My Bitcoin(s) and many other “crypto-currencies” I invested in with my stockbroker cousin Daniel M. Besse in 2013 or 2014 are in a bank in France for me I succeed!

Silently sifting arising and drifting

I don’t smoke cigarettes

The Qur’an I haven’t read any of it lately

And absorb The Orb or “Orbital – Halcyon and On and On” I asked for as a benzodiazepine of my choice when the doctor said, “…any Benzodiazepine you want…” at which point I pointed my finger directly at her in her office when I didn’t make a fist, kindly requesting strong Halcyon, I’ve never used a pad in my home or a tampon, tampering with my lamp and its bulb, sit on Santa’s lap at the Auburn Mall and take a picture, the movie “Elf” with Chris and Christie in 2006 I fixed her here now at “Averte” with a Notre Dame private school girl at my Saint John’s Dance, far before Lance live well in my Dad’s $40,000 Ranger boat he livesStrong like a fitness addict girl, averting me in a mini-skirt while showing a bruise on the knee, the news on CNN is all I see YOU WILL SEE ME, MOM AND DAD, I OBEY THE PEOPLE HERE- THEY ARE SO NEAR, downstairs from my upstairs and the bass fish in Gore Pond (same as Baker, I thank my Mom and Dad, my “Makers!” yeah all I watch is CNN and a little Comedy Central, it is seriously not funny that Simone Biles, on the Olympic podium, she won’t be, having gotten injured I see on my CNN TV, with Jeff Bezos in the news again after blasting off to space, on my CNN TV I see his face!

My doctors have experimented with many meds with no altercations, in my US nation, I think they tried Lithium or maybe not, I don’t think my parents would be in favor of that, like I know they hope where I stay adopts a kitty cat, like earlier I was thinking of Kit on Road Rules on MTV, a feline covered with hair that’s fine, I want this future Kitty to call her Cookies!

nom nom nom

A Tombstone pizza and one of my original Facebook friends from Worcester nearby, to Mellie Za she said she had to go off the social media website I said Goodbye, take care, and you are so fine having just seen her photos online

My most recent lover Justine Aragona she yawned and moaned in the morning in her or my bed, to each other our dreams were said, aloud, like “a little fluffy cloud” a la another song I’ve listened to and caring for the song, a VW commercial the song, play it loud, and proud, on your commercial screen, my 20” Sharp TV it was seen, or viewed when old dead Ida was watching the show Family Feud, with Grammy there too, and we would never drink booze, wearing shoes, but wheeled around on Handicap Chairs, horses are called “mares” and I have no intention of feeding any bears, or me refusing to drink a beer, I am not queer, and I am not here


2004: I hit my head… now being Disabled and slightly Handicapped with that, when I wear at a restaurant with my large tip-top hat, my Walter White “Breaking Bad” top cap!

So be really good, when I’m not from “The Hood” or 1% milk always chocolate one gallon from Hannaford’s in my refrigerator I want to see my “makers” Mom and Dad, Mrs. Mackie 6th grade teacher “laying on her back-y” with Bucky and Becky, Randy’s sister who liked to relax, and kick back smoking green, with plenty of Visine to whiten bulging eye-veins all murky, I remember Becky saying she made turkey that I like to eat Beef-Jerky from the store and gas-stations on the radio realm of FM in my USA nation!

And speaking of Randy, here’s Randy Savage

Prophet Mohammed I haven’t gone to bed all night this Focus Factor works alright I need the employees here to buy me more at the store!

Randy Youngsma my Dad’s fellow partner and friend, I went to the Wide a wake I will never see him again, but I liked him a lot!

I saved myself again, but Dana Gardner of The Garden is no longer being a good friend while he’s on the other size of the count-ry, with Justine’s pretty cunt I wrote “The C Word”: and for Creative Writing, the wrestlers are giving a go at brutal fighting, like in Ancient Rome, I sort of want to go to my real home and buying a house nearby, I want to see my enemies cry and die today, really today and not “another day” I say while keeping my lips sealed about one of my family-members drinking at the wheel, like I had a beer in my Dad’s boat and catching a small Bass, late at night wrestlers at the gym training their bodies for a fair fight on “another day” I have to say as I’m comfortable here without having ever watched “bisexual” vid’s on PornHub while being here, I am devout in my not being queer, ever again, as cock’o’doodle-doo I see you staring and glaring at the screen for you have seen I have magical powers of taking down the Twin Towers, that I’m an early-rising Rooster on the loose implanting Mother Hen once over again, with the gift of birth, all that pushing out a miscarriage must hurt!

C-scars on women afar and near now horizontal on the horizon with a “Silly


To kill a snake, and wake and bake with people of my Church in Charlton, MA I would Rake people’s yards near and far, driving around with my Minister Rev. Jim Chase him driving, in people’s back yards I found my place to scrape the leaves, and coming from the trees, from AOL I had a lot of mp3’s…

I’m thinking about my previous drinking pre-2016, some drunks are mean, like Huck Finn’s Dad beating him, my Mom is probably pretty prude and I know she is not a “Ho” singing Santa with blowjobs from Mrs. Clause in the North Pole I have on my Bitcoin shirt — as per my $120 or $140 investment in 2013 or 2014, being post-Justine she was the Queen, for many years, with too many light beers-  they eased my TBI injuries and fears of being too aloof, and that’s the TRUTH! with tears streaming down in 2004 I couldn’t take it anymore!  Having been so injured as per me and my speeding with an older man, I wanted his mouth after he got me erect with his right hand, I won’t do that ever again !!!!!

Sheldon Benjamin’s nurse jerked me off for free, without the usual $100 fee, at maybe tanning salons I like to get my melanin tan on my white powerful skin, in common with my Sophie Marquis kin who my Aunt Donna Donohue I adore at her super super market preparing supper at the counter of my visitors I see, and I only go to websites that are free with me not caring about your cold dark stare, I have stairs in my apartment NOT ON CRYSTAL METH !!!!!

John Deedy embraced me feeling my butt inserting 2 fingers I agreed to… when I felt no need to butt his feeling surrounding my large amount of Focus Factor ingenuity with Einstein, he was squeezing my testicles with both hands that briefly ached my spine and stomach ached,

He was all out of wine,

all was fine,

with him,

and I will never do it again!

But I wish to be with Justine, like in years past,

With my drinking beer, it went by fast,

Like I was driving, when my Dad at his ECM Plastics, Inc. he was Hiring Helpers to extrude the rude customers at “Days End” bar, I had sex with a girl once in the large bathroom with my large condoms for the employees I employ my emptied balls when the season was Fall, and with leathers, light as feathers, denim and suede I have made… and Sandy the maid here… probably drinking Robotussin before work here so Rad as The United States of America withdraws troops from Iraq, that the Taliban will probably come back, and with an attack, to my Humatrope Heart that grew much bigger as per Deborah’s and Donna’s and Dad’s love for how I have really cleaned up my Talk Radio habits

YouTube: Tove Lo – Habits

I would listen to with Dose chocolate bars of THC and I was free, to smoke medical ganja on the front steps at home, shoot down an Iraqi “Drone”

Now moaning with pleasure, with you me being honest it I treasure

By any measure — my right arm is longer and bigger than my left arm

Being Right and being right handed, Skoal chewing tobacco-  is that still around? THE GUM-LINE SO HORRID! I don’t make any online or auctional “Bids” with the top-hat baseball-cap store named “Lids” on the pots and pans, I have great plans to have “her” always “here” so Go On to green ganja gangsta-rap of Ice Cube I have my own fridge, without any pots or pans or illegal chemicals, I’m getting a prescription to Cialis after ordering it online at ASN with their dot-com selling. silly chemicals to salty crusted crunchy chips, let it roll the dice, my writing pristine prose is protection atop my fridge with MAGNUM rubbers, in traffic cars without ABS hit more bumpers, and by the bridge in Oxford, “Sir please return to your vehicle I DON’T WANT ANY JUMPERS!

