I wrote, to treat you, this the very night of moaning and greetings to my followers! =)

Living so lovely in the lay of the Lamb (or of God) to the disco when we-throw potatto tattoos that Jane Doe’s bruise of Brew-ski’s (snowboarding) and missing in on all the action of the attraction to NOT “POT” but Justine Aragona to bone her with a rise in the price of $BONE on coindesk.com (I was the owner of for a night in 2013 or 2014 when I put money into bones and God coins)

Glits with Clam-of-hours, and “Glam” of Lady Missus Glammer to the M.C. Hammertime with Mrs. J. McDonalds Coker from the mental hospital the fourth or fifth, the last of my being Cray to the Z with “Crank Yankers Spoonie Luv” on Google: that you should Google: that and this with a sweet minty pink drifting in the Eve that goes down a hill, flipping top to bottom with a family member at the absolute bottom of the heap: HEROIN ADDICT D.P.  ` ` ` alas he is no more but succeeded by a son and a daughter who were better off know now not knowing Mo’ Bo Jackson, the MLB/NFL playing player of 2 non-supersonic Jolt soda with the time being timber pole in my pants, skinnies on Lance in Le Touuure Do Polo crater-size and sits on zits come the Mama Cum fortunate to dance along the pole, worked, hard at and Helter Holdings of High Hef-to-the-HUGE HUGO AND A BOSS WITH THE MOSS, coming in the moist mousse of stylings now handle with making sure still with a steel grill and Krystal Steal being squeamining for Bitcoins that are now so Val-ubal verbally and sincerely poor Ally’s “Jeffries Jellies” on she had babies with my giving the super sperm substance, a sample, bosoms ample and I write like THAT so A Milli A Milli A Millie Mellie Za the model I talked to on the phone:

I called her seven times and she told me she was counting and she wanted to know why until the edge of space in fact was she my Objecto De Art with huge implants… This girl:

That was in 2005 when I called her 7 times and then she said, “Don’t call me again, and I’m with a lawyer because I’m thinking about taking you to court for Stalking” when it was only phonecalls and Facebook chatting, that she was posing for “Register Magazine” and I talked to her in the very beginning when she was at Spring Break and she said, “I love how your parents are so rich but it sounds like they don’t give you any money for your friends…” That she had friends who would just pay her to sleep in the same bed as her. And they would have sex, that she complained how HOW LAZY RICH PEOPLE ARE!

And then I ended up talking to her again and again, this after she called me back when I revealed to her I HAVE A TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY and she gave me a panic attack in the very beginning, that she remembered — she remembered I had a panic attack when she was on the phone as I was talking to a woman who would be so rich—she said she had more money than me, which my Dad laughed at and promising me I would have enough money to live a great life, that I assume I’d have more money than this breast-implants model with a hizzy to drink into a dally drizzle with a “I’ll show my Psyche with a pair of Nike’s with Mikey and Mickey to slip a sip of a ticket-fine when I decline at that Mellie was planning on getting her boobs done, and then done again, and my Mom said “Girls stop at 2 surgeries for breasts” that I said I’d pay for the second and the third would be her own, all her own, money see-to SeaDoo speedster brimming a vim to a Bitter Batter and “Mop the floor BETTE Wilder” with Jeans in January upon The Sole (thesole.com) for the scrod of Cape Cod and never touching a vague substantial settlement of my Bitcoin wealth, but I don’t know how much I profit, but I want at least some of the Bitcoins, some of the Stocks, and some of the Precious Metals, where I have a thick “Stud” of gold in a safety top deposit when I’ve profited with Prowess to the Princess soon to have a husband with a sex-change, my Cuz to turn his stomach into fabric sheaths but no dagger!

