Mom and Dad deserve my online hugs N’ kisses for being so nice to me… =)



Hi Mom and Dad, finally a post about you two who have saved me and supported me in this life where I’m trying really hard to give them good lives with their sons !!! hi bro!


BUT FIRST ::: I hope the “””CHINESE~DISEASE””” doesn’t kill us all…

I’d kick some short Asian ass, but there’s only white people here — and that’s just how I like it — no poor “niggas” on the block who’d steal and engage in naughty misconduct…

*ahem* excuse me, we all love the African-Americans !!!!! round of applause =)

My Dad “GREAT-WAYNE” would protect his wife and you could ask him about the time where he was in his fishing boat with my Mom — they were camping — and two guys were snooping around their campsite on the lake, looking in their car… probably for stuff they could steal, my Dad said to my Mom in the back of the boat with all the gear, he said, “GET THE AXE !!!!! And the guys retreated !!!!!

Mom and Dad i.jpg

My Dad’s tough and he’s great at business with his successful company that he sold so he can be retired with his beautiful sweet wife, my own Mom !!!!!

They had a Black Labrador named Ripley for eleven years, who was a nice addition to the family, and they’re thinking about getting another Black Lab-  my Dad wants to name it “Jasmine”…  Me, I would like a cat !!!  Justin has a cat he loves, and his roommates have another so it’s like cat “city” !!!!!

My parents love my brother Justin and I !!!!!


But I hate my Mom’s shitty side of the family because they all came up with a “PLAN” to break my abstinence with me driving drunk, having made an extremely far-fetched joke (inseminating an infant) that WAS EXTREMELY FUNNY ONLINE in a “Shock Jock” online JOKE-FORUM — but back to the filthy Gleick side of the family — dead grandpa George Gleick THE DRUNK who just drank all day, at work and shit !!!!! There were many times the cops brought him home because he had too much to drink and he couldn’t afford cabs… PATHETIC !!!



GO USA, ban foreigners from entering the country !!!!!


Craftsman ???

Nah, how about Crafts-MASTER !!!

…in a big bass boat made by the American company “Ranger” with Japanese mechanics powering the immense motor on the tail, listen to my -tale— and what’s, what’s the tally between the brick-buildings An “alley” now lets have a TRUMP –RALLY– oh God what’s the chance an old city-dweller gonna die of COVID-19 ????? It can’t be “seen” sipping, splitting spleens in the aged patient — not quite 40 — to be exact your age 38 — P.O.V. = Prisoner of War with the virus and Miley Cyrus pissing squatting down, have you seen that photo of her doing that and drinking a spritzer with what looks like a “Corona” Light on the beach in the dark… and a friend taking a picture of her squatting Passy leaking yellow liquid onto sand… ((( There’s a total of 2 sets of 4 = 8 photos of Miley pissing in public, plus one work-safe one, look online )))

AND ?????

I see the light !!!

The flame lighting a cone with nature, growing smoke, because you probobly know Bob whose cutting 2×4” wood into footlong sticks, thick sticks, fucking Chinese-kinks with the virus !!! Mister “Bob” is cutting many sticks and he doesn’t know what to do with them, he just likes to fire up the hardware Crafts-man to “saw” stuff like “seen” it, a la presto!!


Crafts-MASTER oh massa, massa Dave Chapelle the Chaperone of these little piglets like nothing

I take Lamictal for anti-seizure, and I use CBD !!!!!

I had three (3) seizures in the hospital 15 years ago…

I’m sorry I was a drinker in 2012-2016 as because I’ve only had a couple drinks in over three (3) years now — a few seizures long ago in the ICU, and now not drinking- my choice, it’s not allowed here, where weirdo’s are near

Where Wierdo’s are Wearing “Wierd” clothing with N95’s and face-shields, my way, it’s my way or it’s the highway… then again, it’s a month coming-  May ,

STAY AT HOME !!!!! YES !!!!! Do you remember when you’d be at work doing work and working it but not twerking it with a bubble butt- oh the bubbles- it’s all fizzy in my nose, Nurse, here’s your “Dose” of most it’s a MUST with the Captain giving a pelvic THRUST so turn your eyes, “chile” and pray to the Lord, if this night before I wake… I pray the Lord my soul ((( ))) to take but not-today “wake ’n’ bake” you know what that means to the Queens in Queens, NYC- listening to “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen have you seen ???

