Mr. John D. is why I bought so many John Deere Stocks!

This is 100% true and after a phonecall at a druggie’s house named Alex K. after the initial phonecall we made — Alex looked up his number — they met up with Mr. D a few times, BEFORE of me being there with them, the two bisexual lovers, using many drugs of Alex K.’s hoard of pills and powders and anabolic steriods — and I was totally separate from Alex K. and older Mr. John D. for a couple weeks — Alex K. had his number and they met without me, then starting a drugs and sex homosexual relationship in the Winter season of 2001 or 2002 — I know he had a house, maybe his elderly mother in her name — John D. had an Apartment in Boston 45 minutes away from Saint John’s High School a Catholic private school for $5,000+ tuition plus a whole lot of expensive the student body all paying for lunch, driving to and from the school — 40 minutes for me — and my brother Justin went to school there for one year — his friends, well I look for PEACE AND GREAT TIMES, GREAT HAPPENINGS FOR ALL OF US, and you too Dad and Mom and Aunt Donna Donohue, Brother Justin, Dana Gardner — and that’s about it SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST: MY LATEST LOVER OF 3.5 YEARS: JUSTINE ARAGONA!, AND: MY RICH “CUZ” DAN BESSE =)

I remember that night when my English teacher did what he did to me, but I did him when he had been already been satisfied with Alex K. who said to me when I checked on him, he said, “I’m in Heaven.” And I let him be alone, that the morning after he didn’t feel good and I drove him home when we were panicking at the fact of what happened, Mr. D got the drug we did a whole lot of it and Mr. D my English teacher who claimed to have a wife, him fashionable and cool, but his even teaching Theater my Senior year with the great Class of 2000 I want to know how these things have come about, like my severe injuries of 1 month in the ICU in 2004. Anyways I’m very happy with my noticing things in the world — except I spent a lot of time and thinking about drinking alcohol that was me only getting a buzz at home, plus when I got my speeding ticket going 53 in a 35 on my way to Justine’s after I had 1 or 2 beers and had to get to her house to go urinate, but I’ve been SOBER since 2016 and don’t have a car — MOM-ents ago I called Dan Besse and I want to talk to Elon Musk, again, or Bruce Fenton for a long while, or Facebook’s offices, or how about Dr. David Kent at Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital who knows all about me and how I’ve overcome drinking alcohol with his help in 2016 ` ` ` he knows I’ve been sexually abused by a gay man, who made me sign my name on a piece of paper, but I wouldn’t put my name- I put my Dad’s name because I was a juvenile then or close to that, me, so young and inexperienced- under the influence of a bad drug that had me see every episode of Breaking Bad- I’ve seen them all and I didn’t do anything to Alex K. in 2001/2002 he was into all sorts of drugs he had a P.O. Box near his home he would get a lot of drugs and body-build, ask Deborah Marquis my dearest sweetest Mom who knows everything that happened, which she’s maybe helped me out with, but the fact remains, I was made to be Islamic and Christian I should look into Catholicism with like Alxandra Neas who I replicated the event with, but because, like there’s consideration of there being a second Big Bang but not a third, maybe just for now, not much happened there in the hospital where her and I were allowed to share a bed, mostly sleeping and spooning, after we were so attracted to one another and pleasantly bringing excitement into our relationship, but she’s disappeared to France where she’s in a huge building with many straight men, and they treat her really good, really nice and she deserves some of my wealth, that I want to benefit the fine people who’ve been so good to me ` ` if you want to contact me, visit my special Google side-bar on Google: "JMRQ Heavy Industries" -- keeping in mind I have very little money accessible to me -- I'm sorry I fantasize about women my age, some mothers, yeah step-moms my age, and I'm not interested in online bulletin-boards or Teens, no way on that, I was a victim of a shitty bulletin board in 2004 with not Dave but Rich Kyanka who the people I've talked to had nothing good to say about how he died, that I think he... he's no longer here on Earth with us, and I've forgiven him for having bad files on his website! Oh also, I've had no involvement with North Korea or Iran or the Middle-East or Russia -- that Alex K. had a lot of communication with the Russian government and drugs and piercings and a huge tattoo, etc. so if you're curious about his "gay experiences" and why he got a job at MY Blockbuster, well talk to him or his family -- OH AND THIS TOO: I was drinking so much beer and alcohol, so much beer and alcohol, because after a couple years, like 2004 and culminating in "Their Plan" to keep me continuing to get drunk at home and occasionally bar, after, and only after,a people made fun of me for being abused by John D. in 2001 or 2002 (around New Years) and I signed my parents names on the “Release” he had a bunch printed, so Alex K. signed for the documents for Mr. D — BUT, not me — it was so smart of me to refuse, and to instead write my parents’ names and I think I’ve profited a great amount, or nothing at all, which I’m mad at Saint John’s High School and the gay jerk molester English teacher they hired!