SparkleCK, Audra3648, Fefe781

Ecco The Dolphin, played through and who takes vitamins? BITE-a-min’s with NIN Bitcoins, etc. I predicted the high of Bitcoin Cash to a dollar, and while my Google was having been hacked through my fucking enemies, they lied about the price that exceeded $2 to the .03 or .13 (Dan’s area code)

Yeah I was at the very beginning of my knowing people on Facebook, and that girl, that girl “Mellie Za” she was on private boats sea-side on a daily basis and locationed near the locality of a fresh Burt’s beeswax- blurry bees, me who sees “stayin’ alive” to the beehive to exactly eerily and sexually SECRET I THINK CARISSA IS NOTHING COMPARED TO MY JUSTINE ARAGONA 2009-2013 I never get sick or tired or for real, for real, inherently zealous of Seal’s meat to the Veal of menu restau-rant-rest-a-raunch of launch for laughter of who but Russia and Iran — did you know Russia and Iran are friends ?????

Did you know Russia and Iran are allies?

Mellie Za, hmm where to begin, I saw her on Facebook in 2006 so early on, when not many people were on NASDAQ: FB (I have my money in…) and Mellie Za was on the 5 friends to add to your “Friends” list and I called her a bunch, she cried hearing about my injuries that are permanent, but Rehabbing the

Twink Fizzle Izze waters here at “Averte” to the drained damsel post-murda inc. like Jack and KA-vorchian or KA-boom in the bedroom on a private yaught found my Mellie Za, who later called my Mom to clear things up with court that I had my Mom clear things up with her that I have a Traumatic BRAIN INJURY of some Drama with my Momma on the phone with a model, and they were both crying-  that My Mom started choking up first for things with my bodily-and-sustained-maddening Mike Madden Rest In Peace to the co-owner of ECM Plastics, Inc. like my Dad who’s worth many, many millions of dollars to share with Justine Aragona and Samantha Rotella-D’Amico, that Nick — when I talked to Mannie’s husband in 2013 or 2014 sleeping at Dan’s house — he can divvy up the wealth as long as I keep 51% of the Bitcoins, him and my Dad getting 49% of maybe or maybe of even 50% of also a pink slip slipped into the fork in the road of Justin “Choeb” he was “Chobicus” with the choice of mine to keep at least 50% of the Bitcoins, maybe 51% that’s what I want and to sell them when they reach $69k or around that, that a Reach-Around in the shower to shoes off in the shower and she shows her hands of his showing and HOW-ing to that thing right there is the dingle-fist of the Making of Mannie Rotella-D’Amico, who maybe equated to Mama Zilch when I was ontop of Justine and when this I was, I was on the back in a darn saddle that will prove “A.D.D.” meds are way too often about to be amusieding in inthisinun The Flying Nun of a little teenie-tiny Bun in her Witchlike which I do great and greater that than you, who you , too ,  and do about YouTube with the camisole amicable Nick to think-  what’s the attraction?  I can’t explain it but she was like SO HONORED AND SO PROUD, TO ATTRACT MY ATTENDANCEING WITH MANNIE IN SPANISH I AT WSU! To-go from Americella distortorted wide laden sis-STEP-SPANISH SENORITA — this of so some says you, who, hoo hoo hoo Howie Stern on the bow and $BONE to maybe have my Elon Musk “Shiba Inu” knowledge from his residence and a part-time “Manager” that my Dad said, “I don’t have a ‘Manager’ but I have a Receptionist, Gail Kaika kekeke oh I see Wilfred the Ja-Rule of Thrones in $BONE that I also had “$GOD” that I was wise according to and in accordance ON-TO occupational Therapies for a Grande Account of a French Bank I had to cancel, because of my DAD, that hold on I have to check if there are any “Dad Coins”…

Dad Coins peaked a while ago but and so be happy with my Stocks because we owe the owl forecast from a evil nodule antagonism of mysterious consequences for the urban fowl, the Pigeons, the skimpy-clad glad calloused Cut. Cut-ie Cuddy butt and all the body so dirty and GROGGY! Come morning or come gone are around afternoon to hear “THE LOON!” In Tom Greene’s Show on MTV to see the centuarian censors of SHIP: State Head Injury Program MY TRAUMATIC BRAIN IN JURY with the lawn mowed and Tom’s “The Bum-Bum Song” that was world famous in 2000 the year with some Y2K French frenzy’s on the mends Mercedez “SL600” where the cash be-  the taking of back-laying fantasizing about Ali Lorgange or Ari to the A REAL ARIEL WITH A NIPPLE, only 1 because it was our first time together and I wanted to eff-her like ARMSTRONG my arms grew 3”. . . they were shrunk

