I’ve never “dropped a pill” for rhinestone Hills from grazes, and with CATTLE, ready for the compilation of video screens with ON-STAGE QUEENS!

Mannie the Princess, and me with Danita, she wanted to know, “Why do you want me involved?” Investing millions USD

Sluts bare-chesting with boomies at the lawn, not for long, with what I know of Space, where I found my Place
Damsel delinquent Merrie-meant to take a pen to a single CENT of my massive Stock market gains

As the increase in value Main-Tains, taking a train to a spotted (on a map of Atlas) DAD BE WHERE THE BASS IS!
Glasses of spectacles speculation and Special, so special of Elise to have a lost-son, bereaved with a quiver

I be holding my now-better LIVER!

Vicky’s at catch with slim and trim booties, no longer “ass” mentions my intentions, to be paid in Bitcoin
It stirred my loins of a withered wealth, my parents, paying almost twenty-kay a month here at “Averte”
Where I choose to stay with an aft shaft, the black man in the movie… it I never did see
Smiling good graces-  I told my Mom I like “smileys” 

Sponge-Bob, he “hobbed my knob” and so did Peter lol

Are sponges still used for contraception?

Coming cream out of the Dream of Judge Dredd instead, as I once tried protein-peptides that with “SLY” Stallone, and all alone, I left Allah and I get the feeling he had some better things to do like delivering others to the Majesty of a MaGeSTik5-fo’ — me at the door if I swear more, I swear I trust God Himself The Father of His universe and I love my Marquis parents,  which ,  I hope I’m not ever going to be a father, not to stray from one’s kin with no beer anywhere near, here, at “Averte” with a phat bag of groceries from Hannafords, with a mention to Christian Rev. Anne Skinner THE AUTHOR OF MANY BOOKS I’ve ordered on Amazon… me being a fan of her “Hannah House” =D

I want to buy a house near my home with my million in TD Bank,

Thanks. Lance and Dad, that I have been given a SUPER ABILITY TO NOT TAKE ABILIFY because I take Haloperidol and write delight-full of me seeing Photoshopped images of Mannie and having talked to her sister and her Mom who made me try so much in my TBI Recovery to attain the Enlightenment that Russia has almost as many nuclear missiles as my U.S. Nation… My America has 1000+ nuclear missiles and I’ll leave that at, what’s the things that are going to happen in the future

It’s not like Futurama, on TV, when Elon Musk YouTube videos interest me to get interesting when Mont Blanc makes a disposable marker

Mont Blanc, pens on a rack at Staples!  I’ve always wanted one of those pens with 24k gold, like I predicted the high of Cardano to a dime ,or exactly $2.03, and Bitcoin Cash to $ 1 single dollar, because I want to buy Dan and I matching a Ferrari 360 Modena in perfect condition! But not the “Challenge” edition that I’m not looking for any challenges with anyone!

Run turn single signal and bewuell the well and a funky smell coming from the TRASH paste waster with what paste can ensue:

And as a loyal American taxpayer I pray for a strong string of characters to CHARGE like a Stallion, watching Jimmy part ways with his deathening screams. “I’ve been shot with people stealing my pot!” with intentions intense tensions tensing up with a drink of my girlie girth, for what it’s worth, to sit on a porch with a pot-bellied monkey of Human descent, and of the age of consent, to sweetie swoon and hung like a spoon watching Loonie Tunes, when I play the blues, my Wu-Tang Clan and Eminem’s “Stan” that was at #1 for weeks and song of the year on MTV

To groove with the grimy gimps so slimy-  Slim drinking Skim and 1% chocolate, and Plenty of Protein, That keeps me LEAN to the left and lean to the right


Okay everyone start reading right now because I’m Dancing in Space with Allah and 1 5 hour energy but BECAUSE I STOPPED READING THE QUR’AN MANY MONTHS AGO I geek out on a GiXXer sport bike driving a new Tesla that I’ve put word in to my Stockbroker who I’ve told you all about how I once drank a bottle of Hennessy of my parents, many nights in a row, I prance I dance with Lance, but he was great because he was tall, and I wanted to be tall and thin like Lance so I put GHRP-6 in my legs and I grew 3” taller, so they shrunk my legs with a “protein-peptide” I once used 1000mcg of IGF-1 LR3 with a clean Insulin pin in each of my glutes and my neck to help me Recover from TBI

I called YouTube in 2005 and told them put “INTO” on the title:

I got an “A” in Psychology I “class” at WSU, Dr. Brandi Scruggs researched Traumatic Brain Injury and had me on a group phonecall with many Ph.D.’s in 2007/2008

Classy has acquired Fondi, a hybrid events platform, that will relaunch as Classy Live for nonprofits.

Feeling fancy, and presumed as INNOCENT OF SIN, my beliefs in Jesus are renewed in his love for you and I not fighting but arch-rivals from that resulted in *******BLESSINGS-BLESSINGS-BLESSINGS******* I’ve posted on many times a night of 2007 with my Facebook Friends, who, some saw their ends of “Activity with a proclivity to the what’s-it of staying lean and fit but Disabled, erect (but I’m not), and feeling as funny as a cute little bunny and I’ve never had “Duster” I want to be with the girl of my dreams and who I’ve seen with big boobs (Belly Dancer and to dine while I don’t drink wine or beer or any alcohol, to let, you all, know the fact that I haven’t had a sip on my lip — and I don’t wear pajamas when I’m jammin’ away with the Metaverse I invested thousands of dollars in to on it in my wellbeing to be with a Cheerleader CHEERING! Oddly enough, I told Linda Pellegrini I’d leave Justine if Mannie “Came knocking on my door” but I would love to have Tantric sex with Justine Aragona again, this time maybe inflectioning on the brutal knockout when I’m very much feeling my being of tuning into shit on XM I like hip-hop nation, spacing the decimals derelicts December-ing in diamond grillz of 100% caliber shivering in the Winter as I am a winner to stick-shift she the Elissa Victoria talking to her online and maybe on the telephone once at Geneva Street in Worcester, MA worth a lot of money as WORCESTER, MA is precious to me-  it’s WHERE I WANT TO BE!

Where you want to be

I WANT YOU TO BE LEAVING MY MONEY ALONE! AS I HAD $45,000 in my bank (one of many)

English with a Concentration in Writing

Yoshi was in WSU and I was too, that The Media has come to “Prance” me the Prince ever singing “Jeff Beck in Concert” when I would buy scratch ticket 21+ not drinking Sober 2004-2009 and another place you crypto jerks need to understand that my injury was so uneducated my SOLILOQUY my when a girl go girls! instead of seeing seemingly with what I haven’t taken Focus Factor I can’t tan standing in a booth to chew nicotine no one here takes it and it’s June 4th deterrent June of la-Vo her name when she thought I insane with my Jewish classmate at Saint John’s dug all of the Christ, Ari, what’s that winking to be Upon her, she the one who took my sneeze into her huge flowing breeze of the busy birds and busy bees, to see… me that this of the many girls of the world DEA-eo with Theo to take the trees of HHC or “Delta-8 or Delta 10 was I when I learned of the Mont(y) blanc pen paid hundreds for a $60 ink-laden laying an’p-putting up “Mont Blanc pen, when I me that the sweet kisses from Mrs. Neas who I told her kneel my back, The Beings of “Delta” I don’t have any cannabinoids but CBD I choose to eat and to take my mouth in a motion of Blurry blue-ray swishing sis-step on the miss-step “sis” I choose to avoid the Teans of rips in jeans for Rip to stolen sandwiches they served a sandwich with bread soup Jubilee within the womb of a woman cracking open a bottle of pills for 5 hour energy, that it was me and the He with her with a Mercedes-benz for many women woo’ing at WSU my Woo State when I would stay up late to say words into the for of my never drinking boo’s to the news  I told her in an email and maybe a phonecall phonetically Poetic Voice, tho June who saw my flashing blues on the pin-pricks from the Pro Pharmacy CVS for my pills that I’m given all of that to the “Jeff listed avert E with pills from the Pharma Feak eVERY Mac being better than to order occult carpets for of cars Ben’s bought Etherium, eating Seal meat on the Navy neat with boats to float atop the underwater wonder of submarine sunk in Salt on leeches Brain Brianna beenming feeling a fun/its the of enough of of of, and Do Shoes to wink at the wrinkled moss on the moist mountain’s terrific Terra Solana Ana and Luna, pc self-portrait on my wall of usually 2 0.5 mg Sanity’s detected with my Detox in the Peace Talks of tranquilities for haircuts loudly speaking of Sennheiser ear buds of Bob’s and according to the coming to a peak, my Bitcoins $65,652.92 a piece… so []D eace

I hope to soon know a U.S. Senator, I talked with for oh, say, ten or more hours on the phone, after Elon Musk told me he was “the richest man in the world” and I refused to believe it, because I didn’t know him on Twitter, left a picture of my totaled WRX and we talked on the phone for 44 minutes, and maybe other phone calls and posts!

He sends me messages about my owning $45,000 that I have no where no way no way of knowing who made the deposits, I have a million dollars+ in TD Bank, with Daniel Besse to thank! 2013 or 2014

The Pope is a great man!

I’m willing to see, The Pope reading me, because definitely… I would like his Blessings!

But that’s enough about him, and don’t get me wrong I plan on donating a lot of money to Humanitarian Causes, with MY SENSES OF “NINTENDO 64” my as many as some thousand wallets in New England, New York, and California Florida frantic a Sheik I would seek on Facebook, not allowed the Middle-Easter “Sheiks” of their average night of ephemeral the Belly Dancer Bollywood dancers who love the would they see on the King’s brown-skinned Arab look.

