Bruce Fenton, he followed my advice in 2005 or 2006 and ran for the awesome position of Senator recently, him $$,$$$,$$$ — I got him so very much into Bitcoin — because I read “Advanced Cryptography” and he’s not sure what to think of me because I told him I’d drive hours to meet him and SLEEP ON HIS COUCH! I wrote to him:

I prefer your Captain America shield and your office,

that, remember, I posted “VOTE BRUCE FENTON!” in 2005 or 2006 when I knew you were so wise with money — like my Dad the $$,$$$,$$$ owner/President of his plastics/polymers company — so we agreed we’d be friends in 2005 or 2006, when I felt special because you had a grey “Public Figure” mention below your photo, I remember your Bitcoin $BTC that I knew was foolproof following my reading the math book, “Advanced Cryptography” and I’ve done so many BTC things online, and with candle-stick trading of currencies, buying 20 to 30 stocks, etc. in 2013 or 2014 with my older Saint John’s and Fairfield University graduate “Cuz” like cousin named Daniel Michael Besse who spent millions of dollars in my Trust Fund — oh and I’ve paid for 250 N95 masks in 2004, then again when I saw Chinese people wearing them, pre-pandemic, and Amazon only sent a pack of 50, so I knew a version of a Plague was on the horizon, because it had been so many years since an illness took the world by storm that I maybe had something to do with because I emailed China in 2005 to name viruses with an 18+ number, so 19, when I was friends on Facebook with a Chinese specialist in viruses — but anyways I’m always being hacked by Google which some jerks bribed them, Facebook, Apple, Dell, Subaru, ISP’s, and all of the apartments I’ve lived at — so that and I have an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science — then in 2002 starting my own dot-com website — I now own 3 separate dot-com’s — but back to your green shirt with Batman the logo the Bat Signal (!!!!!) I liked the first Batman movie when Michael Keaton didn’t have any “super powers” but still kicked butt, I’ve never believed Batman had superhuman powers, but I’m glad you went to the Bitcoin conference I went to the beginning one and I talked to Vitalik Buterin on the phone, which years later I talked to Elon Musk for 40+ minutes when he was not famous yet — I found him when I wanted to ELON-gate my legs and arms with GHRP-6, Hexarelin, CJC-1295, etc. because I was recovering from a severe TBI — and I immediately made an order for a gift to my Mom some “Musk perfume” heh, you’re one of the greatest people I know, and as I’ve never done FENT-anyl it’s one of the reasons why I was your Facebook friend for so long, that I miss our videochats and I sent you $250 or $350 for your Senatorial Campaign in “somewhere fireworks are legal”  heh, I saw you were from NH and I wish the UAE great blessings from Allah and The Creator “The Father of His universe” we’re friends, trust me, I’ve always liked your financial success and you taking my phone calls, that oh I got to be friends with so many people in 2005 and 2006 because I bought $30 worth of the $1 “Facebook Gifts” that’s 30 of these “Gifts” icons I put them on people I wanted to talk to! anyways, I wish you well and hope you’re back home, but maybe you feel safer over there, I don’t feel safe (108959# safe at home lol…) wow the UAE: The Middle-East and I feel that what I’ve said many times before, “I’m Geeking Out With Allah in Space” but as a peaceful American taxpayer who’s non-violent but abused by the staff and residents here at “Averte” who are bribed and ordered around, how to mess with me really awfully, hacking me, drugging me, abusing my rights as an American taxpayer, but as I’ve dated my #1 lover EVER Justine Aragona who’s a lot shorter than me, I would understand if your wife is shorter than you in the photo, or it’s your daughter, but I’m sure you were happy in the photo and you’re real “tricky” that I haven’t been able to call you on the phone, I tried a while ago — the number is still in my phone — I say you’re “tricky” (but not really) I see the sand in the photo when now I want you to YouTube the song “Tricky – Christian Sands” because I was once a Christian at Saint John’s High School, but I was sexually abused for several hours by my gay teacher who has been fired from the school, probably because of me, drugged that night by my own choice as I wanted to do a new drug, but this teacher of mine knew it would make me horny and senses wacky, inhibitions vanished, and easy for him to compromise my entire body, I screamed for help, he got me a laxative, etc. etc. 2001 or 2002 it happened in the winter season, so I’m not sure if it was in 2001 or 2002, but this gay teacher was employed by another Christian school in Worcester, MA, but you don’t want to hear any of that and I’m sorry to remind you — and i don’t want to end this on a bad note, so let me mention that I went to a private, Christian High School, Class of 2000 good student, accepted to Northeastern University I was great with computers, oh and another reason why I went to one of the first Bitcoin meetings is because I thought BitTorrent CHANGED ITS COMPANY NAME! So then also in the Name of God, I didn’t try to crash in 2004 with my TBI and shattered left hip that broke into 7 pieces and PEACE BRUCE! =)

I’ve sent him a couple hundred dollars in my supporting his running for Senator of New Hampshire, I got him interested in gaining political clout and investing so much into Bitcoin in 2005 and 2006!

