SpaceX just destroyed a Russian satellite enemies

Hayleigh Noel an apple-bottom babe for Used Tesla’s hot on the market at this current surger-arie Sugar sweet, chocolate jelly on your titty, and of course the one that feels better than thee, the other, the other titty at the ‘Breast Lift Surgery” procedure to feed your boss to a newboard in the hospital, I pray I have no children, and I love the one and the only HER of my current longing for my Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona who has a TBI like I have one, a moderate/severe traumatic brain injury of 2004 on November second with the lady, c’mere for a sec, just a sec, I have no secs, I have no sex, but I have enough socks, as the clocks like Big Ben spin their pendulums and the mums the word of me typing absure, I’m Dancing in Space with Allah, and I will reach my Destination with my Nation of Islam with God, but I’m not sure what those Arabs are questing for, opening a door with Scotty not too shabby with Swaggie Sie on Hip-Hop Nation I’m big on the songs and this is because I love people with talent, like, many Blacks are entertainers who amuse me all present to Aretha and Ben Franklin in my “wallet” like I have so many Bitcoin “wallets” in New England! Hear, hear! NO BEER AS SOBER 2016!

Elon Musk lives in a $50,000 house sometimes, him always on planes, like when we talked and had a wonderful time chatting for about 44 minutes or longer when he was waiting and interested in my life and my TBI my TBI website of this right arm, the nurse let me keep some size on my right arm after using protein-peptides in 2006

Drizzle Tiphizzle to cross paths again, so be my friend on ICQ because I see you with my offspring, I want to sing how much I would Care to abstain from fatherhood, baby under the hood, in a mood to Care, shoot a bear, but not Yogi or poo-poo but to you who know the Who goes yonder as I am Sober for years, now, with no beers!

A shard of glass in the Hour Glass of a damsel in distress named Tony who is very SCRAWNY with paper towels of Brawny, in NY-C, where I want to be atop a flip-flop pot and kettlebells at the gym with trainers, perfecting my balance with shoelaces, leaving traces of text on my 3 dot-com’s they’ve been up for years, me not having had tears, or in my jeans, Lucky Brand when I would lend a hand with my Christian church, Jim Chase promised me I wouldn’t go to Hell when he died, and we were talking calmly about his sacrifice to suffer for those of his church in Charlton, MA where my Mom and Dad are my “Health Proxy” they live their lives Dad only has his one wife, and that’s his life, with Deborah my Mom, singing a song in the car, hey hey- you you- watch Manny Tube!

Peruse the tubes, too and long-  at night-time listening to Justin’s R.L. Grimes and getting a grip on the lower lip bringing sensations across the nation, longing for the logging of a busy beaver’s Mrs. Gripper, to the Ripper and Ripple “crypto-currency” I’m heavily invested in from 2013 or 2014 — check my Public Ledger — and absorb the mockingbird with an itch, so absurd the haggard drunks at the kitchen table, Talking and jumping jovial from the Ledge-er, of mine, and my millions USD are fine, being secured, my money and Ledger is in a safe (108959#) to take the cafe’s “parrot cake”,

Plants are watered and with “Plants” homing workers and paying taxes, the millionaire relaxes along in a Thought Of “Thong” to stay a while, in a cinch to Pinch and Inch, crawling caterpillars of Rome throne’s to postpone a pointed petri-dish of microscopic Fish… the Salmon I kiss, on the cheek-  this every day of the weak!

To drizzle Tiph-Izzle with an Izee drink from a can, in the American land of Vermont, pick a spot, and take your shot in the arm from a buddy,  and raining so VERY MUDDY! AND VERY SLUSH PUPPY, with Pip and the long stocking on Shelves, with the Keebler Elves and Dan Pellegrini’s favorite singer in the Memphis bunch, being nonviolent I ne’er throw a Punch — in the Hawaii Tropics — forgoing t-shirts from Hot Topic, wife beaters the greeted heaters of having hopes for being tied with ropes, Just Kidding-  I dislike S&M foreplay to this very day because Mrs. Alx Neas bit my nipples, so I bought $2 in Ripple “CRYPTO-CURRENCIES” that have made a millionaire out of me and my wise eyes, imbibing much data from my interest in “Bitcoin” early on, after mowing the front lawn, I yawn-  not now mowing the lawn or at this peak of the week n my wireless writing, getting excite-ing, exercising on a sit-up bench a protein shake I digest, not in jest but to make it clear — they steal my supplements here — being at “Averte”, in all through the seasons of 3 years well spent- I’m rich and I can spare A COUPLE CENTS!

That’s all you scum can expect from me in WHENCE-  thereforth and cum forth for the onscreen orifice being penetrated, but never with blacks onscreen, I hate it, the burly black, an old lady with an ivory purse, she’s being attacked and seeking help from passersby letting out a scream, and when you hear that it really means… 


Here’s my old Internet forum that I was the only one who could Post!

Tampering on a system of my MacBook Pro with OSX I dream of Dancing in Space with Allah taking me to God Himself The Father of His universe because I was Baptized post-TBI with Rev. Jim Chase (Rest In Peace) Reverend Chase the jogger with an MP3 player and I bought him a Sirius home unit, to fit in his house next to The Charlton Federated Church with a steeple and a mix of assorted Charlton residents with donations of $0.02 to the plate and waking up early for Church that I went to Sunday school until I went to Saint John’s a private Catholic School that most of my Class Of 2000 classmates I’m not friends with anyone from Saint John’s anymore and it went well with dropping Honors classes because they were too tough, down one level, no AP classes, I scored 1080 on my SAT’s accepted to Northeastern University with a SJ roommate in 2000 and I dropped out due to panic-attacks when I came home and went to QCC given medications like Klonopin I haven’t had since that I now take Xanax here at “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont paying taxes and enriching my inner-circle of only fantastic people my online readers- some whathaveyou “Fans” of my writing so much always typing after working at ECM Plastics, Inc. with my Dad 25% owner and Company President, my hero and my Mom is great I love my parents and I guess I love my Dad 51% and my Mom 49% because of their accomplishments and material wealth they’re keeping healthy and going for walks, that my Dad is a Bass Fisherman on Baker Pond in Charlton, MA with his new Bass Boat