Elon-gate my connection to feel a subtle sudsy bubble of watered Crest with an oceans’ waves — my belief in the bloated bellies of Ethiopia — EAT the opiah- oh la la it’s Oprah grilling fancy Lance withdrawn from LIVESTRONG, my old yellow-bands gracing my firm stand on “Doping” with a n other old age Biden, this poetry my POEMS an A- grade at WSU with a brilliant older instructor I saw the economical entertainment of Draining Dogecoins, buying and selling and Signed with a maybe a Mont Blanc pen-  oh when I invested so much credit Bitcoin Cash my BoA and TD Bank, with TD to thank, but unaware Danita being Mannie Rotella the cheerleading coach at UT that’s in Tampa the University, I tried to see my Mannie Rotella, I made her a new Facebook account with a name I suggested I told her once-  a gift to I’d give her while reclined on my Sit-up-bench to pinch thin skin, the shape, first, Mannie was in on the cover of Shape Magazine I saw the mediocre Acre of Arcadian soil, but not to drum for oil, stored in Tanks — Dan lied to me saying “Bitcoin quote TANKED — my cousin the stockbroker lyrically lying to me I’d whine Bitcoin is ON THE RISE alcohol-purchases by overseas wine being for Student Kids at Foreign Religious “Masses” I sat the seat of big mean meat noticed as per yours Truly, Deedy worked at the Christian school Saint John’s — he’s been fired for a molesting me — he told me he had a fake ID, he saved from the truth of I was raped by Seedy cock-ring Deedy, John, his legal birth with his name to reflect my purchase of so much John Deere start caring about his REAR-ing me so dirty it was anally . . . I was raped, he told me he would do guts and butts of male men’s many gay, me pretends to the pretense of presentation of proof, he did me in the Toots, wearing leather with hip him, high nipples pink and PIERCED-  when John Deedy would teach with noticeable nipples protruding, the piercing he liked his GAY ISLAMIC GAY HOMO TEACHER, sexual in the classroom with me, and near my locker was his Sole room, sweet tushy on the the gashes’ front, MILF with a “Bunt” at aware preggo-confusion that’s my contemplations of provocations to twatch- as the nurses knitting sad and sorry cocks, the portraying presented cock-rings he to then tell me, “Tell your Dad you want one and suggest it to him” when John’s whim, and Alex took a bathing suite to was Hoff of the poo-poo spattered on a platter playing see-saw notes of first further seeing him in Boston, MASS-  Alex ated his longterm fellation of the EQUAL PRIDE FOR RUNNING RACES… the Boston marathon Bombing-  a homeroom-owned by Brothers on the Saint John’s properties of phantasmal irreflected and drones driven by pilots on the airpot offices, I paid online for Word by Microsoft the company I invested in that Eve bit my bright wide and smiling face, having attended attention of outer space, with another my younger brother Justin not to be confused with Justine, my 2009-2013 teen-quitting watching girls under 27 that that’s a number see of me — on a flat-screen Mac laptop, as well as a double-deuce singing my set sights on this my up to 5000 Bitcoins, a few “Wallets” in stir-it-ups and the man here at “Averte” who is mentally stumbling, me seeing him walking alright, akin to a met the mental-retarded girl who came to a TBI meeting at a library, her parents were mistaken as there is no connection to the corporeal finesse “smashing” in the Smoosh room on TV years ago, that Jersey Shore so popular and another season and another season until sickly swiftly suddenly no more “The Abs” to Pauly D’s “The Image” of the temptation to Trump the polls, sipping a Polar seltzer, with a Teletubbies Coin “TUBBIES” shot with it shut down the authority of mentally-injured young man named Tony, him unable to see semen of his, with my ex-girlfriend who her mom invited Tony . . . to at least show him some titty-ful skin and nothing within her body privates, when she kissed his pole until it went soft to Justine’s amazement, he cccoa pebbles with my long-term loves’ own lack of Discretion detecting the determination of her parents who wanted me to leave, when I was wearing a thin theater SWEATER a dog in heat, the Dogecoin didn’t reach a dollar at 0.66 in Lincoln Point Drive by the DEAD END roadside esplanade with a Cessna plane — I was taking the direction of BRUCE’S OFFICE ROOM when I learned of Bitcoin(s) in ten Wallets in New England the most in Massachusetts with my crumbum text online, my Mom hasn’t had wine doing her WEEKDAY WEEKNIGHT SOBRIETY of I know my Mom isn’t addicted to any substance . . . LIVESTRONG, promoting SOBRIETY I learned online the disasterouses Dr. Ross I bartered with the rose MY PROPOSAL, you’re a couple years around my live-long OLD AGE when Opray Oops, that African-American previous PARTY-ER with street-side when we’ll hides the Bitcoin important figures of my detailed Public Ledger of propelling a Marino, named Paul and Frankie, other one more older brother that I foggily forget the 3rd name of Marino’s at Saint John’s High School, chocolate chips, Frito-Lateral weight lifting which while the Cash Cat Kitty of Frankie’s sense to swindle an old lady my Aunt Ida to lay covered cowering in a Coffee Coffin *cough* to the left and glass ceilings of teased-  thee, of these my many Investor-meds the Zoloft fills my crazed cranium and cracker NH Fenton, I will man up eventually- look up your line on the telephone, to leave a message of your Recorded machine, my voice recorded I think, there are so many recorded lines of cellphones, residential “Every thing is ‘eventual’” I heard on an Audio Book, rented from The Charlton Public Library, a “CRYPTOGRAPHY” written by a lifelong-boy play-daying the Trading of uno up ’n’ coming national Currency of Bitcoin is standard cash in “cryptography” for secure math-made electrocution of the 12v Die-Hard batteries, when maybe I bought too many VHS used movies sold at a store near Bigger eyes, popping out the pup of a furry muff of not only new stuff but

Something old, my data as per the recorded websites I created that has my justchillen stillchillen now alwayschillen and I paid a fee, when I THOUGHT IT WAS FREE, as advertised to take a Dive into a registered name of a protein-peptide I INJECTED IN MY LOWER NECK, NEAR MY RARE REAR, all of y’all Hurred the peak the IGF-1 LR3 cured the continued deference of of of odors, stinking of sweat in the ICU, the sponge-bathing Setting Sun, I flew through a big one, my big one and getting warm to take off my nkee-high kneading no fat loafers the occasional Floaters of boats drifting- so set sale on the Slacks on Sandy with a blouse to vacuum the house, here at “Averte” where I blew out the candles they lit 3 candles in my bedroom one time and I blew them out carried outthefrontdoor when the embers on the wicks, they put 3 tall lit candles in a makeshift “Vase” with old tired eyes reading my lines of Prose/Poetry I am delighted, going to see my sleepy create-ur of my Saliva, Blood, hair sample, but none of my jazzy motion of Joe and his ROOR bong of inhaling him smoking cigarettes—I dislike the down-side of Favorite Favored Bitcoins in this Vermont State, I want my parents to get me a limo, driver in a driving driven paid purchase of having had a limosuine with birthday treated to a night with a limo for me—drinking pre-2016—not a sip in 3 pairs of briefs with Fruit of the Lombe Lombardi, Lapamardo, Heritage school built new, and then to bussing me busy, cramming the information of pothole trounces of out-now no more Red Bulls I need the factual caffeine enhancement of the lawless descent of my kept riches, I hope to keep my Bitcoins in New England wide, taking a chance and buying a Lancers player’s uniform, he told me he heard a smelling scheme of DHEA “male and female hormone” sold in Groceries at Hannafords, nearby, when I say hi to Denise who has been with the same lover for a long time, when I don’t wait to whine about getting no booty shaking on my decline sit-up’s bench, but no pushups in a too long time, to spend my time alone with my computer in 2005 when I lived alive with strides at the WSU gym, I’d walk I timed it 3 minutes to the treadmill gym of being in a large room, the coach asking me, “I hear your Dad is a millionaire, so would you or him care, to pull-up’s with braces, the girls making pretty faces . . . in the internet transferring $45,000 I earned and me unsure how to transfer my currencies, currently I have 45 grand in “Crypto” when I take the cake and not being “baked” or “high” Hi I’m “bigly” Bitcoin buoyant of a fan face the fact, LANCERS OF WSU “CHEERLEADING” the “flyer” Manny as a sophomore and older sister sitting at the keyboard, of my many Facebook “notes” with a really small belly, my main Doggy Ripley, a picture of her staring straight again, starting #1 Dogecoin Elon Musk brings it higher, to buy DOGECOIN TO THE MOON! All because of BitTorrent I don’t trade in so as to not Trade the coins of BitTorrent treaded and serrated can ‘o’ peas they’re green bars climbing higher in Profits, I knew… exactly what to do, Dan invest in “Crypto” the bourgeoning worth of one millionth of a penny-cent my many “Tokens” I bought the night when I was awakened by a bloated bellows of my swollen batter MY BLADDER’S NEED TO REPENT UNTIL THE LAST CENT is spent, on — my Amazon worth of my main-sale go-to with what brainwashing the withered Rose to compose the dot-compost compound of all gather around, your computer screen to read I couldn’t manage the locked bathroom door, and Dan deep asleep, the weekend a Sunday night, staying up all night confessing a Will to pass on my Profits my Dad protesting th e49% when he should be VERY HAPPY TO HAVE A PART IN MY STOCKS-land premises in CT at Dan Besse’s house with his glad to be a so popular with the Pupils in a class to teach, one to his own my real lit-up Mind I’m Rhyming All the time of mindful recovery having gone on for so such very long with brew at a steak pit when I have had it with shrunken legs, shrunken arms, shrunk through my once- stayed the same, my thighs were never too big- hearing that I PINNED MY PINTEREREST “Sass” to Birana Sasso left alone not chased by me as I’m a mature man, since many years ago when I pledged a shelf of watching Kevin Costner in Will Ferreal tompling temple-er with an impact slightly above one’s Ears, the Temple connected in the Cranium of a homeless man with a lemonade stand, when I have not longer staying free my kisses… Trust Fund Apple entertainment of jotting keys of Hooters firm me saying to Justine’s step-dad “I really want to take Justine to a Hooters with I maybe belong with a whoots withering lines of Lioness the lines I would walk I’d walk fine, to a shattered left hip in 7 pieces, I like to eat beaner butter butt of Jabba the Hut N’ Huddle, the others are WRONG, as I’ll admit I tried on Justine’s thong tugged up by her a G-string of bumground such a chartered nightlong day of the night, my delight, the bulbs are LIT ALL NIGHT when the bulbs luminescence of sniffing the armpair bodyhair of yesteryear I dyed my hardly any greys my hair I’m kipper Skimp the Sole Proprietor’s SHIT IS IN- their food so delicious so so scrumptious with Grammy’s apparition approaching in the Hyay HAyleigh noel on Insta with my Grammy on Insta . . . where she’s buttered ’n’ buried lay’n to razzle the mophead CAN-AM “MOPED” the earliest alternation as to how to cruise it beachside boardwalk, of Eagles in the air with wild masses of hi mr. pigeon and the kettle-corn YouTube I choose to sometimes watch YouTube while I cry ACCUSED!

