with Mannie who was my huge crush and she was a Sophomore with a sister Danita R. who I was nice to, and Mannie was the Flyer on the cheerleading team she was so petite and peppy I saw a video or her with her UT friend cheerleader, the two coaches of UT where I stayed at The Eden Roc when I drank before 2016 and I had enough money when I had a job at my Dad’s Plastics and Polymers Custom Extrusion of product for Gillette, Oral-B, and HAARTZ before he sold the business where I did data-entry in the President’s office, my Dad’s office, after my injuries in 2004 when I had known how to type quickly, and I became a published Author of an Article about Le Mirage I lived near and I would eat there every day before and after working with my Dad Wayne Marquis who I love him and my Mom and my Aunt Donna who will support my crypto-currencies investment in 2013 or 2014 that I think my Cousin Daniel Michael Besse had to sell them before they went Public, so I’m not sure how much money I have with him and my Dad!! =D