My arms have shrunk at the doctor’s office where I snapped this in a picture-giving it to the Allure of my PhotoShoot program on an old MacBook at the Dock Tours of Duck’s Clucks in a Finicky Rig of a jib on the knees of a BIG RICK TRAILER OH-MOTHER-A “TRUCK ON A TROLLY” with Miley and her more pleasant body to be artsy appearing new and newly NUDE with the nips, I HAVE RIGHTS!, of tatted body-parts like Private information is stored on 2 new laptops, a bunch of SD cards, USB drives, CF cards, maybe even more laptops, and so many Pacilio Wealth-Management and Merrill systems of the great Crobak81 yeah he was great and, Crobak, welcome to the club of Bitcoin “Shiba Inu” prophet being me, a prophet, of where the CRY in “crypto-currencies” that I be, it’s me and cat to a jingle of a fiddle fatty with http://www.alwayschillen.com/beauty.htm about Justin that’s just all practically impacting the woo-hoo as I see you, hoy?, today? To the sink of the clammer classical JAZZ with an Jacuzzi in the UZI: Enzo Ferrari’s great car Doug DeMouro recieved for a loan to hold one’s video-camera with the Biddies of an urban jungle, longing wide with the stride of a Un-Do VIA employment for David Renaud because he’s a Saint John’s ride and student in the same class as Dan and I want him to be paid more from my Investments.

This makes sense on then the when’s-ical Tical, Tical and there’s a book my brother bought about pyscha-delighted to see colors in his head, and instead, of all the art my brother is younger and I’m into Art of Acrylics with the best in the class B&W with a white bottle, drink the gas-pedal to a blank, distilled, just chilling, to http://www.alwayschillen.com and http://www.jeffreymarquis.com and http://www.wrxtbi.com that I also had wrxtbL.com for you please let me live and survive another day as I see the pill-stashers like that one time someone here sold me a pill that he said it’d be a fun-time had by ALL and I TURNED HIM IN AND HE WAS KICKED OUT OF “AVERTE” where I be where the hurt bee’ing with Allah, “Velocity” and Jessica Melo and Jesus Christ—I DON’T BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST AT ALL BECAUSE I KNOW A LOT ABOUT “PARTHENOGENESIS” !!!!!

Let me say it again, and because of “Parthenogenesis” I don’t believe that Jesus Christ is “God” in any way, shape, or form!

I suffered FOR JESUS CHRIST, to take away his pain, he owes me for suffering in his great name, he owes me so much for relieving his suffering, that I think Jesus Christ is in Hell without me and so is Jim Chase the Reverend, as he and Jesus Christ and all of the many Christian Reverends and Priests and Bishops they took the Rookie “Nookie” of a virgin, that I don’t think I ever had a virgin, just look, and with them to thank, I’m only suffering a little, and soon when Russia and Iran team up, well The Queen’s up, yeah Danita, I don’t really care about her and I don’t know why but I liked Mannie’s face and I have “FAVORITES” !!!!!

‘Fizzle’ Tiph D. Why you so mad, ho?

The light of Jesus Christ when I was one of the first 20 or so followers of “Elon Musk” it was really HIM, Elon Musk, I talked to for a long time on the phone in 2005 and/or 2006!

I thank whoever put almost $500 in my PayPal- I’m making money!

I trade on my own until 2023 when I’m set to sell my Stocks and as many as 5000 Bitcoins, now that I’m 40 with my never, ever having had a V or any Gin, who I’m SOBER for many years, SOBER 2016!