Olivia Rodriguez sings “EVERYTHING IS ALL FOR “USED” re[]Droduction through forced inlet engine edging distraction of a loud AfterMarket AIR FILTER WITH A GIANT OPENING it made the engine use more Regular gas, that Nissan Sentra I never crashed, like Dan with his 1 Superium SUPER SIGNING SIGS- I put on the lid with MMJ years ago… when wouldn’t you know it, they moved me 3 hours away, me missing them every day, Aunt Donna and Grammy named Sophie, that Aunt Donna DONAHUE, trading her my Dogecoins and Shiba Inu, we used our new cellphones and pre-paid CALLING CARDS, an Ace in probably publishing this my dot-com that I haven’t slipped a single email letter to another but several, like Peter at the Jehovah’s Witness Mass I regularly attend his Zoom-website Masses early Sunday Mornings, I worship God and not Jesus because there have been commonplace Virgin Pregnancies that result in an ordinary Chile to have a Saint John’s custom speaker who spoke with a FB “Poke” of amounted me my absence for a month in 2005- me without a Facebook “TAKE A BREAK! AND INJURE YOUR LEG-TOP IN THE HIP, it’s no pain I’m free, Bruce I’ve asked my parents for a limo, to meet you finally with all of them Bitcoins you and your possessions of ceiling-high “Jeff Coleman” brand new sleeping bags to when young and cuddling with a Honey chariot, that I don’t click “Care” or “Cars” or “Fraud” I saw on an blocked SITE financial, I want Justine once more to be my TBI “RECOVERY” finesse in dolar-sign time to whine if Dan has some thoughts on “There ‘Plan’ ” I’m led to believe . . . his plan to slit his palm of his hand, band-aids we had his assistant retrieve from the Market is super for food . . . NO FAMILY FEUD AND I’M CURIOUS ABOUT SEEING “FRAUD” ON A MONEY WEBSITE, I was signing up for this financial yank my money Dogetothemoon, I hope Dan sold my Bitcoins I know I have 100 or 250 along the night we traded 3,000 Bitcoins for Dan’s annual salary that buttered lobster I would eat, some weekends of the year for CHEER AND TIDE AND ALL, the bleach Brought to a Jersey Shore BEACH, Pauly D. reminds me of Paula H. who my parents and her said 1 beer in 2005 wouldn’t hurt, then until late 2006 I wouldn’t drink a single drop of alcohol, Dana Rented a UHAUL detered Derek Jeter to go FAKE BAKE Jersey Shore proclivity to GET A TAN MAN IN A BOOTH, the beds get wet so sweaty our backs, to FAKE BAKE the toasted most of the congratulations to the Melanotan II tanner protein-peptide backed by Insulin pins when I was very thin, and Honda’s Fit it’s out of my luggage laden pant’s-pockets the shiny skinny on what’s up with “Tini Ara” and Mannie “Rotella” big sister Danita involved, and I’d buy her boring brother a car him saying, “You can afford to buy me a used car?”

I talked to the Mom of near the lions lying to my percussive parents, needing instructions to buy her family gifts, I told him to pay for free . . . The Grande Rotella Family encore aged “Sophomore at WSU” Dan and I shopped at J. Crew before we talked to them, a bunch of #2 pencils being of Pine Barrens Boron, I tried that, but it made me kinda chubby TUBBIES COIN taken to the easy-peasy, it sold and I need money that I have fond concentration on my Contract with Mr. Fenton, until the end I won’t SPEND my as many as 5000 Bitcoins, ten wallets or a close not a price to private Ledger . . . I wrote the prices of sales, Sales at J. Crew when I bought Dan a sale-reduced the Price Prince of Wednesday The Addam’s Family, a girl named Ember went as “Wednesday” name of for the IIRC, not Jessica Tocci or a mental-person Patient with oh I remember, Wednesday’s real actress name was Christina Ricci, when she was pretty as Mrs. Tocci, her tiny bit whimper of saying sorry to me, her unhealthy happit-happening of hurling her TOSSING B&W “OR” oE roes v. wade with a voice to others urge me to phone my old teacher, Dr. Walker now in lyrical outer-space his beard mustache and hairs on his face, shedding follicles up top, he enjoyed the little “HIP” hop Swiffered floor thanks to my Dad, good to rely on the $100 Benjamine Jemimiah Jehovah’s Witness the masses taking Senior year High school classes with the cheerleaders bloating I knew Manny’s special day and up early, me to say, to her- I’m working at a job in my Dad Wayne Marquis in his Company’s “PRESIDENT’S OFFICE” extruding color-matched pigments and UV additives, about 200+ to 300 or so, my dad he knows, the doughy center of eating bread buns at The Millbrook, his street, of the his Busies Bussing to the schools, of many brooding bullies provide the outstanding and long-landing DOGE TO THE MOON! while I want my “Cish-Cash” listening in YouTube’s videos I perused sport being never reproducing because I refuse the choice to choose NO BABY FOR ME AND EITHER “MANNY ROTELLA” a Sophomore at WSU who waited for me . . . perched pickled THINK I told her to shave her head and make her big sis’ Danita a wig of shaved hair when I said, finally, you look better with a shoulder-length cut or longer I told her- I wanted to buy a car . . . the tie-ing the knot with honking Tulips, her posing in the sophomore dorm in a picture with kissing face to the camera I told Rev. Jim Chase who phoned her and talked about not wedding-tackle to tickle Jessica B.’s back the night we invested in The Easter woke yolk to take financial C Notes of the classic classes in University Worcester difficult classes, and hard mathematics, I read the basics of “Advanced Cryptography” I said to me, my valuable Dad said, “Dollars counted cannot to continue any more-secure than my Visa Cart online on I have some stocks in Amazon and because I had the researcher wealth of health, pre-pandemic and currently no sniffled Duster when he drove me drinking him 4 beers . . . my Mom said everything excusing Dead David Perron, he had Duster in his car’s trunk with 3 metal Disastrous “DUSTER” that’s not sold anymore keyboard-cleaner he did Duster because he drove me very, very SLOWLY me grabbing the wheel with the Rites of Passage FHOUR lated to take a nanny in her Fannie May Financial INCREASING FUNDS IN TD bank I thank Tiffany for not later laying on me

Oh V’s Trattoria arrogant Lance by changing chance of a Bile song named “URA Fucking Lower” allpoetry and WordPress of then and Zen and where will this end? I don’t have the righteous Tired Sense” when I collect the Bitcoin’s highest nights of recommending “BRUCE GET RICH WITH BITCOIN, BE A BILLIONARE! and then run for Senate of NH, in heaven, he is my good friend along with my best friend Elon Musk of 2005 and 2006, the Bruce Fenton for NH State Senator!

“Paging Dr. Crum-Bum” entranced what Butt other than Justine’s behind, the picture she was the bacon in my flap of sloppy orgasms one onto upon the next, when now I’m bereft of Curel but seeking a sunk bum worn out, I’m worn out by Islam, I’ll leave out my believing in the ONE TRUE GOD OF CREATING HIS UNIVERSE, accelerating through the Big Bang when I was NOT IN FLAMES, but nearing closer to the Ecstasy my Fantasy to produce a producted “Erection” without parental discretion, but my parents wanted me to have it with a few times of having used sexual protection, a Sheik condome, one time that night of reaching so long but not reaching THE GOD I PRAY TO AND WORSHIP, the “Him” kinda old but at timeless Illusion at the edge of space, I found a happy spot, cinching my Plotted timestamp unto a forlorn Disabled and Handicapped young with another woman . . . her Mom in the house, previously a forums fan-favorite of online girls playing with Dildo’s, ordered from creepy creeps,  the “Creepers” for saying clicking cancel and not seeing footprints on the keypad, to hit STOMP!  And upon a grave I planted my soft fist of a slave hitting his or her Massa- the plantation owner, the trampled rights of BLM and the commonly common-day insensitivity to invest in “Shiba Inu” 80,000 increase in monetary meaning of my Bank in France being the Bank of France, because why not but of because of LANCE, lizard laser lawsuits of thousands in USD… invested in 2013 or 2014 APPROPRIATELY, with a camcorder, tape recorder, we taped the whole night, when, believe it or not, his friend who works for the Police- C.R. he said there were no donuts, so spent… all my Trust Fund into 5000 Bitcoins and so many Stocks- take a barebones peek beyond God and I’ve been HAD once worshipping Jesus Christ who I suffered in his place thusly seeking an alleviate the Nation of Islam… the Middle-East classwork at Saint John’s I did so many overnight CRAMS… and sessions be with the mesh is- NOT THE CRYSTAL OR ANYTHING FANCY!  