And to keep afloat the boat he has a motor this bass boat owner of a Ranger Boat that the slippery turtles would swim away, sitting on rocks above the water of facial hydration in Garnier Anti-Aging Serum for cheap at a sale, I bought so many once from Ocean State Job Lot, photo of a lot of their facial products that I suppose cleared my skin clean and shiny like the Ranger bass boat afloat above the seaside Baker Pond (Gore Pond) to respond to the fish looking for a bait to bite to eat a little treat as Garnier Facial Treatment with once Pro-Activ cleansers that the Fragment 177-191 injected in my neck and cheeks on my face to really take a decade off of the age of my face, a legal age to date coming 21+ to be with a girl who’sey Sober like me with this the palace to be living so vibrantly with Maury Brooks “Vibration” of balloons he’s an author and smalltime “vibrations” of a hum of a humble HUM what do I do next? Who should I mention but my parents who care for me completely clean with no zits to be seen with no viruses or diseases or COVID-19 that I emailed China to name it with 18+ and they picked 19 that I’m too mature to be with a Teen, so I never watch them on-screen to be sex the next girl I’m with Justine Aragona I WANT TO MARRY HER MY TBI GIRLFRIEND 2009-2013 when I drank beer at night, every night, but sometimes skipping drinking on Sundays or Just 1 Michelob ULTRA’s the low-carb brew that I would drink what was mainly maintaining a cold drink to sip on when I’d sit in bed with Justine who didn’t drink yet, that now she’s in her 30’s and with over 1000 “Friends” on here, on Facebook, I invested thousands in “Meta” that I knew some weeks before it was official that FB was renaming its business to Meta I think because of the Meta-Verse its stock was higher last month!

Elon Musk told me that he “did not see an end in sight of humanity”

Elon Musk is from South Africa and he ditched the accent

ELONgate my legs with GHRP-6 Insulin pins from the pharmacy when legal protein-peptides intrigued me to grow TaLLer and I was shopping for “Musk” perfume for my Mom Deborah Marquis calls me her “Hunny Bunny” :^D

Then I Googled: Elon Musk and I saw a link to with a mention of him and I wanted to be his friend in real life and I scored high in Communications at QCC and maybe WSU where I shout Go Lancers!

I would type in my orders to different dot com websites into Facebook first, thirsty for many “Friends” but I’ve never owned a bird while I went to Larry Bird’s farewell series, picking up an expensive t-shirt commemorating my now remembering to use Dove soap for girls and I use Dr. Squatch designer soap that last for a long time of loving the article about “Parthenogenesis” that is credible “Virgin Birth” that a virgin gave birth in the Middle-East nations where the verified virgin gave birth, when I learned of “Parthenogenesis” and the many “child of God” births that have happened and there is now Technology to procreate of a woman alone in a Lab of new science, maybe Jesus Christ is not all that, but he means a lot to me, also I’ve known about “Parthenogenesis” since 2004 when I read a article about this new science and more science of how I rely on God Himself The Father of His universe! Amen.

I started my Elon Musk book and I have a new Bitcoin Magazine to read when I have time I feel like writing pizzaz with my lunch here at “Averte”!

Eat a while and stay by the schoolday play of paying attention to the Teachers where some of them had Masters-Degrees of a TBI Counselor investor sitting perched and flying a plane with Randy Youngsma, RIP, with his sips of sweet metal waistcoat zippers and a hairdressers with with with WISHES TO STAY!

I don’t want Russia to go hyperbolic with Putin who’s younger than Biden with big muscles, catching fish in a river with no shirt on him a Man and Biden can’t even be serious that Russia should be cut off trade wise — Google: Putin no shirt fish — Putin posing in a river with saggy skin, that’s normal for all Russians except those into bodily health and my personal wealth of Tesla stocks and buying Bitcoins with probably 21+ “Wallets” in New England in TD Bank that I’m sorry Tiph but I really had to pick TD bank because I really wanted to be with Mrs. Rotella from WSU and UT as a cheerleader Flyer because she’s so lightweight and flexible from being the “Flyer” the girl so light they throw her high in the air and she didn’t care because she had a great time with her WSU-sisters and older sister Danita I called her and chatted sometimes in 2005/2006 when I got a quick way to get rich quick, read my whole Bitcoin magazine and the Elon Musk book I just bought and read the first several pages until my fingers were icy-hot from the basic perception about my direction to go to where I thought God would be and I learned in Health I at WSU that I know how eyes are generally supposed to advance from left to right I’m right about having bought for a year but never put anything up!

I like “Averte” and I’m not in Worcester, MA or Canada like this internet says and I signed a stack of papers in the ICU when I was fresh out of a Coma and I don’t remember all of the papers I signed for my parents but they said they’d be nice to me and let me stay here at “Averte” when I signed papers with Google and Facebook and Dad’s Nate Stebbins (AIM UMASS ECM PLASTICS, INC.) to be free and able to go with my Best Friend Elon Musk, yes, on the phone he told me that he could be my best friend “Every day” “if I wanted” Elon had a tiny home for a bit, but I bet he’s on a Plane a privy jettt soft sleeping a featherweight comfy pillow at night in my Queen size bed, Paul Marino who has a tiny house and a camper up north in one of the surrounding states, from a myriad of having God beyond God with my disabled handicaps on Disability for years now and I depend on the money and the 3 gifts I got for my parents and Aunt Donna Donohue I see you in your Condo with your upcoming 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder a gift from me when I’ll let you pick the newest one with the most Options and have them drive it to your Condo get it from Florida or somewhere, but all I know is that I have a bunch of a paid fee for Bitcoin “Wallets” of being with Bank-wide hillside where I sleep with a MyPillow alone in my bed and that’s best for sleep because there’s no partner a female for me because I’m a man and men and women are supposed to please allow me to MARRY JUSTINE ARAGONA MY BEST LOVER EVER AND SOUL-MATE TO BE COMPLETED IN HOLY UNITY UNTIL WE EXPIRE, like an exposition piece on the Nation’s ration of Dr. Candido showed me a secret Map that he has “connections” and he showed me a website on his computer with how many nuclear weapons are in the world but the USA has over 1000 and Russia has less than that with I think 793 to keep the Bitcoins in my “Wallets” abroad about the seers of severe consequences for Dr. Candido if he shows me things with what I hope to own a home twin-mansion with Cuz Dan B. and his family, that I want Dan to say “I don’t want to be a father to my son and daughter BECAUSE I WANT TO LIVE IN A TWIN-MANSION NEXTDOOR TO ME WHEN HE’S GOING TO SELL MY STOCKS AND BITCOINS 1000 or maybe only 250 at highest 3000 Bitcoins but more like hopefully at least 50″ because 50 Cent the rapper sings about relaxing in the tub a twin-mansion next to me with my as many as 3000 Bitcoins that I used Nintendo 64 or Nintendo64 in my hundreds of pages long, separate Bitchain that needs no refrain, for Dan has connections and he bought me “Meta” when who 50 Cent will be like me Shiba Inu I hope you and your “Crypto Guy” sold my coins when I was thinking of Bottle full of Bub, relaxing in the tub, body rub Chartreuse tattoo’s with bright colors in the sunny sky when I want to send Rev. Anne Skinner money, having promised her a Jaguar or a taxi with BLM spray-painted on the hood with so many gang symbols of Crips and Bloods that you never hear about them anymore — yay there are no big gangs but Mr. Moran taught Latin I in 7th grade that I learned a lot of the language from the days of old with a rocking body and soul I drank a lot of EVOO earlier which is good to men’s natural hormone with my amino-acid pills of L-Arginine/L-Ornithine for keeping internal my blood and getting 1 shot in the glutes every 3 weeks, Haloperidol an anti-psychotic that my parents want me on and I told Mannie I rely on anti-depressant Zoloft 3 times a day I stayed up all last night for y’all when I’m not too tall and my vision is so buggy and double-vision leaves me relying on “Shapes” that’s one way to describe it, and I feel great when I zoom quick Focus on the screen right in front of me!