Sleeping on the ceiling, before me and my member my girlfriends would kneel, like Brian McNeil and his now-and-new-wife named “Julie” at it being July in this summer season, I have reasons, and to do this to you I’m not sleeping now or since a long time ago, flexing my powerful arms, no guns, pieces of my brain caused me pain, perplexing the purple dinosaur, Barney, of a long time ago, he showed kids information and sing-song’s they had to know, u gno ???

I don’t belong to Internet forums or subscribe to magazines but I want a kitty cat fancy doodle to intrude, I will stay here, not owning a gun or going on a treasure hunt for the Golden Egg of an overy near a the human spleen I haven’t “spilled the beans” or smoked CBD I take by mouth, Dad fishes for trout, I caught one in a river, soon after eating it cooked with amps of my repaired lamp, on the stove or BBQ in the oven, I liked laughing at the famous character McLovin’,

While with Juliana McDonalds Coker I nicknamed her “Grace” I LOVE LAURIE GRIFFIN!

My favorite of the Sole’s staph infection Derek L.’s dereliction erection longer and bigger than what I have packin’, with protein-peptides it’s good to keep food in one’s stomach, for a munchin’ at Brunch on Sundays, maybe, or for The Luncheon at a meeting out of the office Microsoft Word Derek’s bigger sword, that Brian said to me, “Derek has a bigger dick than most,” but I’ve never enjoyed Toast, that has no protein or anti-estrogen pills I take, Arimistane, I am tame, not killing anyone or anything, but this feeling for an Audi RS6 with $10,000 in horsepower upgrades, Dr. Candido my Therapist is not lame!

He’s widely professional with only driving fast speeding on the highway,

Let’s have things my

“Say hey Willy May”!

Shoeless Joe should buy a pair of Kicks over my socks, let’s turn back the clock, on aging Gracefully worn as Natalie Imbruglia sings one of my favorite songs “Torn” and NIN- hurt where Trent sings clear with a zip-zip zap-a-roo as I’ve mentioned Shoes, but now no News there on CNN with Mother Hen and her egg-white eggs LEGGO MY EGGO!

At Zorba’s restaurant in my hometown of Charlton, I asked Tess Marie to wear a dress which she then did, when I mowed the lawn, and she didn’t wear a wedding gown on staff at this restaurant Stage, I like Jenner Stagg, and in my kitchen Kim Kardashian on the RAG

Co text my dot-com’s text is what’s best as the nurse said, “Next!” To the waiting room crowd, clear and loud, I stand up proud, being allowed, I want to Wed in time to come, use plenty of toilet paper on your bum hun!

Because of my shattered left hip, I walk with a slight limp, and not being a pimp of ho’s smoking tobacco, when I lean to the left without my shoe-lift in my life, where I once strifed to satisfy my need to have sex AND NOT EVER BREED!

I don’t feel the need to birth a piece of my developed sperm cell courtesy of an Ovary in her Belly for 9 months of bulging, protruding, baby “Bun in the Oven” here is disconnected from the Wall on Bitcoin “crypto-currencies” stocks, and to my parents I must talk, to them, Mom and Dad, my profited profits have maybe been had!

Dan Besse my stockbroker cousin promised me my money is safe, like I have one at home, I hope to buy a Home of my own a House for Tini and I being sober in our love of 2010-2013 the height of 6 feet tall I have been and seen and grown and I’m clean, all over?  No STD’s I’ve been checked for at my hometown Doctor’s office, when they put a toothpick swab in my prick, of a needle, what about my seed? MMJ I’ve never grown, at home… with my Mom and Dad, me harvesting would have made them sad, “On this property?” My Dad would have asked me promptly and properly, all Proper, my Aunt Donna reads “Harry Potter” and with Justine Aragona or Tiph Marie, I want to be, with them, my hens, and I’m there the rooster with a Turbo booster in my totaled WRX I harshly survived the Hard injuries!

This is me, and GHRP-6 I put in the left cheek on my face, it grew, and my facial hair does too!

They tried Botox in the right side of my place, but where the Dr. Tanenbaum gave me Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital in Mass. he would put prescription Botox in my calves, but not in my ass, as I pro-nate, with “Nate” Stebbins and Tiph’s Brotha Nate , oh Heaven, yeah Botox in my face, so clean and shaven, Justine with a hairy bush was all a Fable!

Clean sex trying Tantric (Justine sex) on a few occasions her Mom’s thongs she would wear a couple times only, with her I was not lonely, I would feel so boney in my shorts in the summer on Baker Pond and fishing with my girlfriend Justine Aragona, and my Dad, she caught a Bass that surprised her, when don’t drop the rod and REEL IT IN, that big bass, before our trip on the water, I liked her ass, but not a virgin upon our meeting, a girlfriend without an injury I was seeking when I wanted to be with Tiffany I have many fans of my writing Prose and Poetry, but I won’t add a son or daughter to the Marquis Family Tree with my sperm cells swimming, that there’s a Pool Party today with hot dogs and burgers, I always pick my nose, Lord knows!

Justine’s brothers ate their boogers, sailing on a boogie board at a water park, I was in Laura’s parked car with no one around, she gagged as per my request, and which made a happy sound, when I love you Laura I told her, she had a glass of wine and she wasn’t drunk, being totally completely fine with the Time we spent together uniting, with oral verses being recited while it all happened in the empty parking lot, to get my precious cum, she was in the position and I lived- I loved her mission to swallow my Seed, humping on a see-saw on a sunny day putting the car in Park, I asked her to put on KISS108 FM in her car and with many, many kisses (all over my intimate place, what do you think of the Selfie of my face?

I took it as a memento of the moment I had a beer in front of me, and I don’t want anyone touching me but my girlfriend and wife, I had the life, smoking MMJ near the street lamp, I’ve never been with a Tramp, thusly no Trauma, or licking blunts-  I never rolled blunts in 2013-2018 at NETA there were copious amounts of pristine green “Flower” to be seen, in plastic Tupperware on refrigerated shelves, Acromegaly is when too much GH is naturally produced, with protruding green beens in the Garden that a private place of my body is so bigly pronounced, the Word document and What’s Up .Doc?

You don’t even know how this feels to have accrued “Bitcoin Cash” and buying my engagement soulmate, lonely in my bank in France, it’s summer outside today all sunny going tanning with a Playboy Bunny, my Hunny with Buns and absolutely Baked Pot-ato Hunny with her buns in the backside of this gown or dress, my masturbatory habits are a mess, craving oral sex, I feel the best, now not wearing my Bitcoin shirt and getting tan through my skylight on my belly and arms, I mean no harm, SPF 50 my parents use at the beach today, on a brief vacation, I think I’d have a drink of 1 beer with them by the pool, in Cape Cod and here at “Averte” getting a tan with Vitamin D through sunlight the sun is shining on my hands, and with clean fingers pecking-  my car at home has been solitary for so Long’s Subaru in Webster, it might need an Inspection with automotive gadgets to the ECU going fast one with a 53 mph in a 35 mph zone, getting a speeding-ticket I would moan and groan, to court I fought the ticket as I had to “Tinkle” in a “Toilet” so much and with Red Bull to blame, I sped by cops in a parking lot, that the ticket I fought, found, on the ground, on the grass, smoking weed my lass did while her Dad drove his Chrysler not too fast, “I’m good at goodbyes” and so is Justine since all of our friends have relocated their interests from being with us the TBI Duo and I really want a Do-over now that I don’t drink alcohol or liquid liquor I should have ingrained my Abstinence in my TBI brain, it needs a refrain I put up the info about my crash, unlike Dan Pellegrini and Justine — to be seen? — I was going too fast in my slow Subaru and Mom I thank you, for giving me a car, my Turbo left me with many scars — like the holy hole put on hold, that measured my Cranial Pressure in my head that the propane tank out front here — pure 100% gasoline — I won’t explode having crashed the 1996 GREEN Ford Explorer XLT in teal, they steal my valuable vitamins and leaving a minimum amount of supplements my protein, creatine, vitamins, and what Supplements ???

