I’ve looked a whole bunch of “ways” since my TBI in 2004!

Join me on this photo gallery that’s from 2005-2021, very severely injured at first, but then I became hooked on working out and Building Myself Back BETTER!

This is me in 2005, UNRECOVERED and I was prescribed horrible medications by an evil doctor, who, he who will remain nameless… He was doing favors for MY ENEMIES, and my parents said I don’t have to see him “ever again” which I’m so happy about because my enemies bribed him and I HOPE MY ENEMIES GO TO HELL FOR FUCKING ME UP SO AWFULLY !!!!! My www.wrxtbi.com and My https://alwayschillen.blogspot.com/2019/08/a-group-of-people-including-my-parents.html

I was forced by my enemies (and my parents…) to take Estrogen pills and get shots for it, from a doctor I hate and he’s a real piece-of-shit asshole I want to never see him ever again!

I was prescribed Estrogen that a motherfucking corrupt doctor sent me to mental hospitals FIVE TIMES, that fuck, I hope he suffers always! Mr. Jeffrey Marquis (official Alias: “Jeffry” and official Alias, “Jeff M”) yeah ME early on in my RECOVERY, when, I was not yet exercising with crossing eyes double double vision. vision.

But then after some DHEA that caused zits, I got over that pill when I was at my worst, and I was skinny at Chandler Gardens being happy enough.

Katie Byszek commented, “Busting a move in your undies? That is the coolest thing ever!”

And here I am in the same place at the lovely Chandler Gardens where I would use the WSU Treadmill every weeknight for 60 to 90 minutes at 3.0 MPH without an Incline in the best shape of my life sit-up’s!

T3/T4 and “protein-peptides” I was growing with these great amino-acids that are still available in many places online.

Here I am at home with plenty of exercise at Boost Fitness and having stopped drinking all alcohol I keep it up to abstain from the beer and alcohol!

I had trainers at the gym, and everyone said I was in the best shape of my life!

My body is very important to me, and I have a big unit, that last night I looked at my unit semi-hard and I really am so BLESSED to be really greatly “ELON-gated” and bulky and thick and strong and I’m so happy I have a very large one, which brings us to the physical shape I was in circa 2011 :^D

I bought Justine that PINK AND WHITE STRIPED PURSE because of this:

This is why I bought Justine the purse, which was funny because I was reading the girl on the right who was tall, and I would write so many 20+ page long .doc’s (Microsoft Word for English’s my “Concentration in Writing”) and I had so much fun with images saved from Facebook when I had 500+ Friends and Ashley was never my friend WHICH IS TOO BAD BECAUSE I WOULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT INFLUENCE TO SUCCEED !!!!! But she killed herself and 2 or 3 other people, who, Ashley just got dumped by her jock boyfriend and she got drunk really drunk and drove backwards on the highway into an oncoming car of people just driving on I-290 where I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a speeding-ticket back home with my Mom and Dad who know I’m not perfectly FIT to drive here, always medicated and sleeping odd hours, even though I have a lot of Tesla Stocks I want the Tesla Roadster 250+ MPH unheard of https://www.barrons.com/articles/tesla-stock-bulls-markets-51663341496

Here I am after buying FIVE BOTTLES ($300) OF “GH2” while it was sold in stores, but I haven’t used it since it was taken off the market I’VE DONE GREAT WITHOUT TEST-BOOSTER PILLS, SO NO PROHORMONES, when, in roughly about 2008 I quit using muscle-builders… and then 2016 WHEN I GOT FULLY SOBER, and you can see how much the GH2 pill made me grow for about $3 a pill! 30 pills for $70 online, and once having paid $134.99 at a muscle store that had a pill for size with GH being boosted all day and night- yes in a pill that cost $3.25 a piece I would take 1 or 2 a day and eat at The Sole Proprietor with big entree’s and no alcohol or driving too fast 35 minutes away, picking up a pack of Double Diamond pack-cigars I would smoke on my front steps and my parents were applauding me for going to the gym, where, the cigars effect didn’t take over my body totally because I always had good workouts and I haven’t called that bullshit Nugenix number for Total-T bullshit, I’m not as big as I was in this 2015 INFLATED BODY without any ordered-online pills or whatever… and no needles!

This is me in last year when I used my DECLINE SIT-UP BENCH on the hardest setting and used the treadmill for hours!

It is the most recent photo I have of me flexing, and I’m now at “Averte” in my bedroom, having done a strict low-carb diet, looking thin, when I was great about my diet — really I only at protein, ZERO CARBS and low on fat!

I have a really big unit especially because of a Doctor who gave me a pill when I left a mental hospital total of 3 times him forcing me to take it easy and stop the caffeine pills and stop the MMJ for 2 of the times… but back to what I said “unit” mine WHICH HE SHRUNK AN ORGAN OF MINE FOR THE TIME WHILE I WAS UNABLE TO LEAVE MY FLOOR (!!!) and since I went off vitamins and pre-workout supplements, that I’m not allowed to have simple caffeine pills because my parents say they make me talk loud and angry, so no caffeine pills! Uppers and Creatine make you shrink and grow smaller, to the men out there: work-out supplements shrink your genitals! Really!