I love my MacBook Pro

But speaking of my unwise decision to invest in TUBBIES coin a “Token” not worth anything yet and I wrote so many Dear WeatherTech CEO I want to buy your $53,000,000 Ferrari 250 GTO and paint it bright white to shine off the sunlight because black attracts heating to black paint and driveway surfaces, plus my having owned a 2001 Nissan Sentra SE that came out before the “Spec-V” that Dan had the SE-R base package, a good 6-gear manual transmission satellites in space are moving, and I think the news just lied about something because they’re preparing for a cease-fire (!!!) because they’re into my collection of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu that Elon was my best friend then and now, why??? BECAUSE HE SAID THAT WOULD BE OKAY WITH HIM ON THE PHONE FOR WHAT I WAS HOPING TO TALK TO HIM FOR AN HOUR BUT I TOLD HIM THAT WE WERE TALKING FOR 43 MINUTES — me being 40 years old — and I was hoping to talk to say that I talked to Elon Musk when he was waiting for a plane, but he wouldn’t call it a private jet — he was told years ago to never ever tell anyone you’re flying on a private jet I’m guessing, or he just didn’t want to tell me, it wasn’t a Commercial flight in the daytime, I didn’t whine and for that, he said I’ll buy you a Tesla, talking to him in 2005 then 2006 again, my best friend to the end, I wrote so much and I’m feeling good about my interest in Nuclear war on the TV stations!

Now Dan, picture me and you us 2 with our RELAXING BY THE JACUZZI and Entourage of Twin-Mansion EGO’s DRIVING TESLA’S BOUGHT WITH MY DOGECOIN OR SHIBA INU!

Think about it man, you could abandon your family to empty my Bitcoin “Wallets” that I talked to Bitcoin in 2005 when I told a receptionist I knew online who had just been offered shares and I said BUY BITCOINS!  That she did and she said I quote: “You made me $2500” I rented the mathematics book for Pro-thinkers named “Advanced Cryptography” from The Charlton Public Library in 2001 or 2002

I was concerned with my permanent TBI and I the greatest man to ever exist — with my best friend Elon Musk — he said it was okay if he was my best friend he commented saying “every day” and I wake up and talk to Elon Musk who is my best friend, which he said it was “okay” to have him as my best friend — I promise you I talked to him on the phone for 43 minutes when he was waiting for a private jet that he never, ever said it was a Private Jet because he might not have had as much money as my Dad $$,$$$,$$$

And because I rented “Advanced Cryptography” that I knew there would be encrypted currencies in years to come, that I’d withdrawn from Northeastern University when I had panic-attacks now I have a Traumatic Brain Injury that put me on a drilled-in “Feeding Tube” and a tube up my rear, that people all tormented me in the ICU even shoving a diaper of diarrhea in my face and I was so injured in the ICU I signed papers and so did my “Health Proxy” Mom and Dad that I’ve been sent here without my Subaru Legacy and they cook good food here, but after spending 23 days with Jessica Tocci and Carina Ricciardi in 8 East for 23 days of constant contact, talking chairs pulled together with our “Trio” they had eating disorders of Anorexia with no alcohol — neither of them threw up food, just eating small amounts of food, I want to be thin like them and our “Trio”!

I have so many Bitcoins in 21 or more or more separate “Bitcoin Wallets” and maybe hundreds of millions USD in my TD Banks that I cannot see them and I want a phat Palladium bracelet from my Aunt Donna Donohue and Brother Justin Marquis, too!

This reprepresents the amounts of USD and pennies in just 1 of MY MANY BITCOIN WALLETS!

38.4 million in Bitcoin, see the grilled Sirloin, without the cheese, but only if you PLEASE, my sweetest of the money bunch in a crunch- doing sit-up’s off the cuff, with links in ode to the Sirloin prince, his Chinks in a mysterious grill, and paying the substantial sum to some of the Susans of American, Taxpayer- right here with not much fear of Russia’s 10X nuke, my sink, I do not PUKE, the gagging of the elder hags with baggy jeans, their wrinkly skin is this, with bags of Coach, under her eyes, my habits of getting big on the web, poke a Jebb and my Mom, my dearest Mother, named Deb…

But that’s enough to be said about my Birth’s symphony conductor, helped my the Doctor!

Or skip a parental reference to my brother as he is one another with his psychedelic art, a rifle in his arsenal, not too tall, brother Justin, ignoring my calls and VM’s — a “psychonaut” he is one of them, the many who munch mushrooms and broom the downstairs ROOM, with the whirring vacuum, a Black and Decker PECKER WRECKER, typing on the keyboard cometh fingertips tall and tapping with hedonistic pecks, left bereft- of womanly touches, pulling up my britches— respecting women with their pink cookies, to poke? Not here at “Averte” with my Swiss Navy lotion option to watch girl’s in their 20’s and 30’s on this line being that I haven’t driven or drinking SOBER2016 not a sip in 2 years of questioning my wealth that I’ve always told Dan, INVEST MY MONEY IN BITCOIN!, to my best short story “Elegance” writing a wrist with LOVE written in a tattoo on Jessica Tocci’s wrist that she said felt fine with not much pain of the needle and of the vibrating with a whirring-noise of striper bass in the ocean with a wrist-ile motion, with the movement of my arm, gripping hand, so when having a “Sex on the Beach” be careful of the Sand, inhabiting your crevice with no gripes of an in-tune Singer so silly- with a “wet willie”, to see the Sunlight, but not present at night, on XMAS morning, the introduction of Santa’s Sleigh with my freeing boxes of the wrapping paper, I will feast upon the meat of a pig, a beast, turkeys need Yeast, from the Detection of a Gyno’s Inspection of my permanent record with Jeffry and Jeff M. I want to grow because my pants need a hem, as my legs are always shrinking, from a Doc’s injection, Trojan MAGNUMS bring the overies total protection from the embryo’s Insemination, with my U.S. National Anthem of “I tizz of thee” my lust for not Tiph anymore, but Justine Aragona, I want her for more, in my life- about the quest for her as a WIFE!