The CBD herb of CBD leaves me happy, my parents have for me to see, every evening and some in the Morning, before I leave the house

At least me hoping I can buy a street near my house, putting Bitcoins into U.S. Dollars $,$$$,$$$

5000 in total… and both us Sober as time went on, I tolled Dan sing a song, but not for long, for my Alias of “Jeffery” and “Jeff M” to have not driven a car in years

Keeping 51% of my Bitcoins and Stocks, where here at “Averte” Sandy sweeps- not mops- when she surely does indeed not only VACCUUMS but she sweeps for a first-time bonus of about $50 or $100 when I wasn’t able to pay her a pre-yearslong payment from me the rich Playboy super-sucker VACCUUMS shriveled substance intimate places, the girls seen me please by my expectations- my face, and the intercourse of course on birth-control the girls-  I made them come into my world of “Recovery” as I went a couple years, one year intentionally, of basically neutering myself and not watching any pornography, when each night I wanted the Playmates to “Recover ME!”

My cash, my “crypto-currencies” my Gold in a safe in a New York SPOT, of a blot on the fingerprint paper, I wanted it to be official, so Dan and I had his P.O. friend come to Dan’s house, by the end of the night or in the morning, I forget, but the hours of buying “crypt-currencies” that out-did Nypro in the setting sail to catch cooked fish, I signed many papers with just my fingerprint and the whisp of a high-pricey prestigeous and Presidential “CROSS PEN” new and the ink and pen, that now, they’re in a safe maybe somewhere in New York… Dan FORKED me the upperclass prestige on a stage, he had a “Maid” in his house who would recycle his laundry, of him literally forking each other, we did poking and fork-feeding the leftover restaurant-food we got that night, that them energy drinks made me stake my CROSS PEN — that Dan and I prayed together all night, and to my Delight, we prayed that neither of us would suffer, ta-ta’s on E. in the my male-member of an upperclass ass on E. that there are 2 E. nurses here hearing my Caretakers in this my “Rehabilitation Home” !!!!!

Sunned and stunned at the Summer lateness of setting The Sun, that burst into flames, my tap spilling down the drain, and clear clean liquid European Dames “That I wanted a Bank in France” when my Dad threw a “Fit” and had me “Quit” the foreign Bank I chose, Paris Hilton had a poodle, blood dripping from Paris’es feminine months of irregular Frequency tuned it into not only the local news with Bri Eggers, my friend, and complimenting her I felt a Tiphdizzle leaking from a where hither that vagina — one time a month, think at that time a RED-LINE TAMPON!

Girls only!

21+ ONLY!

Leave me alone G wiz-kid leans to left.

This X-ray “Jeffry” is an Alias created, with my hip-bone segregated from one-ness SHATTERED INTO 7 PIECES!

I have the scars

I have 2 scars on my skull and 2 scars on my body which is at ease just please let me stay at “Averte” or buy a house WITH MY OWN CURRENCY AT TD BANK!


Dan to the thanks for buying me so much Gold and Stocks, me rich from currencies cycling out of me, money- I pee and I shook off my anal-assailant, ailing from John Deedy him trying to assail me, and my ass, my virgin ass, penetrated by a loose him- drained of his “SWALLOWED BY A LOOSE FRIEND” . . . another guy, who had issues of steroids and Adderall, Xanax, Needles, painkilling Tramadol, that was good for muscle, I saw, when he said, “You should just do Tramadol every day until you die and Insulin”

Plus Mrs. Neas did not try to harm herself, the duo of 8 East our Trio in a montage of Phil Montehue who Tiphdizzle is happy with a new man and good for her — I am thin enough #165 or so, I know that maybe I weigh about 165 lbs. and DIETING AND EXERCISE, Mrs. Neas was TIGHT with all of her might, the last night there I was able to be enough able to seek the seed into my Dominix Dominatrix living at home with her Daddy, not a relative’s that’s for sure, a tender “Fancy” Uncle wood in history at Saint John’s where Freshman year, Mr. Mead told is that “The SJ Brothers” we are your teachers but if you put us in jepeorde I’ll be your “Father” with a letter I’ll write one of the Saint John’s Brothers and you’ll see the door and kicked out — Alx Neas was paid a lot of money to “kick men in the balls but not always, but they said to me, ‘I be where the cash be’ telling her of Kreazy delicate princesses and queens never getting in-between with my 3 popular dot-com’s and it wouldn’t be too long until my friend online and often on the phone, with many calls half an hour or twenty minutes, he liked me and he had a wife and kids when we’d be friends “ON” goes a light, the sun, the hot mass I accelerated through at BEDTIME ERSATZ DOING A DAMNED “FLESHLIGHT” I NEVER BOUGHT! That’s stupid, there’s your girlish delighted palm and fingers—pretend it’s a girl doing the work of busy doings in the b’daie and “good day” I will have with all of the time they switch my CBD… seriously I buy CBD ONLY!

2 Expired MMJ cards

Biden’s approval sinks — on the News — Playboy Paper-Boy with a washed toy, shouldn’t be a gift for a boy- a man, named from the time that upon birth, my life was mine, but having unleashing meaningful Prose to leave it to the New England Patriots to take home the trophy and bring home the nation, one now no longer than the Plantation of Mama Massa Jew Boss with clean chomped choppers sparkling white—I NEVER DRINK WINE OR BEER! THAT’S SOBER 2016 A LONG TIME AGO—so no stained teeth, now no stains on my sheets EVER fading the endeavor of only partially getting beyond God — like the Statue of LIBERTY! — inside of God’s head his brain, that there are infinite “frames” of still motion eyesight when tonight turns into day, so even a Disabled hospital life-support “patient” being unable to open his or her eyes, that God is probably a man… that’s what Jessica T. and Carina R. told me when they would hold me tight and make love to me, but quietly, when for 28 days and nights my Mom had condoms she gave to me to give to the girls, I’m free… then I wrote a long amount of pages, 18+ readable by the 40 ages of turned 40 now feeling the classic Soliloquy Anthems, A- in WSU… Poetry II with Dr. Gibbs I told him to “TELL A FIB” on the first day and he had us all write FIBS! We were friends that first day… WHEN THEN I SAY, NOW TELL A “FABLE” — when Dr. Gibbs said he was so excited to see a TRUE POET work with websites words and WITH it being the best of a pumped-up chest a la the pushup’s I could do 35 or up to maybe 50 pushup’s with rHGH in my arms that the doctor shrunk, so I would have average size arms, my left arm is small, but my calves pumped up with Synthol oil since 2006 when these places have been under squintein-protein 100% with 5000 Bitcoins that I now own— or at least I hope I still have 5000 Bitcoins or at least one, Uncle John says, “Yay Jessie Besse!” Dan’s mother was a Nurse, when her lines of knowledge NOTHING NOSTRAL, the fact that I haven’t fallen or inhaled a joint OVER THREE YEARS HERE AT “AVERTE” I’m suspended from an account because I’ve done so much with “crypto-currency” I will send hopefully soon “Senator” Bruce Fenton, finding him the Public Figure, him making connections on Facebook — businessmen and nurses showing the urges to create not only 40 V’s at Vicky’s panties I hope you’re taking all of this lightly at a taller than 6’2” putting it all in my arms and legs THAT WERE SHRUNK, my parents learned with Insulin pins I’d take within, and within the Charter Spectrum at home in Charlton, MA with my parents being visiting volunteers here’s at “Averte” where I urged for Carissa to be appointed, BUT I TOLD THE MANAGER “MAKE SURE SHE DOESN’T GET FAT! AND MAKE HER JOIN A GYM BECAUSE SHE HAS A GOOD BONE STRUCTURE TO HER BODY AND I WANT HER TO COMPLEAT Meguiare’s Wax candle cancer asparachusetts Mid-Lane Middle-Land with Ohio being mentioned, as per Alt Nation, I added the 2 “Nation” stations XM radio and wouldn’t you know, I once long ago told Sirius something about how Iraq and Afghanistan have the “Nation” name wrong and it should be “Nate-Shorn” like Kissing Kristen Johnson, that was okay to get to tickle her tongue, I dramamine’d out with about 10 pills when I heard it would make you Trip — Nate’s sister “Tripped”

She was “Tiph” that’s her tripping on Molly!

And too thin we and most people believe if you don’t have a medical-condition, consult A GYM!  because THIN IS IN!

And ponder a peep of my “My Photos” and the bum “I’VE DONE NOTHING WRONG!” and I’VE NEVER BEEN ARRESTED!”

Do you know anyone who’s had their License taken away, out of pocket, I want to send BRUCE an envelope with a $100 bill, if that’s okay… I hope I may see him in person, someday hopefully soon, to sit down at a sit-down of him and myself and Ember here at a meeting, maybe I’ll go alone… by then I hope he is SENATOR with more than enough hair, and his kids aren’t scared of him hopefully soon a SENATOR BRUCE, I typed in Fent and saw a Public Figure of his photo on my screen in 2005 I believe, so many phonecalls of my trying my hardest on a Quest to harness his powers of Politico prestige and awareness:  BEIRUT AND BRUCE AND MY BRO HAVE ALL AT LEAST ONE TIME THOUGHT OF PLAYING BINGO, PING PONG, Golf, GOD, gold investments scattered USD across the globe, Dan said he was kidding if he could buy me a Pyramid burial, in the Homeland of Jesus, Israel, right? Wasn’t Jesus in Israel for a time he was alive?