They was my clean bathroom Towels after I shower at whichever hour, the Gillette Anti-Perspirant has the power, to prevent smelly odors, with Justine’s bra I gave back to her when we broke up and I dumped her, when it was my drinking anyone could tell or infer, from my drinking 3 or 4 light beers a night — my alcoholism through my Mom’s distant family, all moving away from me like the movie, “Keep away! In Bradford, Vermont is where I want to “Stay” sings the musical artist Lisa Loeb who resembles SNL’s “Tina Fey” on YouTube, I ogle big boobs, in real life and on Google, Justine would clutch her boobs around my thick long Noodle, but not the Ramen kind, of bud, after I voted I fell in the mud, unable to stand on my own, I was in a 35 mph zone and going 64 I wasn’t with a dog or a whore, so with my TBI Survivors as my best friends, Community Enterprises is where I’ve been, and many times, sitting for an hour, they were all so gosh-darn TBI “Damaged” I had all the power as I spoke with good speech, now Mr. Deedy who raped my ass can no longer teach, having been fired, and I keep a fire extinguisher, a bucket of water, H2O in 2 cups of wet ash, along with a bottle, on HEN-shaw Street in Leicester I went hard on the “Throttle” Full of drinks I used to throw up pills in my sinks, Kitchen bearing, the fruits of my favor, I “savor the flavor” Dr. Walker reported to our class, and even though I wanted Ashley Hannan’s ass, she later killed herself and 2 or 3 innocent people driving in their car, when, Ashley went UP an OFF ramp and went “Full Throttle” Energy Drinks and Monster ones too, my favorite I had two a day, Rockstar Blue, with no clue’s but Professor Walker waking and baking bread


Injuries Injured in many ways galore, my Dad’s collection of Fishing Lures, he’s always buying more, from the online store, Swimsuit on Mom Deborah in the Cape right now, her husband Wayne Marquis, he buys so many Fishing Lures, always ordering more from his favorite store wearing the clothes I’ve bought him, my Bitcoin(s) are controlled by my cousin stockbroker at Merill-Lynch his investing investments procedure to procreate with his wife Jess, the two of them are BLESSED, like the white “BLESSED” bracelet I gave to Dan, usually with a nice dark Tan, and having attended Spring Break, my large amount of money he will take because I gave him 0.3% of my Bitcoin(s) as that’s the limit of THC that’s sold in CBD, they buy me my groceries, at Hannah House’s Anne Skinner I miss her voice on the telephone airwaves to a Lunar Eclipse by Mitsubishi with the song the tune “Days Go By” cumming from “Dirty Vegas” that I like my sex clean, the girls’ shit on my dick is hardly seen, if you know what I mean, which some of the ladies lick it off, Oh the Disgust, I scoff, I scored but not in my car, for it be said, it happened in the bed of mine, when all the girls said, “It didn’t hurt and I believe it to be fine,” Oh they were all mine my glorious glory glowing and growing, I’m grown and crowned, Prince Marquis, under my Dad Wayne Marquis I want him to see the list of sweetie’s I’ve been with in this “heaven/hell” or “Intermediary State” as described by Islam that I posted A SUPER SLAM! 


Like many of my Saint John’s private school, a Catholic school for $5,000 a year tuition I never ate their free apples for lunch, I’ve enjoyed much Cinnamon Toast Crunch and doing this writing having done many exercises at Sim’s Health Care Gym when I had the Fruition with David Froo at my High School he paid the tuition too

Always doing the wife’s anal cavity I brush my teeth, that the first time I did it with Justine Aragona it was her on top and I was beneath, her, on the edge of my bed riding me with that tight ass, her and her Mom named Linda has a lot of “Class” like at school and I was no fool as I had the hot Christie Gilmore as a Facebook friend, who she got her Master’s… Questions I asked her, what width are you and she said 32!

Next up Larry Bird the Number 33 I mentioned my 33/34 page happenings, I have no piercings, and Justine never got her nips stuck, on WTF?

Do you remember the “Trumpy Bear” commercials now advertising my ???

Justine wore thongs through that time of the month, I’ve listened to Miley Cyrus’ “23” a bunch, and I have a hunch to get some plain burger meat, that I will soon eat they’re cooking out side what’s the big deal with “Gay Pride” the price fags pay to get laid, exchanging asses, Mr. Deedy sometimes wore glasses as a thing of fashion lingo, here they play Bingo to and fro, through the fields of a Meadow photograph I purchased at The Moonstruck with Tiph, who I gave her a bit tip, DON’T TRIP!

That she did with fully dilated pupils from Ecstasy she’s sure to be with an abdomen tattoo that says, “Family” of the Marquis

Here is her being anorexic TOO THIN, with our white skin:


This is a more plain and this photo previous to her pregnancy seen next here

Starting from the left of the photo we have Justine R., Nate D. Tiph Marie, and Ali you see the girls so small, as Nate is very tall, they’re over 18, I want Tiph to be my Queen, or if I can’t have her I want to be with Mrs. Aragona my best lover ever, my love of 2010 to 2013 starting off at over 18 when I met her *gulp* she’s worthy of my male essences with Evanescense who only had one or two hits and I used anti-perspirant before just now getting some sun, I want to have fun, but I’m not at all sweaty as per my A/C set to 60 degrees

Tiffany Desrosiers, be my girlfriend oh please

I want to buy a new Subaru Outback XT “Limited” or “Onyx”

To do, and down right, as this is my last plight:  TWA 747 on 9/11 when many went to “heaven/hell” with spell-check tipping off at the tipping tip-toe point way up North to the America with Canada our neighbor at a cooler climate with not much change, America, for Barack Obama BAM, GRAND SLAM, but with a naughty slap to a ho’s face being disgraced and distracted by the Race-Card playing hard with parkie-dark-dark skin and a sinful soul within — look at the violence in our USA with violins playing daintily with Eli Lily providing Health Care, so pick a Card from my Deck104 if you want more!

Scroll down to the top and pick up where we left off ,

Smashing what’s whack with this thick stack of pizza pie oh me- oh my- why? Why? Why? Oh pizza of fatty carbs and “Arba Miha” was Arbs on Kiss108 when I would see her at Brooks not too late, but her I didn’t date, as she was so little and so sweet at the Woo State cafeteria we would eat!

Symphonies at the Opera browser with Tiffanies left and right, remember that 747 flight?

Landing safely on the tarmac, I’m under attack by these hacker terrorists without any cut marks on my clean wrists, I dislike heavy snackers when I’m wearing slacks, and while pumping out small amounts of semen, gay porn is a demon, demonstrating sinful sex, I want to hex the faggots of the world, as men should only have sex with girls, the pretty females on this great green Earth-  that this is my world, so you have my word I paid for Word online before I wrote over 100 pages in size=8 Arial font, “This girl and that girl” ( at the top, and of the page the girls I was with were “of age!” 18+ only!

I don’t take Valium but the Minister’s daughter “Val” is why I am prescribed Xanax, with such gall be sure of me as I have a lot of money with the French Treasury, that my Trust Fund is in TD Bank, with my Dad and Mom to thank, so thank you parents for the $10,000 rent at “Averte” paying it all, the nurse shrunk my legs and I’m not so tall, like I grew 3” taller with the 10 IU of Humatrope, I only have CBD and not any “dope” — that’s a promise with not a single sin, nope!

Mother dearest, I want to keep you nearest at home, and without a drone in the sky, I have yet to say goodbye!

Typing without speaking, my throat I’m always clearing, being clean with Justine, but too short to fuck in the shower, gummy bears are sour, at this hour, taking them with creatine recommended by my doctors who know about my TBI damaged brain, but I felt no pain, my applause for the Paramedics I sing the refrain, and memories of the events of my evil enemies, I crashed going too fast in the rain!

On the cusp and off with the “cuffs” want me locked up? TOUGH!

Strong and skinny, I once liked “Mannie” at UT on video of her I would see, many times, this supreme power at this hour of 1:51 AM I haven’t had the Bacardi 151 in nips, I love girls’ tits, on this photo of Justine Aragona’s bosoms I was born on the first day of spring, and with the flowers in The Garden of Eden, they Blossom!