All of the abuse I received with awful and evil threats from Chris M. and various people, well they made me “throw it all away” and it was when there was a “SET-UP” that people were evil, and it was just a joke, a way of me coping with the bizarre things I’ve done, all of a sexual nature, mainly because my Dad never had a porno mag until I was in 7th grade and then he had 1 Playboy the most sex I’d seen had been fuzzy being blocked by the cable company in my home town of Charlton, MA where I’d really like to buy a house on the same street as my parents and a Tesla Roadster to drive when it comes out, I’ve already Reserved one for $50,000 I know, and who do I want to marry? Not Allyson of 2004 less than a year together — I hope she hasn’t given birth to my offspring with my stolen “seed” of me being a man who I hope to marry Justine Aragona, as we are both TBI “Survivors” and I love that girl- I love really really love my memory of the Divine Acceleration and traveling what I know as there is much faster than the speed of light by what I know and have experienced as what I know as approximately “A million billion trillion lightyears per millisecond.” I’ve been saying that for years, since 2013 when I found perfection in God’s universe!

Justine is the best, and I love my Mom and Dad!

This is why I love the many, many millions of dollars I’ve made with $BTC and Stocks from 2013 on, until, well I don’t have any access to it — with me now either having of three possible $BTC ways, I either have 1 or 90,000 or absolutely zero $BTC — I have Stocks too that I hope my Dad kept — and, well I want to do good things with my American government and the government can use most of it, as I’ve been saved by many medical hospitals — although me now still, unsure of why I have been sent to mental hospitals 8 or 9 times, only a few times that were my fault only a few times, that, geez, I’ve been in mental hospitals for probably about 2 years — only twice hating the damn mental hospital and wanting to go home, that I love the repetition of The Holy Bible, this “Love one another” that I love talking to people, their conversation, pretty women but not wrinkled faces or obesity or too old, pretty faces, and pleasuring myself that brings me to God and His creation, thinking of mainly Justine A. my best lover ever of 2009-2013 when a Miracle took place but just one time only, throughout the night and next morning — think: Honeymoon times a million — oh GOD IS THE GREATEST! and I believe in The Creator too, I’ve gotten beyond The Creator — hopefully I have no offspring with my stolen ‘seed’ — I made it to the edge of space with The Creator — but I wonder, “Should I have called upon a Holy Blessing to traveled in a laser straight line?” And, “Wouldn’t some twists and turns and not traveling through solid matter, like far out of speed of light times ‘a million billion trillion’ lightyears or eons (???) or something?” I believe in God. I was so fortunate to reach “beyond” Him… WITH MY DISABLED AND HANDICAPPED LEFT ARM?

What did they give me in the I.C.U. ???