The Sun Shining bright, me smartest of tight trading Etherium and Bitcoin, eating a nickel precious-metal a $.05 coin with who but Jeffrey with no Sons or Daughters- that congratulations to Audrey about the her Birthing but BURPING delivering,  folly of who but a JOLLY man with Rancher’s salad dressing, Bitcoin? I’m just stressing the delay when I obey selling-later with a Holy “wafer” watering the green green grass out back and in front, knowing the TBI Survivor, Michelle Munt, keeping busty and busy with the EU British nation, where the poor substance, food rations, with a Pie -laden “Confucius Elon Golden Ratio” I’m loving you, my readers-  Mom and Dad and Aunt Donna Donohue with hummingbird feeders, the Dogecoin “Bismarck” a creepy critter going outside, no need for a kitty’s litter, and I don’t go to kit-cat Bars, being SOBER 2016 and not watching anything online “Teen” or “Mom” — this because I like “STEP- sis” and “STEP- mom” wearing thongs on the loyal P-hub when I “take a tube” and YouPoor RN nursing a baby, Audrey will be, and I’ve never thought of her as for me, no that could be bad, possibly costing my Dad, her father’s recruited employee planting a soy-bean… I told him not to have Soy protein, he was having for breakfast, because it contains “photo-estrogens” that he abided and bought some WHEY they bought me the other day, being 2 or 3 scoops, and I have a hemorrhoid on my ass to the whole thing it really bugs me because I need the cream — I ask, “Is this a dream?”

The girl who’sey name literally HYPNOTIZES ME! “Tiph” but she’s my #3 and Mannie Rotella will always be my #1 with Justine Aragona hopefully being my Wife Tits—she showed me life and the night went on for about 9 hours jamming Jam-Packed with brownish, chocolate-chip pancakes!

I have a very valuable comic book collection of #1’s and first appearances, with some Vintage comic books, now worth more than $100 a piece! Plus my Tesla, Amazon, John Deere, Apple, etc. Stocks and Bitcoins galore- thanks Elon Musk, my friend, he said we were “friends” on the phone!

I’m very smart. My Words are tart. I am a painter of pictures, my ART:

I’m a brilliant painter! I thank Painting I at WSU and private lessons from Pierre in town! Charlton, MA my real “Home” =)
I also did a great painting of a Tragus Piercing on an ear!

And I feel a breeze in the ambient air, with my massive asses I’ve implored the sweet suction of BF’ing with almost ten girls post-TBI, and starting in 2013 on… that the lack of intimacy, here, now for 3+ years with no beers SOBER 2016! at “Averte” where with only my self I like to play on the P’hub with a long schlglong of singing a song, by a hand, by a band, and with LIVESTRONG’s on, the games with textual long wages me my writing long pages on my http://www.jeffreymarquis.com and http://alwayschillen.blogspot.com BE ENTHUSED! MY WRITING IS TO BE “PERUSED” and sorry to mention 3rd-input sex, Justine got me up and tall, hardly hardy erect, slurring and slurping with a Hush Puppy at the baseball field of Little League when the squired-in sugary flavor, the raspberry was my favorite!

I told Dan “dogElon” crypto-currency would, see great heights in profit, I made my Bet on Bitcoin- and stirring my Sirloin Steak of sweet cuts, with a “cutting cycle” my waist so thin, not like the many fat fucks here, so lazy, what are they crazy, THEY ARE, and no one here owns a car being at hand, in Vermont, my favorite land—of my being foreign from Charlton, MA—I want to buy a very large and luxurious, if I’m Lucky and Charmed, by Dad and Mom, within the closeness to Aunt Donna D.—that it’s her I hope to see, visiting her at home with Grammy—Rest In Peace GRAMMY!—deserving an Award and going on Stage—with my homosexual teacher—taught me a lesson, I can’t believe I had a lip noodle Erection, he detected, that Derelict Mr. John Deedy, who, he was not greedy, giving me a small baggie, of the drug he used-  to rape me, and my pee-pee, as well as my asshole, he was heinous to my anus!