I don’t have any creatine, I don’t have any vitamins, and I may be healthier without the supplements and vitamins and herbs, but I will learn and I will lean (NO TEENS ON MY SCREENS BECAUSE I’M 40+!), and live lean with the best of my efforts, that I should go back to not drinking milk… yeah that’s my next step in bodily Health and Fitness!

Oh and I haven’t read any muscle magazines in years! I haven’t subscribed to Muscle and Fitness or any sketchy magazines except Bitcoin Magazine!

They peaked at $69,044.77 each, I had 5000 at one point or 18,000 or 21,000 with candle-stick and I hope I have a bunch since 2013 or 2014 when I bought so many Bitcoins and called all around the world, seriously, I had to cancel a bank in France, my Dad made me cancel it of so many Euro’s! HE HAS MY STOCKS! TESLA, AMAZON, JOHN DEERE, FACEBOOK, DAIRY QUEEN, GAMESTOP, MATCH, ETC. ETC. I think I bought 20-30 “BLUE CHIPS”-STOCKS IN 2013 OR 2014… and just like I predicted they would rise in 2021+ because of 20″21″ I KNEW I COULD QUIT DRINKING SO EASILY! =D

Ask me about my Investments at Pacilio Wealth Management and Merrill from 2013 or 2014 that I picked ones to be worth a lot in 2021+ because of “21” I’ve been 100% SOBER not a single sip in 2.5 years!

Dainty and Faintly Dawning on the rear-warded Lawn

Squash the surroundings to big and BIGGER “bearings” being benign and newly fresh—to the surface-ing of a fancy laden couch potato to SING and dance—sans, them under-panties  to set the Willy Free—lewd behaviors of mental fuck-up’s I see, it here, and I fear—as to being assaulted here for a fourth or of a fiftyith time

Get addle in the saddle of a bucking (motherfucking) Bronco of the Bills, paying some serious Beans to be seen, by me $,$$$,$$$ — or should I say, I just may, announce here first, that “Friends Plus Benefits” typing people play Scrabble when sentences unannounced and unanswered, your prayers-  you to blame being that I don’t ever Resurrect Jesus Christ’s Polaroid in a frame of me prescribed and medicated so as I appear of insanity no banal catastrophe, here at “Averte” when, when, when me thirsty for the ink from a peppery printed Pen—Mont Blanc, blanked, BANKED, while “BAKED” not anymore—my parents stopped at the CBD store—today when I said, “Hey” and how ya doing, but not to my offspring—I know I have toddlers but KEPT SECRET… when they have been hidden as only children—like Ember showed me her Parmesan Caesar-ing incision of skin’s spacial separation, as per my interrogation—I wanted PROOF as her hooves done dug into my ‘mentals’ of Iron Ore investments of 2013 or 2014—my profits I will probably next never see—my Dad took away my Stocks in Tesla, Amazon, and on and on and ON—as my Knight takes a single Passerby Pawn- to be shopped and bought, like I dig CBD, my parents bring me—got it from my Mom—she’s caring for me in all possibility of negating myself—with an Elf on a Shelf to be kept secret by Mother’s a, breaded BROAD iron casket caked sold at the Market Basket in Oxford, MA where I’ve shooped and shopped to extents unlimited—not any longer at the inferior Big Y super-market, thanks to that gay druggie fucker, Alex K. I think he should be smothered like none other, in his slope of spelt sleep Sunday night at the 3 a.m. hour, he tasted his own shit, sucking it off of my Saint John’s teacher’s DICK!

Alex K., A phantasmal PHARMACEUTICAL STEROIDS “BIG-TIME” anabolicminds.com longtime member named “Dieseltwin” also on AIM, the when he wished for bodybuilding type ‘o’ fame it seems to be, ignoring his mental awareness of slight “genius” but to only get butt-fucked by an older age SICKO, sticking stirred with stirrup’s on upon the inspection of a small “erection” all erect and Alex K. (Dieseltwin) been gone LOSER that Alex, the younger brother of his beautiful Jewish sister “Michelle”—her closed off with no clothes on (!!!) she’s all gone and married to Justin Gewandter—I hate the “Breaking Bad” I’ve seen every episode at night, with albeit the main meth-cooker “A ‘Walter White’” who made it rich with chef-inspired “Meth Cookery”—his crotchety criminality—like Alex and his own P.O. Box!