To: me


I was Elon’s phone friend for 44 minutes when he was waiting for a plane, and I set a saying of alleviating to my U.S.A. Nation from the elevations that my hopefully soon my Dad will give me my Tesla stocks from 2013 or 2014 when I invested $100,000 of my own money and that of others, that I donated in Bitcoins on one lonely internet inter web website when I just might give it all to the government for what substantial sum of money I have not succumbed to the dark side feeling. ZERO GAY PRIDE! I take in my straight laced stride,with me the HEROE HETERO-SEXUA… with me the desire-eee of a Tampa UT coach with the most abundant precision of timing my next Posts, staying away from 0 to 18, because I only like Adults and not planning on Reproducing so I’m not a Papa… mainly because I was anally assaulted ME BEING PRODDED! MY BY HIS LUCID FANTASY OF ANALLY FUCKING ME… maybe my parents got their $100,000+ 10k road race he shoved it in my face, and his car we drove in—that he told me to get a book out of his Saab 9-3 I searched for condoms because he would wear a cock-ring he got a boner in class one time of soon before HE LEFT THE ROOM!

His Fruit of the Lomb and leather laces, that he whipped my bareback with his “bearback” loving it, and then him upset when I said, “I’M CRUSHING MY HIPS ON THE FLOOR!  My non-bloody feces were under his doodie, this gay teacher, hired… by a rival school, playing football in a big field WITH NO SMALL CHEERLEADERS LIKE MANNIE, her brother and her sister and her Mom and Dad, at one point, I spoke to her parents of how much I wanted to be MARRIED and that , that it being a Catholic High School I never put my head down in class… but for my parents paying so much USDollars and penny of sensical whimsical whiskers on FAT CATS with limousines and big cars like Cadillac’s Northstar 32v V8 engine with 300 horsepower, bad boys on the highway interstate chalk on caulk and on the flat board tablet Macintosh Jelly  iPad  on-screen keys, never Vaseline is chilly, with a cramp of Granny being Wes’ dead Grandmother and Wes is now smoking Jim Cassidy’s age-old tale of tanning only at the beach, not seeing bulbs or bodacious boobs like Lauren in West bum-F town with mowed lawns I look at, the keepers mowing when I’m not suing anyone, and because that would not be fun, for me to see, the me the me the man who hasn’t seen a stripped vehicle with her top off, at an not for years I’ve gone to a Strip Club or ever here when-st I savor the flavors of Diet Drinking and Seltzer to melt your heart, and topped off with a shot… on the back… yes on a ladies legs and feet wearing Uggs, ever since a few Fall and Winters ago, when Uggs were on TV on every show and every passing girl on the on-screen TV show “Hollywood Hoez” a la Jersey Shores, and for sure, Paulie D reminded me of me, with Melanotan II put in my belly getting then-slimmer all year long (not just in the winter )  that along the way there my maybe some hypersonic sway, to harass B.s buns with fingertips heading south, it was my Dad’s ECM Plastics, Inc. XMAS PARTY!  but she wouldn’t, you know… do the headway headshop traditional way. Allyson didn’t ever use her mouth and I should have been with any othergirl that her in her womb, she has Twins, she wanted, as that can be a planned thing, the vocal cords of her’s they’re wearing thin, like her, when, and only when, she was skinny, I took her to the XMAS PARTY!

Her not giving me her mouth, she only let me see her pretty toddle-lee voraciously at high night when I might only be in her vagina with a few minutes of oral sex and NEVER BUT ONE TIME HAVING MY SPERM IN HER TROUBLED MOUTH her never wanting to see my “seed” or GOD FORBID, EVEN, SWALLOW!

She spit it out that first and one a measly one — Allyson giving me no head, when I agreed to steer clean and clear of withdrawing my John (Deere) Stock I own, for with “MY STOCKS I’VE WON!” I owned coindesk dot-com to peruse Google — I won earning a spot at CoinDesk to skim slim Dan and I when I chose to get slim in my boisterous manner of pitter-patter the time went on to read the text.log’s on Google’s wi-fi hotspots the neighbor letting me use his ‘net worth of BILL GATES HAD PIMPLES, where the city Blimp goes, there Thereau through the sky, up high at the mountain-top needing a foot-step to breathe cool air, with mittens Fancy Crevist a body without a Boeing Boarding, I SAID NO TAT’S tat fat pimple-face discrace but me “Showing Face” upon a Trooper’s front lawn and greeting him with a pile of CD-R disks, painting maintaining the fallacy of fallo-city FALLON CITY, for annual check-up’s knocking on the Trooper’s all liking me for conveying to the crowd of onlookers, maybe the neighbors saw my car driving 30 mph when I wouldn’t ever go beyond the speed limit I was warned, by the Judge to go through “Driving Therapy” an overseer in my driving my car, someone somewhat somewhere far, like Rev. Anne Skinner who would have been impressed by the years of celibacy, nothing intimately… no orgasm for about a year, that Jim Chase said to me, “If you don’t masturbate you wouldn’t be in Heaven,” THAT MY PARENTS URGED ME THAT NOTHING WRONG, TO PLEASE MYSELF ALONE, IN MY BEDROOM, and at “Home” in Charlton, MA

On “Meta” on Facebook I was friends with Alfonso Ribiera — the CELEBRITY — me looking to meet famous people who’s on-screen name boredom broadcast into the water with a nice Reel of my Dad’s fishing trophies, boxes of them, that I hope he has kept, the secret of mine, to me and Daniel Michael BESSE at his best just him and I bearing frontage first foot-steps of not having any tattoo’s or piercings, we have virgin bodies, sterilized, and CoVid-19 shots, I am responsible for the 18+ name that I was promised wishes… but in Winter I wished I fished for fishes-  the ice on Baker Pond when clearing snow from driveways and vehicles takes so long—needs a garage in which to partly park my maybe I’ll have a Tesla and a house, new and without a mouse unearthing scratches upon the pantry, that I tried on a favorite panties, she would wear only silky thongs, he he he she shot out milk one time, but she didn’t get pregnant and her Mom said her “Goodies” were leaking because of a pill from her doctor and they know damn well hoe how now how much of a dose did her Mom give her, and did she always have her period? Maybe not the first 2 years when I blessed her stuckout belly from Carbs, my ELON-gated arms, now not so long, and I can’t sing a song but Righteous Brothers “Unchained Melody” I thought something would come to me when I “did it” listening to what said sing-song, the Long song of a $100 karat Bitcoin Cash price, predicting near-peak I had thought 596 like my cellular entity that I believe in theGhost of Grammy and the Doses of Haloperidol, a halo for Grammy, her XMAS PRESENTS with chocolate coins, unraveled by me, Tiphdazzler such sickness of “Anorexia” her eyes Dilated to dine upon the dimes of E the pills she took, you fucking should see the look… on her MySpace so popular, the vote, that Binen’d his Blind Approval Rating in the it STICKSHIFT IN FIRST GEAR ONLY, the hypersonics he’s overseeing and sleeping at regular intervals, because of his Advocated Advisors for Advice on taking “Ambien” once on tv and again one of after another cool appearance, he adjusts his face, his stern like Howie glare, because at the telephone and Tele-Prompter he reads lines on peeped Pepe’s long-john’s at Winter on, etc., each peach plucked plus-size the taller and tallest breast feeding Purdue with these teensy-weensie Mama-Mia Chicken Futrado for a furlough in a GoldenEye game for N64 with that as the speed limit of the curve, to be seen, Statey aside, I was drunk when I had my

I’ve already been to court once!

The State Cop told me, “Judges don’t prosecute on BitTorrent anymore,” and I told him that, it hit him, the peak of Bitcoin Cash predicted, my me- by me and Bitcoin Cash reach $1 beyond my predictions of prices, I wanted to drink only tap water, rice meals 3 times a day of UNFLAVORED RICE WITH UNFLAVORED WHEY PROTEIN — My “The My Minimalist Diet” — I’ve never been able to accomplish of that scene, “The My Minimalist Diet” — with zero Janna F. Flavor in a proposed “DIET” that my parents knew I needed real healthy good, that always that home in Charlton, MA where my parents (AIM: Marquis Parents)

I AM NOT A GAGGING GAY FAG, in a sex-toy shoppe with Duster, I’ve never gone done that and David P.  did “Duster” the inhalations he would muster a phrase of him telling me he won’t be sorry, injecting H because it was his partially in time habit not of necessarily drinking wine, he wined about having no Herron… on Baker Pond, when I knew I could save his life (he died…) a suicide or overdose, I believe he purposely ended his life, 2 kids from separate women, who had no business to be with the skinny, weak, bearing bones with teetering footsteps he drove me after having four beers, when I called the cops them saying, if he’s driving drunk we’ll try to pick up him, off the coffin cufflinks of being never married and having 2 childs to raise, being fired from a job, his willpower-knob… not turned on, tried to turn him in for having H-dope in the car, I thought I would directly die on his time at the wheel for real, real drunk, that skinny punk he almost Punk’d me with Ashton of Justine’s Tinkerbell PJ’s jelly swoosher spasticity my more of my Botox calf injections, a long time ago, when I wouldn’t know, what he injected I grew taller with a doctor and my parents, knowing I needed extra muscular power to have in defense of a crooked fighter—I never got in a fight at a bar—that would be YOU’RE TAKING THIS TOO FAR, PETER I’ll be at the Jehovah’s Witness Minister Mass on Zoom, at 1 pm that ‘s a comin’ right up! my parents near!

I’ve only had CNN and Fox News along with the very-occassoinally watching Comedy Central and NBC but not at all now that Bri Eggers is gone, she was my friend, upgrade by Facebook, with a weather girl account!

This Not a medium-dose bottle of KY Jelly but “Swiss Nay-vee” I have a large Rusty Jones spot on my liver, it made me wither, away, hey, months ago when I was laid to rest with a breathing mask of oxygenated elongation on until my Liver Values decreased, and multi-vitamins on I longly no longer feast upon 3 pills a day of Opti-Men I’d type the orders into for very long, waiting to refer the referral of “seeds” to plastically place then them upon her swallowing guliping in her TUBBY BUTT AND GUT!