I sure do wish, to kiss, and her I miss, with a seal of approval, I approve of Valerie and her choice mate, her fate, not Fat at all, and standing tall, I pray for her Dad, Rev. Jim Chase in Heaven, even, my calm Minister over many lunches, sometimes Dinner at a restaurant, it’s my Justine Aragona who she met him at lunches and Church Services with 70+ collected Pamphlets, at my home, but “Averte”- I’m in the zone, to drone, and on to go home, I drone, again, writing with a Mont Blanc pen, to Mother Hen, but only when… I come to the highest peak, once so weak in the ICU, play Hootie, and wearing a Hoodie, I be where the BLM matters go sour, me moody- Doge to the Moon! Sometime soon, me the investor with millions USD in “crypto-CURRENCY” !!!!!

Stagnant efforts to arise in the morning, I rest, with a pinned chest, once on Estrogen- my crooked doctor’s advice, The strife of having to do so many pushup’s a night, I just might… dart feeling minimal [ I am a minimalist. ] with my right wrist getting worked up- righty tighty getting “a Pump” from one-imagined Stamina, I could Save my images with the rest of them, sleeping late and felling once Minimal hate, those who sealed my Fate, to nearly die and becoming So injured, Then recovered, most of the way but not all, my legs are small— yeah I’m not as TaLL at the least of my worries, When can I make them longer? Singing a sweet song, Or— with discrepancy for the Creepers on FB, like me, I was a teaser, before the film when I skim the Milk of Silk swine without whining, and instead, SHINING, The Shining was winning gin in Theaters of them MySpace “creepers” notorious for buying Gifts — my $30 to post on Walls — MY BALLS, my nether natural Nadules, pumping spermy-wormies into crevices, NOT AT ALL!

Bereft of sexy SEX its intercourse of the road, waiting to implode with Russia’s 10X nuke, I pun a puke in the vitamin cabinet, my Ten Nets, the New York dorks, and Trump, his wife he humps, on a Joe Camel’s back, this smoke in my lungs, it’s unleashing an attack, to breathe, and without panic— thank you Xanax to send a The Facts of Life a board game so boring, the Monopoly I’m ignoring, me owning Board Walk, and this because I had a “Walker” to aid my steps, and Dr. Walker of WSU with my suggested “A” but not resubmitting one failure of easy dialogue, to my dismay, at any moth on the lightbulb in May or Summer- I want the buns of hers, baked in the NETA MMJ no longer a valid and valuable Customer, seeking that seed, I planted one, but it didn’t grow- what do you know? About catching Trout attending Tufts so TOUGH LOVE my sweet-heart, but I just want ORAL-B was a customer of ECM Plastics, Inc. my job for years, my Dad sheds no ink, like my sink is clogged from writing on my Blogs… yes the best text coming from me, FOR YOU TO SEE!

Bruce Fenton NH “Senator” I hope as he’s one of my many READERS pecking seeds from Feeders outside Duane Reade’s the posts of most intelligence interrupted with me not getting busted for suggesting early on in the Bitcoin span, to fry an egg over easy, bright and breezy at Duane’s, and Wayne Marquis is my Dad! =)

Joe James Johnson at the Helm Sir… and what will the lady enjoy the savory flavors of A “Master Chef” I’m Jeff M and Jeffry Marquis me who has less than $1000 in my Bank of America

Be quick Betwixt the Twix in the knack of the mop on my floor when my great parents come to help me clean and usually bringing food into my Apartment of all along the Range Rover’s capacity to deal with heavy amplitude with You and Tube the source of my music sometimes without mushrooms, that I need to  write a short story for you  about the way as such that I jangle-jangle I have “worked the typing all the time, since 2005 when I would write on the computer to improve my thoughts and continuing interest in writing beautiful words for who but me, don’t you see the Benefits of Bodybuilding I’m like Jessica and Carina, I eat very little and drink a lot of diet soda but no energy drinks, they didn’t buy me at the store down the road, like Rev. Anne Skinner of Hannah House and hi Anne and Hi Anna Vo! how you are with Derek Langlois…



SPAM MEAT AND A BUTCHER’S BUCKET OF SOBER 2016 PALE ALE, to be gifted with Palladium metal I invested in with Dan Besse my mighty “Cuz” when we left a message with WeatherTech to buy the owner’s $53,000,000 Ferrari 250 GTO!

Leaving a trace of intergalactic flight I went to Space Camp town Summer organized event to event

To great extents of putting together a tape of tented-tenets right handed and sanded woodie vehicles

Never hiccups, I put my money in Bitcoins in France in a Bank in France, LIVESTRONG I like Lance

To pay the price on a plate of lemons and limes, drinking water all the time at UNO’s with my Justine

Soda burps coming from her at the booths we would sit and eat Steak on a Stick with sirloin meet

Playing footsie gently her stroking my feet while we Dine every night at UNO’s with absolutely no wine

Her not whining and me winning on the keyboard with viewers galore, I once worked at a GNC store

USB hard drives and fingerprint scanners, Dan and I had his Assistant collect key points on videotape

To make a cake of cotton cushions to feel the produced prices I’m seeing on my screen my Bitcoins clean

IN THE USA STATES ALL OF NEW ENGLAND, this sea ship has landed at the rise of a trip to Mars

Being very far, like too far, with Space-X and Elon my online and phone friend until the end of Putin’s power

At any hour, the salt is sour with Sour Patches of hair missing on the left side of my head, the moreover

To the fairweather friends who ne’er think about the End of life as we know it, let my USA country show it!