Boxes of bullions, buckets of profits, I just bought some silver, that drilled iron splices, splinters, in my fingers—the dangers of working “Shop”—blades sharp enough to sever and CUT MY CACOPHONOUS grin while I win the much amounts of money—still saving for my hunny of beautiful buns—her butt, to be inside of and having so much fun-times galore, doing her like an Arab whore—there’s more spermed and spammed worries—I’VE NEVER HAD HERPES!—for the life of me, as that would be post-haste what a waste of clean private pleasantries, that Justine my hun, in those buns of fudge-packed lovin’—never having a kid with me, when I would be so un-jubilantly, and Jews control Wall Street of dollars and dimes—all the Time.com with that “Parthenogenesis” dancing deep-ticking, all a sing-song to live long while LIVESTRONG bracelets, and let me see, what the Fortune 500 will make me Brought goodness in riches, but leaving a negro hex in stitches, him bereft of all, his wealth is so small like a coded fraud- what a Sad Sod to OD like Dead Dave did while he was locked up and feeling probably HANDS CUFFED, so “Dead Dave The Heroin and Liquor SLAVE”—spick ’n’ span all across the USA land—owned by whites-only and no colored-pencils, I went $2 in a bill to take a multivitamin pill, along with a Zoloft 3x a day and Xanax that gives me a hey-day wave—hating the HIV African niggers, they all own firearms, where in the Ghetto there’s no field-days for the Malt SLAVES—no grass and no lawns, The Projects buildings and on welfare, farewell you niggers, I say, so cap yourself with a pull of the wiggers!

I bought one of these 1-ounce silver going coins on the J.M. Bullion for my Initials in a “bull market”

Silver is at $19.60 per ounce!

To turn a Dime into a Dollar?
To turn a Dollar into a Diamond?

Of the Or all I know is that 1 ounce of Silver is $19.60 and I bought a Smiley Coin! =)

Score more here:

I’ve been writing a lot on my http://alwayschillen.blogspot.com =)

I have my own business credentials and “Cryptocurrency” at Google: JMRQ Heavy Industries

I’ve read some of this SUPERINTELLIGENCE book and it’s exactly how I move to be around and making toned sounds of nicking my name JMRQ to you see who, me and my name, with me and my mentals being cold and hard, JUST, LY, to see what encompasses all that “be just chillen, mon…” in The Bahamas and twerking it to STEP-MAMA’s doing this the ding with their son-in some dumb acting of getting stuck, in a tight crevice with that there booties, of thee’s 30 year old CUTIES getting creamed, and it all really happened with Justine’s Mom’s whole mouth in my car, PARKED, and taking a shoulder-rub and Ana tug with her huge “just guess” when we got dressed and I said to Justine WHO SHE WASN’T SURPRISED AT ALL ALL- just banged your Mom, and that summer day went on, having felt such heat with our meeting of intertwining private places, me putting it “there” I made fun faces, and her husband didn’t mind- as he said to me, “Are you breaking up with Justine now?” . . . which the thought so ludicrously ridiculous I laughed and left, being me wordless, having grabbed augmented breasts to my delight, and do her again, just say “when” who I don’t care about Linda so much as I’m literally attached, within, my Justine having known her since she was 18 and I was in my 20’s which there’s not being a single(now) thing, about pulling a string out of that squirrelly thing when unshaven, all heaven

I haven’t gotten high from Mary and/poor Jane in many years because I’m not allowed to order “Delta” or HHC!

While I remember and WITH IT I sit here or on the bowl to postpone the professional increased pages of underlined text, 1 by 1 lines, one at a time, to under-line while available to those and ABLE TO READ, me planting “Seeders” BT currencies, that I skipped, or methinks I used IN $10,000 to BitTorrent (https://www.coindesk.com/price/bittorrent/) to repay- the dismay of empornium.us the jerks there I REPORTED THEM (!!!) I CALLED THE COPS WITH THE VIBEO, mostly illegal of insane on-screen, filmed shame, to I told the police, it didn’t suffice as they were still operating online, their domain, it drove me insane, and I tossed the DVD’s with Justine, after eating a Caesar salad—I took off so much body-fat eating salad the that Caesar of Greece or Roman dot-com when I lovingly long for some twerky beef-jerky to get me “off” goes the lights with whether the Sun Sets on TV’s I like to see, but only CNN and Fox News—the only 2 channels I’ve used in about 2 or 3 years—never ever taking a break, the news at steak of sir, my loins lowered and the tickle Tiphdizzle drifting dry about my lack of cry-ing as I don’t care anything about Tiph—because she’s now a Mother—arrange a marriage with my Brother Justin and with his little Schweetie S-too short I have surely assured him to respond, and with a rear-side “Retort” he “Report”-ed me with years previously, oh dear to the Heaven, why would be it he did that to me???—his shitty-laden concern, coming through the frustration I caused in 2004 and more a lot longer, a Singer stitch, a long one, but that didn’t last, like “Rick James. . . B- “ BUT ME SCORING A B+ in a few classes, with a FULL-ON “A” in Psychology I with the instruction of the instructor Dr. Brandi Scruggs, who, we literally HUGGED, with a simple 1-time request, “Professor I have a TBI and I need an “Embrace” I forget if I had white teethed “Dental bracing” that we hugged TWICE and she said, to me, this will “be” the last time to get closer YOU TAKE ME CLOSER TO GOD, JUSTINE ARAGONA !!!!! Reaching beyond God with my Handicapped and Disabled LEFT ARM !!!!!

But my right arm GREW 2.5″ longer in 2005 and 2006!

I should have put more in my left arm, that you can see it’s some-what shorter!

Swindled and Whining while Wondering: Am I a winner of breaded “Augmentation” of my Islam in the Holy Land- its foreign “Nation” ???