When the day of her I think of fonder, fondly, the sight of her, I relenquished boyfriend-al “custody” and letter of letters to Bruce Fenton, soon, with a Benjamin and threw three twenties bills, in an envelope but without pills, or Winter chills, tapped veins of pure methhead meat-heads on LOW-CARB, 30 lbs. lighter but no flames of flamers’ assholes flavorous repetition of reprised pointed pouting the morning wood of the Elderly — live so long, I’m already FORTY!

With wondrous wonders of what I do well, and writing a official “Will” to give some to the Fresh Prince that Yes, I donated part of my pages-long “Will” to some celebrities, I’ve never seen, like DMX I saw him in the mall, with bodyguards being so TaLL, glancing by chance, him in camouflage shirt and pants, pre-concert that later date, a the girl’s pretty face, that SPACE IS MY PLACE I PLANNED WITH ASTRO CAMP AND NOT JESUS CHRIST — because I know about “Parthenogenesis”=virgin birth, I live without Jesus’s Hearse of carried on shoulders, he was unable to lift a boulder, for the life of him, I now LIVESTRONG owning “Ether”-cryptocurrency, because Dan asked me to buy him some!

The government’s detection of my Investments, I instigated the Federal Institution of Our American Nation- I was flagged “Fraud” on a crypto-website one night near in the past, my reply and telling you about “crypto-currencies” like Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, those I have a lot of I’m sure predicting the highest point of Bitcoin Cash $597-  I said sell it at $596 that I’m worth a lot of money and working money is the best of a Benjamin banging on the roof-top entrance of a Clearance sale with a Sally when with Israel is our ally!

And Bruce, you could use a Spruce of my one sent, or hopefully sent soon, 1 Bitcoin DOGE TO THE MOON! I have 10 or 100 Bitcoin “Wallets” through our 50 states, maybe 1 Bitcoin in each State in our USA LANDED ON THE MOON!

Tomorrow Monday of hey day dining of delightful fancy food of loving Eileen who’s cooking up a ‘scene’ behind closed doors, I once had a “Tour” of the cooking-center kitchen of dining on delicious meatballs, after summer comes fall, and tip I may — being shorter on one leg, during the time I laid wrapped around my dented steering-wheel, a cancer patient knows “Heals” of succumbing to a sum of debt, I was once $10,000 in the hole and my parents post-poned the payment on a fraud website that kept taking mounted money from my account, I counted, heels on Justine, she preferred Flats… and I preferred her dental hygiene be a clean one to protrude my rod at the stayed Cape Cod, her booty I’d prod, whispering, “DOGE TO THE MOON!” THANK YOU ELON MUSK!

Not to mention Jeff and Bezos my benzodiazepine medication pills in the Office at “Averte” where I’ll be… without many friends but strangers on Facebook—that Dan Besse’s phone number my parents took, not resisting his communication, USA is my Nation, saluting the soldiers home, they would talk to them on the phone, and with Arab Israel’s “Dome” to get-  go in the bed!

Written bar-bound BARRIERS OF THE WALL and in front of me, I see but double sometimes, when I recline, when I look Divine, when I appear fine, appearing The Apprentice, the Webmaster of a dot-com about Trump-  I said “I WANT TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT! BACK IN 2005/2006 I grew up a small-town hick and I would go for hikes “I HAVE NO “TRICKS” I’ve never had a Trick, and I have a skinny waist- not faint—my fats are in no way thick, to splendor upon a C-Note… or what a bout a thousand dollar bill to take the green pill, a tic-tac of paddy-what THAT’S “WACK”!

Yeah splendor spleen- me staying in and fit, me in my apartment of my parents paying Rent almost $20,000 per month that’s crump of AIR JORDAN’S — and Nintendo with a Bow on one time more on the Morning of “Christmas” a holiday I respect Jesus Christ all that day of unwrapped CALL ME SIR! when these MOTHERCUFFERS I WILL TELL ON YOU!

And I’ve told my tail of Mr. Deedy leaving a front frantic message on Mr. Deedy’s machine, YOU AND ALEX HAD CONDOMS AND I THINK YOU BURNED ME! Me not feeling well and partly ill from the Tantric Sex I couldn’t nut! But from his insidious perplexity’s of seeing sperm earlier in the night-  Alex pleased, and pleasured, with DILDO’S NOT A WHISP OF A FAIRLAWN REHAB ASEXUAL MONTHS, unable to jerk it, that it returned to the light of day as I don’t take any bad photo’s to display, on your screen and looking at me “PLEASE, so do stop yacking on the phone to a call to Aunt Donna Donohue I will call her at her phone number I once posted on an old dot com… one of many dot com’s of yesteryear it seems like it’s been so long, I had part of a decade playing Atari at the worst person’s parents house, having Opiated his body, that’s so shitty- he had 2 kids he couldn’t pay child-support and got a Gig with an Heroin Ring a pen signed signature “David P.” on the road with his Walmart light-replacer friends, that they saw Dave’s end, and not allowed at his Wake or Funeral, to Hell, them HEROIN JUNKIES his friends, while they are alive, Winnie the Pooh never got stung!

Think about it, Winnie the Poo never got stung!

After being raped anally and giving it to one girl of Tantric sex which she saw her Mom on tape… she was okay with it, and because I mentioned Tantric, winning, and Pooh — I won in her asshole one night for about 9 hours, my mouth is sour Memenot Memento with the Terms Of Service, it was new to me this “Fraud” — their Plot and Their Plan

I’m keeping 51% of my 5000 Bitcoins, to stir the stupid stirrups on under my Loins… Sheiks shaking baked cakes and gathering Fall season leaves and in garnered piles to be placed, shaken up a can of Raid but not my Apartment at the “Averte” Rehabilitation Home, with a TV, Sirius, refrigerator, and laptop MacBook Pro with me in the know me in the known now knowing that this dancing-dazzle rhyming of my “Rimes” on Tesla’s associate Mrs. “GRIMES” on CNN-  this Grimes girlfriend her he has his family to raise, as this my friend of 2005 and 2006 ELON MUSK — called me from the airport so we could conclude the COOL airborne division of me telling China to name something with 18+

That was a Must!

Elon MUSK!

My best friend whose polite and very smart-  he’s no longer hearing a bearing accent of Elon Musk’s college graduation speeches, it seems I’ve listened to one of them, online, when hearing the man I spoke with in 2005 and 2006 I was feeling “Just Fine” as he saw my website and read it, he revelation’ed his Tesla revolution of not cylinders sliding BUT ELECTRICITY POWERING THE VE-HICLE… summertime is a good time for popsicles, when the Winter brings Icycles… and moped’s when I pay American taxes, to the end

I want to move to Ohio

I appropriately postpone the drunken drone of sitting on Wayne’s Thone, throwing twig-finances on the Prince, that’s me! but not my pothead stoner brother to be seen and not answering my emails or calls—that he and my Dad are mad I’M MAKING A LOT OF MONEY LIKE $45,000 in my account aside from Bank of America I pride… the starting status of officially the doctors said, “Deb, 2 sons you have born, officially—when now years last later skater, who’s speeding tickets on my “record” was all to see, and me joyfully with a full belly, Jeffrey I be with also “Jeff M” and “Jeffry” for all to see, and isn’t that special that I HAVE 2 OFFICIAL “ALIASES” organized and unrehearsed the alternate altogether Limousine similarity with traffic traditionally Trading Crypto-Currencies, that sitting down with all 3 of my Stockbrokers, the profits, I see, but everyone—not my parents and Aunt Donna Donohue, Though, with an arrow straight (NO FAGGOT HERE!) but splicing my ripped (paid for that way ).  Enjoy your stay at the Marquis Esplanade on the camping block, of a CAMPING SITE, that night in the woods when I had “wood” and would I tempt my girlfriend of 2004 now taking Cialis common Referee charity, charting the Fiji Waters at the store where they cost more, than Adirondack liquids seeking the slippery slope of travel on the Pope’s throat, throwing a fit to request to sit, with the Saudi Prince with them both wearing Minks, their soapy coats of Belvedere refinement, the Saudi, drives, a, Audi… with a Quattro tranny in the intimates of a mechanical robotic organism — TRASMISSION — and TREADMILLY TIME REMINDS ME OF THOSE “WOOD-SHOP” at The Vitamin Shopping to ring of my wedding, that CZ I will buy because “blood diamonds” are a taste of Grimes, every single time, WITH ELON MUSK ON THE PHONE, he got so many calls, once or many times from me, said “SpaceX FAMOUS HE WILL BE!” so and then I searched Elon— I had done weeks before with ELONGATE because I wanted to ELON-GATE MY BEST TESTICAL INDEAVER WITH LADIES LOVE “BEEBS”

Justin Marquis, Justin Beiber, Justin Gewandter- we should all buy Tesla Roadsters and accelerate beyond 250 MPH that’s 2 hundred and 50 miles-per-hour, a single hour, me single, I took a shower, at another hour, sweet art is Tart like a Tasty’s dot-com briefs to breathe the breasts of a man, Hilfiger boxers, that Ember, I want her to see me in the mirror with the indie album by my knees—and oh Jeez, her comes the squeeze, window open for a breezy smell in the required showers, my parents make sure I take a shower every other night being sometimes in the morning I look to the fields and feeling my Jeffrey, “Averte” where I will be, for probably a long time, so get in line, get in the very short list of the last people I have “kissed” at least- on the cheek only my Mom, my Dad, and my Auntie Donna Donohue EVERYTHING IS ALL FOR USED!