Climbing a tall stack of Clif Bars to eat the chocolate chips, when I broke “STOVED-IN” my left hip

Amounting to 7 split pieces a Pieces I was born to be, expressing my favored flavors the Suite of the week-

Behind the lines of wobble tippy-toe I’m Jim Weeble, the Wall St. Jeff M. or “Jeffry” an Alias at last here now wow with the filth of a muddy cow, showing crows-feet every day of the week, is Laurie Griffin I want a kitty-cat named “Cookies” to hold a winter’s Mitten on her hand and parking the limo in an empty parking lot, Justine’s driveway — she was hot — to trot with a Gal, using hair gel to Gallop on Jack Dorsey’s footsteps also along the tracing lines, wheel-spacers on SpaceX spicy dish that Trisha from Shrewsbury without fungus, the portobello lunches of chef-made meals, to ease my dear old eyes with spectacles abroud like a wimpy sod, a wet noodle to do what I do while not giving a go so I say NO! and stop the show of teasing Textual strength bereft of a beer-time banquet, the feast of a roast broad remember sudsy soap with me saying, NO! now Putin don’t press that button


And All of a sudden, I stopped drinking alcohol years ago, this is known, to be a price with a mighty crown, I own this town, here at “Averte” they offer purpose to me, often pleasantly with Ember and not caring to be with Carrie, too chubby but sweet, she can mouth my toenails cracked snails of Mama’s Ale and allergies to the rag with me NO WEED, I never planted the seeds in the POTTED PLANTS by the beach on Lincoln Point Road, I have never licked an Amantaria toad, to load, the jack it off the reigns of a pointed rig 18-wheeler if you catch my big jib, to eat the meat off of  a rib-bone bare of hair with Nair on women’s legs, ELONgated pegs, of pets on a pecked playful keyboard it keeps me so bored, drugging the concert-goers with lawns for MOWERS of twin towers majesty, this Middle-East got the best of me, to pray to live in a land of sand, and seasalt washed in tattered jeans, The Situation had abdominals lean ’N mean in-between the swimmers sandals on the shore the hoarder owned seasalty sexually intrinsic I fulfill my fantasy of combing ones hair and the Nair no onto me not being “There” in the Mont Blanc pen, and a Farmer’s salud to the news that if Putin’s guy leans toward a lunch of such mucho much munchies to crunch a Single Karat with a Cubic Zirk Mark Zuck has worked so hard creating Facebook to endure a hart of glass with a remembered Lass my Last and Most-Recent lover Justine my wanna-be wife with the rest of my life to take place, dancing in Outer Space, so clean of Anti-Aging chems and protein-peptides I put in the left side of my face, a clean new Insulin pin it took the Fragment 177-191 within, this my skin on the Anti-Aging one shot in the cheek it brightened up my soggy complexion in an almost instant posture posting posts after hitting a telephone pole to party with TUBBIES COIN THAT’S BEEN ERASED FROM COINMARKETCAP   . COM so I say so long a drive to get Justine her favorite meal, this at a STEAK-HOUSE with set traps to catch a mouse in the most humane way possible, to pick it up and take it outside, the Mouse goes for a lifted Ride (Pimp my Ride) to bust a pathetic drifter offering bribes, every single (SINGLE!) time when I whine about not spanking booties with marching steps toward Ukraine’s capitol then Trump and his “Insurrection” court still under protection of SPF45 to stay alive until in 5 years time I’ll be using SPF30 while dancing fancy with erect pants they be, GLEEFULLY, accepting the time has come to a Time dot-com article about how “Parthenogenesis” disproves Jesus Christ’s “Divinity” the Holy “Trinity” alongside Neo in a Geo Metro being heterosexual as Jesus Christ had no baby to take care of, in the Lair of Mary St. Magdalene and “The Borgen Project” when I seeked involvement with a publication, Blank Canvas, once found in Worcester MA when I failed American Lit. II with Mr. Blake eating corn flakes — I actually bought my teacher Mr. Blake a box of corn flakes or Frosted fostered wholesome families where I want to be with Justine and not start a Birth-Given Child a home to one’s own, as now the sour jingled Jintropin and Jim Chase, what a face, but not attending a Funeral for him, I was given the news too late and I haven’t sinned since disbelieving in Jesus Christ as God, I think he was a regular plain-ol’ Virgin Birth that there have been many in shrouds when the wife Justine in an Apron watching PornHub and forgetting that the stove’s story about PRE-HEAT every weekend with friends, this energy won’t end at half past one AM when Putin Puts my country in a JAM or jelly to fill your belly with KY paste give the Solo cup’s taste of Tesla’s Stocks I own, from 2013 or 2014 one night- far from my real “HOME” clicking its button at the top of the page, people die at all ages of the thousand Plus pages in MSWord withered fingertips left alone with a dog and his or her BONE to chew the chaw of me saying of 3rd-time’s-a-CHARM, with stallions on a beach, to extend my reach, with one arms to care almost 3” longer, the operation to the nation of American Proudness showering with Finesse and “Nessie” disproven unapologetically I foresee a future of forward Foremen at the wheel of a junky old car no one wants, to the Geo Metro owner, the paint is rust in spots, without any Pots or Kettles banging, I am craving the creme brûlée offered every one time a while ago when I said “NO!” I’m not putting on any sort of “SHOW” your cards or I’ll give it to you with a pardoned hard-on when the Rook takes a Pawn I yawn camping out in the backyard, a Card this now Mother’s Day I gave my Mom an expense-entailed entity from the best side of me, my right side larger than left with an evened out chest I cheated with protein-peptides, then standing taller, I hug the sides and lift up Justine’s skirts, me a Flirt who doesn’t want to get here hurting heart left lonely only my one bone-ly in jeans with no rips in between’s the gallbladder and Spleen left the scene of Justine’s forgotten monthly friend, blood was drooping out her rear end, but I was a friend boyfriend so loving and taking her end to my bloody car-seat of sit-in in solitary RL Stine refinement Matador in space with no pain, and this my refrain:


Russian 10X Putin in surgery for deleterious cancer!

randomwordgenerator: “password”