Trips to the autoclaving symphony hall of Bitcoin and Ferrari posters on my wall, while clutching the Tranny, I spy, that third-eye sensors to pack a ship, loading it with foreign materials of Matthew who’s Dan’s bro and we shopped at J. Crew that night before investing with my own money—millions of dollars—sweating at the potential profits—with a wedding right tight Ring when Dan and I practiced our abilities (when I took Abilify) to sing and making phonecalls, from his home and 2 pre-paid cellphones when we honed $BONE for Carina’s visible ribs of my decision, against insemination—those 23 days with teens and 20’s as in years old and Yong-Shing’s “House (hows) Fried (f-why) Ricers (come booty enticers near and dear) or so far away in Tampa, FL when it’s the Tie of the mothers and I have a Junior “Brother”—Justin—reminding me of my own “Justine”—forlorn, when with us watching P. Hub and I distain “Club” of silted salty thunder, revealing what is under… the pantries May when I have to say, fan my fanny and Fren Drescher played “The Nanny” on TV screens. To be seen, her the accented and inspired comical Maid—like Sandy here—my counter-top waste, she clears (if it of) the sink-side face of my place but not to litter—kitty-cat kittenly-critters and a high school Freshman—with a Crater Face, the Facebook circumstance, but with led-to unleaded gasoline with the EV’s being pushed for Tesla—and my best friend Elon Musk—he said it was “Okay” with him to have as a best friend “every day” if I wanted, on the phone, 2005, after I nearly died—but I SURVIVED!

My http://www.wrxtbi.com of MY TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY and its information, plus not revealeding any editing, being been like that from the start, that my writing makes me sound smart and smarter as the candles on the $CAKE need to be blown and out—a bit harder—to discern the writing written (weathered Winters) words of a sample—apologize, to, once my sorriness and storage, them AMPLE, and fuck an uncle…

Playing paid paying playing at Vicky’s—that’s hush-hush—a Tushy “Secret” of a woman’s attraction, I’m distraction of dereliction on the Northern direction of intrusion being my method of “Inspection” PRIVATE: AT-ATTENTION !!!!!


I bought Microsoft Word (and Stocks) with Polo socks to create a 38.4 MB document the first 100-200 pages in size=8 Arial font! and then I went 18+ I called Microsoft and got my Dad to call Microsoft at my greatest document 13,000+ pages originally of 8 East, but it was deleted by my enemies!

Primed Prisms of Time on TV with prime numbers of a .357 Trojan MAGNUMS on top- of my fridge with a hornet’s bitch to have had stitches and I don’t want any kidding around while I hear the sounds of waves- but in Africa with the slave-trade and my previous dog, Ripley, a BLACK “lab” orating the creation of a Westie—Aunt Donna Donohue, paying a few grand for Bismarck her pet puppy paper-trained way back when (near Saint John’s High School: Class of 2000, a “White HEN” I want to possess my order of a $315 Mont Blanc PEN—to sign my name on the Bitcoin, Tesla, Amazon, etc. etc. documents (2013 or 2014) and me planning to sell in 2023, maybe at all- that I’ve once grown in height to 3.5” TaLLer and SHRUNK by not the doctor “Shrink” of a long, long time ago (but resounding in my head, Dr. Dominic Candido, I see him now instead! 3 hours away from my real “Home”!) when I would know, GHRP-6 will make me buff- I have bought so many chocolate muffins of whenever recent years- and Supermaker’s “markets” to wheel a kart of Diet soda to keep my minute belly FULFILLED… but east on the Diet Red Bull—so I’m CHILL http://www.alwayschillen.com I’ve had for so long and storing my Soliloquies and short-Stories of doldrums Poetry For Dummies, I once was driven around in a HUM-VEE at a part-ie with Derek and Brian—I long for them to greet me—I haven’t seeing either one of these the 2 professional “chums” who we’ve had a lot of fun, together, in the cold weather—MY PARENTS PAID THE HEATING BILL!—appreciated by my Geneva St. roommates, with meats on our dinner-plates courtesy of “Emerald Meats” we would eat-s, on occasion-ally, when I don’t fall for the Fu’d up plea’s and frying bacon, the Jews are sketchy about but Holy and Solemn that I have a black topcoat top-hat that’s so phat, from baked breakfast cooking and me looking and watching on-screen “Breaking Bad” a TV show that I ordered a copy-cat Black Hat of Walter “White” I wear on occasion and my grey Polo cap, and that’s that that I’m not going bald with Machismo proverbial “balls and kept covered from The Others” when a Father—my Dad—he gets in bed with my Mom and a Slumber he sleeps with “The SHE”—my Mom I LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!—when all has been said and done (on NASDAQ: “FB” their “Messenger”) [The Messenger] my Mom calls me “Hon” because I dig the Dextrose—AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT BUT I INGESTED PURE, POWDERED 30 lbs. of “Dextrose” with a GH pill I’d take while awake and asleep, that the double dose made me grow big and strong—although only making me 1” TALLER:

I’d quit and I’d CUT- the my own, my bad alcohol drinking, that the extra-calories, well, they cause the asses of the girls to become FAT—AND I HATE THAT!—me wishing for those thinly-thin-thin THINNIES LIKE MANNIE ROTELLA, I wanted to smell her perfume, in-hailing through my nostrols on my nose, that now-Mrs. D’Amico- her I wanted to know and be with as a friend, her small- the Cheerleading “Flyer” so PETITE this Samantha—I would call her “Mantha” as I’m doing with the done and done internet-forum posting, mostly, that is “phpBB” still around ??? I had “The Poetic Voice” my writing journal on line:

I would get 40+ hits a night, this when I felt such D-LIGHT that I now work on my D-Fence:

Church-goers and Barn-burners…

And boost to the toasted marsh-swallows the gulped gunk of a coolio cappuccino at the Starbucks locality of caffeine-induced Brisk bunkers that I think and I thunk, I’m a thinking thin and hunky Playboy of Profits, as being that I was so able and so fortune-ate to reach beyond God Himself The Father The Creator at the edge of His universe, when I cursedly put myself THERE, THERE—at the utmost to butter that previously mentioned Toast, to The King with a choir doing the sing-ing when I signed papers of my Investments… a paved driveway all the way to the point is that I CARE—why I said I’m “there” to lend a helping Stock or Bitcoin to drain a nostril of me not yet a trillionaire, but I have stock advice for Daniel to party with Richard Branson—I saw on the news channels—because he’s a owner of a valuable company—billionaire—like me, but only if, and only if, I sold my Bitcoins at 69-thousand dollars, their peek, with the Radiohead song “Creep” that was my anthem with and without Tiffany—downgraded to a D+ with her having given birth—her first, fishing a fist on the reeling in with your wrist and writing of all HIGHLIGHTING the turn-some Timbers generating not only Lumber, but a generous Mexican holiday of me not knowing much of the Hispanics, the language cult-are fanny may Fanatics swishing with the wishing for Bruce Fenton—my Politician Friend of 2005-2007 and maybe beyond, like TO THIS DAY, I say “nice try at the election of it having happened through my own influence when writing “VOTE BRUCE FENTON FOR SENATOR!” on NASDAQ: “FB” my profits not yet seen, but with Low-Carb to keep me so lean—not tilted, no glasses to be squinting—like Squints — PLEASE BUY STOCKS FROM DANIEL M. BESSE AT MERRILL — I want my best of family to see, the abilities, of me and of mine, I DON’T DRINK! I HATE RED WINE! But I wish with the most lovely wishes for Dad to catch “Bass Fishes” and because I love white people, mostly, partying ways with the former-slaves, I wish that we could all be of the same skin color—but Dead and Smothered with cool-whip tick-tock around the clock at 11:30 pm with Saturday Night Live and Tina Fey chirping cocky jokes and when spinning wheels, on a car- a Tesla—for Lisa—at least a li’l financial contribution, peeping her disgusting fat ass from her laziness with two feet up, fishing for Perch and making purchases of “Butter”—she eats cold butter I have no idea why… Lisa S., do you really think you can get become thin ’n’ thinner but TONED with the fatty tissues—“screw it, she dose of doozy- she does it… plump plumbers-butt when Atilda the Hun—my Mom types to me “Hon”—and she and Dad and Aunt Donna Donohue and Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona—they get MY LOVE!

I have this hardcover book on my coffee table, and I received it as a gift for my Birthday some months ago… I haven’t read too much of it but Bill Gates “highly recommends” the book about SUPERINTELLIGENCE!
I saw The Social Network in theaters TWICE, and I have a Facebook t-shirt in my Facebook photo, which I bought on a dot-com website, which I own THREE DOT-COM’S, and I’m a big fan of Trent Reznor!

I do as a man, and due- so I ask, “Have any girls used MY STOLEN SPERMY-WORMIES TO PRODUCE PRODUCTED SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF MINE- the finest me who’s SOBER at a whine-Festivus?”

BUT NOW “BUNK” WITH A BABY, A BABY KIN-D! and while I once loved h-er, I now pre-fer, a trans-fer of Justine Aragona to my clutches her my JUSTINE ARAGONA AND I, with her, Coach Pursed lips to kiss!

She’s a feature of on the TV Shows, this I know, to take it out along the ways a-ways at massive Wattage and 21+ age(s) only, this girl—the feature feathered Creature—with me the said-to “CREEPER” when I creeped on two girls in my past—but a Literature class, 1 of 2—I nailed (me to) being that I “failed” the memorization of Huckleberry Finn, that great Fun of -oh fuck- Mr. Blake and a threat, the position up front and ignored in Prose I—albeit with an A- in Poetry II—it was one only for that radical TV Show, with the Mrs. “She” of Holy shit—trapped and stuck in the bowels of a GRAVE-EL “PIT” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of-lpfsBR8U) when This Is It, to stick the first shift, into 2nd gear, I recall, with the Turbocharged acceleration like Allah—John Deere I LICKED and “liked”—I told Vitalik Buterin with Vitamins—talking with the great Vitalik and about “LICKING” VITAMINS!—on the highways of Massive Pike picking when I’m not too fond of The Taste of LIP-stickers on that 5-speed shifter—and shifting perfections in my key-stroke me, stroke me, and that feeble old man named Jim Weeble—yes, and I take ANTI-SEIZURE pills, plus CBD in moderation, giving me God’s Gift (that strain I would contain in the cans, Northampton’s NETA in a far-off land…) if you want to drift when piloting a vehicle, yes, in a snowy parking lot, hit the brakes I’ve been writing about $CAKE and when, way back then, I’d sign my JMarquis-sig with a ballpoint pen, but when? Oh usually every month or so, or 3 weeks, passing a jeep of Grandma’s Cherokee roots, to the Toots of my horns and the noise-maker front and center