And because the song makes many feeling great, there’s a 60 minute repeat version, not gotten with BitTorrent software “Transmission” of pleasantries with who my Dad called her for me, “Auntie Gail” at his ECM Plastics, Inc. I had a job helping my Dad owned the business with color-matching in a Laboratory and I’ve never owned a milligram scale — he had 2 of them that were about $1000 a piece — Bruce Fenton please call me at 508-596-4311 the you get a chance to set my penny-pence, while making sense, to you, who Bruce Fenton I want to give you a little single Bitcoin, when I have or have had, because of me! ONLY! MY INTEREST IN BITCOIN SIZZLES ME IN THE LOIN IN 2005 AND 2006, learning so much, having my profits from ECM PLASTICS, INC. as my “crutch” — twice attending A.A. and realizing I had the powers of over GOD- I reached beyond, in 2013 with Justine Aragona because it happened for about 9 or 10 hours to discover the best orgasm ever—total body and sensical awareness, that I remember God and Allah (who is just “velocity”) worship God and Allah please because they’re separate, God and Allah are interrelated THIS I KNOW! I prayed for Allah to take me to God, me not knowing Jesus anymore BECAUSE I SUFFERED IN “HIS” PLACE, replacing the Crux of Christ that I think it was very nice of me to suffer in the cause of Christians my Jesus Christ gold and white gold neck-lace chain, me wearing it all day, and cleaning it once and a while when my Mom brings up the jewelry cleaner distinctions of an Emblem (hi Ember!) on a Rolls-Royce what is that a logo of theirs oh the hood?  And is that a good thing to be a waste of cash, I celebrity

I be so popular here, at “Averte” and keeping the staff clear of my naming namey-Amy the NAMES of Averte residents, I don’t know their names in total, but Marie is sweet to me smiling smiling and more smiling that I light up her room, Sandy out front by the door with a BROOM, I like Marie.  She’s nice.  But I’m procrastinating my adore-ing her as I’m in no space to sleep in the same bed—I asked Elise to lay in bed with me once—and when I get my money of Bitcoins galore, I will give her gladly more of my time to view the older her, it’s a fit girl, eating little Italy- without Lay’s chips, I take my pills five times a day — I’m not trying to have intercourse of horny sexuality—I’M OKAY WITHOUT A GIRL!—for Manny R. and her older sis Danita gaining the were times of dropping to the floor for as many as 55 pushup’s I’d do 35 every morning and then 40 every single morning before work, that I woke up so easily from dreamy Riff that I told Jessica T. And Mrs. Ricciardi of the mental hospices 8-east the girls worshipped me.

We worshipped our “Trio” I want you to read about my stay there, when people altered my keystrokes of this hacked Mac I’m forced to use, but they won’t buy me “For US” ‘focus’ to the Factory of FOCUS FACTOR — my brain injury… My brain My heart My old website of TaLenTed WRITING for my feely few Bitcoin Fanatic, RIGHT HERE WHERE I WILL BE, AND WHEN BRUCE FENTON CALLS ME ` ` ` I will be so happy to hear the voice of Bruce Fenton—staying away from Kraft Frankfuters and France and Lance cheater Armstrong, I don’t support his money or his endoreselement my by me who is wait to see the characters of catatonic non-drinker I do since 1 beer Summer of year 2020

Teen girls gave graves to quarantines of covid-19 that I emailed China to name a virus LIKE THESE MASTER DESKTOPS! being with the alteration and complaining about going to the grave soon… will North Korea use its new Hyper-Sonic WEAPONS!

[ NoKo implants ] Besse, Dan that’s what gets me as I’m waiting to hear a voicemail from a Senator BRUCE FENTON and-oh-or a man investigating “fraud” it said on a website I saw, about my account on whatever of the MANY TRADING BITCOINS WEBSITE, as I had ownership of for a night of trading with Dan Besse, DAN AND DAD, I researched Bitcoin because BitTorrent was outlawed, so slow my solo ownership of a total of 5000 Bitcoins, I had for a mild free and few milfs milking in Fashion Malls (FC) Mannie cheerleader coach at UT!

Eden Roc on the Kardashians they showed and I couldn’t believe it because “previously at the Eden Roc I stayed for a week when time flied by I drank beer back then, after I broke up with Justine Aragona, who Tantric Tyranny of rampant, ersatz sprinting surprise I’m not “SPRUNG” at now almost THREE P.M. or AM where I’ve been staying up nights of delight chatting deep to my Ego of “writing” Dazzle Dubs on wheels spinning and I, NOT SINNING TONIGHT WITH LUBE ON THE TUBE OF NAKED FEMALES I won’t post smut — I haven’t posted a photo of a nude woman for many years now!

I drink a lot of chocolate Milk and I refuse to wear mink or anything PINK but peruse the pantie-thongs in Vicky’s at the mall when I’d buy JUSTINE ARAGONA I MISS YOU AND WE SHOULD BE TOGETHER AT A HOUSE IN CHARLTON, MA so very Near to my Mom and Dad and Aunt Donna Donohue who are very proud of my quitting drinking in 2016!

Come King Song with the TRUMP-etc. along the menu medium medean of a sculpture culture DIVERSITY in the Urban hoods of a natural 1% milk their company, sold in gas stations but not too old, as they all have should have soon too be sold the milk new, cuds matching chewy gum of one another one, the menustriaghting monotony of me making money, but not borrowed from Bruce Fenton just yet, because I need to stay on my needs of enduring the molestation of me in 2001 by Mr. John Deedy — my parents met with my high school Catholic Saint John’s for hiring a homosexual “bear” without any beer but the drug from his butt-buddies from S&M clubs, that A.K. got off with Mr. Deedy and proceeded to have, many hours in a row, doing his “prostate” with a dildo of John’s, the night was long for me alone-  all that compliant me and Mr. Deedy and A.K. we had big complaints about how our being DRUGGED BY A GAY MAN WITH SPEED, although I don’t think he saw my ejaculate sperm “seed” within any crevice, when he said, “I’m sure you’re the Blowjob King Receiving Head from girls!” And instead of ejaculating with a man, I FELT FORCED TO DO IT WITH HIS ASS NO CONDOM!

HIM NOT HAVING A CONDOM yeah I was sexually abused when I was 20 years-old, his ass tasted like mold, that he said A.K. loved it as much as The Puppets of Them and Lava Beast Deedy was abusing me sexually, bare penis bum of my rear-end-  he pretended to “TEACH ME!” he he he told the room with small lighting, all lighting with A.K. and me for 4 ayy-emm A.M. hours of he made me wear his jewelry, that he had many men’s “cock-rings” at his mother’s house down the street from QCC when I said, “I wouldn’t put my mouth unto it ONNIT drinks like speedy thesaurus Rex… WRX… is mine 1 of three dot-com’s for me with WordPress pressing in the bandages of scarred skin on my left hips, they have a pool here and I don’t take “A Dip” boo the water is too cold!

Servants being bringing the one and only CORRUPT feeble foreigner piercing the Royal Palace, getting a job with the foreign government—dipping in a dime of drink with ethanol-poise pad’s POISON — a spy wants to poison the King—Spy. Vs. Spy. in the palace lobby palming a $100 to slip in the drink a valid vial of Haloperidol I get in my butt checks being from the nurses here, at “Averte” to alleviate the needing to be cared for by a paid staff, I gave them all $20’s and $40’s and a $50 with a CRAFT BENJAMIN- BILL for thrills of 3 years ago I gave the employees moneyt because I said I’d be awake at night and writing such pure delight of delicatessen in the kitchen — I feel better with my sitting back on the lovessseat to eat the lunch or dinner each day, with plenty of food to eat in my fried fridge with Widgets on my Investments at online locations in the USA Nation giving probably $50 percent of my /

51/49 I’m keeping at least 50+ percent, that’s what I meant, so signing the checks to TD Bank and Morgan-Stanley — no one is supposed to know about that — but Dan Besse my “Cuz” hasn’t communicated with me for years, handing my millions USDollar—when all this time I email him and he doesn’t GET YOUR FRILLS ON AT like a cube in the freezer in the office, by the Cubicles—and where most workaday earners clip their CUTICLES — pink and cute on the women, has and stems of stimulation in the U.S. Nation without Hatie’s “Katie” where but HERE IN VERMONT! I want you to get-going and a send a me a mail… my emails enameled with my address given to Bruce Fenton just days ago, I know he knows my U.S. “SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER… I gave it to him on “Meta Business” and YEAH


This a Spry Swimmer in the Naval Pool “Race-Winner” Olympia, of course, at Spring, so springing in the chests on Swimmers in water-based or oil-based Olympic swim races! So SWIM where you’ve got a pool in the back of the house like Kay’s jewelry on Ray at his best, him a pizza-night feast of “Save the cheese for Daddy!” And I’ll try not to bring up Deedy!

Hold that UHAUL to Hail King Wayne, him not hearing about what he did to me—it must have driven him insane—and my Mom who won’t ever ever ever even wear thongs! Her face must have been “long” and with a frown, what he touched on my body and SQUEEZING MY BALLS WITH BOTH FISTS, HE TOLD ME I WOULD “LIKE IT” so I did to him again and again and again, his whips and whims to commit sins to a Saint John’s Graduate—yeah I’d graduated from the school HE SHOWED ME A COCK-RING ONE DAY AFTER SCHOOL! HE WORE NIPPLE RINGS TO SCHOOL!

And he showed me his dick that wasn’t big AFTER SCHOOL ONE DAY… and I said to him, “I know Jim Cassidy but I’m not sure what he meant when he said you could lay on him, and he made me lay on him for about fifty minutes when he was expensed out, he had me try on a dress… and this is Traumatic for me, like a new BRAIN TRAUMA 2004-2005 and to this very day when I say, I said and continue to say, “WHY DID ANOTHER CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL HIRE A GAY MAN TO TEACH STUDENTS???”

To my dismay in June at the 12th now and I’m active physically with a mid-section smoking hot SO THIN, NO BEER!

Mr. Deedy squelch he hit my behind, spanking me with a belt, just one time, because with me, THAT WAS NOT FINE!