I’m no stranger to psychedelic thinking, having gone to The Charlton Federated Church on a dose of mushrooms with my Marquis family in 2001 or 2002 when the only people who knew the entire story kept it secret — the Holy Church had never seemed as Grande and Majestic as what I would sing the Hymns with a gentle caressing of Jesus Christ as I knew he was suffering — I believe of how I suffered so intensely NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE with maybe I’m on God’s level now, I don’t know but I’ve had impetus in predicting a Pandemic, the greatness of Elon Musk, the successes of Mike Lindell, Bruce Fenton, Vitalik Buterin (billionaire) my friend in 2005, Vivek Ramaswamy (running for President), $Bitcoin, GameStop (2005 40,000+% profits! in 2005 I wanted to hold onto it, think video games tech computers, like my NVIDIA chip Stocks…) I predicted GameStop and Match in 2005, buying some and my Dad sold it early on, no big deal, but what really mattered was my WRX TBI and reaching up and feeling the cool rain on my damaged left arm and the intensity of the pain — I ended up repaying Jesus Christ — I got beyond Jesus Christ with my WRX Traumatic Brain Injury and broken hip in 7 pieces, nowadays and since Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital, I feel no pain, I got that out of the way in 2004+ for a few years, one day waking up in Hell that I then went to a Christian Church and sat down with the Minister, transferring my Hell I felt upon waking that morning at Geneva St. and going to the Christian Church nearest, calling a Cab, and at that point, only at that point, after I felt a calming sensation at Le Mirage with the “In My Head” (NIN) I wanted to get Hell out of the way, that I swear I was feeling such a bad vibration, such stress, such noise until I left a too-big “Tip” at Le Mirage because I was in Hell — out of the blue — God chose that day when I was still “Recovering” and He wanted me to feel the Hell that I believe fully, I could swear to God — Jesus is in Hell always, as a way of making us all owe a debt of suffering to His son — that there have been many born of NO SPERM PREGNANCIES — You know about “Parthenogenesis” and science!

Who created life on Earth?  I know, “The Creator” Him God, I worship Him, I worship “The Creator” probably too much and I should focus on Islam, after I had that one experience a sworn-to-God “MIRACLE” in my life the Big Bang accelerating through it, but is “The Creator” the end?

I made an effort to summon the God of Islam, Allah, on a second occasion of as many hours of focus and concentrating until late in the following morning, with Alx N., on the evening and late into the night until mid-morning with the light of the sun in our twin size bed, in my room, that we’d been buddy-buddy attraction when after about 20 minutes of meeting her, she lifted her shirt because I’m a good looking guy and we were both thinking of intercourse with each other, and there was such attraction, we both hoped we’d be able to sleep alongside one another in 2015

I quit drinking, then, and only then, that there the expansion of being beyond Him only, like I had already seen His universe and I was eternally with Him, that, this although, I hope and wish and Divinely PRAY I CAN EXIST WITH THE GOD OF ISLAM FOR ALL ETERNITY! here’s an article that came out this morning

The Big Bang is a Holy force, and although I’ve only experienced it once, maybe the right circumstance will bring upon a 2nd Big Bang, I believe I feel throughout my entire body and consciousness at certain times, loving it and adoring it, with Divine Presence of The Higher Powers (!!!), I call it:

“Dancing in Space with Allah, within the universe of God Himself The Father The Creator of His universe”


A smidge of sifted Cocoa sprinkled on Flakes being Frosted—fine and SOBER 2016+ learners leaners permitting Palestine’s exported white wine

To hit the hay and say, where’s what’s behind, all the Time, all the Timely pocket-watch, on a key fob if you two chicks twist a boo hoo hoo Tuning knob on the back-burner with a tea kettle (chips) supplanted with GNC supplements like that Sublingual GH and Ecdysterone (muscles with plant food…) pick the Wind Into sequence when doing a dance without pants and in your Undies tied up tightly with what sweaty body odors from doing “Squats” living fast, cover your rear ended and plausible pleasantries of who wan’ smoke dat “Christian CHRONIC” in the suburbs… or drinking the salt water of a sinking stinking S.H.I.P. (State Head-Injury Program) like my, well do this please, do it for me, do it for your curiosity of building an Ark—akin to Noah (Manders?)—Google this:


“JMRQ Heavy Industries”

That Midget, That Widget, and Whining over relentless rickety rockin’ ticks of a Master Clock a la “Big Ben” my $315 Mont Blanc “pen” purchased by me with what enormous wealth I hold dearly to me, like a really thick, my GOLD CHAIN AROUND MY NECK passed on to me from Uncle Mickey Donohue (rip) and Grammy “Sophie Marquis” (rip) not to mention my dead dog Ripley who left The Marquis Family in 2013, so her a black lab having nearest reaching the limit of liveliness barking for kibble, that Kibbie, and curvy Kim Kardashian, who, well…

I could be watching a show on TV right now like mostly all of you are television addicts

You oafs in sleepy weepy slippers on, sitting on a couch, punched in the “crouch” when that means, “Oh, ouch!”