Ironic and Super-Sonic at the disco, when we go, there to the place and beyond things I’ve experienced with an NDE and a full-body orgasm that probably prompted me to reach “beyond God” that I’m no fraud, having experienced Him and His “real illusion” like a hologram at the edge of space, I found my place, to be with God at the edge of space, I prayed with my girl, Bibles, 70+ Sunday Service pamphlets and all of my religious great in bed with us-  I didn’t cuss, but I CAME all night long, hearing YouTube songs with intermediance immediately my “Intermediary State” as described in The Qur’an with the alternate being a life of “your sole” in heaven/hell when Justine had Tinkerbell PJ’s I adored, keeping her warm, no lighting storms, no condom and my big unit wasn’t sore, so I wished like I wish now, many more nights of Tantric sex, Jeff bereft, but not of good food here at “Averte” — I found them online and told my parents I wanted to live here, that I found them on Facebook and my Mom smiled so wide — she was glad I found out about this Rehabilitation Home where they cook for me and clean my apartment, also driving me to doctor’s appointments like with Dr. Candido who is helpful, I take my fill, at the Clean Fill, no drill, no drinking beer or alcohol SOBER 2016 without a sip for 2+ years, no beers, no gay sex, wishing for Justine who is my Queen, like I told Justine’s parents I was hoping for a relationship with a girl in Tampa, Florida, I visited at The Eden Rock where Kim Kardashian stayed, I saw it on The Kardashian’s TV show, and wouldn’t you know, albeit although, I know, to be with a “Ho” who’s silly slinky hanging out sea-side and brushing your chompers the teeth with nothing underneath a Christmas Wreath, the housewife wench, putting up 235 lbs on the bench-press to read the official declarations of the News, like a new car for me with my Stocks, as my parents go for walks, and with much talking, unanimously and clean for my Queen to queef the wreath of my Spring Season WRITING at the word pad, of a padlock treasure chest’s on girl’s sound and round rancid milk in the fridge when the power goes to me for a week in the Winter of December 25th when Jesus was born and with what God’s universe entail, God brings planets and galaxies maybe with life on them, when the stars were already there, and we got in on this thing called “life” with what God is SHINING A BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT OF GUAGED BLUE SHINE WITH A WHITE BEARD!

That hologram of Him to get inside His brain in his head and His vision where only stars exist ahead of IGF-1 LR3 in my neck for anti-aging that I look like I’m in my 30’s and I hope to be with Justine more than girls in their 30’s years old, who probably diet on no-bread with more money in a cake for Rev. Anne Skinner’s birthday to blow out the candles, “Hannah House” her internet “handle” I discovered through An Angel and A.A. years later “Ladder to Heaven” on South Park on Comedy CENTRAL with perk of a branch with a pretty little Chickadee in the tree, perching with finding a munchy Brunch here they made egg whites of a Falcon’s flight to a bright while I think of I AM PROTECTED! No I’m not planning anything “Lingo” Fetty Wap Babble my dream was to have Danita at night and Mannie during the day, not at the same time! 2SISTA license plate in red, to pull up videos of ladies in beds!

my MacBook Pro I bought online, a good time.

I hear the sound of a cheerleaders Coach Mannie Rotella I’ll tell ya

About her sometime when I’ve had a King me Queen mate,

Danita would be my Queen and Mannie would be my Princess but

Not ever sleeping with them at the same time,

For it would be different times of day when we would get laid partnered

Of being with her family tree and messaging her Mom, she was close to me

And Sister Danita, I talked to her at Dan’s house in CT which is far from me

With no car to drive, at this MacBook Pro  I survive to thrive alive!

Keep on giving Russia guff as they’re up to stuff, with Putin nocked out

Rock socked soaking coat fallen in a puddle, from a bundle held in arms

The black tar puddle soaked with rain-water is clean and not dirty,

So let it dry and throw it in The Wash with Dr. Squatch brand soap,

I don’t burp or fart, also with no hiccup’s Sober so much as of 2016! I quit,

With not a single sip in years my dears, my John Deere Stocks they talk!

Russian jerks going to spoil the soil of a sock used by Maritime holding soldering soldiers to wipe up sebum from eye-sockets and a winking for Kimmy K. that I have 2 images of her in my Recents!

Let’s take a trip to the Mall in the Fall-  with rusty rakes leaving the lawn green with grass at length, of bodily strength to Volunteer with my The Charlton Federated Church when my back was somewhat somewhere I care- was Fit and Able and didn’t hurt, a new Polo shirt, at length, to my strength, of bereft beers and also without Queers that I prefer those straight seated to Contest the rest of the naysayers, I BELIEVE IN GOD because that’s how it’s s’posed to be with a Single Soup Kitchen “spouse” of a man saving his dollars to buy a house, for him and the soup kitchen Wife-  what a life!  To feed the need to plant a Roses’ seed, to feed the needy at the Homeless Shelter with the soup ladle laid and layed-then Mother hen at the disco getting first flirty flicking crackly Epidermis on edge, with Jenner’s “Hedge, the Funds” of Fruity loops with hula-hoops and Hoping for a hoppy happy bunny on Easter of the Eastern hemp-isphere for CBD sans the THC to any degree, not getting high on lit green is obscene and not for me, as I’ve attended College and Business “Lectures” in the Morning Meeting people all around, clicking on a laptop was too proud Xaverian boy then Man here at the cusp of a red Solo Cup to drink the clean water, there’s mostly farms and clean tap water Table “regular waiter” not a tattoo anywhere on my body not to Shoddy with NO PIERCING(s) noises coming from the beer I have no fear of Steering Clear and clean all over with no imperfections, viruses, or diseases receiving both shots of the Booster Doses (2 shots in the arm) my right arm is bigger than my left because my arm got bigger and longer with BONE-GROWTH in my legs, they shrunk, and they shrunk my arms from using Insulin pins to prick my professional glamour of saving the savored flavored-SHRIMP with me the punk who saw “The Social Network” TWICE THEN BUYING IT ON BLU-RAY!!!!! PS4 in Massachusetts and same with the movie, I don’t think my parents want me focusing on Facebook too much, that I have a photo of me in my “Addicted To [ FACEBOOK ]” with their company logo to Lincoln my Job in the Company President’s Office — I paid like $140 — I paid Dan the same amount to get me Tesla, John Deere, GameStop, Match dot-com, and so goes along to LESS THAN A THOUSAND BITCOINS, OR MAYBE 1000 BITCOINS IN 2013 OR 2014 when I slept over his house and my enemies told him to lock the door on the bathroom so I’d conk out on his spare bed, instead, this of when I woke up during the night- after passing out like a light of weights, Dan and I in good healthy shape with me never say raped but I was oh BUTT I WAS RAPED BY MY GAY HIGH SCHOOL SAINT JOHN’S IN SHREWSBURY AND I have never visited Mannie’s dorm but before the Spanish I class was dropped as it was too hard, pulling a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD IN GOOD AND WED WITH JUSTINE TO STAY IN BED BUYING A HOUSE WITH MY POSSIBLY #1000 BITCOINS! I remember I had 250 of them, I had 717 of them, and I have a poster of a red 1967 Ferrari 250 GTO that I sent the WeatherTech owner and Ferrari collector, a great billionaire or millionaire, one of those with a Sharpie, Barbi twins that I’m into step-Mom’s with POV discretion I ask of you and myself when looking at PornHub because PornHub, PornHub and that’s the circumstances of WSU Lancer’s evaporating into the Heavens with Allah bringing you to got God to gaze at ephemerally with Justine Aragona and best sex ever, Tantric till sunrise and then some, but it was time to close the shade until my Dad got up and took a shower, her uninjured with swollen muscles as she saw her Mother do it on video, with breast implants, but SHE DIDN’T DANCE and she was short, fully respecting me until I grew a beer belly Bollywood Belly Dancer Putin has Cancer and he doesn’t want to see the news of this guy and 10X