I just clicked ENTER not once but TWICE to be nice and create one additional paragraph, this whites-only WRITING… yeah it’s my craft and enjoy sitting sea-side (on this red love-seat) while eating LOW-CARB meets, my strong heart, it beets and pumps, when looking at all of the very heavy, fat losers here, probably drinking bubbles of Budweiser—that beer of monkeys in trees—the green is not to be seen, that nice medical-card I approach, applauding, Estée Lauder and Baywatch Pam. Queen, then proceeding onto KIM my K. with a dash of sugary cinnamon, to sin, to break the rules—me not injecting drugs like the worst of my kin, and me to rewind, yeah me so kind- to try to prevent the death of Dave, guilty of drinking and driving, in his past—a common occurrence—his D.U.I. I sign when I sign my name of this: 



To think, if his family had only HEARD ME, my voice on the phone, telling them postpone the celebration of David P. And his SUPPOSED SOBRIETY and him still on the devil’s HEROIN, he was a loser, and, who, I TRIED TO GET HIM A GREAT DEAL OF HELP, but to no avail, this after he showed up at my house drunk as a skunk and on sketchy-pills, the Opiates and alcohol withdrawals—they were so severe, this John Deere Stocks—Dave was into heavy drugs and white thugs with his addictions to various drugs—HE RISKED MY LIFE!—and having gotten two girls preggers, David P. how many grams of Oxy? A lot I bet and I know, silly ho, that my parents are my “HEALTH PROXY” and controlling me all over, Goliath pushing boobies boulders—that Movado BOLD—who would buy that watch for being sold, this at Macy’s for those in their 20’s and 30’s—I collect watches, and my gifts, the Queen with a weak wrist, and my enemies anger-ies, with THEM BEING MUCH LESS THAN ME, who, I see in the widescreen mirrors on TV’s abroad, investing in Euro’s with my Bank of France I had to cancel it—rubbing the scratch of me unattached, released from an Umm Bill? MY CORD! of wireless 5-GHZ, so no wires that I spell and sleep when I’m tired—but no caffeine pills… that they made me WIRED once Subscribing to the ‘Zine to be seen, a Data Queen and Geoff D. arriving on the scene of the “reservoir” catastrophe, traveling Audaciously apathetic and Authentic Authority to what “seems to be” when stitching belchers in the Bleachers at the Base-Ball to the Game, when my words ring Legit—just read my Public Ledger and I keep secret but well known, my Private Ledger, this through Merrill or PWM with Wayne Marquis, my rich and super-awesome Dad, he’s above me and I am Glad, that I have that, a powerful man to tip his hat—a Cap of Mr. Crunching NUMB3RS on the Texas Instruments graphic calculator, and a Playboy 1-800 caller, a CALENDER in a corrupt criminal’s kitchen of cooking up some CRACK—that David P., he smoked its fine-LOWER LOSER, ITS “FUMES”—I wish I smacked him to get him to stop injecting with needles, his giggles of heroin-contemplation with a shitty shirt all dirty and his fixation on opioids having used the jazz of his to inseminate two girls—believing he wouldn’t need a job—welfare addict—and I’m a w-w-w dot-com ADDICTED to this WRITING and me having been punched and pushed down by not only 1 and not a mere 2, but THREE JERKS HERE ASSAULTED ME WITH FISTS AND PUSHES!

Gimps in handicap crutches, usually the lashes eye-broad iPod, the narcotic sold by Brandon Hom—of Saint John’s—Him always high and taking Failing Level-II Classes, he had a lot of CASH’es with CC#’s of his, Hom a “chink in the armory”—injecting dope into his ARMS, like a suicidal one to kill himself, AND CALL ME SELFISH, but I’m wear the wealth is, Bitcoin, Stocks, Precious Metals, and maybe even a 2.5 Karat diamond for a ring, I hear a ding-ding-ding when I WEAR THREE RINGS, and on my right hand of mine, I’m fingering the keys to stroke the stoked blinker bright and full of green lights only, the acceleration and her moaning—but hold on, Bruce Fenton’s cellphone was “Roaming” when we left our connection in audio run for many hours of silence, him “rooming” asleep with a Chimney-Sweet Sweeper, him a Broom-er, and he demanded I pay him, Page him, his “beeping” and onto the pages of my Archives: www.alwayschillen.com/archive.htm

Toodles! =)

Hold on… okay… NOW, *HOLD ON*!!!!! =)