Aunt Donna “who”? Ohhh, I know Aunt Donna Donohue 😁

Wallet all then, of Dan B. and me, like a lot of people benefiting from an or of my profits, and MY MOTHER HEN mother hen, mother help me with my TD Bank MILLIONS USD, or is us too seemingly classy, My Mom, a “Class Teacher” before and after then, on March 20th, 1982, I met you, you know who, I’m talking about salmon and trout, but what about, The Solomon Pond Mall where I was transferred there without me caring about the busy busty keeping of me shining bright, with me feeling utterly cow’s udders under there, (underwear being boxer briefs) I would keep them recyclical like a Centerfold done and through, all for used, all for some to see whistful prose professionally, when me, and my fingers, cause audiences poignant “Quivers” like “What’s he going to write about NEXT???”

Next up, Ember’s pup- that yup, so pick a twilight’s tulip at the calmest point of day, being free of any dismay, this May at its end and in-coming June, joking like Howerd Stern so refined to officially be-it blasted through the SiriusXM radio, channel 101- but me more into YouTube, Hip-Hop Nation, and Shade45 with satellites drifting the lightest beer got me swilling and alwayschillen to the utmost decree of who I exceed the mouth and languages of noneother than I, digging chocolate pie and Peter my online friend — yeah when I was forced to move to Vermont, we saw the end of palling around—pail and shovel—Peter’s in trouble with Colonel B. that I’ve seen the glee on Peter’s face, playing hookie and watching “Brazzers” for some self-accomplished satisfaction!

“I can’t get no… perforated fabric! 😜

Others come and Southerners go—to Tractor shows!

Ring the bell went to the store to pick up loam in a show-room, so soon, so soon, is it too soon?

For I weep, every day thus far in May, when me and myself, we are being, just simply, seeing the weaklings here at “Averte” so shoddy, not a party, when incubating myself in slithery bubble-bath so AFT, that then when the alarm announces morning-time it’s when I classically tip my hat at the skinny ladies, although never having “Skinny Dipped” announcing oneself to the shoddy water and inclement weather—a clementine of mine to toss in the Tub—for a CITRUS SCRUB!

Fatty Fatty Beefcake—one who fills his mouth so AFT—known at the local bar as “King Draft” reminding me of that had commercials—later “sportsradar” ??? J.S. what happened with that your craft of teasing stocks and bonds, of a Brazilian Brassier nearest and dearest hunny bunny- want to invest my money?

Marble steps covered with red carpet leading to the rope barrier and closed door

Talk to Dan, and Dan if you’re reading this, why haven’t you responded to me in a couple years, we’re not queers, you’re married, and maybe I shouldn’t have said, DAN DO YOU WANT TO “COMPARE… OUR DOWNSTAIRS ?”

Karen the soldier bearing brazen shoulders and a peg-leg drinking swill from an ice-cold keg…

Be irreverent with the monthly w/ “Rent”

A potent camping tent and a Jeff constructive conjugation of verbs and so many words!

I want to, do it Jane Doe, for you are the one who knows me greatest

and check my and every so long, or so short, the vertically-challenged baking nutrient-encrusted burnt bacon, the stove hot and so’s the kettle and *cough*

Sneeze, please, and spread the paste in steady of it going to what such waste, post-haste, living in Haiti, knowing a can’t you wait please, overseas on the bee’s needs of… OK u waiting??? Islamic waking ’n’ baking a pizza pie for dinner, or goulash cream-puffs, that’s the stuff, up to snuff- when, crunch a Cacao Puff of it in a Jiff, or a Jeff, like me, I go by “Jeffrey” 🤩

The June month is a few days away!

The “Zuck” and of Another and The Others

The ordered Saint John’s “Catholic” “Brother” textbook Psalms memorized in the Summer Book Sale—yeah at Saint John’s we had to spend a hundred dollars on Textbooks—who else would have thought, “Learning, Books, etc.” information of a form-figured incarnation of Tasty’s temptation being “Woke” or “Nope” whilst selling the put-on shoes to retrieve the Newspaper light gray papyruses at Pappy’s “Sunday Funnies”, kneecaps and up north a bathing bath in the chilly, chilly salt water—to Swim with Seals—and to catch feels on a blank Poker Face pitiful furnace luminescent limbo at the Car Show with who do you know but Linde picking a cap, a hat, onto with which one’s placed a Pope and his Cardinals baseball team, taking turns, the team in baseball uniforms, per each man (and/or females nails) OH MAN! signifying designs and singing songs, seems so long and the days the months the years piled on with ones who are missing teeth…

Chompers, see ya later!
Dentures, embrace ya!