But asside from that I talked to Elon Musk for 40+ minutes in 2005 and I know a man, a great man, poured out his drink, he dumped it in the sink—he said I believe he was truthful—but I told him to dump out the toy-like drink in the Toilet so I could hear it splash in and flush—but he left 1 sip—that’s my hunch, with a Cinnabun for lunch, today, counter-top cans in my kitchen, I have on “Display” and only until The House Maid cleans my own Apartment that’s so nice—the $20,000 per month that my parents pay, every 30 days and nights of “Averte” where I stay, me only watching The News on CNN… and Fox News, that too, when “The Insurrection” had me so sick and topped-off at the rioters having me Enthused, but lacking Ensure Chocolate — I am nearly Nocturnal, stating up late, without much of any hate, that I hope you don’t feel, I ate a meal about an hour ago—just so you know—I had the intentions of weighing 159 lbs., but now at 165 lbs. I buy Whey Protein, always 2 pound “tubs”—that I shower enough being every other day… or every 3 days, my parents dismayed at what Elissa Victoria would call “crusty” and good to her daughter she must be, such a good Mom, so rich, so beautiful and so ephemerally “HOT” collecting sports-cars like a Corvette and probably about 5 other nice cars—I sent her a message in 2005 when she was into “Z’s” and my roommates were all like, “Don’t get involved in younger girls… OH PLEASE!  and honestly I’ve never had a “Disease” oh geez, on my kneaded bread, now on-to something else being INSTEAD of drinking olde tyme Mead now typing and always sober—Elissa Victoria yeah I knew her, I know her, I love her!


Bruce Fenton FOR SENATOR OF NEW HAMPSHIRE! and Elon Musk- I come from “moneyed”with double-vision and a there’s a hold in my pocket while I say aloud “BUCKET!”

Turn me “On” and such and, so on so to those in the “Know” with Allah inhabiting his center-of-the-Universe, my body, so no subtlety, I blasted off with Allah to the mountains away-  them so far as so on-to the drugs of Haloperidol (I got my shot today) and the PRN’s here at “Averte” where I par-tay in my primo apartment, having hoped to meet Bruce Fenton FOR NEW HAMPSHIRE SENATOR! who he is my old friend having convinced him to get into politick-ing in Washington to the D.C. of my country’s inhabitation, in my Nation with the Islam discovered here, me The Qur’an reader where… now and then, when I posted this:


I’m a person without “buzzing” my hair or any alcohol/drug appropriation taking my contemplations of ME where you want to be?  I know, I see, I saw, so turn me “On” with pre-marital sex and mucho mastro Maestro STROKES and nothing poke-ing my Southern backside of HETEROSEXUAL PRIDE! but only mostly… and not entirely as I have been so tempted not once but twice with club (magazine) and Tonic with NO GIN, NO OBJECTS “INSERTED” WITHIN!  However, I want to stick it where “the sun doesn’t shine” and her, maybe with a glass of wine, or 2 tall pitchers, yeah sex all night long “Pitching” with my “Bitching” to the limit of God, but once having reached beyond Him!  I swear and feeling Justine’s breasts, all night long, me on top of her and horizontal to Unlimited Horizon VERY POSSIBLE with the one you choose to spend your life with and Trust Fund, us having fun but then when I drank, Russian tanks, on a beach—that’s where Rev. Anne wanted to be today—now on August 3rd when my money has arrived from “Disability” and there are some so-so being hacked by my enemies, but separate from that—I’m Islamic—I have little to now as of 2004, especially, when I learned about the MANY “VIRGIN BIRTHS” yes many have been birthed exactly in precision-ly precious like Jesus is so supposedly thought to be, Him, by many who leave pennies in the “Tip Jar” with jargon text when I thought China would attack yesterday, when I hope no war is “On” like I want to be I don’t care about masturbation or my monthly “friend” the disgusting FEMALE “MEN-STRUATION” needing medication, a Midol and a Zantac 75mg of wait to see, MG, my Aunt Donna Donohue drove one, owned one MG, a Coupe but without a “Hood Scoop” to feed the intercooler with fresh cool air recycled at 65 miles purrr hour with Oven Mittens baking bread, and Ukraine serving out Grain—the export of what a retort returned to the Queen, waiting to be un-seen, my by many by most- let’s Wake and Bake, with a “J” to roast, this before putting a spread (legs) and butter on Toasted accolades of the ephemeral, USA Nationally, Benny Franklin on the $100 bill— I have 2 $100’s in my wallet, sufficing to call them quote-unquote “Benjamins” where the sticky $1’s have been in a stripper’s pussy or some shit, it’s great, it’s crazy, the $1’s be where the COVID-19 be, spreading (I already stayed on that…) the GERMS of drinking straight from the carton or straight from the Spinal “TAP” to heal one’s back, and that I have no bed-sore it’s all better I don’t believe I really had one, yeah people lie to me all the time, like mail for MY GOOGLE: “JMRQ HEAVY INDUSTRIES” for all on the w-w-w tarantula’s Web of Charolette on “Sex and The City” the brunette, yeah she was my favorite butt slut to Atilda’s Hawaiian “Hut” with a Margarita for “KristenMur” the object of my Saint John’s High School “Desires” not to be fulfilled but with a kiss, on my lips, on my face, with dress shoes Laced to the peak of working weeklong Sunday’s scheduled and the substance of Lance’s winning, I wonder if he used RAD-140 (Google) to be a RAD-ICAL BIKER, but with no exhaust for the tailpipe, “a bunghole tailpipe” in the center of the exterior on the end like the Porsche Boxster (me not wearing “Boxers” throwing Hawaiian punches and to The Grille) Porsche Boxster gawking and squeaking and squirting the fluid at the cameraman gets WET at the Oh Really Gee, pull up your panties under the Dockers Pants swimming Trunks with the 30-rack of Bud’s in the back, to take that liquid to the liver, your liver and my LIVE-R to be, a Tree… like TIMBER upon to Brother Justin sinning underseas, in a lake or in a pond, this the long paragraph, to be Aft, my Baker Pond with a Marquis “Raft” not put out this the year, where… my Mom went swimming yesterday with the fishes in murky water yet not a SWAMP (HI MOM!) <3