To Tickle a lame Lime Rickey, Linda would suggest for me to drink the SOBER liquids, I neglected her pleas, to “Please bring me a Guinness” of bubbled foam at the top, drinking it down-  that made my parents sadly frown, with memories of being there with me, drunk for them to see… yeah me, and my Mom in her Wedding Gown, now available near Gore “draw-down” Pond, in Charlton, Mass, that Justine and Linda, they were so great, being completely STRAIGHT—unlike Lisa the DINE—which is fine whither her Tranny “Hubby”—lavish life I lead, unleaded, overly away and $$,$$$,$$$ BREAD-ED with the dollar signs of mine, me my own Wall St. “Throne” within this “Text of my home-grown proverbial Flavor” Allah is the Savior, and Jehovah, but I focus on God—yes, and believe it or not—I reached through God Himself The Father The Creator at the edge of space one Blessed night in 2013—and undressed in bed, her face-down, all night long 9 hours long, and drowning out the unpleasant odor—it was her bookie-door I played “hookie” instead of being in her nookie, her fine Cookie I would dip the chips of chocolate, that night with us completely alone, me and my boner, and then putting money into $BONE with $BITCOIN, that one time Justine bit me fairly hard, her I PROD-ed, that instead of calling her by her fine first-name (similar’s to my Brother’s origin!) Justine my Queen, I uttered a “Tip” (dazzling mucho money of mine) and Justine bit my dick (!!!), hard enough to require a doctor’s examination, then hearing “you should keep your hands off of it!” and but this years after, the latter, of when I was evil-ly prescribed “Estrogen”—that fuck my enemies, trying to mark a booby or two our out of my uppoor-body “Pec’s” on my Chesty months of them receding after my PLEADING: “Dr. Benny, NO MORE ESTROGEN PILLS PLEASE!”—I was on my knees, begging him to reduce my nipple-tissue, and HUSTLER magazine—I’ve never seen an “issue”—I have with that publication, once and now, so controversial in my U.S. Nation—that I haven’t made a singing Single—I’ve been single since the 5th time in a mental hospital with Alx Neas—her taking me in, her big biting teeth that felt like PINS so sharp, and poking, my sensitive areola spots up top—that we had EACHOTHER! 

I wonder how my Cousin David killed himself when he was locked up and without his favorited “opiate” droogz, he preferred to fake out, and with two toddlers—he faltered, and at fault for his own getting high with H-injections, he preferred OxyContin to natural erections, that my contemplations at his funeral—opiates made him Constipated… but no where in the Bill of Rights says you can be a deadbeat father, his family was off-kilter and his Charity couldn’t nearly fill the “Quota” to quote the dead father, “I haven’t had a sip to drink and I’m fine!” BUT THEN HE FELL DOWN ONCE OR TWICE (!!!) AND HE PROCEEDED TO DRINK 4 BEERS HE HAD NO MONEY! So how sorry to his honey and uncombed hair, his shrunken pupils viewing me, stared, and “starry-eyes” I signed without a bit of a care—HOWEVER, I CALLED THE COPS BEFORE HE DROVE, us moving in that crappy vehicle he had, then asking me for money, for gas… that I assured Dan he’d kill himself, and Dan was too far away to prevent David P.’s suicide, I warned him that night in 2013 or 2014, and visiting his “wake” I prayed he’d never make it, you know, there… because I didn’t care…

Call it a sin to wish hell upon a man of filthy lineage, he was a man, he was my kin, and I don’t care if it’s a sin, to say, “David P. is the worst person I’ve ever known!” that my Dad did too, and he told me, “David P. would be a quote-unquote “LIABILITY” !!!!!

He died and his sister became a lesbian, after she had babies, with Mr. Cronin—her husband—he’s going to become a woman now and oh and how??? The surgery isn’t free, and I prayed that David P. would never be in his death years ago, suggesting he’s suffering??? Yeah I’m sure he is, and this I know! SO SAY NO TO OPIATES AND ALCOHOL AND CIGARETTES AND MARIJUANA!

I do fine being bereft of any intoxication, PRAISE THE NATION ((( and of Islam, I love this song, this great, great singing, I’m winning with my WRITING and choosing not to fight despite…) yeah I’m never fighting, and all with me including this: my enemies and the drunks and the druggies and the alcoholics and the cigarette smokers, go buy drawn and crafted, Demon-Insignia Cigarette Lighters, which I don’t buy or have I ever bought anything evil, I use Bic because I Bic my shaven scrotum, my pole? A TOTEM

Google: “Bruce Fenton Polls” because the man I’ve spoken with for over a dozen hours on the phone is running for SENATOR of New Hampshire, and he appeared today on a video, in the town of “Freedom, NH” =)

I’m not yet quite or QUIET, as her gagging! I’m a fair share skinnier than most individuals in society, I am the gargantuan… but not quite as thick as Peter North and his northern POLE!

When and One time merely, Upon a Dream

Quilted the seams of sheets laying laid and in-between with “limited” nuclear war to be seen and this according to a U.S. General staff that everyone here but Carissa, Ember, Elise, Paul, Ron, etc., yeah, they’re nice to me, but the other jerks here at “Averte” they are TRASH ball-point A+ hemmed little silly silk sheets, those sheets of papyrus and paper, I have met The Creator, God, who maybe only exists or existed for a while, many hours, in time of passed, and to the test, we have ME! NO THC!