Blocks shocked shakers of salt ’n’ “Peppa” a lot of activity with $PEPE lately, that I would invite everyone to Google: “Jeff Coin” and win an Emmy with what the Oscar being last on the list, of a seamstress bereft of working for many hours at work, when after-therefore getting more and more and more… that although I see cold-squishy dollar bill frequency being fried while “inline” with what Fancy Feasted “Kitty-Kay” clif bar gone around the city curious with the switch of being flicked, so as to breathe in with what “atmosphere” above a factory plant, but not my seeded Sun Flower when, they splat them to be with tall as a tomato brand planet: “Earth”

An infants birth?
Ladies did it hurt?

Click on “Enter” in the Mother’ed and Doctor’ed activity, take it from me, my Properties—My “Settings and Savings” on the computer machine—accomplished mind not falling behind, among the ways, Celebrities ‘shade’, amongst those who Ember Ace food on a plate, on a plane, at a later date, so high up- so so Heaven Scent in a beat up car with a dent, bended out and then there’s Facebook I stay online afloat—Titanic-size Carnival Cruise, have you seen the News? a S.H.I.P (State Head-Injury Program) I have for me—and a little money in $BTC—where my own knowledge and education—Economics on in founded fine info’s, on each Chapter and every page, you know?  My public schooling at an early age, far from 18+ that I stick to- the lower limit of years on this Blessed planet, no tattoo’s—I’ve planned it to buy and wear a lot of jewelry, with me not having a tattoo or piercings—I never wanted to commit myself to what be like a planned organization, I like my USA “Nation” paying taxes and receiving much less money, for real, hunny—as I’ve made sure I’m not with currently much money, that America is setting aside my payments… Seriously, honestly, for real for real, I only receive $330 because that’s the car I want a “330xi” from Bimmer to drive and thrive with what I’m benefiting but not with any friends because I have hardly any friends!

I’m looking to profit, but not to be a Father <3 my Dad and Mom! <3 Aunt Donna Donohue <3 Justine Aragona 2009-2013 I want her back because we're both TBI, so injured because of the others who caused our injured brains and broken bones! =(

Spliffs off-filtered and with the coming SUMMER when time stretches on—Day Light Saving my Stocks, Bitcoins, gold, etc. etc.—with what I take to a turned-up Tulip to smoochies the forsaken Lamborghini’s tempting me to reach a high top-speed, mixed with CBD, I’m seeing the calmness it brings—while I choose not to sings, vocally, but dancing with these wondrous words in my head, pecking at keys instead—of the whatnot land-plot Plantation when my U.S.A. nation was vastly different and no Bitcoins to be spent, to be HODL’ed in the kettle with bells on at the gym, lifting weighty waits and taking about 5 minutes on each exercise-machine, my working out years ago, the gym was my “scene” and seen about every night on the treadmill—and while in 2013 or 2014 I wrote a “Will” I sent to my wealth-manager (one of 2 or a few 3 or more) William Mahoney, Daniel Besse, Dad, Mom, Aunt Donna Donohue, etc.—I want my much mucho money to spend on a Tesla ($50,000 “Reservation on a Tesla Roadster…) DONE!


“Hunk of Junk” a tree-tops hump

The ways when I choose a choice of disseminating information in prose and poetry, that I be… a master of words, and a mastur-absurd spunk of yours truly, me, an agile “hunk” to score enough and out the door I go, seeking more, it implored and zesty when my chest BE and BIGGER—like a hoodie worn by a Black—and the Caucasian Cashiers under attack, a distant ways from here, in the comfortable sir-name “Aliases” I have arranged, on the helm, happy helping me do what I am capable of… with what I “BE” and Jeffrey Marquis, reading a little and writing a heck of a lot—that’s all for me, and also you, too, with what I share my words- wise and unkempt hidden—Antique Lures (hi Dad) being “Heddon” in your collection of what ways to hook a guppie, when Dad is out fishing for trout, what about, to then eat the meat of a good size Freshie Water fish—flipping it tail, maybe not quite the size of a (Bitcoin) “Whale” but a big Trout—what about?