I do it for myself.

I get along to a textual sing-a-long with Horny Justine Aragona I love her and hair down there, but only once for a couple of us, for grown hairs one or two week/weeks, to think, to take, a public place in space with Elon’s Space-X as in the “E”-pills of electronic music, the dancing “Ravers” the druggie erowid.org. CRAVERS… when they sign a Waiver on a straight and solid, dotted, a line, to walk for the cops now using the Bread Analyzer to see if it’s really the “Body” of Christ and this paragraph of graphic footage with George Floyd wearing pink, one in the stink, that I’ve never been a “Thumb Sucker”—but I’m an avid “BUTT-FUCK’ER” !!!!!

Google My: “JMRQ Heavy Industries”

I own www.alwayschillen.com with old stuff Sho’ Nuff, Shannon Nutall from TSP, both pretty brunette hair and TALL in heels…

Coming to grip the grains of my hands on the wheel while driving home hopefully a Tesla Roadster soon, having known Elon Musk in 2005 on the phone when he actually said to me, replying, him replying and saying “Yeah, we’re friends.”

EEEK Douglas Dangling Dangalong singing a chorus recipe read-sheet lyrics emanated from Douglas’ mouth, brushed and flossed with a flashy disco-ball shining brightly, the ceiling be where the lights be, to say hi and goodbye to the probably a China-man trying to get my personal information, with CashApp so beware this application from a communist community cackling like a Crow’s feet line, a whisky WRINKLE, to crinkle with a Sprinkle of “crack” I see my wee-wee making a tinkle, with Bells on Twinkle Twinkle Hayleigh Noel the “hopeful” Hollywood star, with engines starting-  they’re sparking solenoids starting starter-engines of in between the seats, there sits a Console, and to me, Console Dan, I’m sorry to be rude, to HIM, DAN BESSE, he’s “The Man” once having the most beautiful girl of her whole class, he’s into humping Jessy Besse’s proverbial “Booty” and Dan would frown if he had Down’s… But this while I hope his son is well and a good little boy to his Father, of Fresh Prince — the Marquis and Besse names — being Elevated with me surrounded by legitimately mentally-retarded people, where, here, there are 2 mentally-retarded Patients…  And now onto my parents, Wayne ’n’ Deborah Marquis where they have all of my keys to the doors, some security here??? I WANT more locking doors, to not let anyone do bad shit in my Apartment…