I want Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona of 2010 to 2013 my latest Ex, to be my Queen, and Allyson Drucker-Hodgkins is replaced, saving face, like Samantha (“Mannie”) D’Amico my friend in class and on Facebook, she was my Princess a few years younger, not being 21 yet Manny years ago, when we were friends, she is not the same, and I like my girls “tame” not being “lame” that I wish Allyson’s body was the same, unlike now when she’s given birth to twins, Isabella and Sofia, I wish you well with ringing bells on smoking Christmas “trees” many years ago when I got my weed with authorization that had no seeds, but my “seed” was stolen when my injured brain was swollen, with a bit of bleed cured by a month in the I see you snooping and probably taping the audio of my downstairs bathroom, at the time I am pooping going “Pop” on Pop2k on Sirius satellite-radio, you know, like hopping hoping how “hops” and barely “barley” are barely tempting me, having quit drinking in 2016, I believe I was 18 when my Virginity was stripped of me, like all Men (not boys) Justine Aragona’s breasts were like toys, while giving me blowjobs on my nonexistent-whores, my Secretary sluts, me banging their butts, here at “Averte” I twist my door’s knobs, not listening to Twisted Sister, I always see “Step gently Sister” Justine Aragona I miss her so very, very much in my car additive accident I hit the Clutch your breasts of Justine Aragona’s chest bountiful and pretty, too large to be perky and not saggy my CBD from or I sing this song, Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” I don’t have a job at this momento Mom and Dad, be happy instead of sad!

Dana Gardner was bad, smoking Ganga before Saint John’s each day, but what the hey, Dana doesn’t want to hear what I have to say, things will go my way, All The Whey protein like this Taking Back Sunday song, “All The Way”

“Creeper” callers paging my pages of prose on a Pager, I had one at Saint John’s for a yearly fee, but I wasn’t a “dealer” like Matty with a favorite meal at Fairlawn, the Chicken Patty, and I want to sail the Christo Columbo ship at sea!

Wayne Marquis is greater than me MY DAD and so I am giving him 51% of my “crypto-currencies” my greatest investment as advised by Bruce F. telling me it was wise, and without making a sound, like this mean mental-“meltdown” I was listening to this song when I took my life to high heights unparalleled at the distant edge of space, buttfucking all night took place, I was in far out space while uniting in a Tight credits roll like Teletubbies and I am very thin, but not chubby, from Erin’s here girth, a girl, years ago she gave birth, but for what it’s worth I’m a fancy millionaire who cares, about my money in France, with Bethany O’Coin I danced in the holiday season, for a reason, I grabbed her booty tightly on the dance floor I did, but she was a few years younger not a kid, anymore I saw her ass butt once, outside of her pool at her home, I should have known, when I was a kid, my dry orgasms I hid, and I have no pot with a lid, honest about my not ordering THC, I have a few pills a day of CBD, which I chew without you being in Vermont a Mont Blanc Pen I desire, now, but maybe I will buy one for $200 (my parents put in my bank today with them to thank )

Here ( I mention the Mont Blanc, a check on my list of girls that is far from blank, as per my occasionally once having sex with Mrs. Neas, until sunrise, in the last mental-hospital I was in, and aloud by the crowd, we were allowed to sleep in the same bed one night, who was a tiny “Dominatrix” paid to kick men in private places, my teeth are white and straight as per the Braces, of previous years, I HATE QUEERS HAVING NOT BEEN DRINKING BEERS, except for queer cousin Lisa Perron, on Baker Pond at home not here, I would see many blue herons, that Wayne Marquis is my hero, on a bulkie, and with more than enough OOMPH! my sentences are aloof, showing with a Loofa all sudsy and at the deep bottom of a chocolate protein shake, that’s where the crud be…

Mama Hen I made a list for Hannaford’s tomorrow with my current pen, one that isn’t a Mont Blanc, in my car the horn I would honk, toot twice when driving by Laurie’s house I want to buy a pretty mansion, to doodle on papers (I signed with my Bitcoin investment ) that I learned from Bruce F. on Facebook he was my Friend and on the phone, speaking to him when I lived with Derek Langlois and Brian McNeil, this new secure type of money its potential I could really Feel, in front of God’s brain in his head, I looked through His eyes one at a time, in his cranium- enrich Uranium, for bombs, I comb my hair here at this anti-psychotic home sitting on my love seat I call it my throne, using a hacked phone it doesn’t CHARGE ANDY all the way, once again, — Taking Back Sunday “All The Way” having bought their many discs and having attended three of these their concerts, like at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun, with Justine Aragona, we went together and we had a lot of fun!

Take the Cake with an upcoming “Fake Bake” at the hair stylist locality nearby, I will eat a PEACE and stand in the booth or lay in the bed, until my epidermis skin turns red, hot in bed, it’s legit with LGD-4033 I’ve never taken this GH secretagogue sold many places online, this MK-677 works just fine for staying at a light weight, me only one sixty lbs.

When I was with Justine Aragona I saw with my eyes closed His universe in the verses of the Hymnal I kept in bed with us near, she would sing for a few hours when I wanted to hear her voice she’s singing praises of me, not Tony, the 3rd TBI Survivor I liked at the support groups in the (Community Enterprises in Worcester for brain-injury survivors ) Tony threw up beer and liquor in her room, so soon after I drank a bunch of beer alone (she wasn’t 21, yet, and I would Bet she is sober since me the strong beers I’d use her bathroom and pee ) Justine Aragona, she was into me so deeply when we had sex every night with a lot of oral goings-on, I wish I didn’t have to dump her and say Bye! FOREVER? I wish to reunite with Justine Aragona and marry her, I gave her a white BLESSED rubber white bracelet, that Dan Pellegrini tried to tell me that Justine and I weren’t blessed as we’ve both been so injured, I assured him that we were BLESSED, AND HER MOM LOVED ME SO MUCH FOR TELLING DAN PELLEGRINI WE WERE HONESTLY BLESSED, and Linda was so happy PROUD WITHOUT GAY PRIDE, but that aside, Justine’s Mom named Linda Pellegrini or Linda Aragona now, or maybe she has returned to her Maiden name, she was so happy that I knew we were both TRULY BLESSED, with implants this Linda had on her chest, in a bikini in her pool, Summertime is where I shine all shiny so skinny, my white skin pale now soon tanning like Christian Bale in the movie “Psycho” when he did protein peptides really GHRP-6 made me taller in 2005 and 2006, before Justine Aragona, that I made her Mom so happy that she CRIED and I heard she wanted us to get married, I should have done, but I was too busy having fun with my allowed 3 beers at night, playing Microsoft Flight for Windows nineteen ninety eight and with none of the HATE!


Amanda dIe from Charlton with my Great Aunt Ida in Heaven or maybe with God and His “Illusion” at the edge of space, I haven’t “taken down” any Facebook or dot-com or blog posts tonight and I can’t believe my double vision sight, wearing spectacles, I have no warts on my testicles, having inseminated Justine Aragona’s pristine vagina when she was no longer a Teen, her Mom’s breast-implants I have seen some of and not killing me or anything, like I didn’t die with my sportscar Turbo crash that I bled through my badly injured head having recovered a lot with my time in the ICU and Fairlawn, I would mow the lawn for my Mom and Dad at home in Charlton, Mass at The Charlton Federated Church that I saved 60+ Sunday Service pamphlets, like a Guiding Light with Allah’s “SPEED” I want to rely more on an amphetamine trip to the Doctor’s Word maybe giving me Dexedrine Dana would take for his fake A.D.D. he doesn’t take the pills anymore now that my Saint John’s High School Catholic School was cool with Mr. Deedy and the old Mr. Reedy I tried his Economics class that my time there and here at “Averte” Rehabilitation home where they give me my pills, no frills, just pills-pills-pills nom nom nom Tiph Desrosiers smokes weed I need from NETA with my MMJ card approved by 3 doctors now expired and Dr. Schreiner was so old he died, and from A. Schulman I wasn’t necessarily “Fired” but I was “LET GO!”


I don’t hit girls and I never got into any car accidents or fender benders when I was driving with Justine 2010-2013

Does anyone remember that day when YouTube was down?

I’m not taking anything from you.