I gave my Dad and my “Cuz” Dan Besse 0% as far as the eye can see, that is not seeing the Big Bang, when it’s still sticking steady in the universe I made it beyond the Big Bang with a dangle of my on-top of her for about 9 hours, to my powers of acceleration WELL BEYOND THE SPEED OF LIGHT, my life since I have never worshipped Allah, who, may, be, the best avenue, as I’ve gotten far beyond Jesus Christ who was one-of-many “virgin births” CALLED “PARTHENOGENESIS” thanks to an article so long and so long ago in 2004 when I learned that virgin-births aren’t special, although rare, Jesus Christ WHO I SUFFERED IN “HIS” PLACE FOR MONTHS!

I chose to suffer and then deth we will see, do I have readers ?????

I think so may be, and risk of me, to disseminate so much such information dissemination, throttling a throat, and when slitting a goat… with the Reverend, and before he saw his Kingdom of love with the Minister’s family, happy him in pictures I would see, with him at lunch showing me his photo albums, even once of only his wife and daughter on holding holidays CHRISTMAS MORNING the gifts so plenty full with a later meal of ham and honey but lacking a rabbit’s hoof, like Hoffman placing their plates of food to scrumptious upon, the way was long, a mink loose thong, of thoughts and what to be brought, to the places of spaces for bodily Zest, and then the toothpaste… Crest Smiling bright with my own might of pens to sign the documents of me wealth-ily jotting pages of notes, of prices, Dan’s investing for me the one and True owner of Tesla stocks far beyond the allowance of Dan’s first investing for me, it wasn’t a Dream or a Tuesday because I know I INVESTED MILLIONS OR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF U.S. DOLLAR BILLS, thanks Dad… and thanks Dan… you da man, you typed with your own hands and we developed a Trading Ritual that night of playing The Lord’s Prayer of us being Guided to immense incrementing time intervals, all night long… the Vivarin pills had our tenancy reduced,

I was raped as a Sophomore or as a Junior because of Mr. John Deedy’s curiosity, to see, what I’d do upon seeing his PP!





Mr. John Deedy anally raped me!

He used both hands to grip my balls and SQUEEZE as hard as he could

I said I wouldn’t sign his papers, except about A.K. with allusions to me!

Introduced to his mother downstairs who chose to ignore his gay sex-life

He had no girlfriend and no wife

Mista Salad at The Cola-Tina and Dad drinking Coca~Cola

Ring around the collar, his linen mower in the “Shed Mae” and Made of wood

Doing it around the cuff of a “Links For Transparent Fetishist, I placed my fist!

I fisted my gay homosexual Saint John’s “Catholic High School” teacher, as he told me when the high night went on, hugging him with a spent legal-tender of him providing a Sexually Deleriant Medication, that’s really prescription, did you know meth was a pill too?

Not for you, Mr. Deedy said, me being a faggot I wasn’t and he hugged me previously on that night, the lack of delight as I SAW THE SIGHT OF SQUISHY SHIT SHIT ON ME!


The truth I’m told, my parents dealt with Saint John’s that I’d like some Catholic courtesy, to see, him eradicated erection, when his penis wasn’t hard, he sinned against his employer, THE CATHOLIC CHURCH I’M PROTESTANT!

And with protest of zest soap and suds, their metal molding on sweet whip-ski’s, the sudsy water in the Sink to the Swimmers

The automobiles along the highway so quick, and given cheer with the bubbled washing machine, the meadow out back, to have a Russian attack, the army shows no slack, but a lack of hypersonic technology, North Korea is my Nation’s EURO/USA my many “Euro’s” currently having the currency with the currant of an ocean breeze, the air-room air so hot from what but the oven, baking breads with the yesterday that is has become June I remember we spooned, like with Elise here, touching her hair


They haven’t seen the sight of another or anyone, as I believe anyone who exposes him or herself, to me, that is all done, because being accosted with a show of skin is not in and it is not fun

I see with my peeks and at pecks of a Purdue chicken-dinner of the white meat being the whiner, but like I said, my weighted weighing remnants of Cider next never “hard” cramming for pre-tense of your body quiverince my Repenting at brought confusion… God is a “Real Illusion” at the edge of space, I found my place, but I prefer that Allah take me all about the universe of the English language, and maybe because of, first, my abuse by John Deedy in 2001 at his mother’s house who she stayed in bed, sleeping… that night in 2001 I was young and abused by a GAY MAN… then later having my best girlfriend ever the Justine Aragona, remaining un-seen by my recently seeing Mr. Pellegrini on Facebook, I didn’t take his hook, to not read a book as instead my writing, with rhyming, nickel and divining in my prime premise of me with no incest, as I would vanquish upon immediate sight to Aunt Donna out of the shower, when I don’t care about her hands or body that in her prime she not be, damsel in distress… And Tess Froio staying so FIT! and not to mention, her midsection was tight, with sit-up’s and crutches every night, her uninjured and not needing a simple “crutch” to stay sober with an over the shoulder bolder holder, and holding her whole self up tall, her younger sister was not too tall and not to small… when absorbing the scent of pepperoni Tostito’s in the air, all of the Greek food, it made me think of Greece, like that other restaurant I’d drink my last lonely beer… and there in the air, I would drink a Bud Light, last stop of the night… before trekking ten minutes home, good I didn’t speed or get a, a TEN FOURTY FOUR with a MAGNUM, not used, but I’m prepared for a girl amused with the sight of my slightly being with a TD Bank of Dan’s and mine—the Dogecoin, my Ripley—with windy winter nights of me turning off the lights downstairs and let pet Ripley sleep, with a night-light downstairs… and her blank stares at the Milk-Bone box in the pantry, stretching out Justine’s panties… I wanted my (Dogecoin) Doggy to snore with my MMJ smoke being foreign to her, as I would treat her with pieces of fish—in her eating food dish—instead of throwing the Bumblebee Tuna in the trash, after eating the Milk-Bone, that’s all for now…

Stallone’s ocean Scarab and and his cigarette-boat

I DON’T SMOKE BUTTS EVER! when this BECAUSE I TALKED TO ELON MUSK FOR HOURS, ONLY ON THE PHONE being separate from our messages on Facebook, this before he was the richest man in the world! with a “Grimes” being his only girl!

Taking my Justine Aragona at my word, so sweet, to go out to eat and “Taking my Justine” as my Queen to dine so fine with no beer at UNO’s for the first part of our 2009-2013 relationship ‘a’ plenty lovemaking between the sheets on my bed, her scent of Vicky’s smegma oozing our her Vee, for with her I would bring her higher, and I’m NOT A LIAR, of in a Lion’s Mane’s man of bringing tighter stumbling surrenderance enduring the life-long

READ THAT AND SEE THE PICTURE OF THE ALCOHOL I DUMPED OUT… in my life of 2.5 months of Sobriety in 2004, before they were all so terrible and bad, so disperse the meticulous monotony of a keyboard type typing me at easy ‘n’ breezy Verse to the tune, it being now June the 12th, Elf on a Shelf for the believers in Christmas Holiday when


Ironic and Super-Sonic at the disco, when we go, there to the place and beyond things I’ve experienced with an NDE and a full-body orgasm that probably prompted me to reach “beyond God” that I’m no fraud, having experienced Him and His “real illusion” like a hologram at the edge of space, I found my place, to be with God at the edge of space, I prayed with my girl, Bibles, 70+ Sunday Service pamphlets and all of my religious great in bed with us-  I didn’t cuss, but I CAME all night long, hearing YouTube songs with intermediance immediately my “Intermediary State” as described in The Qur’an with the alternate being a life of “your sole” in heaven/hell when Justine had Tinkerbell PJ’s I adored, keeping her warm, no lighting storms, no condom and my big unit wasn’t sore, so I wished like I wish now, many more nights of Tantric sex with Justine Aragona, that now, “Jeff M” and “Jeffry” bereft, but not of good food here at “Averte” — I found them online and told my parents I wanted to live here, that I found them on Facebook and my Mom smiled so wide — she was glad I found out about this Rehabilitation Home where they cook for me and clean my apartment, also driving me to doctor’s appointments like with Dr. Candido who is helpful, I take my fill, at the Clean Fill, no drill, no drinking beer or alcohol SOBER 2016 without a sip for 2+ years, no beers, no gay sex, wishing for Justine who is my Queen, like I told Justine’s parents I was hoping for a relationship with a girl in Tampa, Florida, I visited at The Eden Rock where Kim Kardashian stayed, I saw it on The Kardashian’s TV show, and wouldn’t you know, albeit although, I know, to be with a “Ho” who’s silly slinky hanging out sea-side and brushing your chompers the teeth with nothing underneath a Christmas Wreath, the housewife wench, putting up 235 lbs on the bench-press to read the official declarations of the News, like a new car for me with my Stocks, as my parents go for walks, and with much talking, unanimously and clean for my Queen to queef the wreath of my Spring Season WRITING at the word pad, of a padlock treasure chest’s on girl’s sound and round rancid milk in the fridge when the power goes to me for a week in the Winter of December 25th when Jesus was born and with what God’s universe entail, God brings planets and galaxies maybe with life on them, when the stars were already there, and we got in on this thing called “life” with what God is SHINING A BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT OF GUAGED BLUE SHINE WITH A WHITE BEARD!

That hologram of Him to get inside His brain in his head and His vision where only stars exist ahead of IGF-1 LR3 in my neck for anti-aging that I look like I’m in my 30’s and I hope to be with Justine more than girls in their 30’s years old, who probably diet on no-bread with more money in a cake for Rev. Anne Skinner’s birthday to blow out the candles, “Hannah House” her internet “handle” I discovered through An Angel and A.A. years later “Ladder to Heaven” on South Park on Comedy CENTRAL with perk of a branch with a pretty little Chickadee in the tree, perching with finding a munchy Brunch here they made egg whites of a Falcon’s flight to a bright while I think of I AM PROTECTED! No I’m not planning anything “Lingo” Fetty Wap Babble my dream was to have Danita at night and Mannie during the day, not at the same time! 2SISTA license plate in red, to pull up videos of ladies in beds!