The lyrics HARD and rocking out to Benny & The Hyper-Sonic Missiles, the Jets, hard rocking in a whittled whiskers “Wicker” couch belonging to Elon and Ripley where I think I have money in dogElon crypto-currencies, that “Young—not really—Rich—yeah—and Flashey…” with what wondrous wonders of who but me wonders to see, so ever so, so ever so, peacefully…


I write so much on here and I’m not really sure how many readers I have now, this while in 2005 I had 30-40 visitors every 24 hours

Call me on the phone because I greatly await a new dictator to defend and his people — I want Trump back as President—him usually pleased with the Residents of what else place but CANADA, I visited, come 2001 when I tricked 2 “tricks” into organizing a group vacation where I drove my new car the whole way there, and the hole way Returning to the inner sensation of beating off in my own bed... although I would usually in my cushy computer seat and while eating Doritos to fill up my belly, this being after dinner POST this is a post of the moving neat-ness of myself bereft of all the something something, you know, “A little something-something” to dance your jib and then go tell-a-fib about knowing that old Sea-quence Semen SECRET SYNTAX of the FIB-onacci “Sequentially” awaiting a blast to blow me away, here in Vermont USA where My Mom says not to “worry” but I assure you—I want The End to come in time to come, like a homeless bum, I’m hoping for the end of modern civilization as I’m part of “The Islamic Nation” when I’m not having any offspring... so there’s no Modern “Creation” on my part while I consider myself WISE, for not wanting to be a “Daddy” because I could never match up to my Dad and him showing me a really, really, great, happy, fun, loving, and everything else under the “Son” on the rays of daylight... a shiny shining sun, while Justine Aragona is the #1 for me and for us to having had a lot of fun together, this then when before we got pot the MMJ for us both, much appreciated, as the THC had me elated in years from the passed—that now I have ONLY CBD and SOBER 2016 while singing songs at Dan’s who The “Stockbroker” Dan Besse that it’s HIM I want to see soon, before a Nuclear Winter that I read where is the safest place to live in case of a Nuclear War, that said “Antarctica” BUT NO, I’m in America, so and like “America” I have plenty of ENEMIES!
Here’s a Hersheys Kiss that’s a treat of me at my desk at home, my real home, with my “Health Proxy” Mom and Dad, until 2019 that’s pre-“Averte” in Charlton, MA with a long day of probably going to the gym, although I’m thinner now, and what’s going to happen with China ????? I’ve always hated Asians!
I want to be married to Justine Aragona, buy a house near my Mom and Dad, buy a Tesla, and get involved in buying Stocks and “crypto-currencies” like in 2013 or 2014 with Dan Besse my “Cuz” getting 3% first before I give my Dad 49% of my many Bitcoins worth $22,895 each 5000 8000 250 717 575, etc. etc. in 8 different wallets! But to be honest, Dan deserves 49% and my Dad deserves 0.3% for my CBD from bostonhempire.com No More MMJ!

I’m overcome with pleasant Loko-motion, Colonel… Big-time CBD fan here! “Agmatine” ☺

Wave to David Perron, deceased, his creases of greasy skin to feel the pin-jab or his addiction to heroin!