TUNE IN !!!!! To: “””FOX NEWS”””


Heard them and learned them—a burden the farmer’s herd =)

Seeing a Mexican immigrant, being and been an obligatory Stop ’n’ Frisk for a female (hanky-panky) you can that then THANK ME, while the kitty eats a treat—Fancy Feast—starched (shirts) and shrunken bits of yeast-like sludge, having rubbed a panda ( in the smelly belly, you know what that means, that, the soap and sudden shaking of suds—the Buoyant Bubbles—heya overweight people and got some ass chubby bunions and fighting like an iron lion, a “Warrior” like Dan Pellegrini who’s doing great videos for motivation, albeit broadcast on stupid Tik-Tok—he motivates me with the sadness having sailed away, bringing me to say, “Hey I’m capable of so much without any beer or liquor as ‘A Crutch’ so and when, then, I have long-ago put down the brew!”

Plot down, Lot down, all about NOW when the engine cliques are a stable or unstable communities of what hopes I be—for me—to be a part of a Populous of hardcore partying to be, every night, when “we play in dreams” looking at me, whilst I’m lean (mean-ing?) for ways of treble sounding Oprah Queens, panties pardoning all of that tainted METHOD of tortured hours, our hours together, WASTED, oh the waist on Dr. Phil’s—natural torso—therapy for Kelly who her METHOD is short-lived with no babies for her, rabbit with Rabies, the sunken Scabies baby’s “Pirate Files” of ARRRRR and a “Hardly Harr” Ford dealership picked purchasing a 1996 Ford Explorer XL-“T” while driving a degree of a pick-up truck, being PLUCKED—good and Halsey singing the loudest lyrics upon a page, and her aged in the 20’s (30’s?) when, suddenly, she’s singing to my big bright heart, yeah she’s looking at my art—painting pages at water (to soften up the acrylic colors…) and so easy to paint a still sitting still, a salt shaker—baked BORA for a Volkswagen “exhaust” noisemaker—bought, and it payed for EVEN PRAYED FOR while what comes eventually, yeah it’s “in store” for more of the moist, and mostly absurd, resounded loud notes from a pair of solid Stilletto HEELS (good boy gets a biscuit for Bizmark) them heels clicking with the walking and drowning out talking with waist-high “Waders” to march deep in the watery body of water, for sheezy baby!—God is the one who made me—to be—so sumptuous with words on a screen or 8.5”x11” papers all nubbed and rubbed by a sarcastic Nun— Now on to the business of a “Dexter” (Alzheimers “Dexedrine”) it displayed, yes, a TV show, THE TV SHOW Brother Justin would watch while pulling out his grey hair—he went grey really early—he shies away from the gays, although with minimal hate running through his veins and his brain—that my 3 years younger Brother—shit, I don’t know because I would watch that “Breaking Bad” that had me glad not to be, yeah me not to be addicted to “The Methods of Literary Study” and this and THAT, some of you know the lengthy and so-long extents of my student obedience while “Rear-Receiving” an ordained “Back-Side” redemption of that bad and awful man’s perversions and gay, gay FAGGOT persuasion, he promised me, that Mr. Deedy would pay me money and give me some amounts of that DRUG:

CALL HIM “SPEEDY DEEDY” (but-tered ‘Buddy’) and watch this for MY “Investments” in NFT’s:

I refuse to die, I refuse to “dial” 1-800-420-6969

What are they saying about me?