It’s got Wayne (hi Dad) and Garth on public-access TV “Wayne’s World” and   Li’l Wayne operating a crane bereft be-kweft with a Craftsman’s Craft-MASTER please without “disaster” oh 9/11 bring me to Heaven but not a fan of dark skin on them schwoogies given Noogie’s on the school-bus ride home, it’s where the ❤ is Melanie Oh Son I’ll drive you to baseball-practice, when the temperature is “Ambient” like the music, the tech-no, do you know ????? Boom,tisk Boom,tisk brap-brap-brap goes Eminem’s rap CD-  wrapped in plastic you have biting teeth on the edge to open it with the 1”x 2” price-sticker with the bold price in the top-left corner, you know ???


Right.  E.  O.

Eating an Oreo “nookie” rubbing a ladies’ cookie with milk from none other than the mother ,

Nursing her sweet angel, remaining still, but not like a stillborn or something unfortunate like that, but the Coronavirus or the Paneravirus eating bread all glycemic (Glycology) on a razor-fast sport-bike carving in the canyon with Candy and Andie Valentino on PornHub shying away from anything “Hardcore” she’s more of an adult-model teasing her kitties and Ta-Ta’s fresh out of the Casino on Felix the Cat -Boulevard she’s got you hard, yeah-  oh she’ll “Gitcha!”  Comin’ atcha !!!  Sour puss- I recall the last channel on the clicker—  I don’t need to examine it more than sanitizing the buttons — becrat! The SERIOUS-VIRUS has “tried” us, and us humans on Earth are hopefully not in an old-age-home. . . 


Correlation or Causation ?????

I think it is !!!!!

“discover10” on

Inertia steamrolling on the jungle gym with none other than the perfectique Jim on the handle-bars poppin’ a wheelie for the snooty blonde cheerleader in front of [The Reader], a neighbor in the neighborhood, “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood,” with Tom Hanks and that cheerleader I mentioned who twists and she twirls like all the girls on the team – don’t drop the “Flyer” (‘mantha r. Oh do tella) kicking her cute shoes and screaming “GO TEAM” I’d tell ya !!!!!

Pounce upon the bounce and here, here Kitty Kat knitting a hat — or a breathe-mask for breakfast— hence Damn oh man… Wuhan got ya down ???


Reader, turn that frown, upside down, now look at the clown — John Wayne Gacy — oh do me right Miss Stacey – Re-know and Renew now look at you – a sad sack of shit, wanna get lit ??? JUST TAKE A “HIT” !!!!! a swing with an edible winged-bat eaten by the tranny stripper “swinger” sex show- with an after-hours orgy to please me, a nanny in her 30’s – makes me think of “Many” to the last drip-drop, your skirt slips down slightly and I hit the “Crack”-pipe of your bum, okie female hun shrill ‘a’ Atilla will ya ???

Nurse, Nurse, it’s Matilda and her appendix burst !!! At the end of a book, my-heart she took, but oh the I.C.U. “Daze” of forlorn yesteryear when I drank beer and wore washed bullet-hole jeans with Cheer right here — Hoo-rah Who, Ray ??? Sunshine in your cloudy judgement of assuming assumptions of girls with bubbly asses taking classes at none other than Mrs. Tini Ara at Harvard missing a tooth, a spooge (down the- a throat) around the castle we have a “moat” with a moan groan-groan-GROWN — Doctor, Doctor, make me more of a man with “Caverject” (ouch a pin-prick on your prick…) I’ve never needed or pleaded for the proud Daddy, mad at-me ??? I hope not — Mini Snickers (goes the audience…) and proof of my steadfast prominence in the USA to take a bite and hike steadfaster pass the football in the oval stadium inseminating her ovaries, a tickle…

I can see I’m going blind stare at the screen, raindrops in-between…

Miss my Queen, queenie with a li’l weenie, you must obey the “Quarantine” with academic classes cancelled for the year all you’ve seen, think of- all the teens, about that age with “Driver’s Ed” and “Bill and Ted” Bill S. Preston-Esquire and Ted “Theodore” Logan

Bill and Ted.jpg

remember that movie about their excellent adventure got the geese the goose loose in the caboose howling- talkin’ cheers ’n’ jeers, and the sequel Bill & Ted’s was with “Death”- His- “Scythe” blade, “The Grim Reaper” on paper




Only a signature, it’s your nature…

Grim Reaper, I hate ya !!!!!

Took my Grammy — welcome to Miami . . .

Will Smith :