And I hate the pathetic residents, except for only Josh and Marie, for me to see every couple days, and once having drank at a bar named “Days End” in Oxford, MA many years ago, I have to be accredited and Show of White Ponies to hone in on the incentive device to Mannie “a mermaid” she She SPLASH! and because she’s against Diet and her so Sugary Sweet, the “Sprite” drink, her in Pink, willingly wiggling her toes, when the this she knows, I wanted to give her some of my PROFITS with Stocks and “Crypto” but she said, “No… and thank you for the complex complication” of a tanned perfection, performed with Spritzy “perfume” to the Tomb of the Queen, shown on TV!” and which ‘Mantha her complexion looking so beautiful…

Picking pencils from the colored “Trey” of da’ hood whereas me sitting keen on making money with Investing, I seem preoccupied with my own leads… a leaded perception of preoccupation with that tanned-Nation, it being Islam that a wrestler Dan Besse- him so flashy and well more than a scam, I was told to SCRAM – I bled with eggs of amputees, a scars or two in my skull, damaged for used, that I seek a used Tesla with a payment I hope was made, by Daniel, that hopefully so I’m not being “Played” for hoping he accrues me of accusations to reach beyond God, when I would prod a teen 18+ or 21+ I hope for a smoothie material girl who matters like Marshal Mathers, I need a sweet and not-too-tall, chick who can emulate a Hoover, that damn, she sucks at her Crochet works of wood-be tip-top shape and her showing me “NO SHADE”!

But do the dramps match the carpeting in the room?  A pissed off little PU$$Y to itty-bitty Heavens-To-Betsy (and thanks to Bank-sy, he’s An Artist, my “Bestie”…) pissing out of it, through it, before my magic DIGITS 596-4311 cause a candle to flicker, my my my don’t Bicker any Thickness in the Dictionary, for I am not a fairy and I am not a Twink 😉 that I await Justine Aragona or “Tiph” D. To me when I hope she and her guppie friends gulp the chardonnay (not in the car though, driving, you know, so GO SLOW!) to this very day and night when I may I might, grab the Mic and sing with a Thing of a paralyzed vocal cord, albeit Karaoke Classes near, here, and at “Averte” I say: I had a fully paralyzed left vocal cord in 2004 when I WAS “SET-UP” TO NEAR-DEATH OF MINE… which is not fine, when I’m not in a Dorm or a Housing “Astral Projection” of brain cells saying their final words, when I saw- I say- “Drinking Cough Syrup for the DXM is not okay!” So hey put down the bottle and throttle her head instead to release the relentless oral whamming, jamming, and an Islami-Army Slamming-run of a HIT oh this is it- the Oral-B toothbrush and sucked SUCH when I could have so much more in the Apple store, of skipping hard drives, rev-rev-rev that poor Reverend Chase, he’s out-accelerating Derek in his Porsche!

Us with full heads of hair up there atop our skulls, our hair is still there and will be not-vanished when maybe purchasing an “Aston Martin” their Vanquish-vehicle of years ago, driving To the store with an afro picked, that the animals are hungry for a “HUNGRYMAN DINNER” in the frozen case at the Market picking up a missed-carriage of Basked Basket carrying the 1% chocolate milk and pouring the rest of my Citrucel laxative down the sink and the drain, getting Super-Soaked with the lyrics of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UFIYGkROII of “crack” and “crank” with Soulja Boy Tell’em – Crank That (Soulja Boy) (Official Music Video)

Tiptronic shifters and Sheik Shaving and driveways, highways, etc. like parking perusal for a space, and PAVING with Gillette Fusion Shaving I’m craving the smooth skin, and my pumped-up and pumping tunes, my heart WITHIN my pectoral-muscles proud and me not now typing madly but I have enough legitimate-sanity to leave out the ol’ sticky-icky of the pair of pants made by that Company: Dickies the clothing making shake ’n’ bakers of my massive about my amounts of banking with Banksy’s art-work abroad, him in France or somewhere like I’m a Frenchman with my kisses on the toots of my tooting Horn to the Y in this single-laden preoccupation with POV porn, I do it nearly-daily, and you know Eminem as “Slim Shady” so long ago, him with “Kim” his Ho!

Tether Bitcoins galore in my “crypto”-storage Merrill or Pacilio Wealth Management, and a great individual Dan- yeah in him to thanks Danny B. you to the DMV: Dave Matthews “Van” of a Dodge this “Caravan” of ample sandy shores being applauded and implored with a collection of fishing lured-into-it, my Dad, he got me in-on profiting through business with millions of dollars, his yellowish “ring so holler” around him and his cooling a Turtle-Neck while he’s C.-sized upon shortly after birth, but maybe I should keep away from discussing the squishy-wishy SIZE, and mine own creation of me, in, not 1983 — but 1982 — this is all for you!

And to my awesome Aunt Donna Donohue, thank you so much!
Rest In Peace your Mickey Donohue, your Mom and Dad, and Ida and Ray, and sweet Sarita!