I don’t know but I hope it’s good with a li’l sup’m sup’m cooking in the kitchen, beef brisket and a buttered biscuit with carbs on the wild side, eating the brushed brisket with the teeth chewing—ohhhh—summa dat urban pollution of almost all races considered EQUAL? He he he HO fo’ sho’ I know, my jeans torn from and of The Delicate $CASH-MERE Clothing Factory steaming the plateau’d pants with a nine-iron, any Golfing fans?

Paging through the Green Leaf lovingly loveliness with finessed finely fingers swept through the hair on my head—I’m not going grey like my brother Justin, YAY! but anyways him, he’s 38 years old, I was told by him and on the phone, at his “home” that’s lacking enough to be said, bye him in HIS “APARTMENT” with prudent but desecrated bi-sections of what cums and goes, naturally, a Tranny? He’s anything but being grabbed on his back-side back-door “buns” when I told my best lover ever to grab his ass—hilarious! his ass assaulted by Justine, yeah Girlfriend Justine and Brother Justin Marquis when I thought it was nice of him to phone me and chat like a best friend (MY “BESTIE”…) Mr. Besse I see the ordinals ( I’ve had influence on the company and their dot-com way back in 2013 with Dan B. so successfully and flagrantly posting foul balls, for the Ethereum audience and all the crypto-lovers and sand hey, didn’t that disappoint some fellows breathing rapidly out their bellows belonging below the base-line, waisted loins of a lover with the B-word, but not a Bastard of what we have her, I implore y’all to try bass fishing when Spring is bringing and awaiting for March, so to-and-fro step-by-step, for MY BIRTHDAY don’t you know, the first day of Spring Season flames of candles on a $CAKE — so sorry Mr. Fenton, I would have liked to see more of the video about De-Fi “crypto-currencies” — LISTEN TO “Bitcoin” (

I went to Saint John’s with my Class of 2000, so “Hi Paul Marino” =)

Me being one time shoved by Peter here and then knocked down by him that druggie, with “Shoveled Steam” to The Reader—pumped fellow full’a Haloperidol (my anti-psychotic)

How Ironic these tendencies to say “Please call a plumber—I flushed The Rubber” when shopping for D.’s Tire Barn on Route 20 in Charlton, MA, it’s where I had ordered asphalt grippers throwing Rippers—my house parties taking Dips in the pond, at night — how’s that sound? I had every right! 

The prominence proceeded when I need a cuddled (thumb) and THUMP it’s not who you think it is, so I’ll leave out Donald Trump, paying at the pump, and a scratchy throat throttled throughout the Sally Field’s of maybe “Meadow”—you know—that daughter of a gangster on HBO, you know, The Soprano’s “Meadow Soprano” Jamie Lynn Seigler I remember, coming soon Decentralized and Digital December but knowing little about “Ember” (and her so beautiful) of full attention, full attendants, her at “Averte” full of Disabled Tenants, trickling in and trickling out, what’s going on here?

And common, town common, whether it makes sense (cents?) the, likely the pretended pennies delivered with a Dump Truck of old Mike Mulligan

Cometh alacratic intensity of N – Y – C the state of the National “Pride & Prejudice” that the racism here today hasn’t been seen since 9/11 or The “Slave” Age, countered sitting still one day at-a-time and NEVER DRINKING (!!!) even white wine or anything like old Listerine—homeless bums obscene—the filth of dirt and grime, the Time is mine, of being a magazine with the advice I lean, and upon, sing a song to keep away the Fray and Fannie Maye this certain day of plain, clear doubts I hear—call me, phone me, TAKE ME HOME!

Parental units come visiting tomorrow, them without a smidgen of sorrow, seeing them tomorrow to take me food shopping with a small jar of CBD GUMMIES!