I took a shower at an early hour when I had to take Justine to dinner at UNO’s most nights with waters soaked in squeezed-lemon-and-lime-Slices real nighttime niceness of a late dinner of steak DRAMA OH MAMA! They’re doing shit to me and Putin doesn’t want to see it — Putin, you see, will be passed out from Cancers Cancerous Surgery that maybe they will preserve his body by injecting him with a HART SURGERY SO SUGARY WITH A LIME AND OLIVE OIL ATOP MY “Fridge” my “Friend” the “fridge” untried and unified on PREVENTING PREGNANCY THE NEXT GIRL WHO WILL HAVE ME, atop the mounted Mont Blank pen with blanks being messed up and I think that bullet had to get there somewhere with someone who will have to bring a real-bullet to a Bull Market that I hope Dan sells my Bitcoin, with the NYSE wearing NIKE’s with tan skin from Melanotan II that is anti skin cancer, it gave me great skin, very good for acne or to cause growth in a shoe-size that my feet have always been the same, new sneaks what to peep keeping you with my interest in golf clubs, Dan got a full set of clubs that night and he said he would go on a “vaca” to a place on another space with a golf course nearby he’d go to a driving range, that it is my belief of grief in the unkempt and so far not having flip through my Bitcoin Magazine that came in the mail!

BITCOIN TO THE MOON, AND A THICK ELON MUSK BOOK! My best friend, he told me that “I could have Elon Musk as my best friend everyday, if [ I ] wanted to.”

He was jovial and excited about space, that I had God’s Gift of a equine sort, injected WINNIE THE POO INTO MY SCREWY MEDICINES I get from the helpful Staff and I’ve never been alone with Ember, me sleeping soundly and without snoring but NOT SNORING OR “SCORING” with any girls since 2018 the last girl I was with the staff in the mental-hospital where I took to with a her a fine girl with minor-probs and not a Miner of Bitcoin plus being 21+ she had experience in love, we took to me like a drug they didn’t give me ED I don’t have ED I don’t need pornography or cigarettes as I’m not smoking a whole bunch of tobacco, that it’s okay with the Owners and Managers my parents paid them money and the last resident was a due smoker with a coal-poker heated up to the bristles with Biscuit and Brisket grown from movie-tickets, on the clock, as tick and talk to me kindly with peace, I love girls butts so much I should live in The Middle-East when it’s time to cancel Kulture with Cardi B she got a whole leg tattoo on her thigh, and “Bodak Yellow” was broadcast on Hits 1 on Sirius so it was very popular and “talented” but the video on YouTube shows “Sheiks” with money being tossed around and candles lit, I won’t have candles here I have never ever had candles here to buy Bitcoin when it reaches low, but I’m certain Dan sold my Bitcoins well before they were worth $68000+ with my Stocks chosen by using YouTube to have Dan buy me YouTube that I told them I’m responsible for a mix of Paul Oakenfold and Amoebaassassin the song with Heaven in the lyrics of the song about 7 minutes long, at Long “Horns” Honking Steak in the House housewife with a blouse to blow up a tip-top cup of a golden goblet with greasy crumbs from Steaks and Bakes of Cakes in the Coktail waitress serving drinks to see the sales at a Hollywood lingerie business website to tape the conversations of me and Bruce Fenton who’s running for NH Senate!  That he made millions of dollars following my STRICT AND PLEASANT ADVICE suggesting Bitcoin be the heart of his richest and most powerful envisions of a bright light shining a Mag-Lite clicking switching and sharing scars that I’M GOING THROUGH A DIFFICULT TIME WITH RUSSIA’S 10X NUKE!

I could probably paint my kitten-painting downstairs here in the future but I just traced it on the canvas of a horse’s constricted cavities and goofy teeth, I’m taking my time to read the insane semantics of a State Senator of NH on a Greyhound “bus” handing out smiles to take a picture with a powerful fellow like Bruce Fenton my friend on the phone years ago, when I “Fent-“ “Pent” “Spent” “hunger for a Penthouse sweet every day of the week in a high-up elevator ride that aren’t fun, but it wouldn’t be fair to broadcast photos of Mount Rushmore to the store to pick an item maker me marked up Musk, Elon he’s had an experience of being glad to hear from me, that he was glad I could call people on the phone and he wasn’t sure if it was a “Health Proxy” writing for me, and a Translator Trainspotting the marks on a junkie’s arms, that P. here a druggie, and a nuisance he would be, making scenes from a movie “Trainspotting Sketches on an Etch-a-sketch his arms’ veins to vent as I’m very pent up in a luxury Metropolitan ladies’ “Cosmopolitan” Bruce Fenton pardoned attrition with attributes of now he has a long beard, I think and I have yet to email him.

I reached beyond Him!