Mom finicking the bones before baked or fried, the fresh fish I remember from The Sole, well, they sold me 40+ entrees for a pretty penny of the American Currency, but in debt to Taxpayers amassing the masses, of “Massa’s” Plantation of this my USA Nation and receiving payments from Disability, being the most best I can be—yeah me—who I be above the messed-up “Residents” here they are so bizarre and totally incapable of living without “The Help” of African-Americans to them, bereft of CA$H and the ghetto-booties, an ass, and a white pony / black stallion collaboration of a fine musical group, seen in person a few times—without whining or let along alone that I haven’t had wine in a very, very long time… helicopter, conclusion, false

What comes special, only the delectable eating playing Pascal on the Piano—arriving on-time with a ticklish bit of Rhyme, for me, when I write I tend to Jive—me being SOBER 2016 on for a long time now—as you may view me thrive in living my life, albeit with no Wife being now and currently, bereft of fleshy fantasies, I’m single, and hating to be “that way” when it’s now May 23, 2023… and how when once I heaved the heaven/hell of Islamic faith, there’s only The Creator (God) and Allah I did experience 9 or 10 years ago, wouldn’t you know, with how I take a bow and point the cursor [ censored ] with crumbs in the toaster, toasting a water with a lemon slice and a lime in limbo, Spliced, me being nice to who but me maybe buying a gift for my Aunt Donna Donohue, for hours of phone-time because she’s SOBER like me and not drinking wine—which my Mom sips one (just one…) glass of white wine each evening when unwinding on the comfortable couch, and my Dad with her on the other couch, slouched and being shiny—that—I swear—my Mom is not “whiney” or a “wine-oh” I love my Mom and Dad! =)

I’ve been tired all day, today, and in the month of May, in the year of the Lord, 2023, but speaking of 20-23 I am not keeping score, and I want Miley more Miley Cyrus!

Mike WiLL Made-It – 23 (Explicit) ft. Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J

What be the crux of a remaining piece of pizza, crusty and rusty, dusty, ready for a snacking, I’m clapping!

I sat down with Carissa today, and told her I’ve been very well, that she’s nice, like Ember — I want Justine Aragona back to marry now that her brain has seen more improvement, maybe she’s driving a car now!

Come too with me, and you and her and her, but not her — there’s no way SHE is coming with us, dammit!
Feeling fuzzy with “Cozzy” and his special son
Sans-Dopa, nope, give me Diet Cola
(24 packed with greasy film with, of)

…John Travolta’s Tesla twat and test-wrench

Vibes of vibrations on the Nation and the common white Tax-Payer
When the naysayer… no way would never happen, The Lair
I did, got my hair “did” — says the neighbor before his Janitor hobby, clean up the crumbs and clean up the sneeze with Puffs

The hobet to test a bet what we’ve set as better, better, best, when once and revolving this summer and the anniversary of an event that I hope to see 2024 with more in store (storage Charlton, MA) and 

Frumpy cheating chest, brush with Crescent, and try to be at-least decent

On the clear connection to XM Sirius-ly, it’s great the tunes the talk and yolk with Volk and a book so writely written I’m smitten without any Smirnoff, the autograph of Steven Hawking and it’s dark when the lights are off—this, David Hasselhough and Hasselhoff Monitored Miley Cyrus and the new satellites going into space, like 20 satellites are on Space-X going up today, saw it launched for lunch and breakfast fast Kitty Klein fashionable robes divine and dried out the hamper, cut the banter bargaining of what but the quote I saw from Albert Einstein

“ According to Albert Einstein, our experience of the past, present and future is nothing more than ‘a stubbornly persistent illusion’. “

Fingernails scratching and screeching on the CHALK today’s outline, class students, of a body sleek shears every day of the week with pavement good gold is my goal- GOOD AS GOLD the goaled recipients’ Tesla’s hard to old and hold the whine of Mankind to proceate—I don’t think I’ll ever have a baby with a girl—what’s so super-awesome and about how Justine and I have the same injuries and SOBER 2016+

Stirring salmon’s eggs and salty, little <>< ‘ y . . . when onto the go and seeking some sleep, livelong dreaming of that’s to be seen, of what but the pinnacle of green Planters Pistachios and (de-shelled) when smelling the horse-sniff and E-quip-Prose down the ladder of stipends and steps, like “Step-Mom” that the POV I see

Swiss precision, the Australian emissions fore-cleft with a Church Clerk and Niagara Falls 

Hi Anne, love your books! I collect them and Praise God!