Waves to the crows on the lawn or in the Cemetery when It’s Scary eating a cherry on top of a Friendly’s Friendly Friday or (Sanlay Louiseau on a Sunday Sunny, Sunny day “Mass” Jehovah’s Witness “Meetings” tomorrow, thanks Peter! ☺ ) all the live long, and with 2 bracelets, I LOVE LIVESTRONG, I got a B+ in Communications I that I sometimes forget to add this admirable admiral grade from my Woo State University curriculum and eating at Coral Seafood, although that’s only several times as I LOVE THE SOLE and that’s about “loving” the hummingbird feeder to gulp “The Seed” when a motion in the throat of a girl who eats Quaker… its oats, and with Mr. Goat procuring producing Goat-Cheese on the bees knees, milking cattle, get at’ter but only after the ceremony has commenced with whathaveyou in my Commerce Bank with $,$$$,$$$ or at least $$$,$$$ thanks to my Dad- who he has HAD IT with my nocturnal habit of seeing the sunrise and then, and only then, going to bed this instead of dealing with the many screw-up’s here at “Averte” like a home for peeps with no treaty and me eating usually once a day of the food here, where, here, they serve usually one meal that turns my tummy, and they don’t allow me to have Tums or Calcium, with the very few pills I take, and I never get “baked Lays po-tay-toe chips” from the Maker to the Baker, Mom baking buns and my Dad — her “hun” — he fishes and I bet he wishes that I would take advantage of the “Therapies” here where I look at the 90-degree 4-angle SQUARE, me wishing to be myself and comforted by our having grown up today and him older than I… of yester-years when he saw my love for ladies, him now known to him, I’m not into queers or beers, this His when I miss them girl the only one I want to be- with, my Justine “The Queen” her powerful all-ovaries and a proud standing-ovation of not the 23rd, but there goes “Miley Cyrus – 23” and SportsRadar with Michael Jordan and Mark Cuban, investing their millions of many Mannie millions of my gift to her (or Justine… I miss her so much!) a wedding ring

Elon Musk, I talked to him for 40+ minutes (44 minutes to be exact) in 2005 when he was waiting to board a plane! I said, “Is it a private jet?” and he said it wasn’t a private jet, so I doubted it was him, but he provided proof I WAS TALKING TO THE NOW-FAMOUS *ELON MUSK* in 2005!

Booty pain… that I REFRAIN, From: S&M! ouch!!! =/

To be listened to or to be spanked and thanks to The Master who takes his or her time, instead of going FASTER!

The notch of a balanced but belted boy with his crotch and ass, this is halted, right there and ask my Mom what sweet, sweet pleasantries I have bestest “belly-dance” BESTIES rubbing her feet on the couch, in previous 3 or 4 years ago when I ONCE LIVED AT HOME IN CHARLTON, MA where I want to be and where do you want to be? And do you “want to see WHERE *I* WANT TO BE!  at my real “Home” in Charlton, MA near Aunt Donna Donohue, who, it’s too late to call her right now, so I frown, but maybe staying up late as I see a vigorous (not vicious or ultra-violent, no…) VIM TO CREATE THIS TEXT, reading un-to the next beast to Feast upon my words, sometimes sounding absurd, surely, this joking around… I do be… with NO DUBS! NO DOOBIES! NO BOOBIES! AND “NO SCRUBS” so get in the Tub and soak up the SUDS of Zest or Dove, preferred buy boughten Hollywood Diva’s — Hi Hayleigh Noel — her teeth aligned and never stained, hopefully not drinking or whining about wine, to Winnie Cooper, and Hanging With Mister Cooper, on TV, when before I went to Saint John’s… skin color was almost invisible to me — I blame my private, Catholic school for any bad racism on my part, but I’m abandoning that because of an American with black skin, connected to him online in 2006-2008 with no hate, now how I hope he Employs me to reconsider a vibrant vigor of not triggering one of my previous panic-attacks, but instead the feelings of WHERE I WANT TO BE:


Please give the disc a whole womb-popping ENTIRE LISTEN to my #1 favorite album!

I want to be with Justine Aragona in MARRIAGE! Us being her and I the two “TBI Survivors” and here’s a downgraded Tiffany Desrosiers, once being so pretty I wanted her more than Justine!

The old mayor with the drizzle fizzle “Tiphdizzle” dancing with ratty hair, when I was SCARED BY HER PIC, also being “scarred” with injuries from my www.wrxtbi.com

But this is Tiph:

Was this for Halloween ??? or was she on drugs ???

Tiph the Mare with scaryyy hair (Tiph Marie???), the Mayor with ANOREXIC CALLING HER HAIR *SICK* and dilated pupils when she STARES at the Stars in Hollywood, given me some stiffness Maple, with the Slizzurup her on-top of me with Stirrups, doing sit-up’s and I pointed up to the edge of space, where I could be bewildered by God’s image, a hologram, and I prayed for Sophie (Grammy in Heaven!) :halo:

Rest In Peace Sophie Marquis! =)
<3 Justine “Tini Ara” Aragona 2009-2013! =D