With my Disabled and handicapped left arm that my arms grew 2.5” from not Sly’s Jintropin debacle of getting growth hormone in the news, YouTube — it was before Stallone got capped in his cigarette boat I don’t smoke cigarettes and I won’t but I need a little Bugler tobacco they told me just shove a little in the end, in Junior High at D.A.R.E. and it wouldn’t be a big deal if we only did it a little — and hey to Hootie who blew right through me with a rush to the store for more scratch-tickets to my favorite groups in aloud concert music — and most people have a cigarette after an outdoor funeral or before it, this when everyone wants to be with the person who was buried by taking a little Cancer Can’t take Trazadone for spells of sleep partly lasting in-full my belly of Jello jelly with an okay to play as Spanish I says, dance the lingo with Lisa Ling oh her on TV no maybe not her but a kay’s necklace why I asked to be at the edge of space, with God’s grand illusion at the edge of space like a hologram on The Spectacular Spiderman #365 with the plastics of ECM’s hems the Hen’s with whitey pulling rakes, Mr. John Deedy abused me when he grabbed my testicles really hard and I felt such pain throughout my entire body, even my fingertips he said stand in from of me naked and he kept his hands off of my big penis but he grabbed my balls when I told him he was evil if he did anything to my friend who I hadn’t heard from all night, he brought himself and this John tisk-tisk-tisk I took a risk in intercourse but of course, to feel the land of grass not sand, and, I take my time to great going jot a note viewed with my eyes, a surprise, is in store in my storage with a couch and a couple of furniture features, my beautiful leopard gecko “Speckles” of years ago, and wouldn’t you know, I once had a snake that didn’t like being cooped up with a unhealthy druggie my friend and he the way he brought sniffable substances to “party” but WITHOUT ME I’ve never taken it too far with anything but Alcohol — now Sober 2016 and a couple inhalations of end-pipe tobacco show, but before I go allow me to STAY AT “AVERTE” my newest and current “home” where they give me my meds, that years ago, in a mental-hospital I got 10 pills in the morning and 10 at night, then coming home and discontinuing them with no stains in my pants or underwear, I take care, I wipe fine and don’t like the smell but I eat very healthy with a salad today, on this fourth of May with tomorrow number OH! CINCO A CINCH TO PINK BUBBLEGUM wow yum give me some blueberry blackberry raspberry strawberry and willie nillie , I wrote a Will as a thrill with the finishing paper to we both signed my Cousin and I Daniel M. Besse invested so much money for me, to wait and see a business-worth sum in my years-ago having had whitening Orbitz gum — that’s like Bitcoin, orBITS around the one, 1 mom 1 dad 1 bro 1 wife 1 life 1 love with a jingle of the jib of a signal, a BIT Torrent from years ago, I watch YouTube and a girl named Elissa Victoria who keeps secrets about street racing in her Corvette and so many other sportscars I found her on YouTube and wrote about her on my previous chewing gum with nothing but a sugary sweet Bitcoin that they’re looking to loom of FrigidAir A/C’s being warmed up (cooled off so cool and loud) that noise of the dusty inhalations of DUSTER THAT I KNOW SOMEONE WHO DID INHALANTS AND HE’S DEADNOW!

Plea he did in court for failing a breathalyzer in his car, and not resisting when he failed to assist his girlfriend who wanted to see the end of their relationship, with 2 girls who had his babies and he couldn’t pay Child Support the young black youth to march in BLM because tit for tat a cop tips his hat at a GOOD SAMARITIAN buying gifts for loved ones, my hunny bunnies I AM ALIVE and I hope to be of a while, as the lonely Castaway island provided no Internet Service for the room, asks the Hotel Clerks at the registered patriot hotel-side all night long dreaming to sung songs swinging like the movie Swingers with Lance Armstrong 2 yellow bracelets on because he beat cancer!  when I tell you… I want what he’s having for a Pharma coktail of Shelter so find shelter for the 10X

Justine’s friends called her “Tini” because she’s small and fitting me so perfectly Vital to my Vitamins and NO CAFFEINE PILLS! NO PANIC!

Off the cusp, my favorite friend EVER named “Elon Musk” online and on the phone for a lengthy call, he didn’t want to grow so Tall as I suggested he get into protein-peptides like IGF-1 LR3 that makes brains have more cells and healthier ones, crumpled $1’s and in a homeless man’s pockets, passers by making a mockery of the crack-head druggie, that I abstain from drugs, save for CBD and eating shrimp, lugnuts, a peanut butter treat to eat the smooshed peanuts, Attila the Hut of Pizza’s brought to your Pasta table at all angles of prizmed prized prizes so I give you suprises, gift for Dad, gift for Mom, and Aunt Donna’s gift of if she wants Westie socks to feel good about her Bizmark and taking walks I had to do the assignments in Creative Writing with Dr. Walker- he likes how I had to walk with a Walker and a low-hanging swinger picked pepper stuffed with yo Baby Mamma’s baggage of a haggard age, 40+ being healthy and looking so much younger enlivened with the injected Fragment 177-191 from Hollywood!

With my gifting the greedy and inbred girls of the world, and at a Tallahassee sneak and peek, every night of the week, them gifts of the world to be my smooches panty partner but to only Barter, and at a bar we pour salt on her, amplitudes of nasty ‘Tudes and bare chested nudes, the topless picks with 2 round “nips” of vodka, I’ll call ya- so say to me when-  then say Holla! and a ring around the collar

For this is murder on a page, and murder in text, signed on a check with my enlarged pec’s, bereft of saggy baggage with really bad hags and Coach purses, the lips of our kisses to my Miss’es- now digging Trenches along the Eastern philosophy… to READ MORE OF ME!

Handled Sean Pence with 5 digits in his number of frisky, fellated fingers, on each hand, one more so as not to be banned- a la The Ku Klux Klan of a LAN on desert sand still sifting while the Japanese 240SX goes “Drifting” with wheels spinning on pavement- their evident marks of rotten rubbers with a cattled car-lot of .pdf Hummers, all summer long, while singing a song that makes you HAPPY HAPPY and a fun-time, for a full-time job, of a long time of the weepy willows on their Essex sports sex for a pallet that’s “Cleft” and imperfect while I decide not to Jerk It — it’s just not worth it, to then come upside limp, The hoodie hookers ass Pimp, with salted shrimp sauce on one’s imperfect lip…

Sip the Goose to let loose, in barroom hauls of falling into the walls, on this the Esplanade of a Ford Excursion, this my delusion of Palisades causing HIV — in a hive of bee’s on their knees, to buzz buzz falling the baby is crawling craving the milk of a chocolate cow or Formula, your Mommy feeding ya!

Tit for tat on the swollen wrist, while making a fist, to put in motion, with the creation of a critter’s folly with Joe Partlow and his “Molly” pills making me so darned ILL, meh my written Will, the text will send you shrills, of ills and of odd’s to be one up-against a push-up’s chest bare on a sunny sunshine day of swimming on the Slip and Slide, this as we glide through the glowing circles, to be a black like Urkel, says Mr. Costanza while handing you- the remote to the TV comes the Transvestite wearing a cummerbund Polo vest, it is simply the best of all the rest-ing to do at night so long in the black mystery of impractical vision, just hindered, as I salad Hitler, not a winner- and so evil with hatred for the valuable Jews, chewing their muchies’ food, to be so rude, burping up phlegm-  the Islams, I’d rather be with them… UAE and Israeli staying-power at this hour, slinking salty sinking, with the right-blinker Blinking, with Abe Lincoln-  pointing up with his cup of mead and a tray of baked pumpkin seeds, while watching that HBO tv-show “Weeds” and Blu-ray “Mr. Deeds” paying no heed to the Queen takes rook, Dad’s fish takes the hook, with Frosted Flakes for Dander as I MEANDER along the Trolley path of metal tracks, I have no panic- attacks (!!!)