I promise I didn’t take anyone with me.

Dad had a photo of Cristen Houlihan at my Junior Prom on his millionaire President of ECM Plastics, Inc. on his desk, like I invested in

Grammy wanted us to get married she said out loud with a greedy grin on her face, as Dad paid for her place, and Aunt Donna’s Mickey is with “God”

I remember giving my Brother Justin my Movado watch, that he knew how valuable it was, then saying, “I can’t accept this from you, Jeff” he eventually did at that Birthday event

Should I ask my parents to bring a sleeping bag to sleep on, on a rug in my upstairs with my satellite-radio I keep on HIP-hop Nation on channel 43?

My back feels fine and it’s great for the curve of the spine, I have a sleeping bag that’s mine and my Dad sleeps in the Coleman green sleeping bag

They wash my clothes here at “Averte”

The staff likes me a lot here!

I like Elise the most and Ember who should get a job near ECM PLASTICS INC yes Ember the girl here she should get a job at Eblen’s department store where I bought a pair of shoes, I don’t own a pair of “Red Bottoms” because I’m making money moves NOT BLOODY MOVES LIKE JUSTINE ARAGONA HAD HER SMALL PERIOD IN MY BED ONCE AND I WAS SO AMUSED AND SMILING!

Sophie Marquis

I need an easy clutch bag in a car, a standard or the F1 shifting on a 1999 Ferrari F1 transmission with Mr. Cronin getting a loving sex change for his wife my cousin Lisa Perron

Enormous munchies chocolate chip cookies chewy Chewbacca chewing chaw in his cheeks on his Facebook profile muddy butt cheeks no way the cheeks on his Facebook page with papers I signed for my parents when I was in the ICU and Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital for my TBI when I got hit with a Dodge crossing the street- get it? DODGE!

maybe a Ram!

Once, and only once, I fell in the street after leaving the bar across the street I’d walk in a walker with my Creative Writing Professor Dr. Walker who gave me a B+ that he was willing to give me an A with my brilliant Biographies and a graphic picture of a gunshot wound in the brain, like I have a TBI that injured my brain so I had to go to Therapies for years, without any queers, or John Deere’s cleaning up that building who it collapsed in Florida and they found the last missing person his or her Body with Finesse and Josie Maran Fitness Howard Stern has 3 daughters

Look at Sophie my Grammy.

See how withered her hands are at 100 or so years of age 18+

I took Krystle Witterall to the ECM Plastics, Inc. Christmas Party MY DAD! Owner President of the plastics business employing about 200 people!

I liked Krystal Fancy who knew Cynthia Louis daughter of Dianne at Le Mirage

I went to Worcester State (University, my Education, my Learning and Leaning to the Left because my hip pelvis was in 7 pieces!) 

When mother Hen laid an egg and I eat only the whites but for once a week I have a Yolk Aunt Donna rec

Is this being recorded???

I don’t have a Criminal Record!

recommended I have 1 egg Yolk each week the whites I’m white proud Caucasian skin tone with my broken hip bone!

And for Christmas, Spot recieved a bone:

I don’t own a gun.

I don’t have any sharp knives.

They very rarely serve steak here at “Averte”

I’m nonviolent.

I am not vile, I have no vials here or needles or a criminal record from my

I am Disabled.

I am Handicapped a little.

Entry at Heaven’s Gate:

A Heavenly place in Space with this sing-song sing-song live-long song on YouTube that says “Future takes place deep in space “

Visit my

The Crusades should have big Parades!

Medicated, I am staying 24/7, with medical medicines (aka medz) being delivered tomorrow when today I feel no sorrow as per the 1 Xanax I have left, and making it last until it’s time for beddy-bye as I sign my name it needs no refrain — JMarquis my custom sig, and the “heya step-sis” fucks should all wear a lay restless in Eternal Sleep with , and the pooping poo that take showers after cardio-workouts at Sim’s with an officer po-po police on HRT through a doc-tor, not a pop-star!

Popping bulging biceps to tell secrets being behind the apex of a college track-star like Eric Carlson my buddy not drinking Bud Light but me having waters with lemon’s and lime’s and without the Lyme infection as the clock Ticks, sucking blood out of a squishy bat- we have Ozzy Osbourne in a drug-induced haze like a man passing out going THUD!

Chunky chicks with spent-out hicks in the good ole country USA #1 with a Benjamin-dollar bill to pay the rent of a tent in the forest on a camping/hiking spree with Eastern Mountain Sports at the Greendale Mall when I sold vitamins and special supplements for bodily in-finetune, as Assistant Manager 2001-2004 under my Boss with the bodybuilder “Bod” of a God with abdominals showing after running on the treadmill, and my cousin Dan Besse, my stockbroker, hi Aunt Sue, just spoke with you in the location of the CT station on the rad radio so bad with what I had on “Shock-Jock” trash and worthy of a fit girls’es ass, without any Hell I am here to TELL you- shout at you- praise you- a Priest prayed over me, many of them, at my Catholic High School praising Jesus who suffered for me, and I do what I tell you is Truth at 151-Proof Bacardi at the party with part-time workers spending cash on the Blacks would call us “Crackers” with salt as I’m about to fall apart while retaining mental function in the Constipation Junction, screening phone-calls, leave a message at the Tone-d body of a funded stripper doing a strip-show on a late-night HBO porno!

Be poppin’ fresh with Sweet TARTS coming out of asses the donkeys owned by a farmer who’s a pale white honkey!

Really vastly faster I am the master of my 3 dot-com DOMAINS with the ‘Domina’ dominatrix determining the determination of the definition of “Solace” I pray for peace and great things to occur fervently with my Ibuprofen they steal from me, in this the Stephen King “Misery” with Wise clergy who will win with Winstrol aka “Winny-V” I have never taken and I want you to SEE:  I do a lot of good things like picking up my possessions and placing them in various places with pristine and professional “Placement” here or in school when I applied to Saint John’s taking the Entrance Exam, in a trance from the required bow-tie and slacks in the color of Blacks where at Saint John’s??? where there were only a few of the dark-skin persuasion at the Equal Opportunity High School Vacation, for summer to be working hard, at JOBS, oh Steve, this keyboard where I peck at clean-videos of Emily Willis into the shwoogies and behind the building age 21+ with a good idea of what’s paying bills, but nothing extreme, and NO TEENS!

I thirst for the returning love so sweetie sweet, all the way down to my sweaty feet, peeling off the wet single socks L-and-R marching down the Hall looking at Mrs. Wall I said hi to E. in the hall, walking up the stairs in the Lobby with all of me there, I was sober and didn’t fall, or to Trip on mushrooms with a Toad Stool by the swimming pool, cold to the touch, this Summer weather I hope there’s a bunch, eating a light lunch, I have some Olive Oil, just a hunch, Popeye exercising a bunch, but could you take a picture of me, for all to see, hung up at the Federated Church, oh, oh and oh, oh, here’s a whole Idaho potato to fill with cheese and sour cream, a bit of bacon bits so crunchy, they’re making me so thirsty squelched with a glass of Crank2O caffeinated water, brewed with coffee, when we will all be… hyper with the pop-sensation Miley Cyrus singing for the Nation, my USA so neat and sweet with missiles in space, I draw a picture of a playing card and it’s an Ace, with a car-stereo playing some deep bass through the woofer in the rear sitting in the trunk with start-up cables, with my writing I am turning the tables!

It’s my turn to be the “Master Craftsman” with a saw the scene at the criminal-seen escaping the cops on foot wearing boots like Santa Claws as the K9 runs on his or her paws, with “Pawn Stars” on tee-vee operating an operation of fixing the fix of the Insulin pin in my injured hip in 7 pieces! Oh but the pain, it needs no refrain as from evil opiates recreated in Ecstasy double-stacked in a 10-pack feeling the fix of the fucks following me here at “Averte” so leave me be as I pray P for prayer in the uppermost-layer with reclining in a tanning bed, try tanning lotion instead, SPF25 is anti-cancer with a Sagittarius sitting in the sit-spot with no pots and pans they’re all in France, like my money in a bank, Dan Besse I thank, investing my money wearing bulletproof vests on lovely ladies with big chests the mammaries, that pardon me-  It don’t bother my double double vision vision how I see!