My parents would read me colorful books and me in bed, that some junkie parents don’t read—they have drugs instead, gone straight to the head—the junkies need to leave—they need to SHAVE with a Gillette razor because they’re mainly unkempt—but getting away from ragging on the homeless population, wearing torn rags, I’ve sent a lot of money to charities. . . Reverend Anne Skinner I plan on donating maybe $100 to your small church in Niagara Falls. . . and the curtain closes with a curve to swerve in my car—no longer—I’m without my car that my parents sold for $3500 I need that money and the many tens of thousands USD from my “Trust Fund” and the many millions…

I’ve made myself with “CRYpto-currencies”

Ahhh the pain and suffering of my TBI, all I’ve encompassed, making friends, yeah, I, have TEN BITCOIN WALLETS! with my TEN ALIASES! OFFICIALLY!

It’s good to be me, never lonely, but always greedy — I digress, got ten cents?

That’s 8 pennies more than I donated to Dead Dave! hahaha he was such a poor, bad druggie—him no more *shrug* Jess give my “Cuz” Dan B. a tight hug for all to see! $64,400 each, yeah EACH!

What’s the shall happen a proclamation, of a trident student/teacher amalgamation?

Seep it or Sink it, the seether of oh well- NEITHER when the choice takes a turn, drawn out Darwinian hair Perm’ed at the Salon which takes many minutes, despising the deepest settlement of when what comes first, The Chicken or The Egg?  I am upright and standing sitting perched on one leg, with an inflated L-and-R calf muscle- that pGH was the most I could muster—but of must use on a large-scale Advanced Placement (AP) tugboat setting sail, and that tugging, I swear by jelly (KY) and cherries’ own Jam, in this land, lavishly mustard too, all for used, so what now?

Take the top-set tanker when I’m Jamming and met with a gleeful interaction, fact or faction—there’s the Action Comics of my extensive collection of comics like Spawn, Superman, and Batman, and but, I never bothered reading the dialogue or following the story, Glory, for the best of me and my own, the Marvel Universe—I liked the imagery felt so deeply for Mary Jane’s prominent prettiness and then the spicier skinny books, Adults-mostly, when I would read Wolverine—but I would adore Canadian White instead of Wonder… bread, bringing baked goodness with cereal and toast, this is of my 2 current authorship websites, I have a great “Host”— when the sites they come cheap, being checked every day and night and then thereforeso every day that passes, I have LIGHTED UP and ashes to ashes, I know where the $CASH resides with a residue of blood and saliva and other DNA samples, above the many Signatures I do recall—writing big and writing small, weeknight trips to the Auburn Mall—me having worked there at GNC (and CNN no way I’m all about “Fox News”!) where I would ring in and ring up the protein powdered preferences, of Creatine and Vitamin “Paradise”:

Sure enough the braided (weaves lol weaves lol) hair-do when paying the rent past-date and “Jaded”:

Some ““Raider”” …that mega-ton atom bomb in the news, being developed for production in the Dozens of Vivarin and No-Doze caffeine tablets, while the whereabout of my Samsung 10” screen, is no where to be seen, in years, having been scratched and STOLEN FROM MY RESIDENCE—with essences of spit and other shit Declaring I, feel so very much mortified to waste my time with trash, being of extreme prude-ness (do not to misconstrue: prudent), the having longed for a deeper stroke while I read the book by Chuck Palahniuk “Choke”—my favorite author, aside from my own words, shingles shining bright with an intense white light, closer to the end of having little money to be spent as if Atlas depended upon a shelf, him bereft, wearing briefs so nude, dropping the ball on PLANET URF!


I miss talking to him on the phone and now here at “Averte” in Bradford, Vermont where I’m, living away from “Home” with Mom and Dad so plus my car—been sold—and a busy signal or not answering the email, yanking the crack-head here, profiting through “John Deere” mechanical machinery, for the farm to see the husky husked horn so corny toot-toot, when “YO NIGGA WHERE DA LOOT???”