I used “Nintendo 64” and “Nintendo64” for the $64,400 price to sell my many thousands of Bitcoins, but if, and only if, they sold at $69,077.44 which was the peak of ₿ (bitcoin)

I’m not looking to profit if I can give the money to my Aunt Donna Donohue — who knows people in USA government — that, really, if I’m in any trouble, I am once again- fine without profiting, but if I’m allowed to keep my many, many millions of USD then I have decided to give my Bitcoin to some others like my Dad is getting 49% of my Bitcoins — he had me cancel a bank in Paris, France “Bank of France” with what, I’m not sure if I put my profits there, like I have a lot of money in dollars — probably no Euro’s or Peso’s as I’m so proud to be an American — I’M WILLING TO PAY WHATEVER MY AUNT DONNA DONOHUE — once again, she knows people in Washington — WHATEVER I’D BE TAXED ON, and I know I’m not keeping all of it, the $BTC and I invested in about 300, really, “Tokens” like Dogecoin and “Shiba Inu” which is Elon Musk’s dog pet and it went up 80,000% — so yeah, I’ve really had a long conversation with Elon Musk and I maybe met him once or twice because he was involved with me on a great level — that he may have attended my Church after I told Rev. Jim Chase (rip) that Elon was going to be so rich and famous, I’m certain we talked and then he took an interest in how I ATTENDED “SPACE CAMP” ONE SUMMER! so he maybe started following me but I’m not sure…

And once again, if I have to fork over all of the money to my USA government, I’m willing to do so, as I’m not so big on making profits and moreso interested in “Propheting” as I’ve done with about 5 unbelievable connections and predictions, like CoVid-19 I read in the newspaper in 2005 or 2006, about labs in Wu-han and I gave the clipped out article to my Minister, and maybe he’s in trouble because I think he’s still alive and maybe hiding from my parents and William Blasius and I because this was BEFORE, yes “before” I reached beyond God at the edge of space, like getting involved with Bitcoin, Facebook, and MY 3 DOT-COM’S, writing an article for “The Student Voice” at WSU…

SOBER 2016+
no sips in years!

I hope my Dad kept up my investments of Stocks in Tesla, Amazon, Berkshire-Hathaway, John Deere, Apple, Microsoft and well all of these IIRC:

Once again, SOBER 2016 and as I’m a little bored here at “Averte”, I like living here with my own Apartment and no car — they take me to the Therapist I see, who, he, Dr. Dominic Candido, he has a Ph. D. and drives a 400-HP twin-turbo car I told Dan to put down $50,000 on a Tesla Roadster reservation but it’s being delayed by Elon Musk who I asked Elon, I asked Elon, “Can I be your best friend?” And he said he had a best friend… but that HE COULD “BE MY BEST FRIEND EVERY DAY IF I WANTED!” This in 2005, finding his name “Elon” and I wanted to “ELON-gate” my legs and arms, that I did in 2005 and 2006, but they were shrunk by a doctor, so I’m not too big now, I like being thin and eating good food!

Here’s Dan my “Cuz” cousin who invested into many financial assets in 2013 or 2014 when we stayed up for about ten hours of investing, when I’d reached beyond God about 6 months before, and Jesus Christ, well, did you know there are many like him, born of females who’ve never had sex, now known as “Parthenogenesis” I read an eye-opening long article from Time Magazine about how it’s hush-hush that there have been many born like Jesus Christ — me later going to Christian Churches collecting 70+ Sunday Service pamphlets I would sleep with them and 2 Bibles and my HEAVEN pamphlet I was led to by God Himself The Father, The Creator of His universe, yes at the edge of space I prayed to meet God at the edge of space, pointing straight up to him with my Disabled and Handicapped left arm, thanks Justine! =)

Thanks Dan remember although we signed papers giving you 0.3% of the deal, that I’m sticking to for the Bitcoins in 10 wallets with TD Bank and I hope you’re not mad at me — SOBER AND NO MMJ! only CBD I chew it and swallow the “Flower”

Dan I swear I want the you getting 0.3% that we agreed on because of the CBD that helps me, I don’t smoke it, and I’m going to buy you so much valuable merchandise, making you happy and therefore not keeping all of the profits in my banks, I had to cancel the Euro’s in France and I did that with my Dad and a translator years ago

I don’t want to be a father and I wonder what happened with my parents and my sperm-sample from the hospital I.C.U.


CONGRATULATIONS! but remember, the Bitcoin thing was all of my own knowledge because I thought BitTorrent changed its name to BitCOIN!

I have a Traumatic Brain Injury that changed things in my brain, my so incredibly injured brain I’ve “Recovered” and I will “Recover” more and hopefully although MY LEFT HIP-BONE WAS IN 7 PIECES I am not too injured as you can feel free, when I’m walking around — I did seriously 100’s of hours of treadmill time in 2006-2010

Am I Disabled and Handicapped? You be the judge!