Sweetie “shake” in the marijuana bag but with CBD I’m never “Baked” and with the shake, I take an anti-seizure med, to excuse my incredible “Cred” on the street where my whole apartment here is very, very neat,  like my laundry they succeed my seed in cleaning my CK black briefs to my relief, changing underwear every morning upon waking and I hope to go to “Tranquilities” go get on my “Fake-Bake” tanning with creamy lotions rubbed on my man-tits tight Pecktorals, the are my Potion — number 9 at the wishing well, so wish me well, Ferrari poster on my wall with the tall HGH Peter here who’s getting taller before my own eyes, but not me as they shrunk my legs, I grew 3” taller and without falling on the floor, this GHRP-6 sold online at many peptide-sellers it made my TBI Recovery much, much better, astounding my doctors mentally through-and-through all throughout my body and my brain that was badly injured in 2004, when I didn’t score — and Allyson never gave me oral I want with my toothbrush put in that vapid bitch’s tushy!  To scrape and swish with an enema in the ICU – a negroe wiped it all, to be seen, and heard, here, at my keyboard so lightly to put it, down, put it down and put the sweet girl with “Downs” in a gown!

Homegrown, I have no MMJ or any seeds, it’s the CBD pills from the store Kinney that I needs, to be met like live at the opera from the NY Mets playing with the balls touch the tip of the batter’s baseball bat to cousin Matt, don’t do shit to me, please, I live so pleasantly without evil thoughts… 3rd grade my Mom taught when she was an Elementary-type teacher in Spencer where she would correct papers at night, on the couch, all slouched, making pen marks in red ink on many papers that she would write “THIS PAPER WAS AWFUL! AND YOU ARE A GROUCH!”

And the Oscar goes to… =D

A horse-tug boat with a piddle-paddle row row row your boat with ease, please stay tuned to the Turner classic black and ivory-white on a 1990’s TV

Smashing thinking too much blinking, blinding finding in the big building- a skyscraper, flying high to bake her, while positivity is something we need in now 2021, listening to Sound-Cloud with fluffy clouds so high, but without the Hennessey, that’s the way for me, always with flamboyant thoughts drifting sifting but never drinking alcohol – away on AWOL

Talking the talk and walking the walk, with a walker and cane when everyone said, “Your brain is so damn damaged, YOU’RE INSANE!” which I don’t feel in my mental and perfected dental, all my teeth but for 2 wisdoms taken out, Dad catches Trout, as we approach The Thunder Dome, with a lightning storm, so seek shelter with Walter who falters falling down with a 2nd-rate wife, oh his olde-tyme music radio show, do I like it? NO! For I am lit with Katy Perry’s “Firework” on the 4th of July without any banging at my door, to learn what’s sold at the store, CVS I am bereft before Justine and Justin the perfect match, as Justin is a smoker, and his Anthony Weiner is too feeble to poke her internal Organ, playing at church courtesy of Marge Jalbert- I know her well and we won’t be in Hell, as per the guidance of The Minister to the MAXIMUM – Jesus pleas for his life, please, oh show me a Lamborghini Murcielago going too fast, the Italian mechanics won’t last driven hard, 52 cards draw a lucky ace and be all up in my face! Free of dim imperfections, with healthy sebum making me come closer to the mirror, like oh, or, dancing with a sweetie whore and forcing her to do the chores, around the house and trap a mouse with Jesus cheese, take the bait, please!

And came about the round’a’bout between two boxers wearing shorts with “Junk In The Trunk” of the Jeep Wrangler with two hands around Eric Garner’s neck, killing him but leaving Dana “Gardner” my best friend from my hometown with the home-known hun with homies swaying swagger all haggard from the 40 oz. of Fentanyl that I have never taken opiates after I got out of the hospital for my waxxxy WRX TBI @ my all MOC MOC MOCK the layman drinker so health-ridden in a coffin with my PureCaf caffeine in the mail from the mailman in the main mall in the area purchasing paid purchases from foreign factories like DKNY Aunt Donna and the Koran with NoKo-missiles that our Nation’s military is prepared to shoot down the heroin “dope” (Facebook : “Poke” that I once poked shit… the S-word with my Valiant Comics and my mighty “Sword” I swore to the judge I was fine with no alcohol, and I’ve been simply CORRECT THE BALLOTS with ballerina’s balling in the highest peaks of a little girl shrieks, “A mouse!” that’s in her house, so take the cheese, oh please, she’s alive and she’s a female who struts her stuff on the Runway of Life in the heavenly paradise of a man like Hugh, hi Hugh, love your Bunnies the yellow “Peeps” on Easter Morning for the Easier Bunny to make Jesus’s Ressurection as popular that Cialis can DRINK ENSURE PROTEIN FROM THE STORE… where I need some more of that sweetie swagger don’t stagger and don’t slur your words while buying a pair of Hush Puppies shoes for the wife… the wife of Wayne’s life providing for me with his own company, with me and Mom, the Marquis family, randomly getting lucky except for when the Ford “stalls” of the Handicapped ambling in wheelchairs if they can use their arms, so I feel bad for the injured who can’t use their arms — as keys type away on this MacBook Pro with an up-to-date Update with a date a lass with an Up-Do haircut with the Gillette razor in the shower being used in the morning bush, so HUSH with Hugh and you too silly-boo!

I try to gain a famous stature with a proud bots proud boys under the subwoofer in my Trunk of my Subaru I want to drive so I can come and see you, in all your Majesty I will be addressed from the Court Jester with the police department of Leicester, Mass so wipe the slate fleetingly clean with my “Cool, Calm, and Collected” teacher rape in a tune from English I at Saint John’s, telling me how many SJ grads are “Islamic” like many, many — mostly the married ones — are Islamic now for many, many reasons that Misses B. was so upset that some had allegiance to Allah and buttes butt-sex with wives AND I THINK IT’S JUST BECAUSE WE HAD TO TAKE SHOWERS AFTER PHYS. ED.

Make this look good for God and Allah with God at the edge of space, with His “Tiph” wearing my Marquis-diamohd I’m gonna buy her, but not here at “Averte” to peruse the shoes of Shaquille O’Neal probably size 18 sold to the old Shaq havihg a panic-attack on the battlefield of the B-ball “Court” I don’t want to go to as I am happy on this new laptop, this my writing device, not a $1 #2 Push-Pencil, so shove the handicapped man who does all he can, to defend himself, I plan on defending myself, but not with my fists or sit-up balls at the gym where I have been, but not lately as I’m late to a meeting with the paparazzi greetings, no pictures please!, onto the next one before this all comes to The End!



I saw Dr. Candido today and he likes me and my writing, I’ve been writing a lot with my WSU good grades in Poetry II and Creative Writing

One trick 3 times, Thrice, with white-rice, charmed with Soy Sauce steamed all nice, and all night long- it went on through the hours, us together united- we had powers, my Justine Aragona, she’s on my sonar, all night fantastical almost magical with mystical God at the edge of space, I found my place, to be with the Father, and I went farther, reaching in front of Him and His Illusion like a hologram, fantastic

Sippin’ some soda with only the Diet and zero carbs, like I have 0 car(s) in Bradford, Vermont where they cook my meals and give me my meds, for my TBI head, injured “moderately/severely” I.C.U for a whole month and 3 weeks on a drilled-in feeding tube, I like Justine’s boobs au naturel

From whence, from whenst, could I do a 230 lbs. bench PRESS DOWN ON THE KEYS AND YOU WILL SEE, writing comes easy with my TBI while I cannot bear to cry, or shed a tear, Jeffrey Content, Comfortable, Cruisin’ (But not for a Bruisin’…)

Fish in the sea and oil in E-gypt on Ecstasy, I foresee, writing poetry and prose is for me, all tall grades of beef in the garden with Elizabeth Arden, alrighty then, and, now, it’s too late to make phonecalls at 11:18 that I weigh-ted 160 lbs. recently, with no prohormones for me, so skinny, absolutely Mini with wheat-back pennies that give me energy from A to Z with G-O-D

Wikipedia: “Parthenogenesis” 

Jesus Christ.