*twinkle winky*

Whistle ker-doodle, soup in the ladel being labeled…

And all the ladies loving, so lavishly with bouquets of roses and so-so SWEET romantic poses, but postponed until it’s time to get out the clothes and stir the soup in the ladel, wearing Brand Name logos, then something else entirely…

Mom sorting out Lego’s every, nightly, so-so sweet and then… when the  CoVid is all the rage, at least you’re not in a slave-owner’s Plantation… like a Street in Worcester, MA and for a medical treat, just a check up, but don’t throw up, don’t puke, now the soup is LUKE in warm-ness,

Debated Doctor’s Decree (in degrees, my Associate’s)

Climbing a tree by the Trunk of Elon Musk, him tall, my left arm small- me right handed a pinch-hitter with a Red Sox “Banner” coming solidly rooting for the teams of abstract redacting baseball players and buff actors, to what definitely factors the fragments of imagined factions—their fractions and fractures—albeit that’s happening on the down-low when what do you know???

A “gud spellar” en-changing the chants of what bonafide Joe Rogan’s meaning filled, and full, broadcast Sermons of after a Will is written, kittens smidgeons of “Pookie” her food, aught to be chewed and drooled, saucer of milk, wearing white silk, spilling squid ink among Calamari Alfredo—for dinner there’s the winner right there, to eat the nicey-nice seafood at a higher price than the what’s cooking winner and winner Chicken to fill the stomach

Secreted Ordinals ( of my $$,$$$,$$$ honestly) speaking of the nominal-ated one time “Oh” pre-dating that the making would have been a’ baking with what tempting green, my plan, like Their Plan (www) of a days-long couple weeks or so—no “Tweaks” along the pilot cylinder of what comes under to be so asunder—their wooden “lumber” being separate from the limbs of “Pink Timb’s” (Justine’s boots and booty) BOOBIES TOO — this while popular winters ago, getting cold, now the fancy sandals remaining un-sold and of avail—on vacation to somewhere tropical?


Mildly meandering while absorbing the weathered plastic chairs, by the beach, B-Yacht’ing evermost freely—cut the obscenery schemantics of trans-labeled gay homo’s drinking Alize by the ladel, so full, and fun, my text is coming from my one,  and only, my one cranium taking the blame of Traumatic Brain Injury—dancing light-lining in a straight “Path” so aft… when after that ten or so hours, I bosomed her flowered land, signaled a thumbs up with her hand, that, her hair, I breathed in a strand, in space, with no place to land—did I buy any land? or did I buy any properties?—moneyed well in 2013, for the best of my “advancedchillen” career—I even bought a lot of “John Deere” (John Deedy raped me and my whole, that is, meaning: my whole body on that one nightly persuasion on his date rape drug!)

Fabulous Febreeze caught up smoked—my needs—procreating thinking NOT, bcoz I don’t have a “Plot” or Pontiac trusty and worthy, the Tripe, steering on a bike, or a mo-ped when all has been said, Pediatrics, and Ritta-Trix(6934) Michael M. of Saint John’s notoriety, for the best of me, scrambled and able to amble up a set of short steps, two shoes, feel the Ocean horizon night sky, high up- look- a Paisley Blue, for you!

I’m 3.5 hours away from my “Health Proxy” Mom and Dad which was their choice to move me here for about $30k/month and I like the staff here very much!

But back 5 years ago in Charlton, MA where I lived and drove my car (sold but I haven’t been given any money from the car I OWNED IN MY OWN NAME!) my parents sold it and I like the staff at “Averte” very much! Carissa is so sweet, Ember is so beautiful, GORGEOUS, and Jasmine treats me oh-so nicely!

There were 2 old sisters who opened up a pizza restaurant/diner that I saw a license plate — I would take photos of license plates, parked and/or driving after my Traumatic Brain Injury — one of the two pizza sisters possibly had this “SISTA2” vanity plate, and well I have two things to tell you…