His story is full of holes like the many “Virgin Births” before and after Christ, it’s done in labs and comes naturally, with many women developing fetuses without a man’s sperm cells, learning this destroyed Jesus for me and I felt some anger… some disappointment… but those feelings have quelled, all from my events about my ICU-stay and years recovering, aided tremendously by IGF-1 LR3, oh the improvements I once could see, that brought me free of injury, but I’m still with a shattered left hip in seven pieces! Ouch!

Splatter the chatter of chit-chat over pancakes as we maybe go to a Tanning Salon to get a fake-bake, as my Dad fishes with a “Chatter-Bait” catching bass, hooking them and I are hooked on ass

Splash a turtle jumps into the freshwater, drinking Perrier or San Pellegrino with Dan Pellegrini, JUSTINE’S STEPDAD! Who urged me to stop with the drinking a drink, and I thought that must stink, so I kept drinking beer without any fear, as I didn’t drive drunk and I’d buy a 12-pack to put in the back, in the trunk, of my Subaru Legacy from 2011 and like I was in a limo with Justine when we pulled up to the 111 Chop House (before sleeping together at a hotel nearby that night in 2013…)

Belonging to her, I was true, and she was my “Boo” counting to 100, I’m under it, instead of going to Pub99, Justine was a year or two too young to sip fine wine and with that I was just fine, so as not to make her thirsty, the beer was only for me with Michelob ULTRA’s and Steel Reserve at the store, I always wanted more, but what was it all for?

My love and OUR LOVE so terrifically darn inspired that TBI = To Be Inspired, like our separate Traumatic Brain Injuries that crumpled our style, her photos, all in my files, like Justine has her own collaboration of her and my photos together on my Photos link on here, on Facebook, that in 2006 I bought a t-shirt that says: “Addicted to FACEBOOK”!

Too and Afro, for you to chew

Oh the cookie dough taste, it’s not to go to waste, laud Ben&Jerry we should all be merry, and eating Raspberries RAZZ oh the Jazz music resounding through the satellite-radio oh don’t you know, I listen to the tunes with the thoughts of last month’s lame June, when I felt no artistic vim, except with him, my Dr. Candido Ph.D. therapist applauding my work, resounding in my brain, “It deserves an A” for a grade and there will be no Police Raid anytime near, I hope- I have less than an ounce of fear, and I keep my CBD near, absent of THC, I know how to be, sans beer I cheer, sober for years, alcohol gave me a buzz but left me in tears, vanquished by Alcoholics Anonymous, I gave it up quitting drinking ethyl alcohol, I would do it all, back when I drank, sneaking Mom’s Sutter Home, at home, at my home, at my real home in Charlton Mass I would tip my glass not spilling with swilling lager, with anger towards myself, for being a drunk, Kobe Bryant scores with a girl, a thick hunk tossing the ball and doing a dribble, I remember a classmate of my church: Ben Kimball playing B-ball in the schoolyard, playing amateur-basketball was so hard! Shoot the 3 and we’ll see… did he swish it, gargle and rinse, the Fluoride toothpaste they stole one of, oh that makes me pissed, so why do they do this bullshit nonsense here at “Averte”? … to my dis-May the month after 4/20, the MMJ was so funny, tickle my brain, I’m not insane, as I would find recreation with pot, and my parents moved me here, so maybe knot in my shoelaces and leaving no traces, seeing “Tracers” on psychedelic-bud I recall, and I didn’t ever trip and fall — not doing shrooms — I met Allyson Drucker-Hodgkins at Shboom’s downtown uptown all around Buddha is fat and I am not like that with a big old pot-belly jiggling like a bowl full of Welch’s grape-jelly, spread on bread, along with the Jiff — the Jeff — The Jeffrey Marquis — do you like what you see? THIS IS ALL ME! I WANT TO STAY FREE!

Honest, I was crying from pain and I found out about Bitcoin, etc. from Google: “Cry”

Come around the corner, where I’ll warn you, there’s a cop car sitting there, inside the po-po’s with Dunkin’ coffee and donut, waiting for speeders, and COVID-19 “super spreaders” loafing around the house with a loaf of baking bread, to get baked, and stoned… much like Jesus on the Cross, the crosswalk along the train-tracks marks on your arm from the needle-injections of GACK, and we’re under attack, by the Nazi-regime has emerged from the graveyard with an agenda, eating the brains, of the living, “Brains! Brains!” But not like Sheldon B. the lead neuro-psych at UMass where, the negroe nurse would wipe my ass, aww shit!

My brain has powers and my STAY READING THIS GEM!
These crooked pants need a hem, and there’s a couple stains, from a ball-point pen!

Thirst for a drink, raising my fist, but a fighter I am not, like an Army F-18 plane, all plain being 18+ the bare minimum so I don’t watch anything “Teen”, that comes in-between, to be seen on PornHub for the tricky trick, of previewing sex ad’s and fetish chat, toe to toe, a foot fetish listening to “Got The Life” by Korn, therefore thrashing a red Ferrari F355 — like I plan on buying a slightly-used 1999 one when I sell by currencies from the crypt

I Googled “Cry” and that’s how I learned about “Crypto-Currency” God’s honest truth, in 2005/2006 I knew I’d profit, getting in early morning early sunrise now is the time, loan me a dime, repaid in pennies, like Dogecoin was the cheapest, but Rip cost moo-lah from the Breeders, then “Spayed” with an Ace of the spayed Dogecoin Elon Musk recommends

I talked to him on the phone, boarding a plane, I was sane and he heard my story in all of its glory

Laying there in the evening hours I cried, not being an eBay seller, and then bought some Stellar years later, when now I don’t have what it takes to be a good waiter, being one at a favorite restaurant, I would do what I want when I’d see a pick on oh the Sole Proprietor menu… at which point then you…

The cuisine of my dreams brought to me with silver, so careful with the knives, I want 40 wives! Allah you saved me, not as to consecrate me, and I’m done with hospitals for mental upset, I was a wreck, a la ruined Turbo-Tuned seeing WRX commercials on the Tube, Sunday mornings after Church I’d see the Blue Subaru twisting the twisties in the rain, the AWD sportscar was nothing but plain, when it caused me pain, and never did I think I would crash, I want to be spread in ash, in Israel when I die, I want it spread there in the Holiest realm of Israel, for real, for real, for real, but I would joke online viewed by strangers, with strange senses of humor, tickle their funny bone, I was prone, and proud, because of my Dad, a hard-working man, all Honor to him and God Himself The Father, reaching in front of Him I could have not gone farther! but He allowed me to in his Grande Illusion, I made an intrusion, Justine’s innards inside-her and leaving a trace, she was ass-up and I couldn’t see her face, leaking vaginal smegma till sunrise, I’ll tell ya! Twinkle-Bell, and Justine’s Tinkle-Bell pajamas for Christmas, and at Sunday Mass I leaned to her ear, “We’re gonna get married here!” It happened it’s true, she was my long-term “Boo”

What is successful?

Gillette their own stadium in Foxboro and I’ve never been pulled over in Marlboro at my GNC, Sue Rezuke, don’t you see ???

What is stressful?

My anxiety woes have fucking froze, being eradicated with Zany Xanax, my Aunt Donna sending me snacks, a la Gummy Worms, and turning me into a professional writer, I have turned, like the weenies on the Grille by George the Industrial Shoppe “Foreman” arranging orders that I beg you PLEASE… define the details of my deal with CNBC: crypto-currencies, getting in 0-day or day 1 that I survived 2004 when the improvements I needed more, a la Fairlawn I’d mow the grass, and in a wheelchair, lounging on my ass, changing diapers with the Hoya Lift and can you spare a trip on the ski-lift with my MIA snowboard Mom didn’t give me the money for, being unable to hit the slopes of the curve and the tangent at Target shoot-‘em up with your AK’s and Glocks with the safety off!

And my enemies have my fingerprints on a gun they purchased, for what purpose?

Happy Birthday Justin Marquis! Happy Birthday Dan Besse!