1. Sofia and Isabella are TWIN daughters (they’re twin SISTERS…) of possibly my DNA, I really think, because my girlfriend at the time of my severe and life-threatening injuries TBI, broken hip 7 pieces, well that girl who’s now a jerk trying to set me up, like she’s already caused my near-death in 2004, well she CHOSE to have twins for double the child support, I believe, I really believe because she had a hand in the corrupt and dumping me after I’d Failed Calculus I at WSU and my Mom Deborah Marquis she and a large group of people were screaming at me and threatening my life, threatening me so bad, they were awful, threatening to have me “raped again” (YES, AGAIN!, of the awfulness of DRUGGED FISTING in year 2001 with my older male Saint John’s teacher…) so they said if I were arrested AFTER THEY ALL GOT ME TO DRINK AND THE BARTENDER STOLE MY WALLET SO I COULDN’T PAY A TAXI I WAS COUNTING ON, they said I would be internally “raped” in the LPD jail after making me so sad, Withdrawing from Calculus I and Failing Computer Science, they urged me to kill myself or the police would take me to the station to be raped, really no one believed me that I was gay abused by an older man who got illicit chemicals for me and a loose friend, but he was a fag, he loved S&M “bare-back” intercourse I was drugged on a large amount of a drug that lasts about 8 hours in the BODY/BOOTY (not “buttery” or “buddy” by any means…)

2. There was a whole big gigantic “SET-UP” of when I had/have (NOW SOBER AT LEAST FIVE YEARS NOW!) that people arranged for me on November 2, 2004 — I was so sad I failed at WSU Calculus I –, oh and my parents have many millions of dollars, many, that anyways everyone was bribed that day to get me to crash my car — yeah they wanted me badly injured and totaling my new sportscar — it was pouring and wet leaves covered the surface of the road, a windy backroad, Henshaw Street…/a-group-of-people…

I dumped them out and wanted to go to an In-Patient Detox in Cape Cod by the beach!…/leicester-police…/36374400#

That last link, yeah- seeing that on the news years ago caused me some feelings to know that they had someone angry enough to ruin their station and be shot by them, the proud LPD officers who I respect, I respect them like I respect all police, all government workers and officials (vote my video-calls buddy Vivek Ramaswamy 2024), and it’s a real shame of how EVERYONE ignored my genetic Alcoholism!

Look at the link above with the empty bottles of hard alcohol, I poured out all of the alcohol in my house 2.5 months before everyone ganged up on me, on November 2, 2004 — the last day I could withdraw from Calculus I

Anyways a room full of people threatened my life. They threatened me with rape of gay men waiting for me, and having me beaten to a bloody pulp. They told me to end myself and what was happening. They told me I was kicked out of the house. They told me I was fired from GNC as Asst. Manager. They threatened me in every way possible. Lastly they said to speed up and commit, well, you know starts with “S” if I wanted to go to Heaven!

I would be in heaven/hell = I’m mostly Islamic now with research of Jesus Christ “A Prophet” 70% through The Qur’an = I’ve been in heaven/hell for a long time OR maybe this is “An Intermediary State” OR maybe this is “A ‘sleep’ before ‘A Great Awakening” I believe in those, but despite what’s brewing Internationally — I’ve watched CNN 95% of the time before 2+ years ago and since I’ve watched Fox News 100% of the time for the past 2 years!

Ask me about my emailing China to name a virus with an 18+ number, but still a “teen” when I was in my twenties at Geneva St. with Derek Langlois and Brian McNeil — thusly “Co”=Company (ECM my Dad’s business), “Vid”=BitTorrent movies, and oh I said name it after a beer that comes from Me-Hi-Co (Mexico) heh, Corona = all of my research into what I asked my Mom, “What’s a global epidemic?” And she said, “PAN-demic” that I read about China developing viruses, I clipped. out the article and brought it to my Minister Rev. Jim Chase (I think he’s still alive, faking this whole ordeal, like I saw him on that day I crashed where some jerk voted IN MY OWN NAME!)

Now getting back to the SISTA2 license plate, I fell in love with Samantha “Mannie” Rotella, now D’Amico, a small cheerleader who was so honored to be talking to me after class, and she had an older sister named Danita who isn’t as pretty as Mannie — well I told Justine’s Mom that I would leave Justine at the drop of a hat for Mannie, that Manny (first) then “Mannie” was my ultimate loveliness and attraction…

Mannie and Danita (photo from 2007) = 2 SISTA’s!

But that’s maybe gone and done with because I want to marry Justine so much!