My artist Brother and my stockbroker successful cousin, very successful after investing our money into “crypto-currencies” that I remember when I’d returned home from my Traumatic Brain Injury SURIVIVAL, MONTH IN THE ICU, 2.5 months in a Rehabilitation hospital, years of recovery from Therapists I still see, and at first: Speech, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy!

… I remember being in my room crying from the TRAUMA of my TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY and wishing that everyone would cry for their influences on me, after that they caused me to get really drunk and sad after Withdrawing from Calculus I at my college… but I have an Associate’s Degree from my Community College that was pretty easy and I had a great job that I learned a lot at Space Camp in the town of Oxford where I lived in an apartment with a neighbor to my misstress’s maxi- hmmmmm am I talking about a blood soaker-‘upper’ “Au Jus” or am I referring to the Nissan Maxima with 19″ gloss black rims in Sport Mode that makes 300 HP and it’s a “large car”

I haven’t driven a car in a couple years because my car is at my home in Charlton, MA where my parents won’t live with me, and when I quit drinking- that was enough for my parents to see that I can take care of myself, except for doing laundry and making meals; I’d wear the same clothes and have too much whey protein!

Happy Birthday Justin Marquis, my brother

Happy Birthday Daniel M. Besse, my cousin stockbroker

Remember, I bought 250 N95 masks years ago when there were only 8 cases of CoVid-19 on the West coast, and I got in so early on Bitcoin, etc. when I bought a bunch of “crypto-currencies”, but I haven’t bought any MMJ in years and I do fine without it, like I hope they have all my Xanax from the pharmacy here at “Averte”

But skipping back, I wrote a long document to Elon Musk who was my “Friend” here on the interweb in 2005 or 2006 and I think I got him on the phone — I was able to get his phone number easily because my Dad is famous in the business world and I told him how encryption is fantastic for money!

Did I talk on the phone to Elon Musk in 2005 ???
Did my Dad get his number for me ???

Millions Are Saying No to the Vaccines. What Are They Thinking?Feelings about the vaccine are intertwined with feelings about the pandemic. By Derek Thompson

I most want to sleep nextside a girl my age or in her 20’s to spoon, have intercourse, and sleep together in the same bed each night and wake up in the morning, reminding me of my latest girlfriend J.A. and then the time I spent in a mental-hospital with Alx Neas and used condoms that we were the highest-functioning people like there — and The Pope was halfway around the world — ZING!

The Pope, I wonder what he would think of my 13,000+ plays of The Lord’s Prayer and the 60+ church-programs
There were two times Justine Aragona and I went up to Jim and said, “We want to get married here.”

— I now know he wanted me off alcohol then —
— I quit drinking in 2016 so I could win her back —


Romanized: al-’Islām, [ɪsˈlaːm] (About this soundlisten) “submission [to God]”)[1]

Drop your ass and lick my cash, with sweetie two-shoes “swagger” to get at her sour lips of Tongue Splashers with that “Swag” on the Rag some old Haggard Braggart

Compliment that profile on the wall but her shadow, showing booty two-shoes “There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home, for all the niggers and the “homies” on the cusp of off the block, with the New Kids that I wish I didn’t have any offspring with these corrupt girls like my doctors are corrupt

Quantum Computing with (PROGRAMMING/WRITING/INVESTING) “Imprinting”


And Tantric Sex and girls and women in the world of the DUBYA-DUBYA-DUBYA


alwayschillen wrxtbi jeffreymarquis ::: COM !!!  *_*

I want to buy a house with a live-in beautiful busty blonde BABE FEMALE BLONDIE-HAIRED and waxed to take care of me like I want to marry this girl unless she’s with a husband

So ,     “Smashing the Stack of Poker-chips for Fun ’n’ Profit” aloud and allowed but the Prophet Muhammed of the Holy Qur’an to benefit greatly so high-up jumping for the net

With 2 “Balls”

Playing B- Ball with my B+ in Creative Writing coming to me now, comin’ on up with the Omen of my words like Omar and Tyrique when and where in the precise location of Derek’s Mom’s house, that, Dana Michael Gardner was Omar and Derek Wayland Langlois (He was “Tyrique”, I love him), but not bigger than His Earth with Life in a dolphin’s blow-hole with Derek’s Mom’s holes in her backyard with many boxes of those really old $100 bills that she has so many of from her divorced dead husband who knows knew some he’s dead I went to the Wake and I woke up with a maelstrom on the Titanic but a helicopter like I think there was a helicopter above me when I got my one and only D.U.I. in 2004 after I voted in The Presidential Election of 2004 with Curious George and QCC and John Kerry who I don’t think is a looker at all, like not even in the least, and I would never look at other guys things of a private la natural hairstyle of love and conditioner when I signed the Terms Of Agreement from when I signed up for this sweetie oh so sweet MacBook Pro with a Sirius satellite playing just by Chance the Wrapper on the condoms the guy in that movie or that commercial or whatever, he opens the latex “lambskin” controlled condoms with his white teeth, that I’m sure people with incongruously lined teeth that are a deep, dark shade of yellow teeth with coffee dulling and not-bright-white teeth on I learned “incongruously” through Microsoft Word that I bought a copy with on my old computer once I reached the pinnacle of “Tiph’s Pinz” online that I never got into very much in the least at least and at least I have a great Air-Conditioner (Gel) (“Jellies”) (and beans) that ceep’s me cool i n  these summer months my parents have a nice view of Baker Pond in the summer months and it is solid in the winter when some lucky guy gets to hang out with his buddy with a fire on the ice to kook their weenies with Fishing “Tilts” set up in this “Averte” “Set-U[]D” out of town and away from the Minister that God is limited to The Speed of Light with a meth-fleshlight just kidding I think Allah is faster than God BUT THIS MYSTERIOUS FORCE IS ONLY “VELOCITY”     through God’s universe that Allah doesn’t get in front of God’s “Wall” like I have no interest in the kids of my Church in Charlton, that Marge J. knows I memorized her name as I concentrate on text I saw her name listed in the credits of not cards but little paper pamphlets they have a pile stacked up and I knew I was odd to do sex with Deedy so I told him to take me to a church in his Saab 9-3 car I had been in in high school at Saint John’s when he had a Durex condom in his car that fag who is into S&M that I didn’t get a tattoo or piercing with him but my gay friend did, and he was into shit like dripping candle wax on his nipples with his many painkiller opiate’s he would use for bodybuilding like Tylenol 3’s ((( Let’s sometimes talk about how NONVIOLENT I will be in time to come too, to come 4 realz with “Tiph’s Pinz” that unfortunately there was no massages for me in the mall or in the mail-order African Princess and her older sister I was lucky enough to know but just off the cuff in a Tux with salt ’n’ vinegar chips you Fux to fix this Islam I feel alive on the regular when I WISH FOR “THE END” OF THIS  trendy  “TREND” OF CHINA’S UP ’N’ COMING PREVALENCE ))) on the global stage with Mr. Deedy teaching stage and I haven’t smoked a cigarette for about 2 years!  that I set off the fire alarm here once when I figured if they bought me a pack of Red ’n’ White Marlboro’s I’d keep in my Bureau but not of Investing in Bitcoin, etc. I may have become rich with, but I am years away from selling my phat stacks of ownership of companies to profit upon the Prophet who I know in the Qur’an he’s called  [ The Messenger]  I love that book that I haven’t finished yet, so, I don’t love any other countries but the USA and France that I don’t know a single French word except Par Lay Voo with Vo, J. June 21st today and I wasn’t allowed to drink at my house other than 1 Smirnoff Ice that I’m shutting the show OFF, so GET ME OFF !!!!! …Allah! =D

I haven’t smoked a cigarette in a couple years, but I like tobacco a lot, and I don’t have MMJ that 3 doctors approved me, from, and for, when I would live at home with my Dad and Mom who have so much money they pay my rent but don’t give me more than a couple hundred dollars, and my Aunt Donna WHO I LOVE! she helps me on the phone and sending me stuff like snacks and I miss the days when I would drive over her house and see my Grammy who died =(